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502069502069B0018AD7QKA2QG4B0FCPOGW5D. Downing "Nettie"5651234396800Cookies YUM!These shortbread cookies are little drops of heaven. Have you ever noticed that smaller food seems to taste better? One pouch is one carb and very satisfying. No meaasuring is always good too.
502070502070B0018AD7QKA31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh5651233878400Even non-diabetics approve!I purchased these for my husband as he was recently diagnosed as diabetic. I eat them as much as he does! There is no strange after-taste as with some sugar-substitute enhanced foods. We highly recommend.
502071502071B0018AD7QKA2TMS1YC8SNFVKathleen Dodge "HurricaneK"2241247961600The best gingernaps, the best sugarfree cookies.I love these cookies, wish I could find them, I buy lots every time I find them.....but I do eat them. Help! I need more!
502072502072B0018AD7QKAUVMY6VGOB4T4Mac Pro "Local History Buff"2251245283200Delicious!Love these cookies! When I learned a couple of years ago that I was heading toward diabetes and needed to cut out as much sugar as I could I knew I needed a "sweet" substitute. I tried various products and found Murray Sugar Free cookies. I like oatmeal cookies anyway so gravitated toward their cookie. I promise I couldn't tell they didn't have sugar in them. I'm so addicted to them that I even carry them when I travel (wonder what the suitcase inspectors think?!) My grandkids even recognize MY cookies and now ask for them over the sugar-loaded kind. Trouble is, I can never find them. I don't know if they're just very popular or the wholesaler doesn't bring enough. It could be that I buyt 4 to 6 packages every time I DO find them. Murray says I can find them at Wal-Mart but never have although they do have the other flavors. Now I look to Amazon and they don't have them either! I have a hint of how drunks feel when they can't get their liquor! Please, Amazon, hurry and get a supply before I run out!
502073502073B0018AD7QKA2ATWKOFJXRRR1B. Merritt ""2251243641600Diabetics With A Sweet-Tooth --- REJOICE!When I was diagnosed with type-II diabetes about two years ago, it felt like a death blow. I mean, I love sweets. And my favorite were peanut butter cookies (my wife also made a mean peanut butter cheesecake that I still crave to this day but am able to hold off thanks to these Murray Sugar Free Cookies). I'd tried other sugar free items but they all had a seriously bad after-taste to them. The artificial sweetners were pretty bad.

But the Murray brand are pretty darned good. And I can eat about 6 of them that equal 32 carbs (I'm a tall guy --- 6 feet, three inches --- with a big frame). There's no horrible after-taste and the peanut butter flavor is just enough to satisfy my slavering pallete.

