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502201502201B003M1KTUAA2C75FKNISYS8Jporchpotato2231321228800Slightly bitter aftertaste, but it's growing on me.This is an edit to my original review in which I stated I felt the lid wasn't ergonomic. I'm retracting that statement because now I have no problems with opening the lid.

I agree with reviewer T. Salazar that there is a bitter aftertaste, which is tolerable for me, but I was a little disappointed at first. I only take cream with my coffee. Now I'm getting used to it, but my usual instant coffee of choice is a toss-up between Yuban and Maxwell House. I wanted to try this out because on Amazon each bottle comes out to be a couple of bucks cheaper than how much they sell Yuban and Maxwell House at my local grocery store (not to mention I wanted to try something different).
502202502202B003M1KTUAALKPNSMFQ6BKZEpiphany2251319587200Great Coffee - Good Price - Fast Shipping!First time I tasted this coffee, it was in Vegas, at a restaurant inside the Hard Rock. I complimented the waitress on it, and she let it slip that it was instant coffee.

I bought some when I get home, and you know what? It typically beats any $4 cup from the regular suspects... seriously, make it strong, then put in some French Vanilla creamer and you will not believe how simulaneously strong and creamy a concoction can be... like Thai Iced Coffee but better.

Did I mention this dissolves effortlessly in COLD water? Toss in some Truvia. Yum.
502203502203B003M1KTUAA1LBGXE29GG1IRCoffee Ramblings "Billy"1151343865600My Favorite Coffee Brand!Nescafe is simply my favorite coffee brand, even though their prices have went up in the last few years. I have switched to other instant coffees, but all of them taste like dishwater. Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee, 8-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3) has the best smoothest taste.
502204502204B003M1KTUAA2U0LY01LK9C3EEddieE1151318550400This is tops.For instant, I would rate this very good. It has a great flavor. I use it when I just need a cup and do not want to brew an entire pot but want a good cup of coffee. Glass bottle is a great way to store it, seems things kept in glass just taste better and last longer over plastics.
502205502205B003M1KTUAA1HS7HGV3IFI5XAnatoly Serafinas1151301097600Very good for instant coffeeI am not a big fan of instant offe but this one is very good, maybe the best one among instant coffee.
502206502206B003M1KTUAA1XOXTV5CIRXM2Maria Shifrin1151295222400new package, the same tasteThe picture shows the old package of this coffee i couldn't find anywhere. That was the reason i made an order. I was dissapointed to receive diffent jars.
But it turned out to be the same product.
502207502207B003M1KTUAA3NAMFDCMBNTSVLeah Chang0041342742400such good coffee!Such good coffee! Yes, it's instant, but as one reviewer mentioned, a live orchestra sounds better than a CD, but does that fact invalidate the CD? Why would it? Nestlé produces this coffee specifically for the latino/a market; I live close to the Mexican border and for the most part I've found freshly brewed coffee in Baja California is similar to freshly brewed in Alta California and usually very good to excellent. This is a product to keep on hand for quick cups of java; it's not quite the real thing, but consider my CD comparison that's also not exactly a live musical performance, but like Nestlé Clasico, can be an extremely pleasant addition to any day. PS Please don't purchase this through Amazon; it's lots less expensive if you can find it in your local market.
502208502208B003M1KTUAA1O3FDAZQK8FJC<0051332633600It's simply the bestNescafe Clasico is my all-time favorite. In fact, I like it so much, that I stopped brewing coffee from beans at home (I get Starbucks/Peet's drip-coffee at work). The flavor is complex and without any unpleasant aftertaste. I drink 3-4 cups a day, and never get tired of it.
502209502209B003M1KTUAA251AD8GZ0RB8WRoo0041326758400Great for instant coffeeI'm a bit of a coffee addict, but with my current living conditions I can't have a coffee maker. I bought a 3-pack of Nescafe Clasico based on all the positive reviews, and I'm not disappointed! While instant coffee will never be as delicious as the real thing, this coffee is really quite good. I've tried a few instant coffees (Starbucks, Folgers, and some others), and this is my favorite by far. It's slightly bitter, but I have no problem drinking it without creamer.
502210502210B003M1KTUAA19QY5N9H43P0FA. kile "A kyle"0051325289600AWESOME INSTANT COFFEEASHAME that amazon will not offer this product at "Subscribe and save" anymore, it broke my heart, is a fantastic instant coffee, better than anything out there in the market... no comparison.
502211502211B003M1KTUAA2HOAL1YSD04JBT. Salazar0031320537600Bitter Taste Right After DrinkingPROS

1) It is inexpensive.
2) It works by keeping you awake and alert.


