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502681502681B002P936UKA3S6CGQ66CBDMRHansen M. Hsiung0141327363200good teaThe tea is good and fresh. We enjoy it. The shipping is fast and cost is reasonable.
I recommend this product.
502682502682B002P936UKA9X4THEY3SCR9jhuber6620030151304294400Nice ProductYou get enough in each package to make a good size cup of drink. It is consistent in its flavor and the amount you get in each packet. I have purchased it a couple of times.
502683502683B002P936UKATSR8U805B2D1Norz Amazon "Nor"0141285891200Great herbal teaIf you don't have the time to cut up ginger and boil it for it's wonderful flavor here's an alternative. This tea is refreshing. True ginger flavor and punch is wonderful.
502684502684B002P936UKA1OOXWXA2L2R4UMike0311341446400Wrong Product wrong NameGold Prince has made a terrible mistake. There are two products. COLDAID and FLUAID. THey are different formulary. Unfortunately they display Fluaid picture on the Amazon website and their own website but the words are COLDAID. THere is a separate product for Coldaid. Regardless -- if you order the FLUAID on AMAZON you will get the COLDAID...the picture is not the product...the words under the drop down menu are they all default to the same product COLDAID. If you want FLUAID, which is the superior product, don't buy it from AMAZON or off of the sellers website. It is a mistake.
502685502685B002P936UKAXLEXZ750G5SEjenuwine0431287964800Bought at my local supermarketI found this in the organic aisle at my local supermarket. $[...] for one box of 100 opposed to 3 boxes being sold here with no shipping or waiting. I would just like to know if anyone knows if this is a good quality for being a bagged tea. I'm not a Pu-erh expert and I am looking for something as authentic as I can get without paying an arm and a leg. Can anyone suggest a good quality?? The only reason I gave this a 3 is because it is something you can find at your supermarket without buying a pack of 3.
502686502686B002P936UKA2RFDK0V0RR7HFLynn Solo1611306454400The worst 'tea' I have ever tried.I used quotes around the word tea because I doubt that the bags contain tea. I wouldn't be surprised if the bags contained ground up sticks instead of tea. I would not give this product a single star
502687502687B007B85ELOA1SQKE3EXYQWE3Tony "Tony"0151341187200High Quality Moringa Tea - Lemon and Moringa works great!Very good flavor. Lots of Moringa benefits and soothing Lemon. Feel healthy and relaxed after drinking this tea. I can do all my activities without getting tiredness. I like the combination of Moringa and Lemon and tea in this...very nice.
502688502688B007B85ELOATQ0116CJHVWUAnderson "Anderson"0151341100800Great Moringa Tea - Tasty and RefresherThis Organic Moringa Lemon tea is very good, tasty and refreshing. Gives me the benefits of Moringa and lemongrass, easy way to acquire daily needed nutrition and vitamins. This tea keeps me energetic and active, I also like the canister container that helps me to store for long time and carry anywhere. Thanks.
502689502689B003GPYTU8A15RS48PY4IX0HBoyer0051349308800Nice productThis is a great french syrup. You just need few drops to prepare a great a refreshing drink for kids. You can also use it for cocktails.
502690502690B006XYXBDUAVRFEOIYBWAHVErin from Earth0051333497600The taste that stole my heartI had never liked the taste of coffee. I thought the smell was nice, but the taste seemed far removed from that aroma. Then, I went to Italy and, being the (American) tourist that I was, I had to try every food and drink my teenaged hands could reach. In a tiny cafe in Assisi, I had my first shot of espresso. It was dark, strong, and bitter in a peculiarly pleasant way. Since then, I have been trying to recreate that taste and this is the closest I have come to it with a grad student-type budget and local equipment. Thank you!

Now please, Zicaffe', if you would, offer this in larger quantities as you do your other espresso pods, I would greatly appreciate it.
502691502691B001COJ6G2A2UCKJSBLE069WJoanne Johnson "tsbjf"1321242000000Faulty item description.I bought the Blueberry Walnut along with the Honey Almond. Both are good, and shipping was fast; those are what the two stars are for. The others are empty because this was advertised as a pack of 30, and in reality it is a pack of 6! I contacted the seller, and they defended themselves stating that there are indeed 30 pouches. 30 1.5 oz packages that is, not 30 packs of 5, which they seem to be advertising in their title.

