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501931501931B005GX00BKA25BTF3HK5WJK2deepinmud6641327622400Good, Mild Flavor, High Caffeine CoffeeI consider myself a reasonable coffee enthusiast having done tours of places like Intelligentsia and know a decent bit about how to make the right brew.

That said, Lavazza Crema e Gusto is an interesting 30% Arabica, 70% Robusto blend. It's well known that Robusto beans have less flavor than Arabica and are cheaper, but tend to higher in caffeine content. That said, that is pretty much what you get with this blend. It's in all technical aspects a lower quality product, Robusto is considered a low end bean that you will almost never find it in American consumer coffee. Even instant coffee tends to tout 100% Arabica as well-informed consumers prefer the full flavor.

What's interesting is that Lavazza has decided to mix it, and so there's that coffee flavor coming from the Arabica, but it's mild due to how it's diluted. The "creaminess" I would say comes in part from the very fine grind they use, hence it comes packaged in these vacuum-packed bricks that are more like a mold when you open the bag than the usual medium grind you'll see. As a result, whether you drip or french press it, you get some of that bean filtrate coming through and it gives it a more creamy texture which is in all actuality the bean particulate coming through.

Finally the caffeine kick is awesome, as it's probably 2x stronger than your average coffee thanks to the Robusto beans and the super fine grind, making it a solid wake up coffee. I personally don't like the taste of it straight as compared to other 100% Arabica coffees like Sumatra or Columbian (which are my preferences) as it's just it's just too bland for my tastes but a touch of milk and sugar brings out more mellow flavors and again that subtle texture. Good for mornings, but I wouldn't necessarily ever have it as my go to coffee my evening cup.
501932501932B005GX00BKA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke91151209686400Very GoodI purchased this along with the espresso in the can.
I've mixed the two in equal amounts.
We're very pleased with the coffee.
It's not bitter or acidic, but still rich tasting.
501933501933B005GX00BKA2TUZQT95PET6DJ. E. Taylor4421325289600bleh...I was not as impressed as the other reviewers. If you are reading this and are used to freshly ground coffee every morning, please don't buy this. After reading the glowing reviews, I thought I could skimp a little and save a few bucks over my current coffee, but I found it simply isn't worth it.
501934501934B005GX00BKA1WZ8OLK9L16PPmren2541269820800It's good, but not greatI bought this based on other reviews, it was good, but not as spectacular as they suggested.
501935501935B005GX00BKA3KLC58UPARUHWS. Ruecker0221318550400Not my cup of, coffee.If this is what "good" coffee is supposed to taste like, no thanks!!! To me, it's weak and pretty much flavorless. Safeway and Winco store brands, in my opinion, are much better.
501936501936B005GX00BKA2RZGMKLZEZET3Crazy cat lady1451269475200Please help: is this ground for fine for the espresso machine? TIA!Is this variety ground fine for espresso machines? I am confused because it says, "ground coffee" but also, "espresso." TIA!
501937501937B005GX00BKA31LX0K4MEAYK7Ivan Ivanov81611288224000Really, really low qualityI was misled by the high reviews of this coffe (somehow I forgot that we are in Folgers land here) so I bought a 4-pack. This coffee tastes awfully like robusta, and probably is made moustly out of robusta (interested parties can inquire about robusta vs arabica in the coffee blends, but let's just say that any decent coffee blend is made out of 100% arabica. Robusta is mixed in cheap blends because it is cheap. Tastes awful too... ). Also, the price of this coffe does not reflect the low quality - it should be way cheaper.
I normally buy Lavazza Oro, but somehow the quality of that coffee deteriorated in the last year or so).
501938501938B005GX00BKA3N7UCEM00PSYQWill's mom2651251504000McDonald's mocha addiction curedI have been looking for a good substitute for a morning McDonalds Mocha (which I had officially become addicted to). I brew this in my travel mug coffee maker, add some milk, french vanilla liquid creamer, equal, a bit of chocolate syrup, and reddi whip and I'm good to go. Addiction/money wasting done for!!
501939501939B005GX00BKA31O532SAOTE3Ystella0411347321600I'll never order this again.I ordered pack of 4. I've been expected good coffee, but I was very disappointed.

One of 4 cut its packing, and just messed coffee up in the box.

