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502411502411B0083T5TAQA1CWMM7M55YJWIHappy Camper0051341792000Good deal and good selection of coffeeThis was not only a good deal but also a great variety of coffee flavors. You get about 8 or 9 different flavors with anywhere from 3 to 5 of each. The ones we've tried are great and the others sound tasty too.
502412502412B0083T5TAQA2GDMDR3E2RECTDavid Firestone0051341619200Nice Variety and It's Now Packaged in a BoxI like the variety, it's packaged well, and delivered promptly. It never bothered me when it was packed in a paper bag, but for those that may have reservations it's now packed in a box and the shipping box is carefully insulated against bumps and bruises. I have re-ordered this item 5 times and couldn't be happier.
502413502413B0083T5TAQA2WZMC8EGFC0XWkaytay0051341446400Great sampler packThough I got a few doubles of different kinds of vanilla, this was such a great variety of coffee. Fortunately, I love vanilla, so no biggie. I didn't get any tea in this one. Shipping was quick and arrived loose in the box which wasn't an issue. Will be ordering from here again, kudos!!
502414502414B0083T5TAQA35PB7K89P89MNMichaelP0051341360000Great sample mixThe description said it would be a random sample of assorted K-cup flavors. When I unpacked it, I was impressed with the variety. The rest of the family (there are four coffee drinkers in the house) is acting like it's Christmas morning. Lot's of oohs and aah s over the aroma and flavor of the different blends.

We will definitely be ordering this again and probably very soon.
502415502415B0083T5TAQA3AY3AIK2C2WELnew york girl0041340841600happy with this assortmentI have ordered this assortment in the past and have always been pleased with the K Cups delivered. I received my 24 count and not one duplicate flavor - each one an original. I will order this assortment again.
502416502416B0083T5TAQA3DM3UEKPUFA3KTech Guy0051340582400Great Sampler of Some of the Tasty Coffee OptionsI wanted to get some K-cups for my new Keurig, but since I am new to the K-cup world I did not know what I wanted to buy. This sampler has many delicious flavors that I definitely enjoyed drinking, including some vanilla, caramel, and cappucino K-cups. I cannot decide which I like best so I may order this again! I recommend to anyone who wants to try a wide range of good coffee flavors.
502417502417B0083T5TAQA3CHQ8EGH7NZ37KRose0031339632000Yummy Delicious but interesting packagingAbsolutely love the different flavors of coffee that were in this bundle; very delicious and at a decent price. I honestly was a little surprised that it came in such a big box only for the K-cups to be in a brown bag and not in their own box like you buy at the store. Other than that small quirk, I probably will buy my K-cups from here again but not after looking at other sellers.
502418502418B0083T5TAQA2O4V3MCB7EPPUBellingham Bookworm0041339459200I fully read the description so I knew what to expectI received my coffee assortment yesterday. Included in my brown paper grab bag were the following items:

4 Wolfgang Punk:
Vanilla Francaise
Creme Caramel
Jamaica Me Crazy
Hawaiian Hazelnut

10 Green Mountain Coffee:
Southern Pecan
Caramel Vanilla Cream
Hazelnut Noisette
Golden French Toast--Limited Edition
French Vanilla
2 French Vanilla Decaf
Wild Mountain Blueberry
Island Coconut--Limited Edition
French Vanilla Ice Coffee

