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502231502231B000GQ03K0A1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0041218585600Premium Gum - Good For Your TeethJust like other chewing gums, I have to open two everytime. One seems like too small that I almost don't feel it in my mouth. Orbit is a premium gum at a premium price. Generally I find it more expensive that the others at the aisle. But the flavor and taste lasts for a long time before it is time to throw it out. What more, it cleans your teeth. No calorie and no sugar.

Orbit is the first sugar free chewing gum by Wrigley, the maker of "Juicy Fruit". Believe it or not, Orbit gum was launched in 1944. Distributed to US soldiers during the war.
It was granted by the American Dental Association of a seal of approval to help improve dental health. It is 1 of the top 5 brands of gum in the United States.
502232502232B000GQ03K0A2A0JAZSASXJWLE. tamba "colonia"1251168300800cool stuffI really like this gum, cool and free sugar and also clean teeth thankss
502233502233B001IZK1NMA510GFZQONEXJK.W. "Little Ham"2251298246400Husband is obsessed.Literally every time we go to the store, my husband has to pick up a pack of these. He LOVES them. They are very sour but different! It's nice to mix it up once and a while & get a shock. Just writing about them makes my mouth water! The flavors are very good, green apple, watermelon, & tangerine. They are also a great snack consitering they are sugar free! Adds some flavor to the mouth during the day when you just don't feel like a piece of minty gum!
502234502234B001IZK1NMA2UJ20PPDQ4BN8T. Lu2241281139200Don't eat too manyIt is nice and refreshing, but I might have taken too many of them without letting my teeth to have a break. The acid might have worn out some of my teeth and they became very sensitive.
502235502235B001IZK1NMAU0OBDHINSN32D. S. Feliciano "D.S.Feliciano"2241269993600Great Product ~ Great PriceLove these mints to keep my breathe fresh and my mouth busy, without having to ingest needless calories. Only thing to be aware of is that the "mint" can actually burn the inside of your mouth if you eat too many over a short period of time!
502236502236B001IZK1NMA152ST1WCDTPI5Ueng Sun Chao-chuan "Fashion 50's"2351245715200Can't stop loving itGreat taste and fun to share. Take one while I am driving, having meeting, or meet with friends.
502237502237B001IZK1NMA1PVCBRNQJJ9DYDraygonia "West"1331268179200MisleadingWhile I did get Ice Breakers, I did not get the Pink Lemonade, I merely got the Apple, Tangerine and Watermelon sours. Tasty, but misleading. I give 3 stars since I didn't bother to return em.
502238502238B0000GATFKA3J7N9F5NGL4HQShocker7751282953600Green ChilesI enjoy making green chile. I have not been able to find canned green chiles in any of the local stores, This is the second time I have ordered from EMBASA. Delivery was as expected, The chiles were great, very satisfied with the product, and the chiles tasted excellent.
502239502239B000C0244IAA5G5RQWS25D7Thomas Miett1121171324800re-wrapped oozing cheeseLovely sentiment, not what was expected, though. Somehow thought the cheese would be in a gift box similar to the one shown, not just stuffed into dismal styrofoam. I'm not certain what to make of the leaking eplorateur that was rewrapped in some plastic wrap....hmmm..wonder if it was shipped out that way or someone had opened the container -it's below freezing here, so doubt it "thawed" en route

will probably go out for dinner or to the jeweler next year
502240502240B000C0244IA2W5ZMTYMO5L1ZC. Schlachta "Political book maven"0051254614400The best cheeses ever.My sister and her husband are enjoying every mouthful of the wonderful cheeses. Do not let it go by without trying them.
502241502241B000C0244IA12YJHTFPAQ424C. Anuszkiewicz0031173484800Melted Cheese... but Customer Service was goodI was disappointed to get the cheese melted in the box upon arrival - it made quite a mess. Informed Customer Service and they sent another cheese right away. Unfortunately, it was even more melted the second time. Igourmet did reimbuse for the one cheese variety that melted... I was still stuck cleaning up the mess of melted cheese on the other two warm varieties. Perhaps not a good idea for anyone in a hot climate... especially if your ordering for a special occasion.
502242502242B000T83JISA27X2YJKSEI92NPeter H. Kosel "Pete in Sacramento"0021307923200I got short-weighted!I ordered a pound of nigella seeds for $7.99. I received 7 ounces, in a package clearly labeled as containing that amount. I have never used these seeds before so I can't even tell if it's the right thing in the package. The same Amazon vendor ("SimplyBeautiful") offers six 7-ounce packages of this product for $14.98.

