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502744502744B001J5WTC2A2KATUXY21CO03David1151320364800Very TastyI can't speak to the health benefits of this product because I have only tried it a few times. I bought the sampler and I've tried them all- it really does taste good, just like "regular" pasta. It's really very tasty and honestly, if you didn't tell me it was "special" pasta I wouldn't think it was anything different.

Don't know that the added fiber fills you up any more of cuts down on the amount you eat but it's a very tasty pasta that's lower in calories and carbs and higher in fiber than most other pastas so I guess it's a win.
502745502745B001J5WTC2A3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl1141281571200Expensive!!While I do like this pasta, there are a few caveats. First of all, it has to be cooked longer than regular pasta to get it to the proper stage of doneness. It will taste starchy if not cooked long enough. Also, the box of spaghetti looks like a regular 16-oz box of spaghetti, but I was disappointed to find it is only half full. I don't like the high price, but I will continue to buy it because it is healthy and tastes great.
502746502746B001J5WTC2A1NQL4C8D0EWGSSean1141279756800Nice VarietyI thought this was a really nice tasting pasta. It was fun to experiment with different varieties to see which one tasted best. If you are looking to experiment then this is a good value. I think it would also make a nice gift. It is comparable to barilla quality, but maybe even a little better. The high fiber content is nice too.
502747502747B001J5WTC2A1WDLEQ0ETI5BLAlice S Carter1151279584000Incredible Filling & DeliciousIf you're hungry, want quantity without calories and fat, this product is for you. Try it, you'll be hooked.
502748502748B001J5WTC2A1WX42M589VAMQMir1151278633600Better than the original "nests" I got a few years ago, much better!I don't know if they changed the recipe for the better of if the new shapes I tried (this one and the lasagna) simply work better, but man, these are great.

In the earlier days of FiberGourmet, I had tried the fettucine nests (regular and two flavored types) and really, they were just okay. The fiber was nice, the firmer texture is nice (I'm an al dente fan and hate mushy pasta), but it had a sort of grittiness and blandness that was only tolerable under lots of sauce and cheese.

But since I have been trying to increase my hubby's fiber intake (and I prefer high-fiber pasta for myself), I decided a couple months ago to try a few new things from FG: the cheese crackers, the rotini, the lasagna.

I tried the lasagna first and it came out terrific. I needed a box and a half for my normal lasagna size, but the texture was beautiful and held up under microwaving as leftovers.

The cheese crackers will be a staple for me. Amazing crunch and very like Cheez-Its (a bit more tangy or bitter, but with a better crunch and superb fiber count).

The rotini is one I need to reorder, as I've gone through the 6 boxes already. It has paired beautifully with marinara and with lite alfredo sauce, and it was excellent in an improvised supper of the rotini with artichoke hearts, garlic, EVOO, spinach, and parmesan.

The spaghetti stays very firm, which takes a tad bit of getting used to for me, but hubby liked the texture. Went just fine with marinara and meatballs and even better for me as leftover, as it didn't get mushy at all and had nice "tooth feel". I made it with oil and garlic and hot pepper flakes it was delish. I also had it with vegan sloppy joe (textured soy) , cheddar, and tomato bits and it was very good.

I do find I get quite a bit of gas when I have a generous serving, so I only eat it when I know I don't have to be out and about. :) But that's a minor issue for me, as the high fiber and excellent firm texture and improved (imo) flavor from the original pasta they had.

The price is a bit mad. One package of the spaghetti, for instance, is very slight. Only half pound (for those used to full pound spaghetti boxes). So, I used both boxes so I'd have leftovers for a couple days for me and hubby. Somehow, I don't understand why the equivalent size to a standard spaghetti box has to be like five to six times as much (since I can get a box of spaghetti of decent to good quality locally for a buck to a bit more). These, at this amazon price of 18 bucks for six samplers, means each box averages 3 bucks. Two boxes of spaghetti to make one pound--6 or more bucks for that quantity. Nuts. It's PASTA! They're adding fiber, not truffle oil!

A thumbs up. It may not suit a true pasta gourmet, but it makes me very happy...except for the price. But, well, even Dreamfields (my previous higher fiber pasta, which I'll still buy from time to time) isn't cheap compared to the regular pastas