4 Gloria Jean Coffee:
French Vanilla Supreme
Butter Toffee

1 Timothy's:
Kahula Original

5 Grove Square:
2 French Vanilla Cappuccino
Hazelnut Cappuccino
Spiced Apple Cider
Caramel Apple

So, as you can see about half of my order was made up of hazelnut (4) and french vanilla (7). However, I fully read the description and completely understand the concept of a "grab bag" so I'm not unhappy with what I received. Luckily for me, I also love french vanilla.
502419502419B0083T5TAQAA183ORH2J1H6Jessie C004133937280013 Varieties But Old Holiday Flavors & Inconsistent # Per VarietyThis was my first order of k-cups and I was looking to try various types of flavored coffees. In a 34 cup variety pack, I received 13 different flavors from 4 roasters. While the overall variety was nice, the # of cups per variety varied: 1 cup for 4 different flavors, 2 cups for 4 different flavors; 3 cups for 1 flavor; 4 cups for 2 flavors; 5 cups for 1 flavor; and 6 cups for 1 flavor. I'm a bit disappointed in the # of cups per flavor wasn't more consistent as both my husband and I wanted to try each flavor we received. Also, I suspect that some of the cups may be old as the 14 of the 34 cups are holiday flavors from past holidays last year (it's June 2012 and I rec'd 4 cups each of spicy eggnog & gingerbread and 6 cups of pumpkin spice).
502420502420B0083T5TAQA24HYZOZUW7TP4Very Picky Mom0051339200000If you like variety then this is a great assortmentYes .... It does come in a paper bag but that didn't bother me since it is an assortment and they probably mix in cups from boxes to make these for people. They're we're different varieties of cappicuccino versions, donut house, even two over ice choices and a sleepy time tea. So you really get to try different types and things. There are about 5 weird favors I got which I may or may not try or leave for guest to try out being ... Coconut, Eggnog, ... Blueberry ... Stuff like that. Those normally aren't things I would drink but then again it's nice to be creative and different. Will buy again.
502421502421B0083T5TAQAAN4N0G9URY1ERobin0051339027200Great assortment!Lots of different flavors! Only 1 duplicate! Would deffinately buy again! Did come in a paper bag so if you're ordering for a gift be aware!
502422502422B0083T5TAQA30032ZSK0MATAjess005133902720024 count K-cup samplerI just received the sampler a few days after I ordered it. The K-cups were in a brown paper bag and stapled close. It was wrapped in an air wrap so they weren't damaged in any way. I thought it was a little odd that they were just in a paper bag, but it doesn't really matter. I got these for my mom for her birthday so I just put them in another bag. There were several different flavors. Overall, no complaints; reasonably priced. I've read a few negative reviews, but they seem to be rare. If you're looking for some K-cups, go for it.
502423502423B0083T5TAQA1408SETR2042HDenise0041338940800Good Variety! What I wanted.The cost of this is excellent when you include it under super shipper savings. You can't beat the price of a variety of coffees. I did get a lot of one brand and a lot of one type over others, but expected that. It came in a brown paper bag, stapled shut. I didn't mind that at all, I just dump it all in my K-cup drawer anyway! I will purchase again. Here is what I got:

8 - Green Mountain Gingerbread
5 - Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice
3 - Green Mountain French Vanilla
1 - Green Mountain Carmel Vanilla Cream
2 - Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry
2 - Green Mountain Hazelnut Noisette
6 - Gloria Jean French Vanilla
3 - Gloria Jean Hazelnut
1 - Gloria Jean Butter Toffee
2 - Kahlua: Kahlua Original
1 - Donut House Cinnamon Roll

Hope this helps!

