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501691501691B005NDXNIKA2CD74E1BXBTAOMisc Maggie0051328400000Tastey and TimelyThese Petits Fours have become a holiday tradition. For at least five years, my now-seven-year-old granddaughter has looked forward to selecting a "cakey" after dinner. (:
501692501692B005NDXNIKA29SK12PWT7ARMarilyn A0051326758400A gift well receivedI sent Swiss Colony's petits Fours as a gift to my cousin and she loved them (as I knew she would).
501693501693B0035NA87YAYUDAIZHSDREMBarbara Mitchell "PinkPudding"2251323216000ABSOLUTE MENTAL ORGASMOk, I know some of you may not like the choice of my words, 'mental orgasm'- but, once you try this cheese, you will agree.
I first tried some at a local cider mill last month and knew it was love at first bite. Once I got home, I called local stores in the area that carried a nice selection of cheeses. I can't keep enough on hand, it's that good...Just get yourself some crackers and you're set! I also grated some over pasta with olive oil, and grated some over tomato's then put it under the broiler. It has a nice dry consistency and the merlot is not overpowering. I highly recommend this award winning cheese!
501694501694B0035NA87YA3PWRYKE5YHIX3A. Nguyen1151330732800Love it!I randomly pick up cheese from the grocery store and this was what I picked up last week. It was gone in two days between myself and my boyfriend. I, guiltlessly, ate 2/3's of it! It is a unique taste and so creamy with a hint of Merlot. I've been telling any of my friends who like either wine or cheese! I went back last night to pick up another wedge. It, by a long shot, replaced Brie as my favorite cheese.
501695501695B0035NA87YA21ZCI49Z96T5TL. Gary "Those who can..."1151324598400one of a kindDelicious, amazing. I am not a cheese expert, so I can't use fancy words to describe the flavors. If you love sharp cheddar, this is the ultimate in sharp, full-flavored cheese.
501696501696B0035NA87YA3L6C5SQ92WZLCElizabeth M. Ruenitz0011333411200overratedI have previously tried some of their cheeses and thought they were very good. This cheese, however, is extremely salty tasting.
501697501697B0035NA87YA35X2PMVUTH1B0G. Baskin0041327536000Very nice but...... not the orgasm others describe. Why? The best cheeses I've experienced have a certain "delight" about them that is unique, that distinguishes them from all others. A certain surprise factor. This cheese is very good and may well be the best of it's kind. But it is not distinctive.
501698501698B002E02OT4A2R6039A260L0FNik0011325808000Poor advertisingThis product is totally misleading for the customer. It was disappointing to receive only 2 individual pez items and not like it is in the picture or described. I agree with the other customer that customer service was great, it just sucked that it wasn't want I thought.
501699501699B002E02OT4A3LBN1GBV68CQTB. Craig "photo hobbyist"0011320278400Order ErrorAs a Philadelphia resident I thought this would be a good item for Halloween distribution so I ordered 2 packs which should have been 24 total dispensers. When I received the package I received only two dispensers, not the two packs. The good news is Amazon's coustomer service was excellent. Once they realized the error they promptly refunded my purchase price. I was disappointed about not receiving the full order but recognize mistakes are made. A prompt and courteous response with an good resolution is a positive for me.
501700501700B0012BSK7QA1HD3PLNVIB0KUPS VIDEO0011342742400This is not Cinnamon Orange tea!This is the most discusting tea Ive ever tasted Had to throw it away it was so bad. It contained Hibiscus with the possibility of peanuts, Rose hips, Blackberry leaf and tangerine oil, but couldn't find the flavors of Cinnamon or Orange among the other terrible flavors.
501701501701B0048IAE7OA2RTA0NCGYGCFCS. Desharnais2251329609600These are so yummy!My husband brought these home, and he was flipping out over these. I'm not a huge fan of green chilies, so I begrudgingly tried them. My goodness, they are delicious! Just the right amount of spice for me. YUM! Not to mention they are organic, gluten free, peanut and nut free, non-GMO, and basically every other "good" thing you can think of! These even have quinoa in them! Seriously delicious!

One more thing, I have no idea what another reviewer was talking about when they said these chips have too much cilantro taste, as these chips have NO cilantro in them. At all.
501702501702B0048IAE7OAF8IG5AKQWXIOEric Hope1141335571200These things rock...These chips are simply excellent. SO delicious! I'd give them five stars if it weren't for the fact that they're so high in sodium. Outside of that, they're wonderful. But you've got to be careful with them because of that high sodium content. Tread lightly...
501703501703B0048IAE7OALBW2ZBS6Z2AYireadabookaday0051348444800MY NEW FAVORITEMy usual grocery store just started carrying these and as I like to buy natural versions of "junk " food whenever possible I tried them. I'm almost a little sorry I did as I now have a mild addiction to them. The mild green chili spices and cheese are perfectly balanced into a taste more sophisticated than the usual tortilla chip. I wish I had a bag righ now. I'd eat the whole thing.
501704501704B0048IAE7OAIJIWWPMDODLLN. Mccarroll1251308182400Best chips ever!These taste amazing! I use them in a taco salad or just plain out of the bag. They have just enough of a kick and the fact that 10% of the profits of this company goes to sending kids to camps is just great! Way to go Late July!
501705501705B0048IAE7OA1THEQV9LKFN35racapowski2431309478400Too much salt, not enough mojoLate July makes excellent products, and their Mild Green Mojo chips have plenty to crow about: they're whole-grain, the cheese doesn't use animal rennet, and part of the proceeds funds summer camps for kids. The chips themselves are hearty and satisfying, like all Late July products I've tried - they don't incite that gobble-gobble-gobble never-full reaction that cheap junk food does.