502749502749B001J5WTC2A1V7ZYRVRGT9F5C. Gallamore "Weight Watcher Winner"1151271376000DELICIOUSThese pastas are incredible! They don't taste yucky like so many of the wheat pastas. They are white not brown. My husband (who will not eat anything "diet") loves them. I have used in many recipes. The high fiber brings the points way down and fills you up fast.
502750502750B001J5WTC2A1EVKMCYKFBZREL. Fisher "Food Find Lover"1151268006400Great Taste - More FillingAs a WW I'm always looking for good, low calorie and more filling foods. This product does the taste difference and more filling. Why don't other manufacturers do the same? I'm going back to try more. Thanx!
502751502751B001J5WTC2A38XPXH1KQDJ65Tina2351297036800Absolutely awesome!I love pasta, but it does not love me. I just don't seem to be able to digest it. But this pasta, not only tastes great, it is so easy to digest. And, as an added bonus, it is healthy & low in calories. I have now tried every version of this pasta & they are all amazing. Some reviewers complained that the pasta is too firm, but that is not the case. You simply need to cook it a bit longer than regular pasta & then it is light as a feather. Because of how wonderful it tastes & because it is so light, you would think that you were eating homemade pasta. Almost hard to beleive that this stuff comes out of a box! :-)
502752502752B001J5WTC2AG9TEC2IVEMTKSmabe0031349136000Pasta was great/ Mac & cheese-not a fanI had tried the speghetti and it was AWESOME!!! I tried the pasta boxes and they taste normal, you can not tell them apart from the normal noodles you get in the store. I tried the mac/cheese box, the noodles were ok but I am not a fan of the cheese seasoning they give you. I understand they are trying to keep down the calories. I would prefer to buy the noodles and make my own cheese sauce for my mac/cheese in the future. Overall, the pasta is really great.
502753502753B001J5WTC2A3P35CYHFVDTECAndrew0051347667200Great except the Mac and CheeseThis pasta is great! Not really any different from regular pasta but guilt-free, but the cheese sauce for the mac and cheese tastes like cardboard. I won't be getting the variety pack with the mac and cheese again. It was so bad that I rinsed it off and just ate the elbows with pasta sauce. Other than that, everything was great! I will definitely be getting the rotini and penne again.
502742502742B001J5WTC2ARQ7DJQ069HE4joy1151323820800GuiltlessThis is for those who love pasta--it's delicious & is loaded with fiber & less calories. Pairs well with any sauce.
502754502754B001J5WTC2A34ZCIWR1OUC2WAOsvog0051345075200DeliciousThis is the best high fiber pasta on the market not to mention it has the highest amount of fiber out there. The pasta is white like regular pasta and is easy to trick your family with, mine didn't know the difference. This sampler pack is great to have on hand. There is enough in each box to feed the whole family. The Mac and cheese is also great. You should Buy this product it is great.
502755502755B001J5WTC2A241MJV79A4J5ORCS0051322265600Love it, love it, love it!!!My daughter and I have been eating lighter for the last year and this product is perfect for us!! We've both lost a lot of weight, but sometimes missed having a larger portion of pasta with our meals. Fiber Gourmet is so much like regular pasta we can't tell the difference and now we can have a decent serving. We tried the mac and cheese and while it certainly isn't as cheesy as other products, it is good. My son-in-law actually didn't notice it wasn't Kraft when I added a package of laughing cow at the end since it strengthened the flavor very nicely. I've served this pasta in a baked ziti for company and they never knew it wasn't the real deal at less than half the calories! I just wish they'd get the spaghetti style in!!
502756502756B001J5WTC2A3PTR6KBE12QTTTimberly Eckelmann "pastor's wife"0051316476800very tastyThese pastas are worth a try. Very tasty and nutritious also. Good value. And the sampler pack allows you to try several kinds of pasta.
502757502757B001J5WTC2A1ANPMPOYVPMSBT. DELP0051316131200pastaThis pasta is so good I cant believe it has so few calories. It is just right and so easy to incorporate into my weight loss program. Now I can eat what I love (in moderation) and still loose weight.

