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501661501661B001PMCFLYA1IEMRIUSDPQF4R. Weaver1151297814400Helped my cats out a lot!I used to feed my cats a mixed diet of wet and dry friskies and one of them also used to have a problem with throwing up/hairballs. She would routinely throw up every other day.

Ever since switching them both to this cat food, my feline compadres have had no issues at all. The one with the throwing up problem hasn't had an episode in weeks now and the other eats less and seems far more happy over all.

It's a bit pricey but for the peace of mind and healthy state of living it's given my cats, I can't complain.
501662501662B001PMCFLYA2WZOZDBRG0WWTStephen C. Lee0051342051200Love this cat food!My older cat was begining to have stomach problems. It came on suddenly and I felt that it was due to a change of ingredients put in her dry cat food. I began to look for a higher grade of food and read multi reviews on products. I felt that Harmony Farms had the most consistent positive reviews. Also owners with cats who were having digestive issues seem to have a higher percentage of improvement when changed to Harmony Farms. She had dramatic improvement almost immediately. She still is having ocasional issues but she had developed severe inflammatory problems. Take great caution in considering what you feed your pets. I changed my dog as well!! It was a good decision and I am very pleased with Harmony Farms and Amazons shipping it to my home.
501663501663B001PMCFLYA232ZLLRZO4R64Jason&Julia "JDJ"0051340496000Both cat and owner are very pleased!First, it arrived exactly in two days thanks to the prime shipping! So that's already a star there.

Anyway, I adopted a cat recently who was a bit on the heavier side and a little bit older (3 years old). I wanted to give him the best food possible and wanted to make sure he would be happy and healthy. Also, the food that I was feeding him was the atrocious Walmart "Special Kitty" brand so anything was better than that.

I didn't even need to transition my cat at all. The second I opened the package to feed him his first bowl he was all over me! Would NOT leave me alone until there was kibbles to be eaten in his bowl. Now whenever he hears me putting food in his bowl he comes running. He loves the stuff.

He already seems more active and alert after just a couple days of eating this awesome food. The price wasn't too shabby either compared to other natural/holistic cat food brands.
501664501664B001PMCFLYA2OYGTISD5WFN6M. Christian "Mallard"0051316995200Our 3 cats love itWhy didn't I realize sooner that the animals I love deserve food that is wholesome and nutritious and not a conglomeration of by-products and chemicals? My first trial was with a major name brand but they had some quality issues that concerned me. Other quality brands were not available locally so I searched Amazon and found what I was looking for. I can obtain this product on their subscription program which includes free shipping at the interval that works best for me. All in all I am very satisfied with the product and Amazon's service.
501665501665B001PMCFLYA1R654QJC8JCDPJen0041316736000Great cat foodAmazon offers this food at a great price. My local supermarket no longer carries this food after the jumped in price to $15.79 a bag. My cat really likes the food and he is extremely picky. I went through 4 other types of "holistic" before he would even taste one. That's how we found Harmony Farms cat food.
501666501666B001PMCFLYA2CJSVUWSBEI1KAlleycatgarden001131639040060 cats refused the taste!Multiple homes, total of 60 cherished cats who are given premium foods. The ingredients & reviews made me try this food; not 1 cat liked the taste, which is a first. Gave the bag to the wildlife reserve raccoons, who did consume it. I am unlikely to venture again from the Royal Canin varieties they adore, and does make their fur glow!
501667501667B002866WSIA2AUZEQ4XUFVS6V. Wright "mmoon"1151289347200Sweet tins of tiny mints for purse or pocket!I purchased this pack of 12 tins of Tropical Fruits mints at the same time as ordering another set that was a smaller variety pack of 6 different tins. ( see my other review )This package of 12 tins are all one flavor, but they are perfect for almost anyone who loves fruits, especially pineapple and other tropicals. The package could be broken up and used as stocking stuffers, since they are each individually sealed in plastic, or as a lovely small gift for bridesmaids at weddings, after you have taken a couple of tins out for yourself, of course, as you will never be able to part with all of them! Very pleased with these and feel that anyone who loves small and attractive things for their purse or laptop bag, rather unique looking and classy finds, will likewise love this item.
501668501668B000HQOVNYA2995UWFM9BT88Philip L. Firetag "bail bondsman"0151252886400spice is lifeoriginally found this product in local grocery...always sold out...then disappeared. found it online in the yahoo market..great price and really great easy to use product.
501669501669B000HQOVNYA2QUYZROS5TREMWarren B. Davis2621222732800howards garlic juiceI have used this proguct for over 25 years. First time ever having a problem. When package arrived, outer box in good shape. Upon opening inner box, found several bottles had leaked out contents. Nothing broken. Caps maybe not be correctly installed. Lost 4 bottles out of 12.
501670501670B0002HOG9MA26EQMS9QBGRUXDoc IA "KM"0051291593600Smooth CoffeeBarnies Blend is by far our favorite coffee. It is often requested by returning guests, It also makes a great gift!
501671501671B004Q4DMLKA7F9SWWTRRBV2LWA "LWA"0011323734400Worst coffee everThis is the worst coffee I have ever smelled and tasted. It doesn't have a good aroma. It smells and tastes like it has a strange chemical in it. It doesn't smell anything like most gourmet coffees. It definitely didn't have the butter rum smell or flavor that would be expected given that it was labeled as Butter Rum Creme. Save your money. Buy a different brand.
501672501672B004Q4DMLKA1HOLE9R6WPT85Mad Max0051317168000Great taste, good priceI like a Starbucks latte as much as the next guy, and who doesn't like a sweet iced mocha with whipped cream?

