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501721501721B000EM8UGAA21SY1XMVRH3YQAsiancCharm "AC"4411303862400A disappointing weak flavored tea!I love flavored tea, especially tea mixed with fruit flavors. The mixes that I like in this particular Lipton Pyramid Teabag series, include Bavarian Wild Berries, White with Blue Pomergranate, and Island Favor with Peach and Mango. I bought the Harvest Strawberry & Passion Fruit yesterday, and tried one cup today. I must say that this particular mix has to be the weakest one in this series, because the basic red tea is weak, and you don't taste the Strawberry nor the Passion Fruit favor. The two ingredients that stand out, believe it or not, are the hisbicus flowers and lemon grass.
501722501722B000EM8UGAA3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"3311301529600Tastes good BUTthe bag is made of plastic which is not compostable. I wanted to give this tea a higher grade especially after reading about Lipton's commitment to sustainable growing and certification by the RainForest Alliance, but then they blew it with a plastic bag. Since tea is the ultimate soil enhancer, I regularly discard my used tea leaves on house plants and then outdoor plants and pots (even in the dead of winter awaiting spring). I've cancelled my Subscribe & Save and will return to loose teas especially the Rishi and Octavia organic white flavored teas and Celestial Seasonings in a paper bag.
501723501723B000EM8UGAA3UK07SBPBOFGDDian D. Chapman "Technical Consultant, MS MVP...3351185062400Love this teaThis tea is wonderful...very soothing. I tried one box from Jewel and loved it so much I ordered a case from Amazon. Save $$ and now I have a good supply. Great for relaxing at night. Tastes great and is supposed to be very good for you...even better than green tea!?!?!
501724501724B000EM8UGAA3TDB18LXANTOFSO'Connell2251308960000Refreshing and fruity!I make my own ice tea every day--brew it using my coffee maker. My favorite combination is one Lipton Ice Tea Family Size Bag, with two of the Lipton Flavored tea bags. The Harvest Strawberry and Passion Fruit tea is by far the best. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to find at any of my local grocery stores (and I live in Los Angeles!) I have no problem with caffeine, so the fact that the tea contains caffeine is a plus for me. At the same time, compared to the other flavored red and white teas Lipton makes, this particular blend has the least caffeine--only 13 grams per serving which is extremely low. I even occasionally brew it mixed with a decaf Ice Tea Family Size bag and drink it in the evening. It has a slightly more than subtle strawberry flavor that gives my ice tea a refreshing perk. I highly recommend this tea!
501725501725B000EM8UGAA1DSRBI72CZ5ZTJ. S. Boland2251219622400Lipton Red TeaThis tea is really delicious. I made sun tea with it, added fresh mint, put it in the sun all day and people who have had it raved. I would buy this tea again. Very refreshing. And the transparent pouches are so cute.

501726501726B000EM8UGAAKWMGBZ5WPGXFIEF1121335052800Not what I expectedI expected a burgundy-colored tea (taste and look comparable to Ridgeways Red Berry).

Instead I got a dark tea with not much flavor.

Can't taste whatever fruit is supposed to be in this.

