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501811501811B00122DL10AGOPJZFEL0Q1EZube "kile25"3331301788800Good coffee, but many unsealed pods make this a waste.I don't know what Java One is doing, but they're managing to put good coffee in defective pods. On my last shipment, at least one out of five pods were not open the envelope and there is loose coffee all over. The edges of the pods are open. This is NOT due to our opening them incorrectly. The filter paper is not ripped or damaged, it just isn't glued or sealed properly. Definitely not recommended to buy these unless you want to waste about 15% of your money. Other than that, I like the coffee itself (when it stays in the pod).
501812501812B00122DL10A2TTEMQM5CFM9OMark Oberg "What Can I Say? I'm a Techweenie!"3351284595200MMMMM Great coffee for my Senseo, cheap.Nov 2010: Still love this coffee! I just signed up for monthly shipments, having run out last month and been forced to go back to the Senseo brand pods. Yuck! Well, they are OK until you've been spoiled by these. With the monthly shipments, the price comes down to a few cents over $20 bucks a pack and *FREE SHIPPING*! How can you go wrong with that?

I only wish they had a nice sampler pack with maybe 3 varieties of pod and that they would add Ethiopian Yrgichieffe as a flavor. That's one of my favs. So what if it's hard to pronounce? It's great coffee!

Original review:
Some of the other reviews and other similar items had me very confused as to what I should buy (or even if I should just keep buying Senseo-brand pods at the grocery store). So, I took a chance with one order to see what I'd get.

First thing to say is that the coffee is delicious. I am so tired of only having a limited choice of flavors with the supermarket brands. Even the supposed premium varieties leave a lot to be desired.

The Sumatra Mandheling pods from Java One taste great! Not only are they a nice change for me, but the quality is excellent. Each pod is individually sealed in a pouch and one order contains 14 pods per box, with 6 boxes in a case. That is 84 pods total at a cost of about 23 cents per pod.

The box says that each pod is good for an 8-ounce cup, so that's how I prepared my coffee. I have a large 16-oz mug and normally would use 3 pods of the Senseo brand (one double-pod holder that I run on both size settings and one single-pod holder that I only run once at the larger cup size). Doing that fills my mug about 3/4 of the way and leaves room for cream, plus some dead space above.

With these pods, I used the single-pod holder and only the large-cup setting, but ran it twice, changing the pod in between (are you following me?).

That filled my mug almost up to the top, leaving just enough space for my cream.

The coffee was among the best I have made, ever.

So, not only is each pod only 23c, but I only have to use 2 pods (46c) to make what used to require 3 of them (at an approximate cost of 29c each or 87c for my mug) to get the taste I wanted.
501813501813B00122DL10AH34677P3I6B1P. R. Ecker "Rubyview"6821268265600Too Big!As a disclaimer, I have a Senseo coffee pod machine, so of course the Senseo pods fit quite well. The problem with these pods is that they are not advertised for a specific machine but don't fit the Senseo machines. I've purchased all sorts of different pods to get different flavors or varieties that have fit the Senseo machine just fine, so why can't Java One make pods that fit? The pods are really good tasting (er' I mean the coffee in them..) but if you use them with the Senseo they actually become dangerous, breaking the lid seal and popping the top of the machine thus spraying hot water everywhere.