But I have a policy against drinking calories. One Starbucks drink can rival the number of calories in a Big Mac, and can have more than 2x the carbs! I also avoid sugar and caffeine, so this really limits my coffee choices. And on this subject, let me give you my personal guarantee - on decaf flavored coffees like this one, there is no taste difference between decaf and caffeinated. I can absolutely guarantee in a blind taste test you couldn't tell the difference.

So I sometimes prefer flavored coffee beans (as opposed to adding flavors to my drink). Decaf options are not always plentiful, so I love finding new flavors in decaf. This one (Paramount Butter Rum Creme) tastes like Christmas!

When the package arrive, it smelled like burnt plastic. I almost returned it without opening it. But when I opened the bag, it smelled wonderful (not exactly Butter Rum - more like white chocolate). And it definitely tastes as good as it smells.

Additionally, the price point is about right. I typically pay $6.49 to $6.99 locally for a 12-ounce bag of flavored decaf coffee, or $8.99 to $10.99 per pound for bulk coffee (at the grind-it-yourself kiosk). But decaf flavor choices at the local markets are limited, and if I pay local sales tax, there is less than a dollar difference than ordering this specialty flavor (I paid $16.92 for 2 bags. I got free shipping, & I also noticed there is a discount for subscription-based ordering).

My only complaint would be, if you're making normal drip coffee, this might be too strong. You might try tempering it with 1 or 2 scoops of non-flavored coffee. At home, I typically make espresso, or cold brewed toddy. In both cases, I can use about 20% less of this product, and the flavor still comes out great. And, if I'm using 20% less, there is additional cost savings as well.

Also, be aware the Paramount brand seems to grind their beans finer than normal drip coffee. This is how I like it - it's great for espresso, and ok for drip coffee - but not ideal for toddy or french press, and if you percolate it won't work at all.

So here's my favorite coffee recipe for decaf:

-Use the flavored beans to make 8 ounces of coffee (or 4 shots of espresso)
-Pour over ice in a large glass (it's ok to pour the hot drink over ice)
-Add 1 shot of half & half (I prefer heavy cream) - the result should be a caramel color
-Optional: If you prefer a frappe, pour the contents in a blender (I usually prefer it over ice, not blended)
-Add a sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg on top
-The result is a complex, sweet, robust treat that is sugar free, near-zero calorie, and non-caffeinated
-The taste rivals any store-bought latte, and puts Starbucks to shame (and costs pennies to make - not $4.00!)
501673501673B005JPAYCUA28H1VKU09FVZEP13860051323388800LOVE IT!!!The hot chocolate tastes absolutely amazing - so much better than anything you get at your typical coffee shop. Thanks, chocomize!!
501674501674B000PDFTLMA1BSQ83BO7I1FVamerican samurai "samuraiantiqueworld"2251206835200excellent productGreat hot dessert, easy and fast to make, not to sweet, since you make it in your microwave by adding water in the provided bowl and heating, it is easy to add nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, etc.
501675501675B000PDFTLMAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow2241195516800goodPretty good. I don't think it beats the real thing, but it's a good substitute. Mine was a little dry, but otherwise satisfying.
501676501676B000PDFTLMADHH23RJU7R5KAnonymous2251189382400Easy and tastyI've tried microwave "baking" and thought it was terrible. Perhaps because these are smaller and the sauce is added before "baking" these turn out good. I do think they need a small serving of ice cream or a small amount of whipped cream though to tone down the chocolate.

A definite "try to have around" product.
501677501677B000PDFTLMA1PB97BLMR9X2SL. Jenkins "Laurie-J"2251179619200Quick and Tasty!!This is so convenient and makes a great dessert snack for two. My husband and I share this treat. I love the fact that everything (including the microwave bowl) is included in the package. The chocolate cake is very moist and rich and the caramel topping is divine. I do like to gently blend some of the caramel down into the cake batter instead of just leaving all the caramel on top. Yummy!!!
501678501678B000PDFTLMA31BBGUD9O4FX2Huda M. "Huda"2351181174400Great Tasteeasy to use and nice tast u can add ice cream it will be great taste .
501679501679B000PDFTLMA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer0051188518400I had my doubts but these are great.I had tried microwave cakes in the past and was always disappointed at the texture and consistancy of the end result, but not this time. The cake is almost as good as if you baked it in the oven only much quicker and easier. All you have to do is add water to the mix, stir together, squeeze the carmel from the packet onto the cake and put it in the microwave for approx. 1 min. and 15 seconds and you have a decent cake without the trouble, time and mess of making a full size cake mix.