The pyramids are kind of cool, though.
501727501727B000EM8UGAA15RPVQSM1VM1ZTracy @ E Comics Etc1151333324800YumI'm not usually a tea drinker but the Lipton Pyramid Teas are so delightfully flavored that they could convert anyone....The Harvest Strawberry and Vanilla Caramel Lipton Black Tea, Vanilla Caramel Truffle, Premium Pyramid Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) are my favorite but the others are very good too!!!!!
A MUST TRY!!!!!!!!
501728501728B000EM8UGAA1V3BQFRKW9B8Lbakermom1151332979200delisciousa great alternative to plain tea when you want something a little different. this purchase was a fantastic deal. give it a try!!
501729501729B000EM8UGAA1RC3DNFU33OHRShannyn M1151331683200Yummy!Honestly I'm not a tea drinker, but I love red tea when chilled. This tastes so good that you don't really notice the tea because the strawberry and passion fruit flavors pop out.
501730501730B000EM8UGAA3AOKQCH0YBZDSL. A. Vitale1121310083200Smells like cough syrup & tastes okay.Sure this tea has a mild fruity taste, but the cough syrup smell turns me off. I won't be buying it again.
501731501731B000EM8UGAA2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes1151304899200Grew to love it...yumm!I tried this straight up 8 tea bags to a half gallon of water for iced tea...did NOT like it! Of course, I'd never tried roobios tea before, so what did I know? I tried it 4 bags of this Lipton tea and 4 bags of my Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder (see link) and ...a new favorite is born. I love it like this with a packet and a half of's wonderful. If you have it and think it's no good, try mixing it with regular tea (or Morning Thunder)before getting rid of it. I haven't tried it hot, I suppose I'll do that next. But this is FL and I drink iced tea year round, so I'm always trying new tea. :)

Celestial Seasonings Black Tea, Morning Thunder, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)
501732501732B000EM8UGAA1AN3M6AC4PYGWRhonda Saunders1151266883200teagreat taste, great pice and the item arrived very fast. I will without a doubt order again.
501733501733B000EM8UGAA2TJVEO9E1822PM. Carnes1151254700800Lipton Red Tea-Harvest StrawberryOur local grocery quit carrying our favorite tea for some unknown reason. We found it on Amazon and ordered with no problems. Great shipping and product arrived on time as promised.
501734501734B000EM8UGAA13T2G4T8LR8XAFirst Time Mom3451179964800Great product Best TeaIt's excellent. Wonderful tea flavor. The tea pyramids never lose their shape.
501735501735B000EM8UGAA1ZMMGWO70Y73Tara0011342396800DisgustingThis has been the only type of tea that I couldn't even tolerate to drink... donated to food drive... first time I or my husband have ever tried red tea... will never try again.
501736501736B000EM8UGAA37BLXT0WIYO5BLy H. Yam1231204416000Ok for liptonThe tea was okay. It didn't have as strong of a favor as I would have expected.
501737501737B000EM8UGAA2B38BZOBIM2MBC. Potgeter2621247097600The tea is good, don't get the stated amount.
In each box I have from the pack of 6, there wasn't 20 bags in any of them, best case 19, sometimes 18.
Also, in each box, there was at least 1 bag that wasn't properly sealed, and leaked it's contents all over, thereby reducing the effective count 1 or 2 per box.
You get roughly 16-18 good bags per box.
The secret for good iced tea from these bags is to fill a clean quart mason jar with water from a filtered pitcher like the brita pitcher, put the full mason jar (No lid, duh.) in the microwave until it boils, then drop in 2 or 3 bags. Leave it in the microwave, so nobody gets burned. Once the water cools enough for you to be able to touch the jar, screw on the top, and leave it on the counter, upside down. Leave the bags and all in the jar.
Once it's room temp, put it directly in the fridge. Leave the bags in the jar.
Put a thick glass tumbler in the freezer.
Leave it overnight.
When you're thirsty the next day, get the thick tumbler out of the freezer, fill it with ice, and fill it with the tea from the jar. Now take the bags out and throw them away.
This is good tea, but it needs to be steeped overnight for best taste, and you don't get 20 bags in the box. Don't say I didn't warn you.
501738501738B000EM8UGAA3TQZNLV2AKMPRD. Moore1611247616000Very DisappointedDon't buy these!!! They're awful. I bought these teas for my bridal shower. We were going to serve tea. When I got them they were not fresh at all. Even after you brewed them there was no flavor or aroma. I couldn't send them back because of the return policies, etc. I had opened a box to see how they were. I think there would've been a restocking fee too.

