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501481501481B0006VSXBQA3AJCNF56KL0B3K. Reid "WI Nurse"0051343520000Holistic Select is qualityI have purchased the small sized bag of Holistic Select for many years. My cockapoo really likes this food but his Mom likes the quality ingredients in it. From whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and probiotics this keeps my dog healthy.
501482501482B0006VSXBQA35XUCYWZYQB3OShelley S0051338422400Amazon has made pet food shopping easy!First I love this food. My pup has food allergies and she has gone through many top foods because of it. This is the first food in her 4years that I have been able to keep her on for more then a couple months. I buy the large bag and have two dogs that it will feed for almost a month before needing more and both my dogs look and feel healthy and happy. No more chewing paws or stratching like crazy. Both dogs also run to their feeding spot as soon as I get the bag out. Fishy smell is nothing compared to the help it gives my dogs. Shipping is always fast and hassle free. Love this product. Best thing I've done for my dogs outside of rescuing them :)
501483501483B0006VSXBQAU5MDAMO06GJLDaniel H. Yeary0051338249600Balalnced, healthy dog foodOur dogs have been on Holistic Select for 3 years now, and we are very happy with it. The ingredients are well balanced, natural and healthy. Our dogs have shown a marked improvement in overall health, coat, energy and weight since switching to Holistic Select from a mainstream dog food three years ago. Plus, they love it!
501484501484B0006VSXBQAH4NAV2TU1X7IR. Harte0051294012800Quality dog foodI like this a lot for my 12 y/o cardigan welsh corgi. She needed a little more protein in her diet and I've added this to the Solid Gold Holistiquez and it's working well.
501485501485B0006VSXBQA2O8UQ9WQRD0OMJulie Jeffrey-Robinson "Julie robinson"0051266710400Eagle PackAmazon was very timely in getting the product to us despite the weather. My dogs loved the food
501486501486B0006VSXBQA2QTSZOFJDM8I7Q. Hunt ":q!"0051207008000Picky dog likes this as a treatI had a sample size pack of three Eagle Pack varieties. (Lamb, fish, and duck.) Last night, my super-picky Aussie mix suddenly decided this fish variety was as good as some of her higher end training treats. I'm not sure how long the novelty will last, but I'm always excited when I find a kibble that works as a treat at class.
501487501487B0006VSXBQAY1FDSR4VQ8LTS. Langton1421340323200My dogs got sick off a bag,and cost me 300$ in vet billsI have been feeding this brand to my bulldogs for 2 years. Petco stop carring it, so I have been buying from Amazon. I buy two 30lb bags at a time.. I never thougth it would make by bulldogs sick. I stop feeding them from that bag, and opened the new one after I had taken them to the vet and they eventually got better. I ran out of the 2nd bag so I put them back on original bag, and they started vomiting again..It's hard to see my pupps so sick, and don't know if I should keep buying this brand.
501488501488B0006VSXBQA1GCNWD2PA81EDDs Rizzi "Suzy Riz"64921283385600Content means less than namesI want to be clear, I am not speaking of nor picking on just this one product, but like most dog foods out there that have these lovely names, "Holistic",'Natural','Healthy',etc,there is usually nothing to back up claims of being healthier nor of better quality than the less expensive brands. The ingredients often are the same as most other dog foods, comprised of substances of the poorest quality, including ingredients that are not even considered food.'Made with chicken' can mean as low as 3% chicken legally. Generally, only meats totally unable to be used for any other purpose at all are added to dog foods, and often includes feces, talons, feathers, hide, teeth, tumors and worse. Many of these poor grade and disgusting 'meats' are also then soaked in chemicals before being added to dog foods, the FDA's great idea to keep the meat from actually being used in 'people' food--but I doubt you want your dog's food soaked in chemicals. People truly love their pets, and for some of us, it's all the family we have or certainly the ones that seem to understand us best. I'm working on a recipe that will work well for my dogs, human-grade. In days gone by, we raised our 'mutts' often on just left over table scraps and they flourished... because they were getting 'people grade' food. If you use canned dog food, smell the opened, refrigerated can on day 2,3 or 4--if it smells good, you will know. If not it's rancid--bad, spoiled, musty. We feed organic dog food now, not much more $$ but I don't 'trust' any of them,& try to make sure it's not from China or anywhere but the USA, and I keep an eye on ingredients and smell regularly, and I rotate. Even those with added supplements and vitamins may use those that are useless, poor quality that are not absorbed.
Manufacturers preserve with either synthetic or "natural" preservatives. Synthetic preservatives include butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol (also used as a less-toxic version of automotive antifreeze), and ethoxyquin. There is little information documenting their toxicity, safety, interactions, or chronic use in pet foods that may be eaten every day for the life of the animal. Propylene glycol was banned in cat food because it causes anemia in cats, but it is still allowed in dog food.
Potentially cancer-causing agents such as BHT or BHA, and ethoxyquin is permitted at some levels. The use of these chemicals in pet foods has not been thoroughly studied, and long term build-up of these agents may ultimately be very harmful. July 1997 the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine requested that manufacturers voluntarily reduce in half the maximum level of ethoxyquin by half. Some pet food critics and veterinarians believe that ethoxyquin is a major cause of disease, skin problems, and infertility in dogs. Hey, who loves my pets more, me or these companies? Hmmm?
501489501489B002C5BQIQA3GVX55JCC7U84Ed The Man0051349654400Creates great jambalaya mealsWe tried this jambalaya seasoning mix instead of getting the Zatarain's mixes that we usually get that include the rice. It made a great meal for us with plenty of leftovers and it was a big hit with our little family.