So, Senseo owners, seek elsewhere.
501814501814B00122DL10A165S6NPL5O86XElizabeth A. Pressler "lizzi"1131337558400A litt too big for SenseoThese are OK, but not great. I'm not super impressed with the flavor. If you're considering these for your Senseo machine, be aware that you really need to pack and flatten the pods in to get them to fit without leaks. They're just a little bit too thick.
501815501815B00122DL10A3JPNCKGC3ERK5William S. Mccarver1151253059200Java One SumatraNot just a wonderful coffee for the price.... just a wonderful coffee! Individually sealed pods for half the price!
501816501816B00122DL10A267FBRP1NSAFSCoffee luvr0051350432000Good stuff!I'm lazy about making my morning coffee so using the pods works great! I'm a bit of a coffee snob so I was surprised that I liked this stuff. Very dark and rich.
501817501817B00122DL10A1783HKN2NI8C2Jason C Collins0051335657600Favorite coffeeWe've been drinking this coffee for over a year now. It has a strong flavor what is very enjoyable. Usually pod coffee is weak and boring but not this one! The subscription has been perfect and oh so helpful. We never run out of coffee anymore!
501818501818B00122DL10A36CCV2B7XQGJKTodd K. Whitehurst "Todd Whitehurst"0051314921600Tastes great!I have tried a number of Senseo pods, and this is my favorite. It is very smooth. It tastes like coffee from a coffee house (rather than a Senseo).
501819501819B00122DL10A3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding0041282348800favorite coffeeI love the sumatra coffee pods but I do think that Java One has changed the blend. The pods now read sumatra and not sumatra mandheling. I don't think they have the same taste but are still good. After I finish these though I will search out and see if there are other sumutra blends that compare with the previous blend that Java One had.
501820501820B0045661R6A3S3VSXEFXBMRCN. Chernyavskaya0041344470400Very nice soup!I liked this soup a lot! However, I was able to find one from another brad that is much better tasting. I won't advertise it here, but just saying: for my taste this was not the perfect one, although, it's really yummy. What I also disliked about this one is that it's condensed. I rather use one that I don't have to add anything to - just warm it up and eat. Yum.
501821501821B0045661R6A93K9RBFTU5FBChefJ0051304640000It was awesome!I have used it many times and the flavor is wonderful. I highly recommend it, it is free of processed sugars and flours. I sauteed chicken in a little organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil and added a little punjabi garam masala, I added the soup mix and I used So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk for the liquid. I served it over brown rice, my family LOVED it! I have used it in other dishes as well, and am planning to use it in tuna casserole.
501822501822B005Z694ZGAE8PDH856KYJDMildred Williams "Milli"0051345593600Breakfast of Champions.."Wheatgrass..NOT 'Wheaties!'";o)Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I start mine with a 'Smoothie',containing wheatgrass as a base, and then add fresh fruit,(your choice), flaxseed, fresh spinach and 1- 1/2 cups of POM juice. Blend and enjoy. I do not add ice...I drink it at room temperature...the choice is yours again..add or not to add ice. There's something about the wheatgrass that not only tastes good, but I know what it does for the body! Good stuff! Try: 1 cup of 2% milk, 1 lg. scoop vanilla ice cream and 1 lg. scoop of wheatgrass...mix in blender and drink. En-er-GEE, soooooo good!!
501823501823B007D7P9TKA3X5656L1J7F5WLL2321344556800Taste is not what I expectedI purchased this to use in baking according to Elana's website. She stated the oil has a buttery taste. This oil has a taste that I cannot describe it overpowers the chocolate chip cookies. It might be this brand, maybe I will try another brand of grapeseed oil.
501824501824B005GX00BKAO5AUQ2KTUJHCdiverdude0051342224000Terrific CoffeeThis is the second time I've ordered the 4 pack of this coffee while on deploymen to Afghanistan. Brewed in just a regular cheap drip coffee maker this coffee is outstanding!!! I will order this on a recurring basis once I return to the states!! YUM!
501825501825B005GX00BKA1UVWXA8CCRLNYCraigH0051341792000LavazzaLavazza coffee is the best coffee ever, we love it, every pot brews up so smooth even when brewed very strong.
501826501826B005GX00BKA1GMEJPSWUYOI8Pen Name0041341187200The coffee is great, but other buyers were right: mysterious punch holeThe coffe is really great, makes very aromatic, full bodied espresso. I would just like to review the packaging more. I ordered several packs of these, packaged in bricks of 4, vacuum-packed, and covered with clear plastic. Very impressed because of the efficiency of packaging, very tightly packed. Of the 3 sets I ordered, one set had one of the bricks with a punch hole at the bottom, seems mysterious since the clear plastic covering the 4 bricks was in no way punched and remained intact. It's just the one brick with the punch hole at the bottom. I wonder how it got that way. Anyway, this would have been 5-stars but for that. Highly recommend the coffee.
501827501827B005GX00BKA1CXDTLZAK1DT3KLA0051339459200Great-tasting rich coffee, low acidityWe love good coffee, but are not experts by any means. After Senseo stopped making their pods, we bought the Coffee Duck/Ecopad pack from Amazon but weren't sure which coffee to use in them. Tried the Crema e Gusto based on high reviews and are happy we did! Best cup of coffee from our Senseo machine ever! Much smoother and lower acidity than the Senseo coffee we were used to, and can get some nice crema when using the Ecopads. Price can't be beat, either!
501828501828B005GX00BKAJONFCAVQERV1Massi0041339113600Caffe' Con Gusto!My wife and I love this Italian coffee since we practically grew up with it...
Out of the 4 in the pack, one of the bricks had lost its pressure but it still brewed greatly.
The order arrived promptly and met expectation like the service provided.
Thank you,
M. & G.
501829501829B005GX00BKA1N5LNS3CAF1N0char0051337731200Italian CoffeeBest Italian expresso coffee ever! It is a MUST to keep on hand and best served after dinner. Smooth, frothy, and never bitter.
501830501830B005GX00BKA3GKHA6K3OHTTCpolishp860051337558400excellent product, great priceI bought this to use with a 3 cup espresso maker. This stuff seems to last quite a while, even though I fill up the holding dish to the top. The espresso tastes great and in my opinion (if you flavor it right) is just as good or better than many of the coffee products that you can purchase that are made for you (aka starbucks, caribou, etc). Buying it in the 4 pack also brings down cost quite a bit.

