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502268502268B001QE96CWA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke131351275955200We're Both HappyI just received the Salmon, the Duck and the Chicken strips.
Our JRT is very fussy and horribly spoiled.
She turns up her nose and walks away from many treats I've tried.
Most of the "organic" or "healthy" treats I've tried haven't won her over.

She just had one each of the Salmon, Duck and Chicken and LOVED all of them!

I'm thrilled that they are made in the US and contain ingredients I approve of.
Thank you Plato and Amazon!
502269502269B001QE96CWA1OJZ9P18A3T6OFadedlikeastar111151314921600Healthy, Yummy, and Made in the USAI am always looking for healthy treats for my Wheaten and the fewer ingredients the better. I thought I found the best product when I found Waggin Train Chicken Jerky at Costco. Then I read the reviews on Amazon and, well, it scared the crap out of me. So now, I look for healthy treats with few ingredients, that are made in the US. I feel comfortable giving my dog these treats because I know the ingredients used are regulated. My dog LOVES these and so do I.
502270502270B001QE96CWA1IKI216EHXBROKAV6651326931200If the dogs love them, what more is there to say?Well I've never tasted them but both my collie and mini-dh love these things. Some treats are hit or miss but they line up at the drawer waiting for these so they get 5 stars from us.
502271502271B001QE96CWASSKB9IMXVZJRJulie F5541322265600So far, so goodI read about the most recent scare with chicken jerky made in China and promptly returned $55 worth of jerky strips and wrapped rawhide sticks back to Petco. These Plato organic strips were my next test before making my own - and one bag of each flavor was cheaper than the Chinese jerky I purchased! We haven't received the salmon flavor yet but my dog seems to like both the chicken and duck flavors very much. I was a little surprised at the product itself, given it is called a "strip," but looks more like a cookie than anything else. Still, it's nice to find something made in the USA, with no corn, soy, or wheat gluten. I will continue to buy these if my dog continues to eat them.
502272502272B001QE96CWA1ZBEDKE0E2L27N. Sun ""3351342656000Great Treat, Alternative of Chicken JerkyI used to feed my then two month old puppy chicken jerky treats from Sams. It was cheap and he LOVED it. However, he started getting bloody diarrhea. This happened twice before I finally realized it was the jerky by researching this online. Since my puppy was also eating Greenies, Zuke's chicken treats, Milk Bones, Milk Bones Trail Mix, Iams Puppy dog food, Royal Canin food (digestion formula), puppy vitamins, Platos chicken treats, Natures Recipe food and treats, his puppy trainer's treats, and Benadryl (he has dermatitis), it was hard to pinpoint what the cause was. But once I figured it out, I stopped the Waggin Train and switched to Platos. Although these treats are more expensive and contain preservatives, it does seem a better alternative to liver failure or sudden death some pet owners were experiencing with chicken jerky treats.

As for the seemingly biased reviews against jerky treats coming from China, I am a first generation Chinese immigrant with family back East, and I love them and where I am from, but shady practices are abound in China. So no xenophobia driven bias here, I have seen the damage done to my pup by Chinese treats, and these Platos treats are definitely a safer bet.

The FDA statement regarding Chinese chicken treats can be found here:
502273502273B001QE96CWA29P5C7T976IF4Eowyn3351323734400USA and organic and yummy-- what more could you want?My husky loves these treats. I used to buy the chicken strips for her but they are not a USA made product so when I could we tried these snacks. She absolutely loves them. I break them up into smaller bits for training. A winner.
Coming back for more chicken and going to give the duck ones a try--- she is, that is.
502274502274B001QE96CWABCPXWIXY5KLM3DogsRMyKids2251341014400Made in USA and the new favorite treat!I too am boycotting dog chews and treats not made in the US, so was nervous about ordering these. Amazon needs to be very specific about this info in its descriptions, and not dance around the issue by leaving it out. Country of origin should not be "optional" in terms of the descriptive information provided!

That being said, these are a huge hit with our big guys. They are a crunchy bisquit - not jerky - about 1 1/2" long by maybe 3/4" wide, but the first ingredient is organic chicken (package specifies "over 90% organic chicken"), followed by organic brown rice; the product is certified USDA Organic. [I am of the camp that "organic" means anything containing a carbon atom, and that aspect is not a big selling point for ME, but may be desirable info for some.] They are not inexpensive, but for a product made in the US AND mostly chicken, I think it's in line with other pet treats, or less. I use them in combination with other, more grain-containing treats, since TOO much protein can put a lot of strain on the kidneys, especially in older dogs.