If you were adding extra veggies to the Zatarain mix, using this mix won't really increase your up-front prep time. We added a bell pepper, a large onion and two celery sticks.

It does take some extra time to simmer (for about 45 minutes) to get the best results but that is just 'waiting' time if one plans ahead. From start to finish, it took us about an hour to prepare this meal.

I scanned and uploaded extra images of the package to the product image area. The rear of the package shows the instructions/recipe as well as a list of ingredients needed to make the recipe.
501490501490B002C5BQIQA2XAK33GWMPWEEPrescott Barden "presbarden"0041332979200Fun stuffThe package in the store looks a little different than the one in the Amazon picture. So I hope it's printed on this package.

The recipe is relatively easy. I throw one curveball into it. I use 1 lb of defrosted shrimp and a defrosted chicken breast or a couple of boneless thighs.

So if you look at the recipe list, bell pepper, celery, onion - all cheap total less than $2. 2 cups rice and water cheap less than a buck. a can of diced tomatoes - $1. a chicken breast/2 thighs, $2 or so (fresh or organic a lot more). 1lb sausage - hillshire farms? $2-4 depending on flavor/brand. than shrimp - $5-10 a lb. So if we average things out it's $16.

You need some time and space - dicing veggies and meat. deshelling shrimp takes some time. Then cooking the meat, first and having some place to put it while the veggies cook is a little extra, not sure you need to do this part, but I do. Then watching over it take 30 minutes or so. So from dicing to adding the rice can take 45 minutes depending.

But it creates a lot of food. A lot more than my quicker more homemade Jambalaya recipe. 4+ meals. very flavorful meals I might add. Also the Sausage is the main source of fat.

