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501512501512B000PDN3MOA3P079X181GD9FWilliam Pyburn4451215388800From a Nong Shim Bowl Noodle FanI'm eating these for the first time as I type. (I've written reviews on the double 12-packs of Bowl Noodle, by the way, if you want to know my opinion of Bowl Noodle in general.) Shin Bowl Noodle are every bit Bowl Noodle (Nong Shim Bowl Noodle, Kimchi, 3.03-Ounce Packages, 12-Count (Pack of 2)). This particular flavor's very spicy and oozes the essence of black pepper. All-in-all, this is like gourmet Bowl Noodle. It has more soup base and it's thicker; the vegetables are higher-quality and revive better than those in Bowl Noodle, and are more flavorful. If you're a Nong Shim fan, this is a must-buy! If you like Hot and Spicy Bowl Noodle, especially, or just any Bowl Noodle variety, you're going to like this.
501513501513B000PDN3MOA3E31TPD8JK5PTD. Cressman2351218153600Absolutely delicious!If you like food with a kick these are the noodles for you. I can't even eat a regular bag or cup of Ramien noodles after having this spicy brand. We have one of those hot and cold water dispensers at work and I use the hot water to fill the bowl, cover it for 5 to 7 minutes, and it's ready to eat. Are you really bold ... drink the broth afterward!! I've tried the Shin packages, the Shin bowl, the small Shin cup and the large Shin cup ... all the same great flavor, just different sizes. Of course, the package requires a bowl and a tiny bit more effort to prepare. Order it through Amazon grocery by the case for the best price or put it on your auto subscription for an even better deal. A case is usually two boxes or 12. I get a case through auto ship every 3 months, but I've also got half my family hooked on these too. Great stuff!!
501514501514B000PDN3MOA2OHDW9CBEXWV0cristobal "cristobal"2351211500800Nong Shim RocksNong Shim makes the best instant noodles on the market, and of them, the Spicy Picante is my hands down favorite. The noodles have a great testure and the broth is wonderfully spicy. And a bowl actually satisifes as a meal, which is not something I can say about say, Oodles of Noodles.
501515501515B000PDN3MOA2UQ5VV96IW69CGrover Washington1441209513600Great Spicy Ramen but Not MicrowaveableI really am enjoying these spicy noodles and love the spicy flavor. However, I am very disappointed that you cannot microwave these (yes, I have tried and the foam almost buckled). Anyways, if you enjoy ramen that is hot you will like these. Two in a sitting is perfect.
501516501516B009M2LUEWA1UKQK8LFXVL2YRyan252651262822400Reminds me of how A&W Root Beer tasted when I was a kidThe Zevia Root Beer Flavor is one of my favorites of the Zevia flavors. It has very strong Root Beer taste which I find tastes a lot like my memories of A&W Root Beer back when I was growing up in Canada, back before they started replacing sugar with High Fructose Corn Syrup. I'm not sure if A&W Root Beer is different here in the US from Canada, as the food in the A&W restaurants here in the US is nothing like the food in A&W Canada restaurants.

In any case, I love that there's nothing but all natural ingredients here, and it's naturally sugar free. This summer, I often combined the Zevia Root Beer with Clemmy's Sugar Free Vanilla Bean Ice Cream to make my own Sugar Free Root Beer Floats (and sometimes with Orange Zevia instead of the Root Beer) and they were absolutely amazing guilt free Floats.
501517501517B009M2LUEWA1HOLE9R6WPT85Mad Max11113011295827200We examined their claims, gave it a taste-test, & found multiple problems with Zevia...But here's a solution! (Read on)First, my household is a low-carb, low-glycemic index, and zero corn syrup household. We have been looking for alternative *natural* sweeteners for quite some time because our doctor has serious warnings (and lots of research) against chemical-based sugar substitutes like aspartame, saccharine, and splenda.

Stevia is our favorite sweetener - usually from a bottle, or as a raw leaf. The problem is, we can find very few products (like snack bars, soda, cookies, etc) which use Stevia.

So we were excited to meet the people from Zevia at the trade show in which they rolled out this product (2007)... and we were among the first people in the country to taste a stevia-flavored soda!

At the trade show, the company gave out mini-cans of selected flavors, and we were super impressed. The taste is different from mainstream root beer, cola, and ginger ale products ... but it was sweet, sparkly, and had a nice bite. No awful aspartame aftertaste!