Bottom line - great product...this doggy Mom approves!
502275502275B001QE96CWA30IWWU6QPZ4DMMostly Geek2251336867200Great treat made in the U.S.My dog absolutely loves these treats! Size of the treat is great for my dog. He weighs 35 pounds. I highly recommend this treat, very few ingredients and most importantly they are made in the U.S.A.
502276502276B001QE96CWA2CN94I86W9DHYmm57022251323648000Awesome Treats!I have an English Bulldog puppy and my Brussels Griffen dog both go crazy over these treats. With English Bulldog you have to watch what you feed them because they get gas :) so easy and I don't find him to be gassy from these treats! Love Plato treats!
502277502277B001QE96CWA2EFF4ILEU7W1KHA2251322438400Excellent Organic Dog TreatI have the pickiest dog when it comes to treats and non-human food and he absolutely loves these treats. They are great for a reward system or just having something to snack on in-between meals.
These treats are the best that I have found and they are worth every penny. I no longer waste my money on treats that have tons of chemicals or non-food parts.... These are Organic and honestly, I feel better as a parent when I give the treats to my fur kid.
These are a must buy if you want a healthy treat for your pet.
502278502278B001QE96CWA2LBVNDOK546SGshiwei2251315526400great productMy dogs love this treat. Great price for a 16-qunce bag. The product is made of organic chicken. My dogs seem to have more energy after I changed to this brand.
502279502279B001QE96CWA2X1WDSHN46GA8G. Chauncey "Esperafe"1111346112000SOLD MOLDY TREATS - NEVER AGAINSad that this company would not not take 10 sec. too look at the merchandise. The treats were green with moldy. I got so sick when I opened. Won't buy again, and have already found substitute at Petsmart.
502280502280B001QE96CWA18KO3N4C5ZN0Tsnoopysmom1151341705600Great treatsMy little chihuahua, Snoopy, absolutely loves these treats. His excitement level is over the top when he knows he is about to get a plato chicken treat. If snoop had his way he would eat these treats for his meals.
502281502281B001QE96CWA2TRSM0S028W14Frog Princess1151341360000Dogs Love It!Plato Chicken Treats are a favorite with my three dogs.
Each dog has their individual likes and dislikes; this treat is
loved by all three!
I have bought 5 bags so far and will buy more.
The treat is not super dry either. I have an 11 year old Lab,
9 year old Chinese Crested, and a 3 year old Chinese Crested;
all three dogs are able to chew/bite the treat with no problem.
The treat is also easily broken in share...awww...
502282502282B001QE96CWA2L1E2KQLL9BS1Breann Benti "iolyte"1151341273600MY DOGS LOVE 'EM!!My Rottie and my Lab mix love these treats and they smell like real chicken. I also give them other treats by Plato and they wolf them down. Made in USA which is a big plus!
502283502283B001QE96CWAZRWK12FE9O9CS. J. Mills "Hayley's dad"1151341100800My kids look forward to one every night.Good, natural, USA made product. My Golden Retrievers love them. Price is right if you take advantage of the free supersaver shipping. A little high in fat content, 30%, but they are not big pieces, so it shouldn't be a problem if you give only once or twice a day. If you have a small dog, they are easily breakable into smaller bitesize pieces. I recommend this product.
502284502284B001QE96CWALWI4IGA3QEW4D.J.Austin1151340668800Furkids LOVE these.. :)With the big scare out there about the chicken from China causing health issues in pets, I was on the hunt for something healthy, that my Furkids would love. They LOVE these...Thank you for a GREAT product.. :)
502285502285B001QE96CWA10ZOAOOD8HTLWjamisonian "jamison"1151340582400Great treatMy dogs love these and its great to finally find something made in the USA and not in China. You get a whole pound for what you pay for a tiny 3-6 oz bag in the store for a comparable item. I've bought two bags already and will be back for more.
502286502286B001QE96CWA29024TM9YY4SIKim1111337644800Stale & DryNormally, these treats are moist & chewy, but these are dry, hard, and stale. These are the only type of treat my golden can eat because he has allergies. I guess we'll have to return to purchasing them locally.
502287502287B001QE96CWAM44PJKDQAIQMWilliam "Skeptic AstroImager"1151337212800Nice Product, Nice PriceGot a bag of these for my Old English Sheepdog at a local "Pet Health Food" store. Nice enough store but a bit too "New Age, Alternative Health, BS" with prices to match.

OTOH, the treats are great and he loves them so I was glad to find them much cheaper and Amazon Prime as well. I have ordered a couple more bags.
502288502288B001QE96CWA1R3GN9MEJFXM3I'm not an internet shopaholic - "thebanker"1151316476800Organic and healthy treat for my German ShepherdI have purchased these (more than 8) from Amazon (directly and from their merchants) in the past and it has been the best treat for my German Shepherd. The size is perfect for a large dog. It is organic and only get them when the price is right.
502289502289B001QE96CWA2T2LQPJF296K8Debra J. Demattia ""DJ""1141307404800Great product!Plato Organic Chicken Strips Smart Dog Treats Ordered these on Friday 6-3 and they arrived in my mailbox on 6-6. Unbelievable!! My little dog has seizures so I am very careful about what I feed her both food and treats. She loved these and I am hoping no negative reactions. I can't imagine that happening with the ingredients listed.
502290502290B001QE96CWAN30FT3PPZB8TJace Hirschi1151288656000My pup loves em. Good enough for me.At first, my dog (a 10lb Maltese-ish mutt) didn't seem to interested in these. I've since decided it was because before these I was essentially handing him fully artificial crap. I think it just took him a week or two to get used to the good stuff.