I had to throw away one. Now, honestly, I don't want to try it.
501940501940B005GX00BKA1UDC6QRUN4BOKMarlene W. Greenberg "Marlene G."101311272758400Very harsh espressoAlthough I am a fan of Lavazza espresso, I found this blend extremely harsh with very high acidity which wreaked havoc with my stomach. I am stuck with 9 bricks now (bought a case) and will have to find someone who really likes this blend.
501941501941B005GX00BKA1QVLJ260F6SZDMBKW "Piglet"3351329523200Best coffee EVER!I've tried several brands and flavors of ground coffee from Amazon, and this is by far've.had. I decided to write a review because last weekend my husband made me a latte, and it was yummy. I asked for a second one, and what he gave me was not what I had the first time. I asked him what was different, and he told me he used a different brand and flavor. He was really surprised that I could tell. The one that I LOVED was the Lavazza Crema e Gusto. Wow. What a difference. It's smooth and full bodied - okay, I'm full of crap. I have no idea what "full bodied" is other than a fat chick. But I can tell you this -- this coffee is tasty and you will not regret buying it.

I bought it in January because there was a deal going on - $12 for 4 bricks. But here I am willing to pay $15 for 4 bricks (S&S price) less than 2 months later. I wish I had stocked up when it was cheaper, but who knew the coffee was going to be THAT GOOD! It's so worth even $18 for 4 bricks!
501942501942B005GX00BKATOYX2NRF23X7Robert B. Donoho5651252281600The BestI discovered this coffee while I was in Munich, Germany. It is the smoothest, non-bitter coffee I had ever had. I was able to get a few bricks back to the US but needed to find a way to get more. Then I found it on Amazon.

Most people on here use it for their espresso machines, but I just use my "Black-n-Decker" coffee maker. My guests always ask where they can get their hands on it. A few friends and family have transitioned from their Maxwell House to Lavazza!
501943501943B005GX00BKA5RV5PJA783F0Zgabeata Iftode18251131155200070% RobustoThe worst thing is that they do not list the fact this is a 70% Robusto / 30% Arabica blend.
I do not like Robusto coffee at all. It has the taste of smelly socks. This is personal preference.
Since this coffee did NOT list that it is a Robusto blend and had such great reviews from many people (who obviously like Robusto coffee) I purchased it. I am dissatisfied with it and the item is not what I expected.
Since I was not able to return it, I opened one package.
Just for people to be aware.
501944501944B005GX00BKA1JVD71PPW5HTMespressolover91221301011200MsThe Lavazza coffee Crema e Gusto is good,but it expires this month.
I bought four not knowing this(you should post expiration dates on food!)Now I will have three blocks of expired coffee. Not great folks!!!
501945501945B005GX00BKAH5BCMZELZSKGD. Carrio2251334361600Is good enough for my Italian family, good enough for meas early as i can remember when going to italy, everyone i would visit would be cooking on the stove a pot of Lavazza Creme e Gusto.

I was tickled to see that i could start getting this through amazon's subscribe & save. Best deal on the internet!

knock on wood, i've been doing this for over a year and not 1 shipment has ever been messed up. The only way i would recommend something different is if you have a pressure brewer. Lavazza has a brew just for that.

I know that the Lavazza Qualita Rossa is their higher "quality" roast but i just can't taste it. I dont think its bad but not better than Creme & Creme is cheaper.

I keep the open pack in the fridge & the sealed packs in the freezer. No arguments from my local spanish family or friends who makes a mean cup of espresso. using ice cold spring water helps too ;)

i use Bialetti Moka Express stove top & electric pots to brew my espresso
501946501946B005GX00BKA2JZPEW49WB9KNM. Nasca "matt"2251326585600Strong cup of coffee. I deal for making iced coffee.What type of coffee drinker am I?
In our Cuisinart coffee maker my wife and I use 1.5 tablespoons of Dunkin Donuts coffee per 6 oz of water so we like our coffee pretty strong. However, neither one of us goes out of our way to get Starbucks because we don't like the taste for some reason. If Starbucks is considered bitter, that is probably why.

I would consider this coffee bold yet not bitter. It's definitely full flavored yet not over powering. Maybe that is what "Crema e Gusto" is specifying. The ratio of coffee to water for a Dunkin Donuts drinker is about 3/4 of a table spoon to 6oz of water. I accredit the smaller ratio to how finely ground the coffee is rather than overall strength.