502424502424B0083T5TAQA37VZXKTVTC30LTwinkle "Twinkle"0041338940800K-cup Coffee SamplerEnjoyed having a different flavor of coffee when I desired, that is the advantage of
having the Keurig for the variety without purchasing large quantities of different coffees.
I continue to think the cost must go down on these K-cups.
502425502425B0083T5TAQA2J5HAWZ29X8W5Patricia L. Marino0051338681600niceThe selection was nice and gives you a chance to try different products prior to purchasing an entire box. I would highly recommend this product.
502426502426B0083T5TAQA25CT9JW7BOV4Vdavidjt0051338595200k cupsVery fast response to process order no delays during shippment and product came as described and nothing was missing. Overall very satisfied
502427502427B0083T5TAQA1WBINWHUDBD4LMichael005133842240024 count k-cup samplerI'm half way thru my supply of 24 k cup sampler, and I am enjoying each and everyone. Would order it again.
502428502428B0083T5TAQAEF5I7GCUI6GDlunnxj40051338336000Happy CustomerEverything was as describe. fast shipping and also receive a great variety of flavors.. If you want to try different samples I recommend getting this.. great value :)
502429502429B0083T5TAQA29XWDJKTCE5L0sisco0041338249600nice assortmentThe package arrived promptly and there was an unusual assortment of flavors inside. I bought this for the unit night nurses and it was nearly gone by the morning. I came back and bought another along with a full box of breakfast blend for the more traditional coffee drinkers.
502430502430B0083T5TAQA9E36XOXAEJT9Jcd340031337990400Decent selection, but could be better.The sampler had a pretty good selection of flavored coffee, but the least desirable flavors (with the worst reviews) were the most prevalent. Im not sure why they would include 1 or 2 samples of the highly rated coffee, and 6 samples of the very low rated coffee. Maybe they were just trying to clear out some coffee they couldn't sell otherwise. If they would put 2-3 samples of every coffee, the customer could sample more variety. I did give a rating of 3 stars because there were some good flavors included, and I found a couple of new favorites.
502431502431B0083T5TAQA3RZGPY5GBN60UR. Whiting0041337817600great coffee samplerIf your intent on purchasing this variety pack is to get the exact flavors listed in the possible selections, you will not be happy. However, if your intent is to try a variety of different coffee flavors to see what is available what you like, you'll love this sample selection. Others have complained about it coming in a brown paper bag... who cares!!!! It's a great value for a nice selection and a great price. Go for it!
502432502432B0083T5TAQA2K8S2GK8JQPR2Shello97203 "Rachelle"0021337817600Assortment really lacking.I was really looking forward to a true sampler pack, but I was a bit disappointed in the selection. I got a handful of random flavors then A LOT of three different flavors. One had 8 of the same kind.
502433502433B0083T5TAQA37UU8DK8DAH2CNMercado0051337817600Excellent assortment!This is a great, inexpensive assortment of K-cups for your Keurig coffee maker. There is a great variety of bold, medium and light roast coffees. I also got 3 different kinds of tea, and two hot chocolates. There was also a great variety of flavored coffees as well. None of the cups were expired or broken as other reviews had mentioned. It does come in just a plastic bag, but that didn't bother me because I just took them all out of the bag and put them in my drawer. I just placed my second order of this variety pack and I can't wait to see what I get. It's a great deal, with lots of variety. I highly recommend it!
502434502434B0083T5TAQA1QQTVXS00QZBXKimJB0031337472000Ok, varies.This was good because it did give you a different kind of k cup and not too many of the same kind.

The packaging can be improved as it comes in a box and inside all the assortment is in a brown bag. I understand they pick the different k cups from their boxes of flavors, but it could be presented better.

Okay deal for the price.
502435502435B0083T5TAQAQLWOTL1VT9KXMom of three0021337212800Disappointed in choicesI have ordered this on one other occasion and was looking forward to getting a nice variety instead out of 24 containers I got 7 Caramel Vanilla Creme, 3 Kaluha, 3 Wild Blueberry, 3 Southern Pecan, 3 Hazelnut, 1 Glazed Chocolate Donut, 1 French Vanilla, 1 Butter Toffee, 1 Mudslide, 1 Mocha Nut Fudge. I was hoping for a better variety not 7 of one flavor especially since I have had that one and did not care for it.
502436502436B0083T5TAQAKHEE06OZZFG5Joice0051336953600Great flavorsGift for daughter, she was in "love" with the coffee. Will be buying this item again. I will be letting other know about the great deal with this.
502437502437B0083T5TAQA1OWR69GX7BBN1wojo10051336348800Keurig K-Cup Coffee SamplerThese flavored coffee k-cups were exactly as expected and were received on time. The flavor assoetment allowed us new k-cup users the ability to try various flavors.
502438502438B0083T5TAQA3UDYG1UUB87MHE. Scott0041336262400K-cup coffee 34 countHad no problem with this order and was for the most part pleased. First of all, I am not a fussy coffee drinker so it didn't bother me that I didn't get all that was displayed on order. I still got a good variety. I didn't give it a 5 star because it would have been nicer if I hadn't got so many of the "fall" flavors. Not that I don't like them but there were a little too many hazelnuts and pumpkin flavors. Again, still had a good variety. Would I order this again.....absolutely. Great deal.
502439502439B0083T5TAQA2MC2DN5K1RVJGvickiindc0051336003200Very pleased!Despite all the negative reviews that people left about getting many of the same flavors, I pressed my luck and ordered. I guess the company got the message because I just opened the box up and inventoried - 24 distinct flavors and not a single repeat! I am very pleased with the selection and would definitely order again.
502440502440B0083T5TAQA2GXV7MP2N8FXNSweenygirlll0051335916800Loved it !!!Very Satisfied with order !!! No doubles like everyone eles said. Great flavors, and everything in great condition. I will be ordering more from them when I start to get low.

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