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502801502801B000LKWXRMA2JMG6NIIV61NNZach E-P5651212451200Delicious Duplex Cookies!These organic cookies are absolutely delicious! The chocolate tastes rich and not overly sweet, and this is balanced nicely by the vanilla half. The nutrition facts and ingredient list are the icing on the cake - so much better for you than Oreos and just as good (if not better) tasting. They may be more expensive than Oreos but it is well worth it. Highly recommended.
502802502802B000LKWXRMA36D286OLEJ1ZJno1shopr2251323302400Better than OreosCountry Choice Organic Ginger Lemon cookies are the tastiest sandwich cookies on the market. They have a tangy, fresh flavor that tickles the tongue and sets them apart from other, more mundane cookies. I only wish that they were more widely available locally. My whole family goes through six packages in about a week. If you want to stock your larder with an adventurous snack, you can't miss with these delicious sandwich cookies.
502803502803B000LKWXRMA336L3PQMHLPZRJonathan T. Elinsky "Member:War on Thoughtles...2251209945600Better than Girl-Scout Cookies!I never thought I'd find something comparable to those choc-mint Girl Scout cookies (sorry Girls), but these are some of the yummiest cookies I've ever had - certainly the best packaged I've ever had. If you like choc-mint, don't pass on these. AND ORGANIC TOO!
502804502804B000LKWXRMA3TD1O4EC26NT2swootchie1151328832000Can't tell the difference between these and Oreo Golden's!These taste just like the Oreo Golden cookies. We love vanilla sandwich cookies and were looking for healthier choice. These organic cookies are just the perfect solution. Healthier (than cookies with unnameable ingredients) and delicious!
502805502805B000LKWXRMA16I6WJUEBJ1C3doctorsirena "doctorsirena"1151315094400Super great - way better than OreosThese chocolate cookies are an organic version of Oreo-type cookies but are far superior than that name brand, in my opinion. They are seriously addicting and I cannot buy them anymore because I tend to eat toooooooo many and the package is gone in a couple/few days. They are not particularly healthy - they are a cookie, after all! The cookie part is nice and crunchy (almost tending toward light and crisp) with an excellent chocolate flavor. The filling is great - smooth and creamy (does not get hard like some other oreo-types) with a good degree of sweetness. I have also tried the Paul Newman brand of oreos and was not that impressed. The Country Choice far exceeds all other brands - highly recommend!
502806502806B000LKWXRMA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"1151216684800Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Organic. Kosher. Nice smooth vanilla creme filling between two chocolate wafers. A "classic." Shipped extremely well. 24 perfect cookies in the first package I opened. Great with a cup of your favorite organic coffee. Kosher D from processing on shared equipment. 65 kcal per cookie. I put 2-4 cookies in zipper snack bags to make convenient portions. I save and reuse these snack bags for when I open the next "big" package. Easy to keep these fresh in an airtight cookie jar or gallon (4 ltr) ziplock bag. Great value for organic cookies. Another winner from Country Choice. Also really like Country Choice Organic Chocolate Cremes Sandwich Cremes, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6). This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
502807502807B000LKWXRMA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"1151215648000Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Organic. Kosher. Nice smooth chocolate creme filling between two chocolate wafers. Shipped extremely well. 26 perfect cookies in the first package I opened. Great with a cup of your favorite organic coffee. Kosher D from processing on shared equipment. Easy to keep fresh in an airtight cookie jar or gallon (4 ltr) ziplock bag. Great value for organic cookies. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
502808502808B000LKWXRMA2KZ7L4OATB5V2C Rosenfeld "NYMOM"1151210464000AwesomeClosest to regular Oreos among the organic ones....we cannot eat regular ones any more...we have grown to love these.