If you're looking for a quality cookie that won't shoot your blood sugar up into the statosphere, these are a great option.
502074502074B0018AD7QKA2UDBMXH1TUTB4NJ1151336521600Fab, as long as you understand what's in them!My fiance & I are following a reduced carbohydrate eating plan. Given that these are sugar free, they are great for when you need something sweet, but with a slighter glycemic impact than regular cookies.
They taste almost like Girl Scout Thin Mint patty cookies! They are NOT, however, low in calories, or free from ingredients that some may feel are "unhealthy".
Since people's ideas vary greatly as to what is bad for them & what is okay, there is some understandable controversy. In my opinion, most of America is over weight because they don't know HOW to eat, but that's just my take on things. Everything is conflicting. Low carbohydrate foods are higher in calories & vice verse. I have an extreme digestive sensitivity to Malitol (Maltitol), which is a sweetener used in most sugar free chocolate items. While these cookies don't contain Malitol (Maltitol),there are very few items available that are without it.
Bottom Line: They taste great! My suggestion would be to check the ingredient list & nutritional information each & every time you purchase, I recommend purchasing in a grocery store, rather than online.
502075502075B0018AD7QKAJZ4YEAAPCGIYCoolBodBoy "coolbodboy"1151317513600Excellent Taste!The cookies have an excellent taste and texture. I took them to a friend's house and they had no idea the were sugar free until I told them. I snack on them at work and willl be trying other varieties by Murray.
502076502076B0018AD7QKA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee1141244073600Good enough!For people avoiding sugar, Murray Sugar Free Cookies Oatmeal, are good enough! This whole thing about sugar free products got me intrigued and confused at the same time. Some products that advertised as being sugar free have a lot of other sources of sugar, like alcohol, that are high. The feeling I get with Murray's is that they are reliable in their claims. I see them in all sorts of reputable publications and that gives me encouragement regarding their advertisement. As to the taste I can say they are pretty good tasting. Have tried their other ones and this one and the chocolate are the ones I favor. Who am I? Hungry hungry all the time for sweets but I realize not all sugar free items are created equal. For now a decent 4 stars rating!
502051502051B00206DS60A2SLZEIPACPEKRpbart1511264032000I agree - poorly packagedI agree with the previous reviewer who complained about the packaging. Mine too arrived with the inner plastic bag open. The rice had taken on the smell of the outer bag and already contained some yellow grains. They need to fix this packaging before I will buy again.
502077502077B0018AD7QKA31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh1151243468800Delicious!I ordered these cookies for my husband as he's diabetic and loves peanut butter treats, so it was no surprise that he really liked them. What was surprising, however, was that I liked them, too! As a rule, I do not like peanut butter anything, and can barely stand the smell of it. But these cookies aren't your typical peanut butter cookie. They are pleasantly fragrant, delicately buttery and crisp (no mealiness like most others), with good-sized pieces of peanuts mixed in. Just delicious!
502078502078B0018AD7QKA5QVDN2CPZ05EJESSICA "CHRISESMOM"1151240272000tastes great !theses cookies are good , oatmeal seems to be my favorite and best of all you would never know they were sugar free if the label didnt say it. i will purchase this product again ,they're that good!
502079502079B0018AD7QKA198JRUIP09HX5V. Gera "deal hound"1141239926400Do NOT taste like sugar free cookies.Good stuff. I despise the taste of processed sweetners and I was hesitant about what they would taste like, but I was not disappointed. They are very good. Highly recommended.
502080502080B0018AD7QKA31ASDA3Z5BCYZLeigh1151239840000Delicious!These oatmeal cookies have a great spice taste -- pronounced yet not at all harsh. Light and crisp, and they also keep well.
502052502052B0029JCJEUA18443LNRDVJ0Mdedla4451326499200Best sausage ever.Might not even be considered a sausage, whatever, don't care. Best I've ever tasted, got it off of a deal site, ran low, looked around in stores for other dried sausages in a desperate attempt to find a replacement. I tried about a dozen different brands from different parts of the country (I travel a lot), all of them tasted very greasy, just an oily, fat, near-seasonless mess.

This company, and this dried sausage are de-friggin-licious. It doesn't come off as "greasy" at all, and it has SO much flavor, and is so condensed it's hard to even compare it to anything else. I've never had anything like it, and I eat less of it at a time because it's so flavorful.

I will be buying more when I get low again, and I can't recommend it enough.
502053502053B0029JCJEUA3P7HXMP30D163L.0011350604800Becareful of this product!Product ordered and shipped very quickly but for the item itself was not aged at all! Very soft and gooey. Can not recommend this product to anyone!
502054502054B0029JCJEUA3ROBOX4IO4RG4Petra0051334275200ExellentAbsolutely wonderful product. Just like I was used from Italy and Germany. Will order again. It's a wonderful treat no matter how you 'slice' it...
502055502055B000MJKTYGA2UMT46JHONOU3Laurie Nylund "Cyber shopper extraordinaire"293011280361600Dry and boringThere needs to be a choice for ZERO stars.

