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501451501451B0006VSXBQA2QA7MDQFUVXE1Auzzie "FoodForever"3341260403200Auzzie4185Athena my toy fox terrier was having a lot of problems with chewing on her feet, course hair and noisy scratching just after she turned two. She had always shed a lot. If you wore a black shirt her white hair would cover you. If you wore a white one her 3 inch patch of black fur was enough to cover you in black fur. I was about to make a vet appt. for the chewing and itching. I stopped at a dog food store and was just going to pick up a good dog brush for the shedding. The salesman asked what was wrong and then guided me to this food. She didn't love it at first but loved the dog treats. I think the treats hooked her on the food. No more chewing after about a week. Hardly no scratching and her shedding is less then 1/4 of what it used to be. Not to mention people now comment on how soft she is. I love this food. However for a dog that has NEVER had bad breath she now has fish breath. Thus the four stars.
501452501452B0006VSXBQA27L3LYLHCQZYGAmberabcg2251338336000Excellent Quality my dogs LOVE it!
501453501453B0006VSXBQAVJRM7O2WBWEZC. Ehlers2251313712000Great Dog Food!My dogs absolutely love this dog food. According to my vet this is one of the best brands and selections you can get. I will keep buying this dog food over anything else.
501454501454B0006VSXBQA3C00N4UHA5XYXalooknac2251312156800Works for My Dog and Me and Try Their New TreatsMy dog likes this food and is healthy. I like that her stools are easy to deal with, which they were not when we tried several other foods. After reading some reviews, I had hoped for a miraculous cure for her scratching and foot chewing, but instead got a slight improvement over time.

I highly recommend signing up at their website. They routinely give out $3 off coupons and sometimes have special offers for $5 off (for which you might have to complete a survey or "like" them on Facebook, for instance). Being on their email list has not generated any junk mail for me. They seem to only send out an email once or twice a month which is well within my tolerance.

On a whim I bought some of Holistic Select's dog biscuits and my dog absolutely loves them, more than any treat I've tried. She likes them better than Little Jacs. They are maybe tied with Holistic Select Salmon Recipe Natural Dog Treats, 6-Ounce Bag. The treats I bought are not yet offered on amazon. They are called Holistic Select Wheat Free Holistix with Whitefish, Cranberries, Apples & Blueberries Natural Biscuits for Dogs. They are easy to break in half for using as rewards.
501455501455B0006VSXBQA1N02WZ6LFXDGAB. Bachman "Smiley"2251295913600Only feed HolisticA premium holistic dog food. My last two dogs lived to be 18-19 years of age. Amazon makes it easy for us to locate a supplier of this food.
501456501456B0006VSXBQA3E0O58LERYN4FBecky "just me"2251279238400My PICKY dogs will eat it!!! no higher praise....Super picky poodle... doesn't eat dog food (folks say if you don't give them anything else they will eat what you give them, not true in this case, tried...) <shrug> he loves this food... He eats it on a daily basis - which is great as he was a rescue who previously had human food and I battled the food issue for years before finding this. Great product!
501457501457B0006VSXBQA7UQE24D5SB3RAMF1151343001600Holistic Select and Amazon Prime = A+We have four dogs and they have done very well with the Holistic Select line. It's a bit more money but if you look at the ingredient list, you'll see why. Our dogs have not had digestive issues and their skin and coat are healthy. I am also a happy camper for not having to drag a big, bulky and heavy bag from the store to car to home. The product is priced right and shipped super fast. Amazon Prime is so worth it especially if you order a lot of stuff online.
501458501458B0006VSXBQAHXX8VT5DF4IKLoony4Outdoors1151342483200Excellent dog foodAfter a rash of pet food recalls about seven years ago we went searching for a brand that was not involved in recalls--and that's how we ended up with Holistic Select. Never a regret, it's an awesome dog food. And as it turns out, not only has our dog done well, but she thrives on the hypoallergenic duck and oatmeal type.
501467501467B0006VSXBQA3AKHFULBHYL1WDino1151302134400Dog foodI can't stress enough how great this dog food is. My lab LOVES it! And his coat, eyes, and overall good health proves what a great quality food Holistic Select is. Ordering it from Amazon makes it so easy! It's delivered right to my door (No more heavy lifting) and the price is cheaper than most pet stores.
501459501459B0006VSXBQA18H8U9S7Z9MD9Warren Bailey1151339718400Has solved our dog's alergy and GI tract problems 100%Our Husky/Shepherd mix had ongoing GI tract issues, including bleeding out of the rectum and very seriously inflamed lower GI tract (as viewed on a scope). Poor little guy went through so many drugs, and "prescription" alergy-dog-foods and just could not seem to solve it.

Then researched Eagle Pack and moved him onto this as it was heavily fed by Northern dog racers with similar breeds to ours.
"Eagle Pack" was prior brand name before it changed over to "Holistic Select" - but same product.

