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502591502591B0083T5TAQA35BP0VC6FB11ASeriously?1111350864000Completely misleading12 of the 24 k-cups I received were hot cocoa. Not even coffee. Don't waste your money. What I received looked like someone just stuck their hand into random boxes of k-cups, grabbed a handful, threw them into a paper bag, then shipped them out. Utter rip-off. This item should be removed from Amazon.
502592502592B0083T5TAQA1UMVWE5W7PCYVOnnalee1111350345600Variety?! Ya right! Be warned, No Returns!Well, I ordered a sampler pack of flavored coffee. Out of 24, 12 were Grove Square Cappuccino mixes. I drink flavored coffee because I don't put Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (may contain coconut, soybean, sunflower, palm and/or canola), Sugar, Corn Syrup Solids, Instant Coffee, Sodium Caseinate, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cocoa (processed with alkali), Dipotassium Phosphate, Cornstarch, Mono- and Diglycerides, Silicon Dioxide, Soy Lecithin, Artificial Color, Sucralose in my body willingly.


That being said, I am left with 8 Hazelnuts (4 decaf) I didn't order a decaf sampler, 2 caramel vanilla, and 2 southern pecan.

Onnalee, NY
502593502593B0083T5TAQA2TCZRM7OS4L61Kathy T1111347321600Not at all what was PromisedThis is one of the worst orders I have ever received from Amazon in regards to item description. The order was supposed to be 24 flavored coffees, but what I received of the 24 were 8 hot chocolate Kcups and 4 flavored decaf. Okay, so I can see adding some decaf ones, but do the math so far, that leaves 12 Kcups left. Of the 12 left - 6 of them were the same flavored cappacino cups. What the heck? I get 6 flavored coffees? I won't order Kcups again from Amazon - I don't think they get it!
502594502594B0083T5TAQA3E3PKL4GEI8PJAlan R. Alvord1111344384000Not As AdvertisedThe description stated this was "assorted flavored coffees." Included in the package was a large number of teas and hot chocolate. If I had wanted teas or hot chocolate, I would have ordered them. I wanted 24 coffees, and what I got was 16 usable coffees and 8 useless items that I did not order. I was very disappointed. The vendor would not respond to my feedback.
502595502595B0083T5TAQA22NE96VVS6WXTChelsea1121340841600NOT an assortment.I knew going into it by reading the description that there would be repeats, but this was RIDICULOUS. Way too much of my order were holiday flavored K-Cups (gingerbread, pumpkin and egg nog). I got 6 gingerbread, 6 pumpkin and 6 egg nog. Really? I suppose that would be fine were I ordering during the winter/holiday time, but not in the middle of the summer. The rest were pretty repeated, as well. I wish I had counted, but I didn't - I would estimate I only got 6 DIFFERENT samples. It was pretty disappointing and I would never order again. As far as it coming in a paper bag: yes, it does. But who cares?
502596502596B0083T5TAQA39970YALPNEZ3Erin Johnson1111340150400Didn't even come in a boxI received 4 of these and they were simply an assortment of k-cups thrown into a brown paper lunch bag. This is particularly annoying for me as I use the k-cup rack which is specifically designed for the 24-count boxes.
502597502597B0083T5TAQA2RY8HHT2XLOJCAnna1141339891200Good sampleAlthough it was a nice sample, there were too many of certain flavors.
(Should be 2 or 3 of one flavor - not 6)
Would have liked a little more variety. Shipping was fast.
Nice sample for the price!
502598502598B0083T5TAQAZXRS8I7SVD8QRachel L. Ellison1111339891200NOT A HAPPY COFFEE DRINKER!I love coffee & I love my Keurig coffee maker. What I don't love is when you order coffee and you are sent mostly tea & cappuccino. It would be ok if some tea was sent with the coffee but that was not the case. I will not be ordering this again
502599502599B0083T5TAQA1CQGIYTC3VB2CD. Jackson1121339545600Won't buy againDisappointing. My Wife and I picked this up hoping to sample a variety of coffee with our new Keurig, and find the flavors we liked. Nearly half of my 34-count sampler consisted of 2 flavors - spiced egg nog, and pumpkin spice. To make matters worse, both taste very similar. Not exactly the flavors you are looking for in June, either.