It's not a quick recipe, but it's worth having a packet around for some really flavorful rice, veggies and protein. All in one pot... kinda see above paragraphs.
501491501491B001PMCFL4ADEFGEYL605GWPatricia Carrasco "tt83"4451314835200love it!i love this cat food for my cat! its the healthiest i could find for my budget. innova foods are too expensive but this cat food is not that bad and its very healthy. my kitty is very healthy and has the shiniest coat, and when i take her to the vet they always find her in perfect health. my kitty loves it and is not overweight at all
501492501492B001PMCFL4A2LMTZ8C185Q9OD. Sinclair3351309651200My cats won't eat anything else!I try to feed my 2 cats organic foods, with no by-products in it. This food fits my requirements. Plus both of my cats LOVE this food. They even refuse to eat moist foods of any kind now. Their coats are shiny, they are lean and energetic!! Neither one overeats this food. My older cat was always plump when fed the famous name brand foods. Her coat was dull and brittle. Now it's shiny and soft. I love this food too, because I could feed it to the youngest when she was a kitten and not have to look for another 'adult' cat food when she turned a year. I love that I can order it online from I find it less expensive on and I don't have to hunt for it in various stores. It's delivered to my doorstep. I highly recommend this food to all cat lovers! Just leave some for my cats!!:)
501493501493B001PMCFL4AB3G5JC77QCHWBillyBunter3351292976000My cats love this stuffMy cats were never very enthusiastic about dry foods - "premium" or otherwise - until they tried this stuff. Now they get quite huffy if I try to give them any other brand. It felt a bit pricey at first, but none of it goes to waste, even though it's been part of their diet for several months now. Highly recommended.
501494501494B001PMCFL4A1OYABNV19ME5SKristiXS5651284076800Seems True to its titleAfter looking over the ingredient list on the website, which lists meat as primary ingredient, and also saw their comparisons to other brands by ingredient, this product seems to be a solid competitor among top premium cat food brands. Now for the next question -- does your cat like it! Mine did, and she absolutely refuses to eat cheap foods, digging them out of her bowl and batting them around the kitchen floor to let me know what she thinks about them if i try to feed them to her. The manufacturer has used one of the same processing plants that Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance used in the past.
501495501495B001PMCFL4A2Q5MLNDB59UNLkim2241335052800:)My cat has always had a very sensitive stomach. Even on Science Diet she would have diarrhea. Ever since changing to Harmony Farms her stomach has improved tremendously, and her skin seems alot healtheir as well.
I managed to get this cheaper at Stop and Shop in New England tho.
501496501496B001PMCFL4AFY0D7WEAIR0LJ. Wilder2251320537600Subscribe and Save a great value on a great cat foodI'm writing this review to add another strong voice in support of the quality and value of the Harmony dry cat food. Like the other reviewers, I had searched long and far for a food that fit my tough guidelines for healthy ingredients. I found the indoor formula Harmony cat food at my local supermarket, was impressed after reading the ingredients list and decided to try it on my six cats ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old. Each cat, without exception, took to the food right away. When I found the chicken and rice formula at Wegman's (40 miles away), I switched my cats to that because I was concerned that the indoor formula for outdoor cats might not be the right balance of nutrients since Harmony went to the trouble of developing two varieties. Once again, my cats took to the food right away. I feed them dry and wet food and decided to try the Harmony canned. In the past, I needed to mix some of the food I was trying to replace with the new food--but that was not necessary with the Harmony food. I've been a cat caregiver for most of my 59 years. I have never found a cat food that was so well received by my feline friends as Harmony. In fairness to the single one star reviewer in this group, I looked up the Royal Canin brand. I was not positively impressed by the ingredients list. Besides that, Royal Canin has at least 3 varieties of dry food--a protein, a smell enhanced, and a texture variety. Huh? I just wonder if all of the 1 star reviewer's 60 felines can agree on the same variety! On the point of the value of purchasing this food through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, it is by far the best pricing I've found. Wegman's--again 40 miles away!--sells it for $12.99 with a Wegman's card--$14.99 without. Through this program, currently I can get the food delivered to my doorstep for $12.66--no more long drives to Wegman's and less expensive to boot!
501497501497B001PMCFL4A3I48O9KWFT476JULES1151327795200Good Quality Food Not Too ExpensiveI decided to return to a natural food for my male cat. He has the tendency to overeat and I battle to keep him at a healthy weight. This food has MEAT as the first ingredient; this is rare to find. It is also available at my local grocery store. Not only does he love it, my little adult female does too. She sneaks over and steals from the male's bowl when he has left some food. For medical purposes she is on kitten food, so I do not feed her the same food. I was hoping that with no fillers, my cat would fell more satisfied. I mix up fiber powder and water with the male's cat food and he is more satisfied and usually does not beg for more food. I just wish the company made a larger bag than 6.5.
501498501498B001PMCFL4A33BEM9UTUG8OIBarbara Grace Gifford1131324944000Not for every cat!One cat liked it (she likes anything remotely resembling food) but the other one didn't. Unfortunately, since it is easier to get food for both and not 2 different kinds, I have to go with what the finicky one will eat.
501499501499B001PMCFL4A2Y3WFNNFKDAFEWalter Boyle1151321401600Gluten Free and Delicious (or so my cats tell me...)We've tried a variety of different cat foods over the past year or so and this was our ultimate winner. One of our cats has some GI issues and while we never got a straight diagnosis, they appear to be related to gluten consumption. We had them on prescription cat food but given that there are 4 of them (and only 1 with the issue) this was getting expensive. We gave this a try and while the GI issues didn't 100% go away, they became significantly better (as much so or more so than when on the prescription food). Perhaps most importantly, it was generally healthy for all the cats and they all loved it.
501500501500B001PMCFL4A1IEMRIUSDPQF4R. Weaver1151297814400Helped my cats out a lot!I used to feed my cats a mixed diet of wet and dry friskies and one of them also used to have a problem with throwing up/hairballs. She would routinely throw up every other day.

Ever since switching them both to this cat food, my feline compadres have had no issues at all. The one with the throwing up problem hasn't had an episode in weeks now and the other eats less and seems far more happy over all.

