Amazon Fine Food Reviews

502711502711B002JME170A2ZWF5EGLM5TQXHon8291911295568000horribleThis must have been the worst chips, I ever ate in my life. I saw the reviews and i thought humm should I buy it. I went to a mexican store and bought one. Went home and ate it then after 2 chips, I threw them in the trash.
502712502712B003CNQ218A1M699NV828OC0jminn "jminn"0011305158400DO NOT BUY!horrible! do not get! the suction cup will not stay in place it dropped my iphone twice when the car wasn't even moving
502713502713B002OOY09MA2YC0IBSZ0WIDMConsumer4451293494400Very good, fresh smoked salmon from the NW!I live in the NW and consider myself a smoked salmon enthusiast. This is right up there with the best of the best I've had right from Pike Place market. It's very moist, fresh, and has no strange preservative aftertaste. Plus you get two packages which is great for gift giving... one for me, one for you. I highly recommend this salmon, you will not regret it!
502714502714B002OOY09MA3LULPAY8FIYOBjessesgirl3351318204800Very PleasedI ordered this as a birthday gift for a relative who used to live in Alaska. My order arrived ahead of schedule, safely packed in an attractive box. We all agreed that the salmon has a good flavor and texture. Oh, and for those who are concerned that the expiration date isn't listed here on Amazon, my box had an expiration date in 2017.
502715502715B002OOY09MADKPX19I590WSIvscargo1141328054400Buyers need to knowGot the salmon, it tastes good but I thought I was buying a cold smoked salmon.
At least specify when you sell a smoked salmon if its cooked or cold smoked
there is a BIG diference.
502716502716B002OOY09MA142EN0PUXT7O5coolhand don1141326326400Fish tail, yummy storyIf you like smoked fish as I do , this is for you, Nicely packaged and well handled and of course fine eaten. Made it into a nice fish dip for some company and it went over like a fat dude at a pie eaten contest. They loved it, so much so I only got a small taste. I fooled them though. I hid a whole package for myself. My moma raised a bunch of slow kids, I was not one of them (;. Oh my , I was so glad I did, great flavor, firm meat and did not last long even with just me and my lady friend. Its a nice and different taste treat. All I can really say is 'It taste like more ". Try it , you'll like it!!!
502717502717B002OOY09MA1NZTQB20LUKNFewolram1151303862400Delicious! Just how smoked salmon should taste!We received rave reviews from our many Easter lakeside breakfast guests. The salmon was the center point of our event.
502718502718B002OOY09MAB8O7QM5PCVXGScott0021342051200Metallic TasteMaybe I was spoiled by spending so much time in Alaska, but this salmon was inedible. It did not smell appealing when opened, and the taste was metallic and overly salted. I wound up having to trash the whole thing. It had not expired, and the packaging was not damaged so I have to believe it was just this particular brand. It was a major disappointment.
502719502719B005DDCFCUAZJSS1DPDTZ2PDantes "Dantes"0051338249600Simply awesomeThis is my second round of buying these on amazon. I cannot seem to find them anywhere else in stores, and when I do they are ~$3.00 a bag. The price on these is good, and the product is superb. I hope this is a long term flavor move, and not a passing fancy.
502720502720B0040B9VJGA1Y5KMEHSCYRX2bryan_ldfrd0041349740800Good Stuff!This is a very good product for any price. People knock it a bit because of the corn but I've spoken to Eagle Pack and have found they are very open about their product. Carbohydrates are carbohydrates are carbohydrates. No cat needs them. Ever! Apparently the grains used in this product are local to Indiana and surrounding areas (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio)? That's never a bad thing as far as I'm concerned. I've also read the company is non-GMO but I haven't confirmed that information through e-mail. The point is that unless your pet is allergic to corn or rice you're wasting your time going grain free. Potatoes and peas are just as useless as corn or rice and cats would never eat any of these in the wild. So if you want a food that is locally sourced (for the most part) and don't want to pay twice as much for Orijen simply because they use peas and potatoes this is a great option.