You're better off getting these from the store.
501739501739B001FA1OQIA24X8P2TG2AR02Cody0031306800000It's teaI got this tea because it was about to expire and Amazon had it for a great price. The tea has a somewhat bitter taste but its not too powerful and it tends to be a great start - or end - of the day. I'd say its a bit expensive if your not buying from Warehouse Deals so I'd check there before making the purchase.
501740501740B00016W53IA31BZEQMPKS5MYVeggieTart2231087171200A decent mintWhen I first found Vermints, they were in smaller tins, in three flavors--Peppermint, Cinnamint and Wintermint. This formula has sadly been discontinued and cannot be found in stores anymore. When I saw VerMints were back, I was quite excited. However, the Wintermint, my flavor, is not as strong as it used to be, and I'm terribly disappointed that Cinnamint has disappeared. I would also appreciate a Spearmint flavor.

That said, it's hard to find natural, vegan mints, and this one fits that bill nicely.

501741501741B00016W53IA14EY85HLCGW2PMargaret Civil "Marge Civil"0021301356800DisappointmentBesides feeling like chaulk and not very wintergreen minty tasting the mints do last a bit longer than you would think. The little pieces of fiber get on my nerves, too.
501742501742B00016W53IA2HC9549CZAKNNB. McCarthy "Engineer, CERT, Amateur Radio Op...0051154908800Best...Mints...Ever!These mints are the best I have ever had... But I found out that Whole Foods Market near me carries them for less money and I don't have to buy by the case. Of course, buying by the case is convienent so if they lower the price I'll start to buy them here again...
501743501743B00016W53IA1B4ZHHPFRK3IZSarah Litwin0041104451200tasty mints, a play on words, cute tinsI saw VerMints in a natural food store and immediately noticed the adorable illustrations. Second, they made "Wintermint" which is not available in all types of mint-making brands. Especially not those which are Vegi/Vegan friendly.

I'm not sure how much more wonderful this flavor was before it "reappeared" in public. Its a light flavor. Think of it at the opposite end of the spectrum of something "curiously strong." I'd like to think its "gently minty."

I can't wait to try the other flavors and collect the adorable tins!
501744501744B002HFUM5OAT7OLPRV1H2VLJenn2251322611200Best Chocolate I've had in a long time!I don't know what product the other review is referring to, but this DOES have sugar, not malitol.

I think this has the perfect balance of orange oil in it, not too strong, not too bland. The regular 70% from this brand and the mint flavor are good too, but this is my favorite.

And no soy lecithin either!
501745501745B002HFUM5OA1HD5FFUDEBSLIZenLefty "Zen"1711302566400Um... yuck!I haven't spit food out of my mouth in a long time. These things taste like urinal cakes. *Expensive* urinal cakes.
501746501746B002HFUM5OA3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter1751262908800Nice sugar free 70% ChocolateI like this sugar free chocolate. It has 70% cocoa which is good for you and 70 calories per 2 squares it does have malitol so do not eat to much your you might not like the results! Nice taste and treat.
501747501747B001D1YL82A2B3VB08U0I1XUdmd0051345507200Best coffee ever!This coffee is great - a full-bodied flavor and is never bitter. Don't hesitate to order. I got on the saver plan and receive it every month.
501748501748B001D1YL82A1CWFLNGUL1KQ5Virginia L. Tracy0051308528000Outstanding CoffeeI've been drinking coffee for over 40 years, this is without a doubt the best flavored coffee out there on the market today. Wish I could buy it in larger bags.
501749501749B005CA580AACVRRJW038KHDeborah Koontz1141328832000Good Sausage, But - -Great sausage. But a little too much garlic for me. The heat was ok.
but the snap and texture still makes it very good sausage. I also like
a more vinegar taste, but that was easily cured. I'll buy more.
501750501750B005CA580AA2E80ET0YJ1GH6bailey0051341360000Good StuffNo at all disappointed. These sausages taste just as I remembered them from years ago. So glad I discovered them again.

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