We came home excited to order our first batch for home/personal use. To our disappointment, we found several discrepancies between their product & literature at the trade show, and the actual product rolled out.

First, they decided to add caffeine to many of the flavors (not the root beer), but this ruined most of the flavors for us & makes their "all natural" claim a bit disingenuous.

Next, we were told by company reps that the soda contains only purified water, stevia, and citric acid. To our surprise, when the ingredients were published on the can (FDA standards), we found that the PRIMARY sweetener is an artificial chemical called eurethrytol (2nd ingredient), not Stevia (5th ingredient). Drinking a 12 ounce can of ginger root beer flavored Zevia had the same effect on me as eating 4 maltitol-based chocolate bars (LOTS of stomach problems).

Finally, they claim this is a zero calorie drink, but erythritol does indeed contain calories - about 25 for the can. And at $1 per can, the price is just to high. This product was a disappointment all around.


Ok, so you're wanting a safe, natural, great tasting soda without side effects? All you need are 3 ingredients: Seltzer Water, Bottle of liquid Sweet Leaf Stevia, and (secret ingredient) citric acid.

Seltzer water is widely available at any grocery store. You'll find the other two ingredients at your health food store (we buy citric acid in the bulk section of our local apothecary, under $1 per ounce).

For one serving of soda (12 ounce) add 15-20 drops of liquid Stevia, and just a *PINCH* (1/8th teaspoon?) of citric acid. The Stevia sweetens and flavors, and makes a very nice drink. But the citric acid adds that "bite" that makes a cola taste like a cola!

Our favorite Sweet Leaf flavors are: Root Beer, Cinnamon, Orange, & Apricot. This method is actually much cheaper than cans of Zevia, tastes better, broader variety of flavors, super portable (we travel with a little pouch of citric acid & a bottle of Sweet Leaf), and it's truly natural!

Three more notes for health-conscious people: (1) We have tried many off-brand bottles of liquid Stevia, and they are all just fine. HOWEVER, many of the off-brands use a grain alcohol base, which tastes awful in soda (unless you're used to that sort of thing! Ha Ha...). So other brands are fine for cooking, but at this time I recommend Sweet Leaf for mixing drinks (just purified Stevia + water).

(2) Aluminum cans are a disaster for the environment (takes one 12oz can of gasoline to melt down/recycle 4 new aluminum cans). So I recommend bottles of Seltzer water instead.

And, (3) artificial carbonation robs your body of magnesium & other things. Instead, opt for naturally sparkling water, like Pellegrino. We usually pay $1.15 for a 1-liter bottle of naturally sparkling mineral water, no additives, and it has lots of healthy minerals. GOOD LUCK in your continued journey for better health!
501518501518B009M2LUEWA3OVHYGLO988DIhonestreviewer111151236556800Love the Root Beer flavorI finally found this soda at a local store. Not much on the shelf. I tried the zevia regular cola (bad aftertaste) the root beer one (this is my favorite) and the orange one (good). I didn't get the lemon/lime one. This rootbeer one is delicious. No aftertaste like the cola one has. I love rootbeer so I will continue to buy it. It is expensive at $1 a can and for the 6 pack it cost me $5.99 with no tax on it. It is a much better alternative to the diet sodas out there. I don't use artifical sweetners or have sugar in my diet except for stevia. I hope the price gets lower as other stevia colas come onto the market.
501519501519B009M2LUEWA1CHH7M2J6SHA5Tracey Rollison "Renaissance Mom"91051216684800Excellent artisan rootbeer taste!I am currently drinking my second can of Zevia Root Beer, having managed to sneak it away from my three kids. It's got a rich, full flavor and plenty of fizz--all our cans did.

I left a fuller review on their Cola entry, but everything I said there stands for this variety, as well. It's just as good as either sugar-full or sugar-free brands, but is not bad for you, and even good for you because of the stevia, which can help regulate blood sugar.

Makes a killer float, too, with my own homemade sugar-free artificial sweetener-free ice cream.
501520501520B009M2LUEWA3DAEVMDSPGKWBBellaJack3351238630400Natural Ginger Root Beer with stevia tastes greatWhen I found out about this product from Jorge Cruise's site, I couldn't wait to try it. It took many visits to specialty stores (names obtained from the Zevia website) before I finally found one that had just two cans of the Ginger Root Beer in stock. I bought both cans, even though I never really drink root beer. After tasting Zevia Ginger Root Beer, I love root beer now! This is my favorite flavor, even over Cola and Orange (haven't had the Twist, yet).