502721502721B004OUTLRAAB0CU2DSL7XWUJ. L. Perez0011326585600Yuck!Bought this on a whim! It was on sale and I had no expectations. How bad can dried mango be, right? Wrong! The appearance of the product is extremely unappetizing - little black uneven lumps with sprinkling of salt on the dried mangos. In my opinion, the taste is salty, gummy and disgusting. I have eaten many dried/cured mangos before and this is the worst ever. This whole lot is going into the trash!
502722502722B002BTI9B0A7BMKA88MG5ELsmart shopper0051348876800Great Buy-Wonderful TasteThis espresso coffee was just what I was looking for....and at a great price! I use it in baking and it adds just the right amount of coffee flavor. I would definetly buy it again!
502723502723B002BTI9B0A21ZKZXGTPA8IHD. Africk "I disapprove of what you say, but ...0051347667200Best tasting instant coffeeBest tasting instant coffee I've ever tried. It has a decent amount of caffeine also. I keep a bottle at home, at work, and in my car. Dissolves very easily, even in cold soy milk.
502724502724B002BTI9B0A1ANTOA69JLC7RGr82Bme0051342742400Best Instant EVERMedaglia D'Oro is the best instant espresso coffee I have ever had. I carry a jar around with me when I travel and add it to most of the cups of coffee I get along the road. I love coffee and this is by far the boldest yet smoothest espresso I have found.
502725502725B002BTI9B0A37YJI6EOENXH8Rosie D1251299456000Instant EspressoI needed instant espresso to cook with. Does a great job. Have nothing to compare it too, but I have seen cooking shows using this brand.
502726502726B0006DQFV4AJY0LGOF220UMMelissa Devlin3351281830400Surprising and pretty.I didn't see much use for the, admittedly cute, white bathtub shaped basket. Until my mother suggested I use it in my bathroom to keep my small counter from being overly cluttered. She was right. It was perfect! The products were lovely to use and didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I had just discovered I was allergic to the lavender products sold by the same company. But it turns out it was the lavender, not the product.
502727502727B0006DQFV4A3QYZFO4Q6AL3BAll about the wait...1211322179200Dollar store quality crapReceived this as a gift. It is so cheap and tacky looking that I was curious how much someone spent on what I could have picked up at the Dollar Store for under 10 bucks. The lotions and bath salts, etcetera are disgustingly low quality, I would never even consider using them. The wire basket that it's all packed in is laughable unless of course you like chicken wire shaped as a sleigh, but I think it's suppose to be a tub. Absolutely the worst gift I have ever received. Funny though. Save your money.
502728502728B0017129A0A1XJ5LF33369K6Michael Huffman2251229731200OmahaI have ordered from Omaha Steaks for several years now and I have nothing but PRAISE for this company.
We only had a problem 1 time and they let us keep the extra order! I've never heard of that.
They are a Great company and we will continue to order from them regularly.

A PLUS A PLUS A PLUS A PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike & Linda
502729502729B0017129A0A1IO9MSYO8N3L5V. Jeter "vpj33"1151263859200steaksI gave these to my husband for Christmas, and we had them over the holidays. They were sooo tender and juicy! They arrive so quickly. I am always thrilled with Omaha steaks. Thanks for such a wonderful product!
502730502730B0017129A0AWOYKB1DAJPOLCurly Sue1151254009600Omaha boneless strip steaksThought we had good steaks where I live, but these are superior. Would definitely buy them again, well-packaged, great tasting product, exactly what I thought I would get, I did get...this company is famous for a reason.
