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502561502561B0083T5TAQA22V5OS9DCIP75Linda Green "Linda"3341332115200Good dealI believe that most reviewers usually balance out a product, with the naysayers usually spouting out more negative things that those happy campers. I was a happy camper with this bag of coffee cups. All in perfect condition. Nice selection, some of which I never would have bought (like the Green Mountain wild blueberry, which turned out to be delightfully refreshing cup of coffee). A lot of Green Mountain, and for me, I really like GM, so that was good. Only positive constructive criticism, is less hazelnut (although I like it, there was an unproportional lot of them) and more of the oddball flavors, as in not just one of them, make it two or three.
502562502562B0083T5TAQAK31QER0HUGF4Carey3311326412800Disappointed Loyal Amazon ShopperI usually don't write product reviews but I decided that it was necessary this time. I've ordered this coffee sampler several times and the last 2 times I have been disappointed with the variety that I have received. In both orders I received over a third of the k-cup flavors in hazelnut. I like hazelnut but I thought the idea of a coffee sampler was to get a variety of flavors. I will not be ordering this sampler again!
502563502563B0083T5TAQA2TIT49N4ER5ALJim3341325548800Good SamplerI didn't notice how widely distributed the reviews for this were until I received my box. I had several varieties and flavors of coffee so judging from the most negative reviews, the seller either changed their sorting methods or I got lucky. Since this is a random assortment, you should probably expect some differences.

If you're particular about your coffee flavors, this may not be the best option. However, if you're looking to try several brands/flavors/styles of coffee, this is a great way to do it without buying 100s of K-cups at the same time! I enjoy waking up to a different flavor of coffee every morning, so this is perfect for me and I'll continue to buy from this seller.
502564502564B0083T5TAQALENHG6F3SCFDMerebear3311325203200Not at all as described, poor packaging.I was excited to try a variety of new flavors before committing to an entire box of flavored K-cups I might not like. Needless to say I'm disappointed. I should have read the reviews but neglected to do so. When they arrived, The K-Cups were in a beat-up Ziplock bag. I got two flavored coffees - one Golden French Toast, one Pumpkin spice. The rest were Columbian blends or Caribou coffee, and half of what was there was decaf. Nowhere on the description does it mention normal blends or decaf coffee. Several of the K-cups seals had been broken, so more than likely the coffee would be stale. Returning this for a refund.
502565502565B0083T5TAQA2QMD1MUJ5H4HNLorraine Ferguson3351324425600k cupsThis was a great assortment, arrived as a timely shipment, the carton and outside packaging was protective and great! Thanks Amazon
502566502566B0083T5TAQA2EO8GCQX5T105BoB3351320796800k-cup sampleBought this for my dad who is new to k-cups. He did not know what he liked, so I purchased this sampler. Low and behold, he likes them all!
502567502567B0083T5TAQA30Z3DLPF7YZR9Austin3351316131200Amazing Coffee Sampler!!This package is amazing! So far I have tried 8-10 different flavored coffee k-cups and they have been great!

Don't listen to that one post about the K-cups being expired! I got them and they don't expire for 6-7 months! That's plenty of time to drink all of that coffee.
Also the packaging that is came in was good, no damaged cups.

This package may be a little expensive, but the person who is putting all of this together needs to earn a little money for their trouble! Also, what if you spent $14-$15 on a pack of 24 of some flavor you didn't like? This sampler allows you to try ones so that the other 23 don't go to waste.