The only good thing to come out of this mess is that it introduced me to a single cup of wild blueberry which was delicious. I'll be sure to order a carton of just that in the future and stay away from the so-called "sampler" packs on amazon, which are obviously just a method for sellers to offload unpopular or outdated flavors.
502600502600B0083T5TAQA20QX4A5OW9B7BAnna "LuvsLV"1111339372800Huge Disappointment!I have ordered MANY assortment packs. This was the absolute worst. It was basically a bunch (27) of Spicy Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice, Island Coconut and Gingerbread. The "assortment" appears to be nothing more than an attempt to dump their "Special Edition" stock. Never again!
502601502601B0083T5TAQA29IFA28S7K842Jayson D. Kacz1111339113600Very upset. Not as described, total rip off.Ive been on amazon since 2007, and I've ordered over 500 items. This is the first review I've written. I read the reviews on this item and I figured the seller would learn to try to put many different sampler items in here. When I opened the package, there was only 28 total K-Cups, and 12 were the horrible pumpkin spice flavor I couldnt get rid of to save my life. EXTREMELY upset and I feel ripped off. Avoid this seller at all costs. Got a MUCH better deal at
502602502602B0083T5TAQA1XTWSOW2OX17AGil1121339027200Totally misleadingYes, the description says that some of flavors may be substituted without warning due to product availability. That being said, you are still led to believe that you'll be getting a wild assortment of 34 different flavors. Instead, I got 6 butter toffees (which I already knew I don't like), 5 pumpkin spice (which are just ok from past experience), and a bunch of other 5s and 4s. Only got maybe 2-3 unique flavors in the entire box. Otherwise, it was all repeats. The posting is totally misleading, so don't order from them if you actually think you're going to get a lot of different flavors and roasts to try. If this company were above-board, they'd fix this for their dissatisfied customers and do better in the future than just raiding and repackaging Costco boxes.
502603502603B0083T5TAQAICWKYNEIAQK1Tatrr1141337385600Acceptable variety, Good priceThe variety I got was good enough for me. It gave a nice blend of coffee tastes, which is what I was looking for. Yes, it comes in a box that looks like they were just tossed in, but nothing a wrong wth any of them. Great for those that want to try several different types.
502604502604B0083T5TAQAR7IITMQ3FB7DShelly Crash1111337212800Wow- Extremely Poor Selection, 100% Green Mountain :(In a nutshell- save yourself the upset and buy your K-cup samplers from someone else. I read reviews before ordering so I expected to get a few duplicates, but WOW. Out of all the reviews I've read I think I've gotten the shortest stick so far. ALL of the coffees in the brown paper bag were from Green Mountain, ALL of them, and of those more than half were from the Christmas and Fall 2011 samplers. It's mid May 2012 and I just got sent an order filled with multiple pumpkin spice, spicy eggnog, gingerbread coffees, Really. They also all expire in the next 30 - 60 days, and even though I buy these for my office its a hard sell that any of these guys are going to want to drink "spicy eggnog" in June in Florida- so with that said more than half of these are going to wind up in the trash. Huge let down. Luckily there are other k-cup sellers I've bought from in the past that I have been satisfied with.
502605502605B0083T5TAQAB23BS315VVP5Jordan From Michigan Ehh!1121337040000Not a good varietyMostly all of my coffees where Green mountian other than two. 7 of which where french vanilla. Could have just went to the store for the variety i got here!!!!!!!!!! Guess im just not a lucky coffee drinker.
502606502606B0083T5TAQA3JJO2AF9U2BMKCassandraL1151337040000Just what I wantedThis was exactly what I wanted, a box full of various flavors of coffee. Mine had no repeats and a fabulous variety. I am very pleased with this purchase, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to have a variety of k-cups on hand - without having to commit to whole boxes!
502607502607B0083T5TAQA12BVVWAHA6PFXAlex1141336694400Good coffee but would like a bit more varietyThe coffee itself was good. There was an overabundant amount of Green Mountain coffee. I was hoping for more donut house or coffee people. The brown paper bags that it comes in isn't flattering but the coffee still tastes good.
502608502608B0083T5TAQA1OEJE5FU3MIV1Ryan Sergison1121336521600Not very assortedOf the 34 K-Cups, there was only 10 varieties. We received about 6 of the same French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Just like everyone said, order just thrown in a box.
502609502609B0083T5TAQA3GLZE0S0YDOKLI'veGotNothing.Yet1111336003200A Very "Vanilla" Sampler PackThe selection of K-Cups was not as pictured. Out of 34 cups, I received 13 vanilla and 6 hazelnut. Only 4 cups were not a Green Mountain Coffee product. I ordered the sampler pack specifically so that I could try different flavors from a variety of producers. To say that I was dissapointed is an understatement. Clearly this product was a collection of "leftovers." It come packaged in a stapled brown paper bag. Don't waste your time or money.
502610502610B0083T5TAQAA2YXSKQWPG11Gardening Granna "Granna"1151334275200Great surprisesSampler is just that--all sorts of different flavored coffee. Wonderful idea to choose something different to try without purchasing an entire box. We are enjoying our sampler and will purchase another surprise box soon.
502611502611B0083T5TAQAHZOZVIRZSTJTPrydan2k "Prydan2k"1111333584000Pathetic Sampler PackThe photo shows only about 15 Green Mountain K-cups, so I was disappointed to see my package arrive with 29 Green Mountain coffees and only 5 from other companies. Green Mountain makes an excellent product but this is far from a sampler pack as there are several repeats. Last time purchasing from "Deals on Call".
502612502612B0083T5TAQAZ9J99XZX0TROTP3571131331856000Not really an assortmentI was really looking forward to trying different brands and flavors of coffee but this assortment was 90% Green Mountain and 75% some type of vanilla. It included 4 Blueberry (haven't tried that yet but not really happy about it). I get the impression that you get about 4 or 5 of a good variety and then a handful each of whatever flavors don't sell very well. Luckily I'm okay with all the vanilla but this definitely was not a "variety" pack.
502613502613B0083T5TAQAQ3GYL9AT8RBXCassandra1151331510400Great Assortment!I Got my 24 pack it was in a perfect box, with 24 different flavor, quick delivery. I will be buying this assortment again.
502614502614B0083T5TAQA1GZLKEU0MQXX2Arora2hulk1151331078400Coffee Coffee CoffeeLove this coffee pot and this was the easiest way to buy variety coffee. Excellent variety and all different flavors not sold anymore in stores :) Really loved the variety and shipping was fast and easy!
502615502615B0083T5TAQA1IPLPWQ54YGV5JoMama1111330646400Bad ItemI ordered this item as a gift for my daughter who had received a Keurig brewer for Christmas. The cups arrived partially opened and with holes in them. She said about 50% of the cups were not usable. This was not a shipping problem but had to have come from the factory like that. She was disappointed and so was I.
502616502616B0083T5TAQA6EXEILBEAYNKAngie1131330387200Not all caffeinated, and no where does it say you will receive decaf productsIt is very disappointing for a caffeinated coffee drinker to receive decaf coffee when the website states that you will, in fact, receive CAFFEINATED varieties only. I also received iced coffee (which was also not stated). Your website needs to address this concern or you need to adjust your assortment to reflect this. Other companies who mix K Cup assortments will do a caffeinated and decaf option, you should consider this and assure your customers are receiving what you are trying to sell.

