Amazon Fine Food Reviews

502141502141B003EMW2SEA3NL827F09Z00BGreggory E. Lanzen "Pastor & Fire Dept. Chaplain"0051331596800My Honey's Favorite Candy!Twin Bing is my wife's favorite candy from her "younger days". We can't purchase it locally so I decided to try and find a box of them for her for a Valentine's Day surprise. I searched and guess what... they had it! And at a very reasonable price, too! Also the box arrived on the day promised and was well packaged so not a single "Bing" was busted! Great service! Thanks Amazon and Twin Bing!
502142502142B003EMW2SEA1FQB4RFD0L8FFPam Hagerman0051328054400Best candy barMy husband introduced me to these, he grew up with them in Nebraska. I love them, getting the whole box for him for Valentines Day, whoops, there goes the diet. They are well worth it.......yummy!!!
502143502143B003EMW2SEA1V8QUGCF5MX4SBig Daddy0051324252800Cherry BingI aint no thang without that Bing. Best candy bar ever, grew up on them in South Dakota and always bring some back to Chicago. Get yo mind right and order some today. Really a great product, I wished they had a wider distibution area though.
502144502144B003EMW2SEA3MO699KPZP0LMCajun J "LouisianaBistineau"0051312675200So good they almost taste homemadeIf you have never eaten a Twin Bing, it is like a Cherry Mash, but softer, and with higher quality ingredients and quite a bit better tasting.
I have been unable to find them locally here in the South.

Highly recommend.
502145502145B003EMW2SEAMG2CJGW78GW8Jonnie0051294272000Yum.... These are delicious.Yum.... These are delicious. My husband is from Iowa and introduced these to me. We cannot get these in Michigan, unless I order online. I have ordered directly from the company and my inlaws have been kind enough to send to us.

They have a nutty milk chocolate outer shell and a cherry chewy center. When we order a case, we will freeze and eat them frozen.....
502146502146B0011CX2AGA132WR7YWYE2SOsmackshoe0041332374400greatthese are great and a good price. My 2 year od grand daughter loves them and they are a very healthy snack. Paid much more at Fresh Market. A feew are broken but mainly in good shape.
502147502147B0053Z2TBAA3PBW4J3XO1Q5FCoffeeLover0051349308800AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This coffee is so amazing, I recieved a small packet with my Monin (sugar free) Vanilla Syrup, and I was just going to throw it away because it didn't look appealing, so I opened it and the aroma.........................AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Its truly the most amazing smell!!!!!! And the taste is DIVINE!!!!! I add some of my sugar free vanilla syrup with some almond milk.....WOW!!!!