I love this so much, I am probably going to have to order another one!
502568502568B0083T5TAQA2S7WOVN2UN91NKrisH "forhim31"7911324339200Seriously horribleTackiest thing I have ever purchased. The cups came in a brown paper bag that was stapled at the top. I am surprised that Amazon would have such a bad vendor. Bad assortment, bad packaging, just bad.
502569502569B0083T5TAQA1LZEPIRJEGFYPD. Cook "Rincon 680"2211350864000IN A LUNCH BAG...REALLY?!How does a multimillion dollar company ship a product to it's customers in a paper bag? Yes, it came in a shipping box...but the product itself (24 flavored K-Cups) were all thrown inside an unmarked brown bag and stapled. Leads one to believe that they're cashing in on unsellable broken boxes of K-Cups, sad part is that they're still getting PRIME FULL PRICE!!! Well, a lesson has been learned and I will not purchase this "item" again...Thanks Amazon! And by the way, almost a third of the contents were that disgusting GROVE SQUARE brand and various decaf (of which we don't drink!) Such a convenient way to dump your stock of the brands & brews that don't move! Shopping via the internet is okay most times but it can damn sure bite you in the ass as well. The only reason they got ONE STAR is because of the Kahlua Blend, which was very good.
502570502570B0083T5TAQAORW1FRF4D4KSazindn2211350604800NOT AN ASSORTMENT12 out of 24 units is not an assortment. Decaf is not coffee, and flavored hot drinks are no
excuse for not including coffee in the varities dispensed. I don't care about the
packaging, it gets tossed, but to include only 2 or three coffees is ridiculous.
I'll not be buying from this seller in the future. Its safer to buy directly from Keurig.
502571502571B0083T5TAQAF2S4PJZQ6KRVCarrie J. Cooper221135051840015 DECAFS - HORRIBLE SELECTIONEXTREMELY disappointed! I received 15 decaf coffees! 9 were Hazelnut decaf and 6 were French vanilla decaf. I didn't order a decaf selection. The selection is horrible. I will never order this again.
502572502572B0083T5TAQA7T5DWMB457BBalliepal822211350518400poor selectionI was so excited to receive a variety of flavors and brands, but received only 3 different brands and 4 different flavors, most of them were cappuccinos - and I tried them and they were very very weak and sweet. Disappointing.
502573502573B0083T5TAQA1750YEW8885B5Dawgfan2251342051200Don't understand the negatives....:-(I was really wary about ordering this item because of the mixed and substantially negative reviews. I ordered anyway because it was a great price and thought I would take my chances. What a wonderful surprise!!! There were negative reviews concerning the packaging. The item comes loose in a brown paper bag that has been properly packaged and boxed. I don't see the problem. Others posted that the selection was minimal. That may have been their experience, but not mine. I ordered 2 of this item (48 K-cups total) and had 21 different flavors, all name brands. Can't imagine it getting better!!!! I will say that what induced me to take a chance on the product was the price. It was substantially lower than the competition. When I received my shipment, I went back to Amazon to order 4 more and the price has more than tripled! It is still competitive, but the urgency was eliminated with the price increase.
502574502574B0083T5TAQAHC4NZRCT8NEJNancy Mohn2211340064000Someone can't countJust received product -- only 22 in box. Will cost me more to exchange than to live with. I do feel cheated, however.
502575502575B0083T5TAQA3351KYOVV76XSMaureen W.22113399776005/24 K-Cups were NOT "caffeinated coffee"I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this purchase. The product description indicates a variety of caffeinated coffees and five (5) of the 24 k-cups in each of the two (2) were for cider drinks, iced coffee and DEcaffeinated coffee. I feel like I have been ripped off. Twenty percent (20%) of the coffee I received is not what was described and not what I wanted. I won't buy from this seller again.
502576502576B0083T5TAQA3DZPP2IWG26XERetiredmomma221133850880021 of 34 from this "Sampler Pack" were 3 Fall and Christmas flavors..Hey its June!I've never been more dissapointed in an assortment then the package I received today. Of 34 k-cups, 21 were last years Holiday flavors from Green Mountain. 11 were Gingerbread, 8 Pumpkin Spice and 2 Spicy Eggnog.. Tried these flavors before and HATE all of them. Seriously... 11 Gingerbread?? This is June... Plus this is not a "sample" of Gingerbread... that's a box of it. Coffee was only from Gloria Jean and Green Mountain, when I was supposed to get a "sampler pack"? Of 34 k-cups only 13 are what I call a variety (6 different flavors) so the rest is money down the drain. Nothing like trying to pawn off last years bad flavors...
502577502577B0083T5TAQABVOK563RON0LKdwell2211338249600Poor AsortmentWhat I was expecting from this was 16-20 different types of coffee. What I got was 7 spicy eggnogs, 5 mudslides, 6 hazelnut and a lot of "limited edition" Christmas favors that I have seen on clearance many places for $5. I did not get what is expected and will not buy this "company" again. I read they fixed the variety grab bag problem 6 months ago. I assure you it was not fixed. It was nothing more than leftovers. I was very disappointed. DO NOT LET THE PICTURE FOOL YOU!
502578502578B0083T5TAQA1ZFGF26X9GIM6Coffee lover2221336608000K-Cup dissapointmentWas misinformed...this is not going to be 24 different K-cups. We received 24 K-cups--most of which were the same flavors. Disappointed.
502579502579B0083T5TAQA2RD1JXSHF2KGIR. Valentine2221327622400Variety? Hardly...They list 5 varieties of coffee. I received a ton of green mountain, no Wolfgang Puck, 2 Donut House and incredibly, 7 of the Gloria Jean Hazelnut, which is the very least favorite of all K-Cups for me... Exceptionally disappointed.
502580502580B0083T5TAQA5LE2DTADP01NShirley E. Allen2231327449600K-cup coffee sampler24 Count K-cup Flavored Coffee SamplerI was surprised to see that the coffee came in a zip-lock plastic bag, which had me suspicious. So I counted to make sure that it was all there. Sure enough, it was one short. Why are they not shipped is a sealed box like the regular coffee? I just had to make sure they were not tampered with otherwise.
502581502581B0083T5TAQAV2PE3PCCFIAQJoan L. Ferguson "JoAn"2211327363200Most weren't flavoredI didn't expect to receive the exact mix that is pictured, but I assumed that it would be representative of what we'd received. We received 4 flavored coffees (2 each of Golden French Toast and Pumpkin Spice). The other 20 coffees were a variety of blends, but not what I consider "flavored" coffees (Columbian, Nantucket Blend, Caribou Blend, Folgers Lively Columbian).