I drink iced coffee in the summer so even though it is January I had to try it. This coffee is IDEAL for making iced coffee because you can make it at 1.5 table spoons to 6oz of water and the taste is not effected by a little bit of ice melting. I can not stress enough how good this coffee is iced!

I am defiantly enjoying the LavAzza and may try other varieties to make hot coffee but this is my go to for iced coffee from now on!
501947501947B005GX00BKA2RJD8QF0RQS40mac user "mac user"2251325635200tasty in the keurigwell after 2 months of trying new k-cup flavors, i got tired of the expense and waste. i bought a reusable k-cup from amazon (ecobrew) and am in the process of finding the perfect bean. THIS IS IT!!! i fill my cup halfway and brew it on the 8oz setting. not only is it a perfect cup of rich flavorful coffee, the bag has lasted soooo long! i bought when it was 12 bucks for 4 bags (subscribe and save) and i think this will last at least 2 months drinking 2-3 cups a day. absolutely no waste! i love my keurig and lavazza!!!

i also have a wonderful espresso machine that i use this in, however the keurig is my new coffee toy to play with. either way the lavazza tastes great.

note: it brews a lot slower due to the fine ground BUT this is the way to extract all the flavor. it is brews way too slow use less in the k-cup filter.
501948501948B005GX00BKAQT95GTVJLVFEL. Mata2221320105600Just Did Not Suit My TasteI tried this coffee as a drip and in the espresso maker. I love good strong coffee. This was much to weak and had a slight burnt taste. Others seem to like it. Perhaps it is just me. I expected more.
501949501949B005GX00BKA2YSGX3Q1IS2TDJason Rambo2251296086400illy fan is loving this blend in our home machineAs my wife and I found we had become "those people" who stop at the local coffee shop many times a week, we needed to hit the lotto, quit or buy a machine and learn to make our own go-juice.

This coffee brews wonderfully in our new DeLonghi Bar32 (EC155 clone) - the fine grind makes the cheezy built-in tamper more than good enough, reducing counter-clutter. And the crema produced is a dream - though the fancy, much older, espresso machine at work can't hope to achieve this with me driving it --- the DeLonghi is just newbie-proof and brews this blend really really nicely.

Though she was initially disappointed I didn't splurge on the illy to christen the new machine, she likes the lattes we're making at home more than her $3 coffee shop favorite. This blend is fine for my mocha, too, though if she didn't LOVE this coffee I'd give the Rossa a whirl looking for just a little stronger flavor to stand up with the cocca powder. Frankly - this is making as good a mocha as what I buy at any of my 3 shops, so I'm happy too!