All that aside the pasta is delicious and I will buy it all the time from now on. The price is a little high but it is worth it.
502758502758B001J5WTC2A2Q2LM21L1R1AXStitch0041314662400Absolutely love the pasta but hate the cheese sauce.The pasta has a nice texture, very close to regular pasta. However the cheese sauce for the mac is HORRID.
I wouldn't even feed it to my dog. It's tastes very chemically.
Just buy the pasta and use your own sauce. You'll enjoy the product a lot more.
502743502743B001J5WTC2ABXLYWOX27W2MomSB1151321401600Unbelievable pasta!This stuff is just that- unbelievable! It tastes so good!!! Just like the real thing, and you can eat double the amount of pasta for the same calories! You're probably nervous that it tastes all chalky, but it really doesn't. Highly reccommend to anyone- even if you're not on a diet- you should be replacing your regular pasta with this, just swap it in for your health and your kids- they won't know the difference!
502759502759B001J5WTC2A29FFQOMDXLDEDKikiWrig0051306972800LOVE IT!!I absolutely love this pasta. The end result tastes no different then regular white pasta, plus 18grams of fiber per serving and almost half the calories. No complaints here!
502760502760B001J5WTC2A33CI33JXJMS9A Reader0051306281600Able to Eat Pasta Again!Fiber Gourmet has brought pasta back into my life! At only 130 calories per 2-oz serving, this is so much easier to fit into my diet than regular or even whole wheat pasta. And it tastes great--the shapes (rotini, penne, elbows) in particular taste just like regular pasta to me.
502761502761B001J5WTC2A13DBF1BAYH1ICshaladoerr "shaladoerr"0051303862400kept me full all day longThis pasta, despite the fiber, did not have me running to the bathroom soon after eating it. It was not hard on my stomach, and filled me up and kept me full for a good part of the day. I have never had such a great experience with pasta!!!
502762502762B001J5WTC2A1JTA471TG46UFKristin A. Neal0041271376000Great for a lighter pasta optionI mostly use pastas in baked dishes, and this works well for me. I did not have the problems of the pasta being too tough. It's a good choice for people looking for a healthier altenative to whole wheat pasta.
502763502763B001J5WTC2A12ZSKWM95QKMQJ. Farina0051239321600Great Pasta OptionI am a huge pasta lover, but I've never been a fan of the nutritional stats of regular pastas. They have been getting better with more whole grain/wheat options, however this is by far the best pasta I have found. It did cook up firmer than regular pasta, which is actually something I like about it, and it held it's shape much better when used in soup than regular pasta has for me.

The biggest difference I noticed with this pasta was that it was a little more bland tasting than normal pasta, but that really didn't bother me. I found the texture nice, not grainy or chewy at all.

I did have to order this online, as it isn't sold anywhere near where I live. I ordered it straight from the Fiber Gourmet website. It shipped quickly, arrived on time and intact. It was more expensive than store bought pasta, I felt the price was fair for the benefits of this pasta.
502764502764B001J5WTC2AK7ULFG2FLGCAfaewm "fairywm"0141323561600pretty goodi got the sampler from the website... with the desserts... the crumb cake is pretty darn good... the brownies not to much... the pasta taste like pasta... doesn't cook in the microwave very well but it is pretty good pasta...
502765502765B004YVWO9QAKMYFDJGX7KNFarmadillo0051348617600Best BBQ Sauce for porkI ordered pork chops at a restaurant in my home town. It came with the best BBQ sauce I've ever tasted. I asked the waitress to find out the name of the sauce and thusI found and purchased thru Amazon, Cattleman's BBQ sauce. The following link will tell you all about it. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did. .Cattlemen's Barbecue Sauce, Carolina Tangy Gold, 18-Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack of 6)
502766502766B001P7AZN4A12R8EL59T0N3KJ. Blowers4441276041600Not dangerous, but pops quicklyI've had no problems with microwaving this kettle corn. It pops quickly though, so if you microwave it as long as other kinds, (or even as long as the packaging recommends), it will burn. As long as you pull it out as soon as you can start to smell it, it doesn't burn and tastes great.
502767502767B001P7AZN4AATQJWMI88ZP6Butch "pops"4441255651200tried them allEven after trying other gourmet kettle corn, we still keep coming back to this brand..just seems to have more of the kettle corn flavor you find at the local fairs
502768502768B001P7AZN4A2B0THC1Y8OEUNErica Sweetwater "E"3351305331200Best Tasting Reduced Calorie Kettle CornI have tasted nearly every brand of reduced calorie kettle corn on the market and this is by far the best tasting, otherwise, I wouldnt go out of my way to purchase it online. Moreover, my 12 year-old daughter agrees with me-which is a rarity. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding this product in local markets. Definitely worth a try for health conscious people with discerning taste buds.
502769502769B001P7AZN4A1EJSN2UUFB9TKMitchell0051349740800Super tasty, perfect sizeThis popcorn is just the right amount of sweet: not so overpowering that it tastes like candy, but you can definitely tell that it's kettle corn!

The portion size is also perfect for one person. I consider myself a relatively big eater, but by the time I'm done with one bag I'm pretty satisfied (mostly because it takes so much time to get through one).

I also like the nutrition breakdown of this popcorn: lots of fiber (4g), a solid amount of protein (3g), and no sugar. Sure, it has ~4g of fat, but overall it's almost a perfect ratio of fat to carbs to protein, with the added benefit of the fiber and lack of sugar. What a great snack! I can't think of any other food item that is only 100 calories, tastes this good, has even a marginally good nutrient breakdown, and tides you over for an hour or more.
502770502770B001P7AZN4A1LH4P5ACTLQNEJack'sMom0051338768000Getting harder to find!I LOVE this product and fewer and fewer stores are carrying it. It is the perfect snack size and at only 100 calories and wheat and gluten is a wonderful part of my daily routine. The perfect blend of salty and sweet. It his the spot every time. I take a bag to the movies to avoid the calories and salt in the movie theatre popcorn. :)

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