The problem is that, for all their fancy billing, the chips honestly don't have much flavor: they're labeled as "green chiles with cheese & a hint of lime," but I don't really taste cheese or lime, and I taste the chilies only through a bit of heat. The predominant flavor I get, besides the (admittedly good) whole-grain base, is salt - lots of it. Even if every other flavor listed were full and vibrant, the sodium in these chips would be an overwhelming deal-killer.

If you do decide to pick these up, don't worry about the smaller bag size - as explained above, you really do feel satisfied with a smaller portion size. They're an example of a good company off their game, though, so my best counsel here is simply to pick another flavor in the brand.

HEY, KIDS!: For summertime fun, count how many times the word "organic" appears in the list of ingredients.
501706501706B0048IAE7OA2PSH9OPHJFTY5Clarice Spann Reeve0151309651200Yum mm!We found these on vacation but couldn't find them we came home. Thanks amazon for always having what I want!
501707501707B0048IAE7OAEUZ9SZ5BJTVYArcee110121306972800Very strong cilantro taste.These chips have a very strong cilantro taste. A little too strong for my taste. They've got a nice crunch though.
501708501708B001VIWHGAA2LCM3WUXA2M6QJune0051349568000Weight controlI'm very happy with this cat food. My three 10 year old cats are loosing weight after just two months use and seem to have more energy. Their fur seems to be softer too. I'm looking forward to seeing their progress at six months.
501709501709B000VM2FV4AMR5TUCTW5E7TJennifer Snow3351228003200Fantastic!This is so fun for the coffee lover - 1 pot at a time. I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and see what flavor I would pull out and try that day. I enjoyed it so much - I thought it would make the perfect Christmas gift paired with a set of cool coffee mugs.Arbuckle's Pastry Shoppe flavor sampler10 count single pot coffee packets
501710501710B000VM2FV4A3LP7LMV7WAY0TDaniel Kelley0051322179200Good flavourAt first the cost seems pricey, but if you consider how much coffee costs at Starbucks and other places, it is reasonable. The flavor varieties was good. I really like the convenience of the coffee being pre-measured. Just snip and pour.
501711501711B000VM2FV4A1HWIIVV9XG1T1Terry A. Paz0051313971200Flavored holiday coffeesI took a chance and ordered several boxes of holiday flavored coffees and it turned out delicious. Anyone who wants to try something unique in their morning coffee this is the way to go.
501712501712B000N4LT9YA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"4441232409600Yep, that's pepper alright!Let's see, peppercorns at a good price...yep, that's what it is. ;)

Product is as described and a good value.
501713501713B000N4LT9YAX74UIXWRAR83Evan DeBloois "digdoc"2251235260800Great product for your pepper grinderExcellent product with quick shipping. Great when you can't find peppercorns locally or want the freshest you can buy.
501714501714B000N4LT9YA2MIP3AQVSF2SSProduct Master "PM"0051278806400Very good quality, excellent price for the quantityI've come to trust Marshall's Creek Spices. They've never let me down -- any time I wonder about them, I just look at my grocer's prices: about ten times higher, for spices that are probably only about 20% better.
501715501715B000X1K91QA28NMUVYJL2BM8J. Popoff0051219104000Very Good.Arrived safely, in very good condition, went through a long journey (APO), and looks even better than the picture. Very good.
501716501716B005SG18HKA1Y09QLADQYQJGThe"older than dirt"Time Traveller "&...1151333497600Believe IN America!Where ELSE would you get multiple choices of flavored popcorn
WITHOUT them damned almonds and peanuts.
One word about the TASTE...

501717501717B005SG18HKA1GZ78UDJTWBFSJ. Bray "Toby Wan Kenobi"1251322524800Yum!This is caramel corn is absolutely delicious. You can taste the quality such as real butter, good caramelization on each popcorn, and overall great craftsmanship. Fortunately, I live in Seattle so I can buy this locally without the unfortunate shipping price. I give this out to our visiting out-of-town friends who always beg us to send more because it is truly addictive. If you live in Seattle or come for a visit, definitely give it a try since you will find them in most local grcoery stores and sometimes even on sale :)
501718501718B000LQHP92A33ZYFE8XMKKR1P. Scott Pope "Scott Pope"0051322265600Great for Tapenade, Hummus or Other SpreadsLately, I have been on the prowl for Greek products in part to help the Greek export economy in a time of crisis. I was happy to stumble upon these rusks. They are great for serving tapenade, hummus, or cheese. If you are having a party, they are the perfect size for a Hors d'oeuvre tray.
501719501719B005GRD4LOA1GQAKL9CGQLP1L. M. Keefer0051323907200If You Like to Cook Healthy for Your Family.....If you want to cook healthily for your family, you'll love this KING ARTHUR ORGANIC WHITE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR. If you're looking for a healthy, light whole wheat flour, a nutritionist recommended KING ARTHUR'S WHITE WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR. It has the nutrition of whole wheat with the consistency of white flour--so it's not too heavy and gritty. I make gravies, soups, muffins, pancakes, cookies etc.--everything with it. I'll never buy white non-nutritious flour again! It's a great way to sneak whole grains into desserts. I never feel guilty cooking with this as I know it's healthy for my family and provides necessary whole grains. It has the whole grain yellow stamp on it, which my son says means it's good for you. I love cooking with this flour and use it all the time.
501720501720B000EM8UGAAZUL4O0XX5S15su stamper91041202947200A little disappointedThis tea has a wonderful favor, but I was disappointed to read the ingredients and discover that it contains black tea, which means it contains caffeine. I wish Lipton would state this in their advertising. Even on the box the caffeine is not mentioned. Also, I expected a stronger red tea taste, which I love.

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