While the pictures are nice, and their website (www amazingclubs com) specifically bolds the statement that they have the "freshest and most mouth-watering desserts" it is the complete opposite. The first month we received dry brownies that were slightly smashed and crumbling. The second month was a small dry marble bundt cake (no way would it serve 8-12 even if you wanted to) and just now received white chocolate chip cookies that were (you guessed it) dry. Hard to believe that they are getting away with selling a dozen or so average-at-best brownies and a few more cookies for $28 a pop. This is a great racket for them, but hopefully I can post this review in enough places that they won't take anymore people in. Definitely NOT gourmet - do not order this.
502056502056B000MJKTYGA189RTVVCSFY74ryank1151328227200Yummy browniesThe gift I received from Amazing Clubs was phenomenal. I got a shipment of dessert brownies and they were delicious. They were packed in a red tin and were kept incredibly fresh. I got two kinds, one seemed to be a coconut brownie and the other double chocolate. The coconut brownie was so fudgey and the coconut spread was prepared perfectly. It matched the fudgeyness of the brownie and had a great flavor. I thought that the double chocolate ones were going to be dry because I waited to eat them, but to my surprise they were just as good as the coconut ones. I received my shipment right on time and in perfect condition. I even called to inquire about when I would receive my gift, and customer service was able to track my order and give me a delivery date, not to mention they explained how my gift would be selected. I would highly recommend the brownies, they make a great gift and for someone looking for new gift ideas, Amazing Clubs is a great resource. Although most of these gifts I would probably take for myself before I could gift them. I cannot wait for my next shipment to see what I get next! Great gifts for a fair price.
502057502057B000MJKTYGA2OP8TN6H2CHMJBB1151299888000Excellent!!Received these as a gift from a friend and will now be sending it as gifts for others! So much better than the usual gifts, especially for those friends who live in another city! Every time I receive a shipment I happily think of my friend who sent them. The brownies were such a lovely surprise to come home to after a long day at work! They are delicious and huge!! Can't wait to see what they send next!
502058502058B000MJKTYGA3OV19CJ7OQ8VMChristina0031341100800Disappointing DessertsFor Christmas, I was given the very generous gift of 6 months of Amazing Clubs "Dessert of the Month." Overall, I was extremely disappointed in the professionalism of the company, particularly given how much my relative invested in what was truly a thoughtful and unique gift. The company does not provide either nutrition information or, perhaps more importantly, a list of ingredients, for most of their desserts. This can pose a serious risk to individuals with any food allergy. Upon requesting such information, I was simply told, and I quote: "We choose not to disclose our vendor's information to keep our clubs exclusive and a continuous surprise for our members." Of the six months of dessert we received, three desserts arrived with issues. We received a mango tart in dry ice that had clearly melted/evaporated. Since I didn't have the list of ingredients, nor any knowledge of how long it had been sitting "unrefrigerated," I had to throw the entire tart out. We received a cheese cake in the same state. Cookies were shipped, one month, and upon receipt they were dry, and every one was broken and crumbling. This is not to say that every dessert was bad. We got two months of brownies (which were superb) and one month of a coffee cake (which did come with nutrition info/ingredients). Dessert products aside, the shipments were always on time. While the company offers a wide variety of other clubs to try, given my experience with the Dessert of the Month club, I would be very hesitant to try any of the other options.
502059502059B001MA8JSCANWAP5XK88Z6WMary Roberts7711294444800not worth it for meSo I have a cousin who is a vegan and i had no idea what to get her for x-mas. I stumbled upon this gift basket, what a joke. The item description makes it sound good and worth $70.00. But it mainly consists of crackers and very small jars of peanut butter and jelly.
502060502060B004GTIYTKAOUKL1D4WSZBXRichard W. Harold0051350950400Best Tasting pepper blendI've used this brand for several years now and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting great tasting pepper. I've tried several other brands, but none can beat the great taste of Olde Thompson.
502061502061B004GTIYTKA3USNEU1DNYQMYDorry0051350604800Olde Thompson Pepper SupremeThis is, by far, the best tasting pepper I've ever had. This company also offered it at the best price I could find.
502062502062B004GTIYTKAKKDE6SMEKN2EJ. Ronald Blackwell0151349136000Olde Thompson Pepper SupremeI love fresh ground pepper! We bought an Olde Thompson Pepper Supreme Adjustable Grinder (4.8oz 136g) from somewhere. Getting Geezerish now, don't remember where. Maybe World Market? Anyway, it was good stuff. Whole peppercorns in the grinder. Black, green, white and pink. Great to add a healthy grind to any dish. We have three empty grinders that need filling, so I found this three pack of whole peppercorns (sans grinder), at an Excellent Price on Amazon. Should be the same mix of pepper. We shall see.
502063502063B002TDYQOWA3K1O2KTD3S6JTSN "Sandy"0051265155200Delicious CookiesI purchased these cookies and must say that I absolutely love them. It's delicious and tastes just like the regular sandwich cookies. I highly recommend it.
502064502064B0018AD7QKA3NVAY16BI7DAODeeter8951169164800Great sugar-free cookie!This is a delightful cookie with a great taste and low saturated fat. Anyone with a sugar-restricted diet would enjoy this and other Murray Sugar-Free cookies (especially the chocolate creme's). These only have around 3 grams of carbohydrates a piece!!
502065502065B0018AD7QKA1B5IJMKRE8X5OMadonna4451215993600my mother's favorite cookieI have yet to try this product personally, because it is not currently available at our supermarket. But my mother, soon will be 94, mildly diabetic and a long-time customer for sugar-free products, says they are the best! For some reason our store carries the other Murray varieties, but not this one any more, maybe because there are so many kinds. Mother picks out her own groceries, and was in the habit of buying these about every other week. She bought two other Murray's packages this week, but really wanted the peanut butter. That's why I went searching the internet for them. After I receive them, (12 boxes!) I probably will keep at least one box to try for myself. (It would be nice to be able to buy an assortment from Amazon rather than so many of one variety--that would be a lot for a 94-year-old woman to eat, even if they are that good!)
502066502066B0018AD7QKA27MOT4ZIUAKIWThe Jaundiced Eye6711320969600No Health Benefits and Grossly Overpriced....Read the Nutrition FactsMy wife just brought home a $3 package containing 5.5 oz of Murray Sugar Free Pecan Shortbread cookies, thinking the high price was justified on a health basis. It isn't. Read the Nutrition Facts (per 3 cookies): 160 Calories, 11 Grams of Fat, 3 Grams of Saturated Fat, 18 Grams of Carbohydrate....the same, or worse, than most cookies containing sugar. These cookies may be "sugar free", but the implied health benefit is completely imaginary. Furthermore, at over 50 cents per ounce they are the most expensive packaged grocery cookies you can buy, which is completely unjustified by ingredient cost, and flavor, which is adequate but not exceptional.