Everything in the Ginger Root Beer is natural, and there's no caffeine (like the Cola, even though it's supposed to be natural caffeine). The cola is my next favorite that I have occasionally. I did not care much for the orange, it tasted artificial and not very orangy-tasting. I highly recommend the root beer flavor, though.
501521501521B009M2LUEWA2EBY1VV2A4P5JGrant Moyer3351235088000The best Zevia flavorMy wife and I have tried the four flavors of Zevia and we both have this as our favorite. Using Stevia instead of sugar or the common sugar substitutes is great. The price is OK. It would be nice if Amazon could make a deal with Zevia to offer "FREE with Super Saver Shipping" in the future. At this time the $9.89 shipping makes the price less attractive.

When we drink "traditional" soft drinks we mostly drink diet drinks. We get Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi (when available at places like restaurants) as first choices. I tolerate Diet Coke when I want a diet soft drink at a restaurant and none of the above are available. Although, I may also get a non-diet soft drink if that is the case. I included some of the other drinks we like, since taste is subjective. Hopefully if you like the above drinks, Zevia's Root Beer may be to your liking.
501522501522B009M2LUEWA1SCUPXKA7L6C2Steph3331216252800It's okI've been trying to give up all diet sodas containing aspartame and splenda because of all the online research I've been doing on those sweeteners.

This root beer is the first Zevia product I have tasted.

It doesn't have a very strong root beer flavor - more like a mix of root beer and ginger ale - to it and it tasted a little flat.

For me, the flavor is just ok. My root beer happy 8 year old didn't like it at all.
501523501523B009M2LUEWA15RT5XOD85Q29Atlantic Aviator2251297296000Root beer is great, avoid the cola.I really like the ginger root beer, and have just ordered a case. But the cola was awful; had a bitter taste.
501524501524B009M2LUEWA997MBOWKWGRJJennifer Ruggiero "Longtime Audible User! <3"2241265068800Enjoy a delicious Root Beer - guilt free!I cannot compliment this brand enough. I've been purchasing all flavors of Zevia for the past few years and absolutely love it. There isn't an aftertaste at all, and it is simply delicious. Zevia's Root Beer is among my favorite flavors. My other Zevia favorites are black cherry and orange, however all their flavors are super!

My favorite things about Zevia are that they are sweetened with all-natural stevia and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Also, I love the fact that there are not any calories in it. There are no artificial colors or flavors either. Truly guilt-free!

The only Zevia flavor I've seen caffeine in is cola. All the others are caffeine-free.

I deducted a star from this product due to the pricey price point of Zevia. I still continue to buy it, but not as often as I would like to due to the cost.

I have emailed the Zevia corporate team and they are responsive, professional, and friendly. I trust this brand.

I hope you give Zevia a try. I think you will be pleased!
501525501525B009M2LUEWA1QI50DQ28L8F1Book Lover2251261785600I love the root beer!!Really love the root beer. Also like the ginger ale, but think the root beer is my favorite.

I tried the orange and didn't like that very much.

There's a new one Dr. Zevia, that looks very good, like Dr. Pepper I guess, that has caffeine if you want caffeine, but I haven't tried that one.

I find the Zevia very refreshing and great. At first there was a very slight unusual taste, but I quickly got used to it and now really like it. Especially since it is zero calories and no bad things in it, like aspartame.