Overall, a great product and highly recommended. It is a very bold flavor, so if you aren't in to dark and bold coffee then beware.
501831501831B005GX00BKA2RILOCHJZTSAJLL0051337212800Amazing coffeeThis is my favorite coffee. I use it in my bialetti and it makes great espresso. Full and rich flavor. Somewhat hard to find in stores so u always buy on amazon.
501832501832B005GX00BKAO4GDNXN7EBZIFMello0051337040000Great for my GaggiaThis is an affordable and good coffee for my Gaggia Expresso machine. Good aroma, taste and price. I also like Illy, but the cost-benefit on the Lavazza is better... strongly recommend to all.
501833501833B005GX00BKAWAZFBVMQMV5Hdarrel0051337040000Delicious CoffeeI love this stuff. Very smooth and rich. It is great to mix half and half with milk and just a little bit of sugar
501834501834B005GX00BKA180R19EA405SVJR0041335916800good espressoothers with a more 'soFISTicated' palet say its just OK. its fine on my taste buds and thats all that counts. not too pricey, good aroma, good foam, all in all a good cup of espresso.

nuff said.
501835501835B005GX00BKAJOHVLHF028OEInge0051335139200Good coffee!What can I say more than in the title!! This is very good coffee. Every morning I enjoy my Cappucino!
501836501836B005GX00BKA18MA99FYXIX60fabia0051333670400love itVery good product, the price is fair. Fast shipping.I recommend to people who love coffee or espresso. Real italian taste. Enjoy it.
501837501837B005GX00BKA30IT8FMK5AO57A. Blom0051332374400Great espressoWe make this every morning in our espresso machine. It is delicious. Definitely the way to go if you drink espresso every day.
501838501838B005GX00BKAF0UNE1XJ7YWFheadienow0051331769600Love itHighly recommend w/ the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. Great coffee because of the taste and the aroma. Fast Shipment.
501839501839B005GX00BKA1TGAUYOPOSUNUjepec0051331510400Superior CoffeeThis coffee is so delicious--very smooth, with hints of mocha. It makes the most amazing cappuccino, too. With cream and sugar, this coffee is simply amazing. I purposely seek coffee shops that sell this brand of coffee because it is so delicious. Anytime I try other brands of coffee, I'm disappointed because it doesn't compare to the Lavazza brand of coffees. Buy it!
501840501840B005GX00BKA1B7SNUBTSS335gordgecko0051330473600smoothest coffee I've hadThis brings me back to the time I spent in Europe. Better than any coffee at the supermarket for basically the same price. A no brainer here folks.

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