GI issues went away, and our troubled-eater, barfer, bloody-diarrhea pooch is now healthy, happy, and has a great appetite and energy. Yes, it is more expensive, but if you compare the ingredients they are top notch.

I cannot say enough about this dry food for solving these issues. My review applies specifically to the Anchovy/Sardine/Salmon recipe.
501460501460B0006VSXBQA21IMT4JNT9EOPabbyp1151331424000Excellent product!Best dog food out there! Good ingredients and my dog loves it. We first started purchasing this dog food at the recommendation of a friend for our miniature schnauzer.
501461501461B0006VSXBQA2TDYIP5YMXNIJRyantheRatman1151327881600Noticable Weight Gain in My Dog After Only 6 Days of Feeding Her ThisMy dog was looking a bit on the thin side, and after ruling out any health issues, the vet suggested that I make changes to her diet. I stopped feeding her the junk they sell at the corner deli and switched to this stuff, and within 6 days there was a visible difference in her body weight. I never thought a dog could gain weight like that in less than a week, but my dog really bulked up and does not look thin at all anymore. It's amazing.
501462501462B0006VSXBQA2YMU3NH9RU8OMJames D. Sanford "Steelerman"1151325289600Best dog foodI have been buying this dog food for more than three years. It has been the best for both of my dogs. They seem to thrive since the first time they consumed it.
501463501463B0006VSXBQA3ABU61UVXN73ZJoel Gold1151322956800dog foodholistic select is extremely healthy for your dog. it is extremely healthy and recommended by vets.

my dog is strong and healthy because of the food he eats
501468501468B0006VSXBQA1N02WZ6LFXDGAB. Bachman "Smiley"1151295913600I only feel HolisticMy dogs love this food. We live in a rural area and Amazon makes it so easy to buy now. Thanks Amazon!!
501469501469B0006VSXBQA3C00N4UHA5XYXalooknac1151295395200It's a KeeperWe adopted our dog last summer and have tried various dog foods including the small breed formula from this same company. This is the one that our dog eats the best, and what comes out her other end is the easiest to deal with. No bad breath. Our dog scratches a lot and I was hoping this food would help that, but alas, no.

If you sign up at Holistic Select's website they will email you coupons. So far I got one for $5 and one for $3. I don't know how (or if) to use them on amazon so sometimes I buy locally.