Now, he sprints to his kennel whenever he hears me opening the bag!!

Just ordered my second bag. I do wish the other flavors came in individual packages, though. It feels terrible to me to pay $50 on dog treats even if it is a bulk buy. But that's certainly not a knock on the product!
502261502261B004H4LJ8WA1Q28B2DL2R5RSkerlnik "jhornung"2251332892800Delicious, and a good deal.This 6-pack of cuttlefish is a pretty good deal when you compare it to the single packs listed at Amazon. Saki Ika is delicious, and a great source of protein. Put down those potato chips!
502262502262B004H4LJ8WA2HWR20S8OKDGCali_Girl_In_LA1111347494400Tastes too sweetThis tastes very sweet compared to other brands that I have tried. I ended up not eating it because it seems to have too much sweetener in it. I like my fish salty.
502263502263B004H4LJ8WA1WVIJRY8LHMQSJ. Sharon0111349913600One bag is good. After 2 bags, you feel gross.I bought these squid packs because a friend shared some with me and I really enjoyed them. I couldn't find them in Austin, but was super psyched to find them on Amazon. I really enjoyed eating the 1st squid bag. However, by the time I got to the 3rd squid bag, I was sick of them. Now I have 3.5 more gross squid bags that I do not want to eat. Has this ever happened to you? I hope not.
502264502264B0012AL434A2Y6S226P0W0RRU. yang "goodwill"151551287360000The only sushi wrap I use and trust!With the seaweed sushi nori, you have to be careful with, especially the ones from China. A lot of them have added chemicals, or are manufactured in questionable ways. Eden Foods is a company that really cares about the quality of their products from the research I have spent online, reading about their company, from the material they sent me after I inquired, and from finding out that a lot of their Japanese products are imported from Japan from a very reputable company. They do business with companies that produce the products in the traditional way (for ex. their soy sauce, tamari, toasted sesame oil), while maintaining the products integrity. It's pricey, but it's worth the money knowing you are eating food that is safe to eat. This brand is often sold at Whole Foods, and other health stores. I buy several items from their line, especially the toasted sesame oil, all of their various seaweed, soy sauce/tamari, mirin, and some of their noodles. I respect this company and am pleased that they try to keep their products natural...and no...I do not work for this company. I'm just really into organics, and food that is safe for our bodies, and this company gets A+ marks in that category from me.
502265502265B0012AL434A3B1N6PSZECA81Sarah P. "Mom of 1"91051323820800Excellent product! Only Nori I will buy!This is the only nori I will buy! Be careful of other brands like Pacific Cove, who sources from China! This nori comes from Japan, and the company, Eden Foods, is an upstanding company. When the Japan earthquake occurred, they put up informational notices on their website informing everyone of what had been hit hard, what products could be contaminated, and were going to be sourced elsewhere.

I DO NOT WORK FOR THEIR COMPANY! But I really love Eden! They are not owned by a major company, as many organic brands have sold out to bigger corporations:General Mills owns Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm

* Heinz owns Hain, Breadshop, Arrowhead Mills, Garden of Eatin', Farm Foods, Imagine Rice (and Soy) Dream, Casbah, Health Valley, DeBoles, Nile Spice, Celestial Seasonings, Westbrae, Westsoy, Little Bear, Walnut Acres, Shari Ann's, Mountain Sun, and Millina's Finest

* M&M-Mars owns Seeds of Change

* Coca-Cola owns Odwalla

* Kellogg owns Kashi, Morningstar Farms, and Sunrise Organic

* Philip Morris/Kraft owns Boca Foods and Back to Nature

* Tyson owns Nature's Farm Organic

* ConAgra owns LightLife

* Danone owns Stonyfield Farm

* Dean owns White Wave Silk, Alta Dena, Horizon, and The Organic Cow of Vermont

* Unilever owns Ben and Jerry's

This company is very proud and in tune with the organic movement, unlike many other companies now producing organic foods and interested only in profit.

Now, back to the Nori, I have eaten a TON of nori in my lifetime. This is certainly not the most tastiest toasted nori, but it is not terrible either. As far as taste goes, I give it a 3.5 to 4 stars. But it's the only nori I consume, because I know it was harvested from clean waters, and is less likely to be laden with chemicals in the manufacturing process since it is produced in partnership with Eden foods.
502266502266B0012AL434A1J5J2F55YIYH9Mel Reb2251291248000great taste & textureone of the best meals is steamed rice (even brown rice will work - doesn't have to be sushi rice!) seasoned a little and then rolled up in some Eden sushi nori - especially when whatever else sounds good is thrown in too, like fried egg, avocado, carrots, or cucumbers.
502267502267B0012AL434AN0ISRSEEZSSYD. Brusselars "zdonb"2251258156800Great productGreat source of iodine. A bit dry if eaten out of the package -- better in soup.

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