So if you are looking for flavored coffees, I don't suggest this item!

After re-reading the product description that says "This variety sampler includes only flavored caffeinated coffee.", I got even more annoyed. My package included only 4 flavored coffees and it also included decaf! So I decided to return the item - then learned that it was non-returnable. I followed the links to correspond with customer service, and after a few minutes of chatting with someone, they said that they'd refund my money. Doesn't sound like a standard policy - but I'm glad that stands behind their website.

502582502582B0083T5TAQA2FB9ECZWSDBK4KindleGirl2211327276800Disappointing, little selection, coffee wasn't greatI was disappointed with the selection here - "24 count" sampler made me think I'd be getting 24 flavors to try. Instead it was only around 9 or 10, with a few of each. Seemed like someone just dumped them randomly in a box. I didn't like most of these, and the donut house coffees of "chocolate glazed donut" and "cinnamon roll" didn't taste like they were named. If you want to try out a bunch of different coffees, I wouldn't recommend this selection.
502583502583B0083T5TAQAS3LRH8NC474JNatasha Lopes2251324512000great varietyGot this as a present for my in-laws as they're big coffee drinkers. They used to just get regular coffee because they didn't want to spend money on a flavor they may not like, now they have a chance to try different flavors without spending $18 for an entire box. Also arrived 2 days early
502584502584B0083T5TAQA35ASC8E4JG5YHk. sherm2231323993600Okay selection...but expiring soon...I got a pretty good selection in the box that I received...unlike others that have reviewed about theirs.

Like others, the k-cups were just thrown in the box with only a small piece of cardboard in the there.

The one thing that kills me is that printed on the box in bold letter is expires December 2011. If I had known this before ordering, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. It's a little disappointing but I did get a good price on the k-cups.