It's an unfortunate fact that some companies prey upon consumers who seek or need "special" products by forcing them to pay huge premiums for the product. Using Murray's formula, a can of Diet Coke should cost at least $3....but it doesn't, simply because production costs do not justify the premium and the market will not tolerate such an unconscionable mark-up. Neither should you. Don't let your health or dietary concerns override your common sense and lead you to pay preposterously inflated prices for "special" products that, upon close inspection, provide no legitimate benefit.
502067502067B0018AD7QKA33SF0MD1XMGZCynthia Sisson "advocate mom"81051236902400Healthy familyI was looking for something sweet that I as a diabetic and my husband and son could all share. Usually if it says sugar free then it means it has a chemical taste. But not these cookies they taste just like the regular cookies. I highly recommend them. You do not have to be a diabetic to eat them. They are made with splenda and I use splenda in a lot of things, I also use the brown sugar splenda in my cooking. These cookies are great.
502068502068B0018AD7QKAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit5651237507200Yummy~My treat instead of High Sugar Cookies.First I will make note this page says sweetened with sorbitol, they are not. They are sweetened with Splenda.
I think they taste as good as any other basic vanilla creme cookie. I like a bite of sweet at night but sugar keeps me awake so these fit the bill. The special that was going on when I got them made it a great deal. They cost up to $3.99 a pack where I this is a SWEET deal.

They still have calories so you cannot eat the whole bag but they don't spike your sugar. Three cookies are 130 calories and 6 gms of fat. They are very sweet anymore and you may feel sick.

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