502731502731B001J5WTC2A1IPEU4U4L9T30Heraldo101051264809600This stuff is super!This pasta is really delicious, as well as being considerably lower in calories than regular pasta, and having 18g fiber per serving. I agree that it is a bit blander tasting that regular pasta, but I actually like that: since it doesn't overwhelm the sauce you are using (the way whole wheat pastas tend to do), it allows the sauce to be the star of your dish. A 2-ounce portion is very satisfying. The sampler is a nice way to try it out. Mine came with 2 boxes each of penne, rotini, and linguine. Will definitely recommend it friends!
502732502732B001J5WTC2A2GFLL7SUDWU66txreader101151249603200purchasing agentNot sure how to review the pasta as I order for my wife and son's and every time I try to cook some it is normally gone. I got it originally becuase my wife is on Weight Watchers and my son's were interested in the hight fiber. So far from the leftovers they have left me the pasta is very tastful. We have gotten the sampler but will buy something different next time and I'll have it delivered at work instead of home and maybe I will be able to try it.
502733502733B001J5WTC2A2UMT6S0ZCOL16petmom56651264896000Yummy pasta even while watching your dietI am so happy with this pasta... so is my family. I make it all the time. I make a light alfredo sauce, marinara, olive oil & parmesan cheese - the options are endless. We are pasta lovers and it tastes great. I would love Fiber Gourmet to come out with a lasagna noodle...
502734502734B001J5WTC2A25OGYCSVUS5IJS. Bacon "quansoo"4451287705600Love It!A few years ago I ordered the "nests" in various flavors and I thought it was pretty good with the exception of the spinach. I recently ordered this sampler and I must say the pasta is vastly improved in texture and in taste. Although it's pricey, I will continue to order the FiberGourmet because we eat a lot of pasta in our house and even my 14 year old daughter likes it!

I ordered the lasagna noodles and I look forward to attempting a lowfat meal with them.
502735502735B001J5WTC2A16OB7R85JS7GWProud Mommy "Proud Mommy"3351296345600AWESOME PASTANot only is this pasta high fiber and low calorie but surprisingly it tastes good too!!! I've had all that whole wheat pasta which isn't as healthy and tastes bad...Now I would never go back to it! My whole family is extremely satisfied with this pasta and we eat it almost everyday! VERY HAPPY!
502736502736B001J5WTC2A23N5GILA6AX04S. R. Schnur "srschnur"3341286064000Really GoodI don't eat a lot of pasta because the calories seem so "empty," but I was attracted to the huge amount of fiber in these products. Whole wheat pasta sometimes has a slight bitter taste that this pasta does not have. (I seldom eat white flour.) This is very tasty and passes muster just fine with picky eaters. One caveat: The directions for cooking time are way off. You will have to experiment. Doubling the time is not out of the question.
502737502737B001J5WTC2A3I5B0ZFX2MFDTJoyce Shallcross3351285027200Simply the Best!I tried the Fiber Gourmet Light Pasta Mini Sampler, not knowing what to expect. I had tried light pastas in the past but always had been disappointed. My maiden name is "Marzilli" and I'm all Italian. So I'm very fussy about the taste and texture of my pasta! Well was I ever thrilled with this product! My husband and I loved it!
I tried it traditionally,with meatballs and red sauce, and cold in many variations of Pasta Salad. It was delicious! It was hard to believe I was eating healthy and light. The eight ounce size was perfect for the two of us, with just enough for leftovers.
I have ordered and reordered the Spaghetti and Rotini. It's the only pasta I will use!
Joyce Shallcross
502738502738B001J5WTC2A3QG68ROZVEYN0ELS3341234051200Fine for fiberWhile the service from the vendor was great (no complaints there), I have to admit that the pasta is not so great. It took far, far longer to cook, even 'al dente', than described on the package. And, even for fiber, the taste was a bit stiff. So I will probably be ordering more, but only for my super-health-conscious daughter.
502740502740B001J5WTC2ARUC0HT4HIS9PPatricia Jordan2251291766400love this product - don't stop making!I love this product and can't find it in local stores. Im thrilled I can order it on line and have nothing but good stuff to say about it.

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