Not sure why some of the Zevia's qualify for no shipping and others have a large shipping fee. I always look for the ones with no shipping fee and that is how I tried the root beer.
501526501526B009M2LUEWA1USVAVC2KQQDOAndrew Laurence4511326326400Awful!This has a bland, unpleasant taste, and the mouth feel is not like any other soda I've had, regular or diet. It's very unpleasant, and I can't believe I paid almost $1/can for it. I'd donate it to the local food bank, but I don't dislike poor people that much.
501527501527B009M2LUEWA3U089QQG17V81J. Liptak "personalized signature"4511294444800Tastes Awful, and super pricey, don't buy this stuff!!Tastes Awful, and super pricey, don't buy this stuff!! It may be orgnaic but it tastes like it comes from chemistry set of a ten year old. yuckyy.
501528501528B009M2LUEWA1R9P6ZL15D1SNCynthia J. Brothers "Momofthree"1111330473600Blech! Horrendous taste!I was pleased to have received a couple of $3 off coupons for Zevia, which brought the cost of a 6-pack in my area down to just $2.50. I was eager to try this with my family as an occasional treat (we rarely drink soda). We all tried both the cola flavor as well as the ginger root beer flavor and, after about 1/2 of a small glass, every one of us (including my young kids) said, "Ick!" At the first taste, it is o.k. But, after you've had a few drinks, there is very little to differentiate Zevia's taste from any other diet soda. I guess if you are a normal diet soda drinker, this might be a wise, somewhat more natural alternative. Stevia takes a little bit to get used to, but, this is NO substitute taste-wise for regular pop. We'll stick with our Blue Sky sodas, sweetened with cane sugar and caffeine free, for the occasional treat.
501529501529B009M2LUEWA31QXFH3UEHITLnicole1111311638400ginger root beerI am a big fan of root beer, But this stuff is nasty. It taste like medicine. I did enjoy the orange and lime flavored Zevia soda.
501530501530B009M2LUEWAVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra1151311379200I'm hooked on this, so get it back in stock at usual prices!These Amazonian demons got me hooked on this, and now there's none available at regular prices. Tried Hansen, and that's ok, but like this one better.
501531501531B009M2LUEWA2IOZLHBPFWMQ1BeKind2471141302134400I hate diet soda..... But this is good stuffOkay I have tried every diet soda, I have cravings for soda but no one needs the large amount of high fructose corn syrup that they put into the regular sodas. The Zevia Ginger Root Beer is Good. I won't say it tastes like regular it doesn't but it's as close as you are going to come. It is worth the price.
501532501532B009M2LUEWAG6QJKU6WXSE6mrbillzfan1121302048000The taste certainly lacks & it gave me gas and bloating...I bought this product as an alternative to other diet sodas (the "big two" will remain nameless) mainly because I wanted to get away from the aspartame artificial sweetener. I've heard "bad things" about aspartame but after doing my own research on it I couldn't find any conclusive research or studies proving it was as bad as people claimed. There are tons of sites that say all these bad things it does to you, but nobody can give me a single study proving any of what they say. I tend to think this thing against aspartame is more of a conspiracy then anything else.

But regardless, I decided to lower my intake of aspartame and try this Zevia, since it's sweetened with Stevia. The taste is certainly lacking and while it doesn't taste horrible, when comparing it to the major players in the industry - it stinks. A very bland taste and there is very little carbonation.

Did I mention it gave me horrible gas and bloating? You know the kind that sits with you all day long and just gives you an unsettled stomach? The reason for this is that it has a sugar alcohol in it called "erythritol" and if you know anything about sugar alcohols, they almost always give you an upset stomach, gas, and/bloating. Sugar alcohols are what those sugar free, low carb chocolates have in them. And while wikipedia states that this sugar alcohol "shouldn't" be as bad as the other more notorious ones, like xylitol, because none of it "supposedly" reaches the large intestine...let's just say I would disagree.

If aspartame is so bad for you then why is that these products sweetened with stevia cause discomfort in some people? You'd think the "bad" product would be the one where you actually notice the side effects. At $1 a can (compare that to less then 30 cents a can for other cola brands), coupled with the potential unwanted discomfort, I think you might wanna stay away from this product.
501533501533B009M2LUEWA2G604IXT09CDYRaven Ashley1151300406400Real True Root Beer FlavorThis soda is amazing! The True Ginger Root Beer Flavor is delicious! If you have a member with type 1 or 2 diabetes, or your just trying to stop drinking artificial sweetners like aspartame, nutrasweet or even sweet and low, then this is the NEW soda you will LOVE! Imagine taking a sip of a truly delicious ginger root on a hot summer day. The quench you can feel all the way down your throat as you swallow. Upon entering into your body you feel energized and ready for your next task. Imagine no calories, no harmful artifical flavorings. This has been a real treat to find. No matter what the price,, you deserve to try this and see if this soda will help your body.
501534501534B009M2LUEWA2J0MQGN9H6Y23Penny1151296604800Unexpectedly delicious!I was skeptical of a health-foodie soda of all things! I initially tried this when a friend got it for a gathering. Not only is it good for you: using stevia, no calories, no sugar--it is really delicious!