1) It has a bitter/burnt taste right after drinking this coffee. I was able to tolerate it at the beginning, but then I hated it.
2) Nescafe Taster's Choice (house blend) has a better taste than this coffee. It doesn't have this bitter taste at the end. But this coffee is a bit more expensive.
502212502212B003M1KTUAA2SR9ENUNZZT9EParag "Parag"0051314057600Good tasteWith it's own typical strong taste..
Like Taster's Choice also but this one surely tastes better..
With little quantity you can make it taste from mild to strong..
502213502213B003M1KTUAA23158NINM0GZJDeepali Potnis0051307836800Good customer serviceCheaper than Costco and other stores. Initially the item came with a broken bottle. Called Amazon customer service and they promptly replaced the order. That is why I shop at Amazon. Good customer service and best price.
502214502214B003M1KTUAA1RPVWMR7Q8O0TH. Thomas0051306972800Great CoffeeThis is the BEST INSTANT COFFEE you can buy,it is the only instant coffee that has a strong robust flavor.
You can't beat the price!If you can find it in stores it sells for anywhere from $5.89 to $7.79 per jar in my area.
502215502215B003M1KTUAA24DNPDVJDWXEZN. Varveris0051299974400Best instant coffee availableSimply put, at least for my taste, this is the best instant coffee you can find in the grocery. I'll buy nothing else.
Also, through Amazon, was able to find one of the best prices for this product with savings of about $2.00 off per jar compared to local grocer.
502216502216B003M1KTUAA2DSNJCYTQQDR5skypod0111320364800Vile, Bitter coffee flavor!I usually enjoy Nestle Nescafe coffees, but the "Clasico" variety is truly horrible; I am surprised. I tried it once a few years back, and again last week to see if they improved the flavor recently, but no. "Clasico" is still vile and bitter. I had to return it to the store.
502217502217B003M1KTUAA118P0ZV6LAF3QGerald A. Shippe "shipdog"0151308182400Robust tasteI love the taste of this coffee. I am like many others who don't like the strong taste of brewed coffee. And in most restaurants that is what I always end up with. With instant you can adjust it to your own taste. I drink probably about the equivalent of three cups every morning. I do it within a large thermal mug that can be taken with me. I use a heaping spoonful for the flavor I want. When I get down to half a jar I am picking up another jar for backup. At a little over $5 I will pay whatever the price for this particular brand.
502218502218B004H4LJ8MAJ5G7QANLQGH9Helen Whitten Prokos "ann arbor mi"0051319587200Great taste and priceI love tamales and this brand is very good for canned tamales..I am pleased with my choice..Thank you Amazon for speedy service..
502219502219B0043H134IA25ERTHV0G2FMBBob396641111320105600BE AWARE - Altoids changed Spearmint formulationSpearmint Altoids used to be my favorite! The last order I received advertised in a Yellow banner - "NEW GREAT TASTE! SAME PUNCH!" Altoids has moved from "Naturally" flavored to "Naturally and Artificially Flavored." The mints have a bite now and an undesirable aftertaste. Sadly, I will never purchase these again and after decades of my favorite mint, I now have to bid a sad farewell. If you are a fan of the good ol' Spearmint Altoids, do not buy these.
502220502220B0043H134IA2HY1PFOZFD4L7Charles W. Stockl "Music Fan"0051337990400Great valueIt's great to be able to order Altoids Spearmints on line because they are often hard to find in stores and they're my favorite. The price is better than locally too. I would have given this company 5 stars but they sent me the wrong product. They were very good at correcting the problem in a timely fashion. I'll be ordering again!
502221502221B0001VOIVAA2D7PWKNB7A85OPetur O. Jonsson121351171065600Consistent and very high qualityIlly espresso beans are my favorite of all the widely available commercially produced roasted espresso beans. This is the standard medium roast that Illy produces and it is a bit less aggressive and milder tasting than the dark roasts of Lavazza (the other major Italian brand that some people favor).

When properly ground, tamped, and brewed Illy espresso has a delightful aroma and flavor, unmatched by any of the other brands.

Granted, Illy is quite pricey, and I do not use it all the time for this reason. However, you get what you pay for. Usually, I buy my espresso from a small roasting house in the Midwest that produces a decent medium roast substitute that I do not mind using most of the time. But Illy definitely produces a higher quality bean.