Glad I trusted the reviews. I just signed up for a "subscription" - can't beat the price!
501950501950B005GX00BKA3POFDNKQJANA2Charles Eldon2241289088000LAVAZZA CREME E GUSTO V LAVAZZA ROSSAI decided to try the Lavazza blue pack (Crema e Gusto) instead of the one that I had found to be perfect in Europe, the Red pack or Lavazza Rossa. I like it but not as much as the Rossa. For my taste it is a little too mocha flavored and I prefer the more robust cafe espresso flavor of the red pack. The price for either coffee is very competetive, particularly if you take advantage of the subscription ordering option. I will be switching back to the Lavazza Rossa.
501951501951B005GX00BKA323JZ61PCO47UM. Sartori4541266105600the real taste of an Italian coffeeThis is my favorite one. I'm Italian and I used to drink this coffee also in Italy. It's the one that I prefer for my morning, after lunch and after dinner coffee, and I make it with the typical Italian coffee machine called Moka by Bialetti. Try it to believe me!
501952501952B005GX00BKA1ADDJHYU76WN3J. Tancredi "Italian greyhound lover"1151345248000My favoriteThis is a great espresso, and amazon has the BEST price out there! I can't drink hot coffee in the summer, so I have started brewing this the night before. I make about 4 double shots, but brew it more like an americano - into a small pyrex cup. Then I allow it to cool, pour it into a container with a little ice, and the next morning, voila - Iced Americano as soon as I wake up without having to mess with the espresso machine. I have tried other brands, Illy, Fresh and Easy, but this is my favorite and the price is right.
501953501953B005GX00BKA3AP8BLAQ67684francine1151344643200Excellent coffeeI am Italian and have grown up in Italy always drinking espresso from Moka machines. In our house we traditionally drank Lavazza, either Crema e Gusto or Oro ! I find crema e gusto less acid and a better value. I also loe pro but buy it only if on sale...not worth the difference. Ciao e buon caffe' !
501954501954B005GX00BKA23EBUNZO27NJ5nitewings1151341878400great coffeegreat coffee. having lived in italy for a year, and coming back to new york always buying coffee from eataly is taking a toll on my wallet. the fact that this is so cheap and it's lavazza in the u.s., i love it. even though in italy, they sell a lavazza coffee brick like this in the supermarket for 90cent euro, i'm willing to settle for this as well.
only thing is, one of my coffee came in broken :/ but i think it's just by accident that the operations worker slashed it by accident when they are packaging it.
update. everything came in perfect condition. was great coffee. i recommend everyone to keep this coffee in a jar, and put it in the fridge! i know it sounds a bit weird, but i swear the coffee will smell so fresh EVERYTIME you open that jar!
501955501955B005GX00BKA1RHX5X0FL66WZTraveler "X"1131340236800good but rosso is betterLavazza is best coffee for espresso. Although this blend is good, the Rossa version is better coffee. The cost is a bit higher, but since you are saving money making your own espresso, spend the extra pennies.
501956501956B005GX00BKA21X2N15N2Z2YEJ Ewing1151338595200This is the coffee I have been looking forFirst had Lavazza at a local coffee shop and was floored. To me, this is what coffee should taste like. It is bold and strong, but no bitterness whatsoever. I recently bought a Curtis commercial coffee maker and was hoping for the same experience from my office and home. After a few different coffees (mostly local whole bean), I was disappointed that my coffee wasn't turning out as good as the cafe I went to. To my surprise, the next time I visited the local grocery store, I saw this Lavazza brand in the Italian isle. I immediately bought it and brewed it that night. After the first sip, I knew I had hit the jackpot. This is what I have been waiting for. All along it had been the coffee making the difference. The Curtis helps significantly with ensuring the proper temperature of the brew, but it is really the coffee that makes all the difference. I am impressed in the packaging and was surprised how packed they are able to get the ground coffee.

BTW - I have only used this for my drip coffee maker - have not used it for espresso yet. For my taste, one coffee scoop (1/8 cup / or 2 tablespoons) for every 16 oz of water.

As long as Amazon or my local grocer carries this coffee, I will be buying it. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars. .
501957501957B005GX00BKA74SYWCYTH6KSS. Chen1151336608000Love this coffee!I love this coffee! I drink about 2-4 cups a day. I used to be a Starbucks Dark Roast fan but Lavazza's won me over! I'm not a connoisseur, but I use a drip coffee maker and it tastes great.
501958501958B005GX00BKAPFUYOK81ZJORjthomas02821151335139200Very nice coffee blendI started drinking coffee only about a month or so ago, but I was interested in trying some finer coffees. This blend was very nice, with a nice rich coffee flavor without all the bitterness you would find with cheaper coffee. I have not tried this with espresso, as I do not own an espresso machine. With a drip machine, you will still experience the wonderfully bold flavor of this coffee. I have had a few of my friends that love coffee try this blend and they were just as impressed as I was. This is a must have in my house!
501959501959B005GX00BKA2O0EPWV0AAZXKBG "bouffa1313"1151332633600Undeniably delicious!I recently purchased a Bialetti stovetop espresso maker, and read that Lavazza was a well-suited brand for use in this maker. After a few trials in getting the right coffee:water ratio, I can say that this blend of coffee is smooth, aromatic, and definitely delicious. I am a strong coffee drinker, and this dark roast coffee is a blend of Robutso and Arabica beans which makes the flavor much stronger and rich. It's definitely a full-bodied roast with great chocolate notes. Buy this coffee, and you will truly enjoy it, use it with the Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker and you will not be disappointed!
501960501960B005GX00BKA23CYACX9LBHTQJenP1151329264000Very BoldI use this espresso for my electric espresso maker to make hot and iced lattes. It's bold.

I usually buy this coffee - Lavazza Caffe Espresso Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 4) - but wanted to try something that had a little more punch. This coffee is smooth (i.e. not acidic) but it packs a big flavor. If you're looking for a coffee that packs a good punch, this is the one. If you want more subtlety, I would go for the for the Lavassa Caffe Espresso.

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