I've been able to get through quite a few of the flavors in there (Wolfgang Puck Caramel Creme and Wolfgang Puck Coffee, Vanilla Francaise were quite delicious) but I feel like I'm rushing through the box to make sure I get through them all before the end of the month.

It looks like Amazon is almost out of the boxes so hopefully if they restock this the expiration date won't be for sometime.
502585502585B0083T5TAQA2XL1UVBB5MSNOI. Borrero2251321747200Delicious Mix!The pack I got was great. It had a lot of different flavors: pumpkin spice,mudslide, butter toffe, French vanilla, Jamaica me crazy, Khalua, cinnamon roll, chocolate glazed donut, and hazelnut. Will definitely buy again!
502586502586B0083T5TAQA12QBQBH4GS0IXBarbara "WildWiseWoman"2251321574400Tempting treasures for coffee lovers!I bought a Cuisinart K-cup brewer for my husband to save for his Christmas present. Unfortunately it came very quickly and the box was undisguised, arriving on one of the rare occasions when he was home and I was out! So we opened it very early and have been enjoying it for a couple of weeks. I also bought both Solofil and Ekobrew refillable cups, because standard K-cups are both expensive and non-earth friendly. I still wanted to keep a few K-cups for emergencies and company, and was very saddened to find no real variety packs in the store. One of the Keurig "variety" packs has 4 blends inside, but they are all plain coffee, e.g. "Sumatra", "Arabica", etc, etc.

My husband really hates flavored coffee, and I really love it, so this package was a godsend. Neither of us sweetens our coffee, so sticky-sweet creams are no good to us. Our order came in no time (sole complaint, the box was HUGE, the actual coffee package is about the size of the lunch bag)and the assortment is wonderful. I intended to save it for those special occasions or guests, but I don't think I have the willpower.

One of the flavors was blueberry. I never would have been even tempted to purchase a blueberry-flavored coffee, but it was wonderful! I still have yet to try all the standard cinnamon, hazelnut and chocolate varieties I have, and I can only hope against hope that there is any left when-or-if company arrives!

Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers ,Two Packekobrew Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count
502587502587B0083T5TAQA15ZTFJW5EHZPWtineico2251319846400Very SatisfiedI was so thrilled when I came upon this in my search for a variety pack of K-Cups. I was as many are when ordering stuff like this, slightly skeptical about the variety I would receive. I got a great assortment. I was very satisfied with my purchase and the quick delivery. Will definitely order from seller again. In fact, I'm ordering more now!
502588502588B0083T5TAQAGOCNEA2Y9V6ZNM2NC2251317600000Like Trading Cards for AdultsThe box arrived ahead of schedule (overnight!). I had the product mailed to my parents on the other side of the country as a surprise. In the first 5 hours they had tried four different flavors. They divided the cups up randomly and are now trading them--"I'll give you my blueberry for your cinnamon pastry."

My mother pointed out that these are better than having six flavors of creamer cluttering up the fridge that will expire before they're used up. The flavors were well-divided and intact when they arrived.

I will use this company again.
502589502589B0083T5TAQA2MYGP024ZHC90Marissa2251317340800Perfect!This pack is perfect! I just bought a new Keurig, but didn't want to buy a pack of just one flavor before I knew what I liked. I am tempted to just keep ordering this so I always have a variety. Don't worry about the k-cups being expired like in one previous review, all of the ones I received had expiration dates in 2012-13. Delish! Thanks for a great sampler!
502590502590B0083T5TAQA2B2HAS68MZ619Nick Mihelich "Nick"2251316390400Great coffee assortment !!!I was excited when I recieved my mixed bag of coffees, pulling out many different and exciting flavors that I've never seen before like "Cherry Chip Swirl" or "Wild Mountain Blueberry". I really love the fact that you get different brands of k-cups and there was only 2 of each flavor, so I truly got an assortment rather than some of the other samplers out there that give you 4 or 8 or the same flavor. I'll surely be ordering again to see what exciting new flavors will be in my bag.

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