I ain't happy. I never want to order from these "SimplyBeautiful" stinkers again. My advice to others: don't trust "SimplyBeautiful", don't trust their products.

I got a refund on this purchase. Still think the stuff tastes like nasty medicine, which may be what some want (long history as herbal cure-all) but not me. Still don't want to deal with "SimplyBeautiful" again.
502243502243B003OERCGOA3QQT26ZFUZCZEModelcitizen5551301875200My favorite soda (and a NC original)I love Cheerwine. I don't drink sodas very often, but I make an exception to enjoy Cheerwine whenever I find it. It's got a great cherry taste and very refreshing. Note this, however: the formula they use in the plastic bottles contains high fructose corn syrup, whereas the formula for the glass bottles uses real sugar. I prefer the glass bottles (b/c of the real sugar and b/c glass bottles preserve carbonation longer than plastic bottles). That's it!
502244502244B003OERCGOA6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe3351294272000Regional sodaCheerwine is a regional soda from North Carolina, that has expanded into 12 other southeast states in the last 8 years. Started in 1917, Cheerwine was first formulated in the basement of L. D. Peeler's wholesale grocery store. Created during prohibition when it was common to name sodas after liquors. The owner added a new cherry flavor syrup to his previous soda and cheerwine was born. Believe it or his great grandsons still run the company.
The bergundy red soft drink has a nice mellow cherry flavor, and the color is really a pretty burgundy color, almost like wine. It is more subtle and seems less sweet on the palate than the grocery store house brands of cherry soda. No aftertaste or bite. It is easy to see why the locals in North Carolina rave about this and the other drink from this company, "Cool Moon". Also made in diet soda.
502245502245B003OERCGOA27C29AAXXUN0EBenedict1331313798400It's OKI expected more of a "bite" or a real powerful cherry burst of flavor, but the drink seemed rather mild. It was OK.
502246502246B001EO5WKOA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"6641237766400A Very Nice Sweet & Sour SauceThis is good stuff and deserves five stars, really. I use it all the time and was very happy Amazon was offering it at a good price and free-shipping eligible. It's now standard in my home.

Why only four stars? Because I found a sauce even better, the Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce. However, who wants only one of this general category of sauce? These two are quite different and both delicious. Make your egg rolls really, really happy with both.
502247502247B001EO5WKOA2R47L3W8MRCUHA. Jones4451260403200Almost perfectLike many others, I have been looking for a decent replacement for the restaurant-style sweet and sour sauce. I know it isn't the most healthy thing to consume, but it sure is good. This is as close as I have found to the "real" stuff. It is very similar in appearance, texture, and taste. It seems to have more of a vinegar smell to it than the real stuff, but the taste is not overpowering in the vinegar department. I think the key difference between this stuff and the other stuff out there is the fact that this is labeled as being "Hawaiian style." It did not really register for me until I started thinking about it. Once, while at a tiny little Chinese restaurant, I remember seeing a sweet and sour sauce container that boasted a "Hawaiian style" and it had large chunks of veggies and pineapple in it. After thinking about it, this stuff seems to be very similar. This does not have large chunks of anything in it, though. It is just the sauce.

If you are looking for the stuff you find in restaurants and you cannot find it elsewhere, give this a shot. It is not dead on, but it is really close. Even though there is a slight taste difference, it is not as bad as some of the others out there.
502248502248B001EO5WKOA28P76CWXEUBYES. Clary2251274745600Great sauce & the kids love it tooThis is the only sweet and sour sauce that I can find in the grocery stores that my 11 year old son will eat. I've been using it for years along with cooking up store-bought frozen chicken nuggets (or my own homemade chicken or turkey nuggets) as a replacement to taking him out to his favorite fast food restaurant. I've served it up to his friends and they all seem to love it too, so I definitely recommend it for kids. Love it myself too.

It definitely tastes a lot closer to what you'll find in Chinese-American restaurants. All the other bottled sweet and sour sauces seem to be spicy/hot or aren't sweet at all. This one definitely isn't spicy and is sweet like it should be.