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." Just makes me sick that I paid so much for these.
502692502692B005657SZOA133R2I1YUK4W5Alice1151329523200DeliciousI am diabetic and absolutely loved these jellies. No aftertaste. Will definitely buy again. I loved the chocolate coating and sometimes ate the choclate first. LOL
502693502693B000BP7A5MA192FZK8BO3O4XSquashbug3351337299200Starlights Licorice Hard CandThis is the best hard candy. I bought 5 pounds of it and have to order more. These are perfectly flavored and are enjoyable to eat. The ordering process was easy and the delivery was fast. I will be ordering these again just as soon as I finish this review.
502694502694B0008IUUUOA3SUC19CAOO4DIMadline Hesano41211171411200Israeli Toasted PastaSince the product hasnt been delivered I cant review it. The only thing I am not happy about is the delivery charge was more than the product.
502695502695B003FDFXLAA26CICHYED32QORN0051348012800Good valueI use a lot of granulated garlic in my cooking. This may have been a bit much, but the price was awesome. My local grocery store in Kansas City, MO charges over $6 for 12 ounces. In Florida I could buy Granulated garlic for under $6 per pound and on sale for $4. But I can't find it cheap outside of Florida and Texas. It is alot of garlic, worth the money if use garlic. I use garlic in 80% of my receipes. This should last me about 2 years, I just hope the taste holds up. I store it in airtight bag in the fridge, so it should be fine. But be warned it is a lot of garlic.
502696502696B003FDFXLAA2GDRM4R7MCY7MM.J.W. "Stikysix"0021334793600ehhhh? a little leary of the not sealed bottle.The bottle isn't sealed, like with vitamins or like SPICES should be!! You know, you take the screw lid off and THEN need to perforate and peel off the seal. WTH
502697502697B003FDFXLAA13FG3ZR8VUD1STammy L. Dalton0051333584000loving quantity purchasesI use alot of this product, I'm thankful not to have to purchase lots of small containers. That is too much wasteful plastic.
502698502698B003LLYRLSA1U8ISO8EAXGJHD. Katz "Kinsey"0051315008000delicious!I was very happy to see that I could order just the blueberry tea like the tin that came with my iced tea maker, it's the first blueberry tea I've tried and I love it. I ordered the 4 pack tins and I will for sure order it again!!
502699502699B000MTO5J6A3UDKITOUIPHQRosario1141310342400I wish they also sell Plasmon Primi mesi! :)Finally the first reseller in UNITED STATES.
My son keep eating it!

Only one thing that I noticed is the missing expiration date on the package which should be VISIBLE and READABLE.
502700502700B000MTO5J6A32FK98MTLZNCZDaniel Salazar1151264118400Amazing ProductEasy to chew, easy to mix, low on calories, high on vitamins and tastes great!
502701502701B000MTO5J6A321KQ4AQROW10Charity H. Kraynak "TommysMommy"1151216512000Wonderful snack!My 11 month old daughter loves these! We give them to her at the end of every meal for a delicious and nutritious dessert. They're a great alternative to Gerber's Biter Biscuits.
502702502702B000MTO5J6A2H3V2AY80J2HFAndrea Paesano0051233100800Growing up with PlasmonWhen you are a grown up, you want your kids to experience the good things that you had in your childhood. This is one of them: Biscotti Plasmon! At 43 I still remember the commercials... Now that i'm a father myself and living in the USA I searched and searched to find them for my daughter. She, now 13 months old, will not drink her milk without at least one biscotto Plasmon in it. I love it.

Excellent product,
Andrea Paesano
502703502703B000MTO5J6A29ARV6T5IKCEWSandy Benassi0051219795200great productI have been purchasing this product for years. From 2 months to 90 years old, everyone can benefit from these cookies. For all of my children (I have 3) I have put one cookie in at least 2 of their bottles a day. They love them.
502704502704B000MTO5J6A31D3YPK24TS1UMassimiliano Bonati "max"0041204329600great for babiesI buy these for my baby (17months). you can melt them in a bottle of milk. good product.
502705502705B0017I2GK6A7Y7A0LCCP0G2carole luksa0011350950400Not real happyThe bat gift was not as nice as I'd thought it would be but the other basket was nice. My grandson will be disappointed
502706502706B002JME170A1JJOG91Y32LCLCatherine C. Canitz7751282608000Please get them for us!I moved to Missouri from Las Vegas, where I was used to buying these fabulous chips in every grocery store. Imagine my dismay when I discovered they're not offered in Missouri, nor can groceries here order them from Lay's (so they say). I ordered some online from the Mexican Grocer, but since the packages of chips were just thrown into a box without packing or dividers, I received crumbs. Tasty crumbs, but crumbs, nonetheless. I know that Amazon would pack them to ship correctly, so please, please, please, Amazon, won't you please talk Lay's into letting you offer these through the Internet? Please?
502707502707B002JME170A14EAY0PR9FS37Libby5551288224000Fantastic ChipsI went to the west coast and fell in love with these Limon chips! They are the best chip I've ever tasted and addictive. Of course when I got back to the south, they were nowhere to be found. Everyone needs to write Lays Co. and ask them to do another survey in the south for these chips. It's been since 2000 and people's taste have changed since then. I'll definitely buy a case if I can find them.
502708502708B002JME170A3FO5XV9TTJE96Shawny2251283904000Please Amazon, help us out!I'm from the west coast but am now stationed on the east coast and deployed overseas. I was hoping Amazon would be able to come through for me on these fabulous chips!!! They are definately my favorite but so hard to find.... I've even went to the Lay's website for assistance but no love so far :-(
502709502709B002JME170A2KHEHC61A916WAdrienne Marie Snow2251270512000Zesty and FreshThe Lays Limon chips are the best I have tasted yet. The Dill Pickle even falls shy to the emmense Lime taste. Its a fresh and satisfying new combination that will leave you wanting more. Just as addictive as the Salt and Vinegar chips but better!
502710502710B002JME170A1D0E7XTT1226ODonna J. Davis1151272412800Outstanding - addictiveHad these chips in Yuma, AZ while on a run to Mexico. They are wonderful. The flavor is perfect and the best I've had of all flavored chips -- better than vinegar-flavored chips, etc. Even the people I was with, who cringed when I bought them, ate so many I had to buy more. Tried to find them in Phoenix grocery stores and they weren't readily available - it's a flavor tailored to the Hispanic palate, hopefully it will catch on soon. Please Amazon, try to get these soon.

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