THIS COFFEE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! I just ordered some more and I'll be ordering more and more!!!
502148502148B001BM68RAA138AAQYX9NVADReefkeeper1151245542400Good Earth Chai TeaIf you like Chai...I would bet that you'd like THIS Chai better than the others that you've tried. I don't know why, but, personally...I just find this Good Earth Chai more satisfying than the others even though I do like the others. And, getting it this way saved me some money, too. Good deal.
502149502149B001BM68RAA3LCSWJFMF3JB5V. Lovelace "SecondWind Homeopathy"1151242172800Best Chai...ever...Seriously...the best...ever...I won't drink anything but Good Earth since finding this brand. Armoatic, full bodied, subtle spices...excellent.
502150502150B001BM68RAA30M15A2QGA3TTlaura andersson "proflaura"1141229817600the "right" chai blendgood earth teas are phenomenal quality and flavor. i'm still on the fence about Chai's - as sometimes there's a weird spice like licorice in them [bad for men's testosterone, and weird in tea to me]
i think Good earth has got it right!
plus i love Amazon subscribe and save!
502151502151B0017141A6A1LYXEYIUBAMZOBremen5641301875200Good strips, great filetsBoth steaks in The Celebration are sufficiently large, and the filet is amazing. The strip is good but not great, but can feed two.
502152502152B005BHYXJQA11SN2L1LAT2WHmcan20141318636800Organic Golden BerriesI didn't think I was going to like these berries because of the color and appearance but they are really good. They are not sweet but a little tart.
502153502153B000633WVKA1ODKP5Y7DPMM1Doreen B. Bishop "Doreen Bishop cat parent"0051308182400THIS SALMON IS THE CATS MEOWThe cats in my outdoor TNR program all ate this salmon down like lions. The food looked smelled good. Without amazons sales and super saver shipping I could never be able to care for all these wild cats. Thanks Nestle Purina Pet Care for a good product.
502154502154B0009MMK66APNLFE7D7ZQZAMelissaT.2241322611200Quality food your dogs will love!My mother feeds her 3 dogs all sorts of Merrick foods. (Grammy's Pot Pie, Turducken, etc.) Her dogs all love it & the vet says Merrick is one of the best, as all the ingredients are natural with no preservatives or (*gasp!) roadkill or dog/cat meat added, as is common in the cheaper brands.
My one complaint with Merrick is that I have seen weight gain in all of the dogs, although they are being fed a little under the recommended amount. They receive dry food for lunch & some canned Merrick for dinner. I think because of some of the sugars found in the fruits used & how heavy some of the food appears it is sticking to their bones more, so to speak.
On the other hand, I cook my own dog food for my little ones (brown rice, ground beef/turkey, homemade veggies like zucchini, spinach, corn, carrots, celery with water to boil) & their weight is maintained at a healthy 9 lbs. When I had surgery I put them on Merrick for two weeks & they both reached 11 lbs. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it could be for little dogs.
In the end I recommend Merrick as it is all natural & dogs love it. Just keep your eye on their weight & all will go well.
502155502155B0009MMK66A37G90KE433DH3Mie Jarlstrom "viking"0051348790400Merrick Turducken DryfoodMy dogs really like this product, and I like it's all natural with no grains or byproducts added. My dogs eat both the dry and the canned Turducken.
502156502156B0009MMK66A2FXUJYR16B63T. Kistner0051347494400Helps my dog with sensitive stomachMy dog has a "sensitive" stomach, meaning she vomits and has diarrhea whenever we switch foods. However, I wanted her to have the healthiest food possible. Merrick is the best, especially Turducken. She loves it, no stomach issues, and I love that the ingredients are real food - organic chicken being the main one!
502157502157B0009MMK66AGFCB46HR4VPVDawn0051344297600Love itmy 4 year old dog statred having seizures when she was 2 yrs old. She is on two diffrent meds to help control them. Still she would have 2 a month. I started her on Merrick in December 2011. She had a mild one in March. Thats the only one all year. I really think the Merrick dog food has made a HUGE diffrence.
502158502158B0009MMK66A1BO4SD5P8IZ7Tehunter110031333584000My dogs are not that impressedMy dogs love the wet/can version so I thought I would buy them some dry to mix with the can. They seem to look at it just like any other dry dog food. Maybe they are spoiled. But at least they claim the products are natural and the Merrick brand seems to be nutritious overall.
502159502159B0009MMK66A3LDLE1M42UCXTNP in NC1211342569600Not a fan of cleaning up after sick dogsSo I spent hours researching dog foods- I wanted something not outrageously expensive but also did not contain all the horrible things we're told not to feed our dogs. I read reviews that said people's dogs didn't like the food, got sick, etc. I assumed those were picky or old dogs. My dogs generally love eating time and will eat anything from frogs to cat poo-- lovely.