It's a bit pricey but for the peace of mind and healthy state of living it's given my cats, I can't complain.
501501501501B001PMCFL4A2WZOZDBRG0WWTStephen C. Lee0051342051200Love this cat food!My older cat was begining to have stomach problems. It came on suddenly and I felt that it was due to a change of ingredients put in her dry cat food. I began to look for a higher grade of food and read multi reviews on products. I felt that Harmony Farms had the most consistent positive reviews. Also owners with cats who were having digestive issues seem to have a higher percentage of improvement when changed to Harmony Farms. She had dramatic improvement almost immediately. She still is having ocasional issues but she had developed severe inflammatory problems. Take great caution in considering what you feed your pets. I changed my dog as well!! It was a good decision and I am very pleased with Harmony Farms and Amazons shipping it to my home.
501502501502B001PMCFL4A232ZLLRZO4R64Jason&Julia "JDJ"0051340496000Both cat and owner are very pleased!First, it arrived exactly in two days thanks to the prime shipping! So that's already a star there.

Anyway, I adopted a cat recently who was a bit on the heavier side and a little bit older (3 years old). I wanted to give him the best food possible and wanted to make sure he would be happy and healthy. Also, the food that I was feeding him was the atrocious Walmart "Special Kitty" brand so anything was better than that.

I didn't even need to transition my cat at all. The second I opened the package to feed him his first bowl he was all over me! Would NOT leave me alone until there was kibbles to be eaten in his bowl. Now whenever he hears me putting food in his bowl he comes running. He loves the stuff.

He already seems more active and alert after just a couple days of eating this awesome food. The price wasn't too shabby either compared to other natural/holistic cat food brands.
501503501503B001PMCFL4A2OYGTISD5WFN6M. Christian "Mallard"0051316995200Our 3 cats love itWhy didn't I realize sooner that the animals I love deserve food that is wholesome and nutritious and not a conglomeration of by-products and chemicals? My first trial was with a major name brand but they had some quality issues that concerned me. Other quality brands were not available locally so I searched Amazon and found what I was looking for. I can obtain this product on their subscription program which includes free shipping at the interval that works best for me. All in all I am very satisfied with the product and Amazon's service.
501504501504B001PMCFL4A1R654QJC8JCDPJen0041316736000Great cat foodAmazon offers this food at a great price. My local supermarket no longer carries this food after the jumped in price to $15.79 a bag. My cat really likes the food and he is extremely picky. I went through 4 other types of "holistic" before he would even taste one. That's how we found Harmony Farms cat food.
501505501505B001PMCFL4A2CJSVUWSBEI1KAlleycatgarden001131639040060 cats refused the taste!Multiple homes, total of 60 cherished cats who are given premium foods. The ingredients & reviews made me try this food; not 1 cat liked the taste, which is a first. Gave the bag to the wildlife reserve raccoons, who did consume it. I am unlikely to venture again from the Royal Canin varieties they adore, and does make their fur glow!
501506501506B0058E20K6A2ULPONE5DDNCO2 Grey Cats0051330041600If you love radishes......especially hot ones, these are the radish for you! My first sprouting attempt was with Sango radishes in a jar in my kitchen. They were delicious and intense in that spicy radish taste...tiny, but they pack a lot of flavor. Full-grown red garden radishes from your average supermarket taste like flavorless styrofoam in comparison.
501507501507B00270V3BGA3OI2AHA0FTXPEElena10051345939200Louisiana Fish Fry Gumbo MixI love this product I advice any and everyone who love gumbo to purchase this product it is wonderful.My experience with this item was the best experience my quest enjoyed the food and the taste of this product
501508501508B00270V3BGAM7AQ53NI4KIOLee M0111345334400to priceyI can buy this item in my home town Gro store for $1.39, and you can make it at home from scratch for about 50 cents
501509501509B006J3S9WIAN4H1J9P82XGYEA1151348099200best. tea. ever.Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration seeing as how I haven't tried every tea in existence, but this tea is pretty darn good. While I cannot speak to quality of the distributor, the actual flavor of the tea is pretty amazing. It's a sweet, herbal flavor that's mild but tasty and brews light like a true chamomile. While it's fabulous on its own I used it for an impromptu chai-style latte with steamed french vanilla coconut milk coffee creamer (So Delicious brand) and I was in heaven! I will now be ordering this en masse to carry around with me to drink EVERYwhere and I will tell EVERYone who is within earshot that they are silly for not drinking this and this alone. ForEVER.

Twinings, I'm in luuurve!
501510501510B005V2Y34GAS1FCKNKY95IDJuli A. Lee "JingleJL"0051336521600OMG..................I received this today and I almost ate the whole jar!!!! I had to stop myself. It is wonderful..............creamy and very tasty! Love it!

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