Try it, you'll be glad you did.
501680501680B003PG6FB4A1BS8Y076W0PL6S. Elliott "Techie"2241335052800Much better than SpryI was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this gum. Yes, the peppermint is strong at first and fades within two minutes, but it doesn't completely go away and the gum stays pliable and chewable. The pieces are larger (75%-100%) than Spry's and you can blow bubbles with them! There is no titanium dioxide or glycerine in them (like Spry) and I feel this a better choice for our family.

I will continue to purchase this gum for oral health and enjoyment. Nice to have a gum that isn't loaded with chemicals that I can give my children.
501681501681B003PG6FB4A25YEE6PO9JKWDMBNK0021349654400Peelu GumThe gum is too hard and small. The taste is OK, but I have to use two pieces to have enough gum to chew. I would not purchase again.
501682501682B003PG6FB4A3E488DVY353VDREW0031334880000Chewing gumThe bottle was much smaller then I expected. The gum itself is OK, but too small and way too expensive for my plebeian tastes. Think I'll stick with sugarless gum. I wouldn't buy this again.
501683501683B003PG6FB4A2ITHXFJRKVX02Grass_Tiger "grass_tiger"0011331164800Tastes disgusting and the peppermint flavor is extremely short livedI really, really do not like this gum. It might be gluten free and "natural", but it tastes disgusting. The peppermint flavor only seems to be in the outer candy shell of the gum. So you chew and break the shell, then swallow that part and then the taste is gone. The taste only lasts about the time it takes to chew up a Tic Tac and swallow it and doesn't leave the pleasant aftertaste a Tic Tac does. Then after that candy shell is gone, to me at least, it tastes like chewing on a wood chip and is almost as hard. I can't stand chewing it even as long as minute. I think I might get more out of chewing on ice. Sorry, I really tried to like this, but I'm taking a pass on this brand of gum.
501684501684B003TYCD7CA1KPNX8EHTH5PBduane gruber0051348790400They're grrrrrrrreattt!!!Forget the grandkids, we ate them!!! They have good flavor,too. I have purchased fruit snacks from other company's and the flavor doesn't compare to Kellogg's. Another grrrrrreat product from Kelloggs. Purchasing them from Amazon, was so easy and we received them in a short peroid of time. Oh, we will get more for the grandkids too.
501685501685B003TYCD7CA25J8CA00U8QZAJaoli21 "Julia Spence"0051344902400Excellent Snack Choice!I bought these for office snacks since I am self employed, own my own business, and work in my office about 12 hours a day. This is the best snack purchase I've made. These aren't the half full bags you buy from a Dollar Tree store with about 4 fruit chews in them. Each bag is packed full, and not only are these just delicious, they're nutritious too. You might pay $1 for 8 pouches at the store but with the amount in each pouch this is still a better deal!
501686501686B001SAXUS0A20M7G40HK3PWFVal1151325462400Great hot chocolateYou can add hot water or milk. We have an instant hot water tap at our sink, so it is easy to get a great cup of hot chocolate. This is one of the best mixes that does not require milk. No trans fats. Great rich taste.
501687501687B001M0ALT2A1K2Z2U6CA1R9UOrin0051334620800Rose BudThese rose buds made a very delicious tea on their own, but I especially enjoyed adding a few buds to my English Breakfast brew to add a bit more sweetness. I will be buying these again after I use up all that I've already bought. They are excellent quality and I was quite impressed with the quantity in comparison to the price. I will use this seller again.
501688501688B005NDXNIKAJP50EQHJ9PX8simone2221324944000Slow ShippingThese are okay for a mass produced product frim a factory. Nothing spectacular.

Ordered direct from the company's web site. Faced w/ 3 confusing choices: ship & deliver ASAP, ship whenever, deliver in time for Christmas. I chose the first thinking it was the fastest. My items were not delivered until 12/27. When I contacted Swiss Colony, they said, "Too bad."

Next time I'll get real petit fours shipped from an actual bakery.
501689501689B005NDXNIKA3Q40E2UQP4KGIEldergaard0041332720000Great Cakes!These cakes are fairly exploding with flavor and the kids love making charts depicting which flavors can be found under the robes of confection. We order these at nearly every special occasion. One warning that merited knocking a star off is that there are invariably four or five within the box that are hard and dry within. That's not very nice when serving these to guests and there is no way to tell just by looking at it.

Also, my last batch had one whole flavor (the chocolate-robed with green diagonal stripes) where every one of them was dry. It only happened once and my family loves these too much to knock it down another star for that.
501690501690B005NDXNIKA1QUH8PSCAMUL7Kathleen "Kathleen"0051331769600Swiss Colony Petits FoursThe Petits Fours were excellent, moist and beautifully decorated. Great desert for a holiday buffet. They also make a great hostess gift.

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