Anyway- my younger dog begs me not to make him eat the food. I mixed in soft food just so he'd eat it. They dogs have been constipated, throwing up, diarrhea-- the whole nine yards. I isolated other factors to make sure it was the food- continued to feed it to them for a week- and just finished scrubbing the carpet again. Enough. I was so excited to find 'good' food. Too bad my dogs hate it.
502160502160B0042O3SQ8A1L0BUVAEHRF0ZC. Walters "carielovestoshop"101151298592000Cat Butt is Delicious!I absolutely love this Cat Butt Gum. When I chew it I instantly feel warm and fuzzy! At first I was a litte reluctant to try it because of the name but after opening the box and trying a piece out, I realized that I love the taste and smell of Cat Butt. The cute box is just a plus!
502161502161B0042O3SQ8A37KRWXBXPSH9Fchris2251323561600hilarious!This was a hilarious gift that I gave to my co-workers. They loved it! Sometimes we pass it to each other when we are having a bad day :)
502162502162B0042O3SQ8AYG5Y17CB9FY7Sandra0231324080000so smallIt is very tiny for the price ....I think if was a case of 50 I would have been happy.
502163502163B001HTN31QA1BGVZZIP7LWX6Phils Phan "James P"4741271203200RidiculousThis is great flour but who in their right mind would pay $54 for 30lbs of flour, plus another $45 for shipping? You can buy a 5lb bag of this flour at any grocery store for less than $4.
502164502164B001HTN31QA2S244KFX0745KAlan Edward Creager4841285718400Whole lotta flour goin' on.More than $50 in price, 5 pounds in weight and with 6 packages of flour in total, this perhaps the most outrageous food item available on I can't think of a reason why you'd order it in this fashion- 6 packs of flour can't possibly run this much in a store, and you don't have to pay for shipping there. If you have a little over $50 that ain't doing much and a need for 6 packs of King Arthur 100% organic flour, I'd say this is a good buy. Otherwise, buy what flour you need in a store. King Arthur flour is, in my experience, as good as it gets. Don't eat it straight, though. That isn't what it's for and you'll see why few people do it if you try. It's not dangerous, though. But flour, King Arthur brand or not, isn't supposed to be eaten straight out of the bag.
502165502165B001HTN31QAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...0541244073600Flour WhiteWhile 100% Organic Whole Wheat Flour has no equal, King Arthur Flour is a wonderful addition as an alternative Flour with different characteristics than White Flour, namely White Flour in a Blue/White bag.
502166502166B007U1WLBIA87HEU6U0GJ92Scott Mathes2211335571200TerribleI tried these for the first time and the cocolate taste is weak and the sweetness is very strong. I almonst taste like flavored sugar water with a hint of cocoa.
502167502167B007U1WLBIA2ABEBB8EHQ92BJian West0011346889600Not worth itI agree with the other guy. I bought these even after reading his review, thinking that maybe it was just a palatial difference. Honestly, it just tastes like hot water with a hint of chocolate. You're better off buying normal hot chocolate and using your Vue's hot water dispenser.
502168502168B0011FJKK4A2PGRU1PJZANFNHime1151301356800Authentic Shaved Ice SyrupWe received a shaved ice machine as a gift, a Japanese style one that makes very fine shaved ice, and we searched far and wide for good, authentic shaved ice syrup. I had never heard of this brand before but decided to give it a shot. The shipping was expensive, $10, the same price as 2 bottles of syrup but it was worth it. The bottles are on the smaller side but the flavor is amazing. Reminds me of my childhood. We bought the cherry and grape flavor and eat it almost every night! This is the real stuff. I would recommend ordering several bottles at once because it is so good that you'll run out quickly.
502169502169B0011FJKK4A2CI6QQYG1YVPJane Doe "Jewelry Lover"0011342051200Save Your Money!!!!!Too much food coloring used to turn it a DARK blood red (I think it's "Black Cherry" and being mislabled as "Cherry"). Also has a funny aftertaste. Lived in Hawaii and this is NOTHING like the cherry flavoring used in "Shaved Ice" in Hawaii. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
502170502170B0000CEUFIACPQTJE7LY531callcam0031348012800A fair Cameroonian variety.I've bought Cameroonian arabica beans from a Co-OP in the Northwest Province. These were the sweetest, richest coffee beans I've ever tasted. Too bad the government had to put the local growers out of business. I'd hoped to find the taste of these beans to be in the same league; but, no dice. They were a decent bean, but not for the price.

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