This is small kibble suitable for small dogs. Don't know about big dogs. The pieces are flattish disks about 3/16" thick and 3/8" or so in diameter. They vary some.
501470501470B0006VSXBQAR7ERMVL822WLLynne B1151257724800Eagle Pack HolisticI can't say enough nice things about Eagle Pack brand dog foods, especially their holistic line. Cured my dogs of ear problems, hot spots and other intestinal problems quickly and my dogs love the taste. It does cost a bit more, but well worth it when you factor in expensive vet visits and loss of sleep while the poor dog scratches and scratches while you watch helplessly. Do yourself and your dog a favor and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
501471501471B0006VSXBQA13BP6UB3DFRD2Tina1151235779200Great food - fabulous priceThis is the only dog food we trust to feed with. It is somewhat difficult to find so when I found it on Amazon with such a great shipping rate it was a no-brainer.
501472501472B0006VSXBQA3A3FL72P6QD2CDrury L. Woodson III1151165104000Eagle Pack AnchovyPapillon doggies love this food. Obviously great flavor, super ingredients, and a smaller kibble.
501473501473B0006VSXBQA121RZKYAZV6VSuper5751281916800Good food for English bulldogWe just switched our English Bulldog from bulldog food to this food because she has a bad rash and we can't seem to get rid of it. The person that sold us the dog recommended it. I don't really think it was caused from her food but everyone tells me to switch her food so we are trying this out. The only thing I don't like too much about this food is that the pieces are quite small and harder for my dog to pick up so they get all over the floor. She seems to be eating it and we will have to wait and see what happens. Everything I read about caring for an English Bulldog seems to point to food for everything and this looks like it should be good for our dog.
501474501474B0006VSXBQA1YY8E73IHAK6Cheryl M. Waugh81211284854400Changed the ingredients to now include meat products! ZERO STARSWe discovered in puppyhood that our boxer was allergic to chicken, beef and pork and had to be restricted to a fish- and vegetable-based diet. He has been on the veterinarian-recommended Eagle Pack anchovy, etc. fish-only dry food for eight years... his entire life, and with fabulous results. We noticed recently that his allergies were acting up. I just sat down to order another 30-lb. bag and while price-comparing, the ingredients list caught my eye: They now include chicken and pork products! How can you advertise that this food is good for dogs with allergies and digestive issues when you start including the very ingredients to the food we owners turn to in order to AVOID the allergic reactions and digestive issues? I gladly paid top-dollar for this food, even when the price increased during the recalls of other brands over the past few years (NOTE: This brand was unaffected), because I was glad and thankful to be secure in my knowledge that I was protecting my dog's well-being with a trusted company who seemed dedicated to serving this smaller market for special-needs food. I suspect Eagle Pack is trying to cut costs by decreasing the amount of fish-based ingredients and substituting the less-costly poultry and pork. I can no longer trust this company since they have clearly put canine health far behind their bottom line. I also suspect their corporate attorney approved the change due to some loophole(s) in truth-in-advertising laws. Did they think consumers such as myself would not notice?? We pay top-dollar for this type of food because we need it! Heaven forbid a beloved pet has a severe reaction or dies as a result of this. How long have I and other owners been putting our dogs' health at risk?? I just hope I can find another fish-based dry food without poultry, pork or beef products. There are so few, this is another reason I am baffled... Eagle Pack had this market cornered because their fish-only version was superb.
501475501475B0006VSXBQA2U06B6B5OK5ZZbabykadles0041350432000Good product..But dogs hate it!My dogs hate it... I dont know if its just the flavor because my dogs dont even eat tuna fish. I am going to try the chicken next...
501464501464B0006VSXBQA2N9TV4SEXLIT1Drbotts "Drbotts"1151320019200Bichon Loves itMy bichon has been eating this product since day 1. He's 5 now and loves it. This keeps his skin healthy and he rarely get's into chewing or allergy fits. With other products, we had allergy problems. I like the fish oil content in this and buying it online is EXTREMELY convenient that trying to carry it out of the store.
501465501465B0006VSXBQAX0DOIT232126Jet1151319932800Holistic Select Dog FoodI have been feeding my dog Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health Lamb Meal Formula for approximately 4 yrs. He loves it and, in my view, it is a very healthy dog formula. I purchased this product because my dog had a urinary infection due to crystals in his urine when he was a small pup and my vet suggested I change his diet to a formula with a lower percentage of protein. My dog has not had any problems since using Holistic Select. I rate this product 5 stars.
501466501466B0006VSXBQAIN3KCR78W8Q9rpeffinger1151303430400What the Dogs ChooseWe have been feeding our three dogs Eagle Pack Holistic for almost eight years. I've never once had a reason to question the integrity of the company or the health benefits from feeding it to my dogs. Eagle Pack has never recalled any of their foods (even when it seemed like almost every other brand was). They have a great proof of purchase rewards program. You can sign up on their website to receive monthly coupons. My dogs have amazing coats, amazing teeth, and amazing energy. I don't think that there is a better food that could be recommended.
501476501476B0006VSXBQA16VNYO48FVXGOK. O'Connell0051350259200Super for my ShibaMy little Shiba just can't handle chicken or grain byproducts. I love the ingredients, I love that my dog is enthusiastic about the food and I love that I can buy it on and have it delivered.

The tiny kibble is great for smaller mouths but is on the harder side when it comes to dry. I have used pro-plan in the past and notice the shredded mix has much softer/grainy kibble. I sometimes moisten the food with a little bit of pet-friendly topping.

The mix is nutrient and calorie dense. You may have to tweak your volume, depending on what you're switching from.
501477501477B0006VSXBQA151X4F0YRN2OAMitkoreader "Mitko"0021348012800Breeder recommends but dog rejectsWe have a corgi and this kibble is one of the only two things that the breeder recommended. Unfortunately our dog does not like this food. He would NEVER eat a pellet on its own. We always have to mix it with real food and even then he sometimes refuses to eat it. On top of that none of the pet shops in our area carry this food so overall big PITA.

We are still ordering from Amazon but looking for an alternative.
501478501478B0006VSXBQA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0011346889600Mold?Ingredients and reviews look good. However, this is the first time I've ever found mold in my dog food. I have a specific container that I put my dog food in so it doesn't get any moisture. It's even air tight. This could be the best dog food out there, but if the quality control is bad, I won't be buying it. I'll add pictures of the mold or whatever is growing on the dog food.
501479501479B0006VSXBQAMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac0021346716800Just OkayWas expecting more with the high price but my dog barely touched this, and when he did eat it he would have food allergies
501480501480B0006VSXBQA2PHDNWJM23R31baxtersmom0051346457600Very PleasedI have been feeding my cocker spaniel holistic select for over 4 years, and I have been very pleased! Recently I have discovered Amazon's auto-shipment of the dog food which is great, since the stores that sell it is quite a drive. My cocker spaniel has had severe ear problems (as many cockers do) and the vet recommended a prescription dog food, after doing research, I decided on holistic select instead, and his ears are so much better! They went from "chronic" to just irritated, and the vet was very pleased with his improvement. He loves this food, and would eat it constantly if I let him! I would recommend this dog food to anyone!

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