One way to judge the quality of roasted espresso beans even before you taste the coffee that they will produce is to look at the evenness of color and size of the beans. The reason is that beans of a uniform size tend to roast more evenly than beans of varying sizes. Moreover, even when the beans are of a uniform size, it is important that they be roasted in small batches and churned during the the entire roasting process to ensure that they all get roasted to the same point. This is why most high quality coffee is roasted in small batches in a rotating drum that roasts all the beans to the exact same point. Moreover, since the moisture content of the beans varies a bit from batch to batch, quality control in the roasting process is extremely important. And it is here that Illy is unmatched. Just do a simple visual comparison of the color and consisteny of Illy beans when compared to any of the other widely available brands and you can easily see why Illy is the best.
502222502222B0001VOIVAA28MG93WDSCDZRGeorge Goley5551221696000Great coffee in even better containers!Coffee taste is a personal preference. I love coffee and Illy medium roast espresso beans are among my favorites. That's not why I buy Illy for the office however. I buy it for use in my office because the beans stay perfectly fresh in the super sturdy sealed cans for a very long time. Three month old cans open as fresh as 3 day old cans. So, I can buy 6 cans at a time, and never run out!
502223502223B0001VOIVAAZMOM619PTO5BCarryit1151265760000my number 2 bean (sometimes)usually i like la vazza super creama and i call it my number one bean to run through my auto espresso maker but sometimes i like illy, its more robust with a good coffee flavor.

i will continue to buy it for my espresso maker.
502224502224B0001VOIVAA3H0A34XIECJOZGioco Carta "Gioco"0051349049600The BestI lived in Italy for six years and found most Italians thought this was the best commonly available coffee
502225502225B0001VOIVAA3MUO47CT6EQF8A. Whalen "Car Buff, Gamer, Reader, Music Fan...0051327276800It's expensive and delicious!I'm a bit of a coffee snob, not a total fanatic but I have tried just about every variety under the sun, enjoy my espresso and lattes, have a favorite local coffee shop where I buy locally-roasted espresso... we have all the appropriate equipment at home and enjoy a latte every morning.

This Illy medium-roast is seriously delicious stuff. It really is extremely high-quality, perfectly roasted, nutty coffee that produces a wonderful, creamy espresso. We've had the red-top Illy a couple of times over the years and it has always been a delightful treat.

The downside: price. The locally-roasted locally-designed blend I buy (Global Village Organic Coffee, Raleigh, NC) is our staple espresso and has been for 12 years. The price inches up every few years and we now find it at $12.50/lb, which is fair for a pound of GOOD espresso (not the cigarette ash taste of Starbucks - why stop roasting there? Why not just leave the beans going for another 30 seconds and turn them in to pure carbon?). This Illy comes in at, approximately, $25/lb, about double (or even triple) what you need to spend to get a VERY good coffee bean to brew.

I guess it depends what you're looking for. For us, it's a very nice treat, something a little different in the hopper, a little special, with a long shelf life and comes out fresh when you pop open the can. But there's no way we'd buy it on a regular basis; it will never be a staple. There are other varieties (right here on Amazon!) that are comparable for 1/3 of the cost per pound, and local options available in most cities that may be comparable or better.

Still... Illy is VERY good. Worth trying at least once!
502226502226B0001VOIVAA1VO9DY6HC7UI2Oxford Man0051315180800Nice change from StarbucksI tried this coffee first from Williams Sonoma. Although it is a little pricey like all their things, some things are just worth extra. If you enjoy good coffee--give it a try. I think it is $13.95 from WS--so this is actually a better deal.
502227502227B0001VOIVAA24LNAPAVGBZHBKurt D. Sigmon1631225324800Great coffee, come Amazon stopped selling it under Amazon Prime? I once bought this regularly, but I won't if I have to pay shipping and wait for much longer than 2 days for delivery.
502228502228B005SYVYJYA3OD9IHZXFTGZQVictoria "natural mom"2251326412800Yes!I made my own chocolate squares using xylitol, stevia,cacao butter, and poured over gogi berries and almonds. OMG, so yummy, no guilt indulgence.
502229502229B000GQ03K0A1EZ88U8TL9UVBPhillip Fry1141210204800longest lasting orbit flavorafter testing many different orbit gum flavors, i've concluded wintermint has the longest lasting flavor. This is a pretty good deal, as long as you chose the free shipping option.
502230502230B000GQ03K0A29FJK41SRREUHK. Wilson0051329782400Great gum, great valueBig League Chew... Bubble Tape... Hubba Bubba... Wrigley's... now Orbit.

Thus the progression of chewing gum taste from childhood to adulthood. What's not to like? The Wintermint flavor is refreshing and long-lasting (I typically get at least a half-hour's worth of chewing from each piece) and I'm sure my dentist appreciates that it's free of sugar.

I've only had good experiences buying in bulk (24, 14-piece packs) with expiration dates always at least a year away. YMMV.

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