I did, although, receive only 1 of each flavor (which was very good in terms of variety).

***UPDATE- I e-mailed Amazon customer service to let them know of the decaf issue and they were very quick to addressing my concerns. Please post back if you receive decaf, as this was a very nice assortment otherwise and I would be interested in purchasing if they can address this problem***
502617502617B0083T5TAQA3V2PPGBOWKTDNJamie1111330041600NOT a "Sampler"I wish I would have read more of the reviews before I ordered this "sampler". I have had the same issue as many others: 1/4 of mine were all the same flavor, and two flavors weren't even on the list of POSSIBLES. They were Eggnog and Gingerbread, CLEARLY leftover from the holiday season and who knows how old. Like many others, I understand that you can't get one of everything...or could you????? Wouldn't it be wonderful if these were pre-packaged with DIFFERENT ones from the selections listed?
502618502618B0083T5TAQA34GX8LXZG729XTricia A.1121329955200I hate to say "Me, too", but...I recently purchased my first Keurig machine, the B60 model (which is wonderful, by the way), and my machine was one of those "bonus packages" that came with a small variety sampler pack (12 k-cups). Having gone through most of this fantastic assortment already, I decided to order a variety assortment from Amazon. I read all the reviews -- positive and negative -- and decided to take a chance on this one. It arrived today, and although there are some neat flavors that I am anxious to try, there is VERY LITTLE variety. I ordered the 24-count sampler. Out of these, 4 k-cups are truly unique/limited edition flavors that are not Green Mountain. That leaves 20 k-cups of Green Mountain that either French Vanilla (the majority), Caramel Vanilla Cream, Blueberry or Hazelnut. Luckily, these are at least flavors I like, they are just not all that unique. Probably won't order from these folks again, due to the lack of variety. I was really hoping for more choices, like the one that came with my Keurig (the sampler pack had 12 different coffees from all different coffee companies, some I hadn't heard of and were quite good). I hate to whine, but my morning cup is a very important part of my day! Too bad... if you like French Vanilla with a few surprises thrown in, then this assortment is for you, but not if you are looking for a true variety.
502619502619B0083T5TAQAQZZ01WGKLSG5RoseC1111329782400No StarsOrdered the 34 count and it was Extremely disappointing. I expected to get at least one-two of every flavor shown on the 34 count sampler. I would say about 24 are either Hazelnut or Vanilla. Which are last I need since I buy Hazelnut by the 80 pack carton at BJs. No Mudslide, no Butter Toffee, No Donut House Cinnamon Roll, No Hawaiian, No Limited Edition. No Khalua, No Cappucino, No Timothy's coffee. This is a farce and I am so disappointed in Amazon. I have never had a problem before but this was really a "bait and switch" as far as I am concerned.
502620502620B0083T5TAQA26NTVWYOXC407NC Mom1151329609600Good MixI am pleased with the mix of coffee in this pack. I will order this coffee sampler again when we need more!

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