Its been getting a little more difficult finding this in the grocery stores lately, and it always seems to go fast when anyone does have it in stock. I'm really glad to find it here on Amazon, with free super saver shipping, and such a great deal on sale! It may be a pack of 6 bottles, but I usually have to stock up when I can find it anyhow, so its worth it. Thanks Amazon.
502249502249B003IMB3ASA331JXCK96ZK2PJ. Sayer3311317168000YuckI saw this at Target and pulled it up on Amazon to check the reviews. They were great! So I bought a jar (very expensive compared to other peanut butter) and brought it home. I opened it up immediately excited to try it based on the great reviews and couldn't even eat a spoonful of it. Disgusting is the only the word I can think of, it tastes like a combination of sea water (it is SOOO salty) and synthetic peanut butter. All I have to say is, don't order in bulk until you try it and know you like it. Yuck!
502250502250B003IMB3ASA3BGWXXFT457O3Laura Hollis2251292112000Best PB!This is the best low-fat, lower-calorie PB I've ever had. I will never buy another jar of regular PB again.
502251502251B003IMB3ASA2RPPG5T4Z1GOATK "TK"2251285977600The best peanut butter with 1/2 the fat and caloriesI was skeptical when I heard about this peanut butter because I wondered how they removed the fat from peanuts that are naturally fatty, and what would it taste like. Well I absolutely love this peanut butter because they just drained some fat and replaced it with other natural and organic products. This is definitely must try after searching everyone for one jar, I finished that then bought the case.
502252502252B003IMB3ASA3R16BSVN2WUO3Audrey Anton1151322092800It IS better than p.b.What an excellent product! Tastes awesome! Given that prices of peanut butter are going to skyrocket, this is an awesome alternative!
502253502253B003IMB3ASA2WTNYG5V4XDBPPowerlifter "Powerlifter"1131295740800Disappointed!I ordered a case of this peanut butter in chocolate and regular. The chocolate has a funny taste and it's going to waste. The original is pretty good but too salty. I won't order this again.
502254502254B003IMB3ASANUL0JLVKR2JBDianneB1151294963200It is better than peanut butter!!!!This is absolutely the best there is! Prior to my relocation, I could find this product at Trader Joes and SuperTarget. Alas, I can not find it anywhere here as no TJ's or SuperTarget.... It is the lowest Weight Watcher point (old and new plan) peanut butter out there and I have tried lots of them. Does have to be refrigerated after opening and gets a little stiff, but well worth the small effort to spread it. Amazon, bring it on!!!!
502255502255B003IMB3ASA3I8H8AXN2SPBYLisa Kline3451294012800Sweeter Than PBYes, this paste is definitely sweeter than PB, but it is oh so good. I am a WW member and it is lower both in Points and PointsPlus (new plan) than any regular/reduced fat peanut butter out there. It is my favorite food discovery of 2010!
502256502256B003IMB3ASA1FXYKY46WEQNRLittle Cub0011340323200AwfulThis product is not better than peanut butter. It is worse -- far, far worse, the flavor does not even resemble peanut butter, and the ingredient list is filled with bizarre things. I threw the whole jar away after one taste. PB2 is far better than this and contains only peanuts, salt & sugar.
502257502257B003IMB3ASAX80XJE9NQTVAJacinta0051324252800Amazing FoodThis product is so tasty and a great substitute for regular peanut butter for the whole family even those who aren't trying to lose weight. I discovered this product when I went to a health and fitness camp in America and wish that it was availible where I live in Australia but at the moment this is the only way to get the stuff.
502258502258B003L4BREAA3HYGNGEUCOJ89Photo newbie1121336262400Coffee just okCoffee does not taste as fresh as would have expected for the price and product reputation. Would seriously consider other alternatives.
502259502259B0084OYJJWA2NERIVXIBE6CRJulie4081151341792000BEST raw chocolateI have never had raw chocolates this good. I have purchased just about every raw chocolate they have at whole foods and none of them stack up to this one. I plan to buy a whole lot more!
502260502260B001J5R8H8A1AN9JFBYEF4IYLois0031280448000Dandy DogI'm sure the product is just fine but my dog won't eat it which is funny since he does eat the dry Kibbles 'n Bits. I guess he doesn't like the texture. I have friends whose dogs eat this product.

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