-Delicious flavor: Ginger Root beer is my favorite
-No calories, no sugar is great. I don't like drinking soda because it is so bad for you, but since this is all natural, it is great to be able to have it as a refreshing snack or with bbq food or comfort foods! I usually steer away from diet foods because they lack in flavor and constantly remind me that I made a "DIET" choice instead of a happier choice, but Zevia has succeeded in making a happy, healthy drink.
-Stevia does have a distinct taste or lingering sweet taste on the tongue that is definitely not the same as real sugar. It's not unpleasant, but it is just a different palate experience. I actually like it! I normally don't use stevia in my drinks, especially hot drinks, because of this difference, but this soda really uses it well.
-Addictive in a great, refreshing way :)
501535501535B009M2LUEWAASAKZS39CK4TTerresa J. Lauer "mom"1151281571200Great FlavorI'm so happy to find a soda without sugar or artificial flavors that actually tastes good! Thank you Zevia, my 14-year-old son loves it and so do I!
501536501536B009M2LUEWA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke1151281398400Soda I can feel good aboutA friend just gifted me some of this soda.
I've had stevia on hand for several years and have a plant growing in the garden now.
I'm not a huge rootbeer fan, but this tastes very good.
I'll be anxious to try some of the other flavors.

Several years ago when I purchased my first stevia plant, it was too early to plant it outdoors so I had it growing in a window.
One of our cats ate every leaf off the plant and killed it, but the cat didn't have any reaction other than disappointment that the plant died and didn't provide more leaves to munch.

I'd rather drink water than most of the diet sodas available. It's wonderful to have an acceptable diet soda, even if it is pricey.
501537501537B009M2LUEWAU5P1L2LLVO12kev1151280275200Love it!I found this soda on sale at Whole Foods for $4.99/6-pack as part of my mission to cut excess sugars out of my diet. I can't stand other artificial sweeteners, so after researching stevia (a calorie-free natural plant-based sweetener) and xylitol (the only sugar alcohol that doesn't cause gastrointestinal distress), I decided I would give Zevia a try.

The ginger root beer flavor is fantastic and caffeine-free. I can barely even tell that this is not a cane sugar soda. The only difference to me is that the sweetness lasts with you a bit longer, but it doesn't bother me and goes away with a swig of water. I love that it contains real ginger and other extracts.

I did not like the black cherry Zevia at all, too sweet, and I have a feeling the lemon/lime and orange flavors would be equally off-putting due to the flavor profile of the sweeteners being used. I want to try the Dr. Zevia and cola flavors next, although I wish there were caffeine-free versions, as I like to enjoy these sodas in the evening.
501538501538B009M2LUEWA1Y7BX9MW5QMWNC. Johnson1151279584000great stuffTastes great. Seems to have slightly less fizz than a regular soda, but with none of the harmfull stuff. Wish it was a bit cheaper, as $1+ per can is a little steep, but it really is great stuff.
501539501539B009M2LUEWA2KA368HZB043XAngelanne1151273449600Great Alternative To Other Diet and Regular SodasI love Zevia Ginger Rootbeer! I thought it might have a bitter aftertaste like other diet soft drinks but it didn't. I started drinking it because I am watching my carbs and sugar grams but like a good rootbeer once in a while. I wanted to be able to have one without a lot of sugar and without artificial sweeteners. I'm so glad I found out about this one. It hits the spot every time.

This past weekend I took a sip of regular rootbeer and didn't care for it because I'm used to Zevia ginger rootbeer and prefer it. My husband enjoys it too and he's not watching his sugar or on a weight loss plan. He just likes the taste.

I didn't think we'd work our way through our 24 cans so quickly. I'm looking forward to our next shipment.
501540501540B009M2LUEWA233H2J16V56W8Claxon,Bill1151271808000Superior BrewThis root beer has a good foamy texture with a thirst quenching zip.It is free of chemicals and aspartame and the water it is made from is triple filtered. The flavor is oustanding.The zevia line however is cost prohibitive; but if you drink diet soda and value your health, the product is worth the price,imo.
501511501511B000PDN3MOA2K7BU5J8LYGRTA. Medina "Tech-geek"4451235174400These are great!I ordered these as a Lightning Deal. Never tried it but it was like 50% off. I love spicy food and can never find anything I consider "spicy" anymore. Cooked these expecting "spicy" to be "tangy" as usual. WRONG!

I drained 95% of the water out like I do with Ramen Noodles. Put the flavor packet on, and WOW it was SPICY. But I love it - great flavor. I had to cool my mouth down with chocolate milk. This from a guy who always orders the spiciest level at any ethnic eatery I go to.

I'm sure if you don't drain all the water out before eating like I do, it will be fine. I plan on draining about 75% out next time. Finally, a food labeled "spicy" that actually is!

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