502809502809B000LKWXRMA2Q7XZE9TW70FRcookie lover "into_light"1151187481600Melt in Your MouthMy local supermarket carries Country Choice Vanilla Wafers, but not the sandwich cookies. These are truely a melt-in-your-mouth treat. The cookies do crumble easily, unlike the more famous chocolate sandwich cookie, but the vanilla creme more than makes up for that. I just ordered the last box, sorry folks, you'll have to wait for a new shipment!
502810502810B000LKWXRMA3PNRMGW0WX5TRT. Miller1151184371200Great alternativeMy kids loved these cookies. They could not tell the difference between these and Oreos. I would not recommend eating as many as you want as the last reviewer stated. Two cookies contain 130 calories but your body should process it better than items containing refined sugar.
502811502811B000LKWXRMA2IEC71PK3NAGPAffan Kermani "Affan"1151179187200Yummy and healthyClean tasting cookies. Just wish they can make it a little less sweet. Much better tasting and superior ingredients than regular cookies like Oreo. You can feel the difference in every bite.
502812502812B000LKWXRMA2HJNYVZB0SFU7Mary Fisher3451235606400Found Them! The best cookies!These cookies are great. Far better than Newman's. My husband loves these cookies, and they have been slowly disappearing from grocery shelfs. Actually, they HAVE disappeared. Now...yippee!
I bought the '6 pack' for my husband for Christmas, and he had tears in his eyes...I'd been searching for them since I found a cache while on vacation last summer (when we went back for a fall visit, the store no longer carried them!). Worth the price. He's stretched 4 packs for 2 months...I want to be sure to get them while they are still available HERE! THE FREE SHIPPING makes buying here much cheaper than buying from the 'factory' website...same price, but expensive shipping.
502813502813B000LKWXRMA3W3T9KTDQ4PHOEPFAN2351229990400Geat product but OVER-PRICEDGreat product!!!!! Some of the best cookies on the market.Shame local grocery stores do not carry these, at least not in NC. Buy these from Amazon only and get free shipping. Buy from any other seller here(Nutricity) and it will cost you double what Amazon sells them for .
502814502814B000LKWXRMA2EP2LABE0UQTYJ. J. Rosenfeld2351180656000Fabulous cookiesThese cookies smell like 'real' oreos when you open the package. But they are organic and have no saturated fats.

My son has autism issues as well as type 1 diabetes and these are a great snack for him.
502815502815B000LKWXRMA2U2WLBD7749MFRobin0051347926400Best organic sandwich cookieI've bought these cookies from my local store and they are hands down the best organic sandwich cookie. All other brands of organic sandwich cookies come no where near on taste and texture. I always get this brand now.
502816502816B000LKWXRMA2DWEPKW0OK8ZOR. Christopher0051343088000Much Better than Newmans O!For those of you who remember Hydrox, the battle continues - now in organic land. Newman's chocolate creme sandwich is tasteless. It can't hold a candle to even the original Oreo. But Country Choice is as close as I can recall to the Hydrox brand. These are delicious! Give them a try. You won't be disappointed. Most Stop and Shop carry them.
502817502817B000LKWXRMAFDYUW3AD61Z4Melanie0051340755200YummiestCountry Choice, I love these cookies. Both Newmano's and Country Choice Sandwich Cremes are ORGANIC, but even though Newmano's are yummy, I like the texture of the cookie part of Country Choice. And, they are made in Minnesota which is the best. Move aside "Oreos". Country Choice are better than "Oreos" and better tasting. The only downside is the name, not very catchy. Yeah for Amazon Subscribe and Save for the price.
502818502818B000LKWXRMA32P5SHFXSWHUWjill hughes0051339027200Better than OREO'sI decided to start an organic diet. I started with Newman's cookies. Amazon had a sale, and I decided to give County Choice a chance.
I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I did. I love them. They are better than OREO's.
502819502819B000LKWXRMA1L6M9TIVXWN1Craig Coffaro0041334448000I like em on the cheapHow about $1.50/12oz. pack at a special discount store in Ft. Worth? Yes, they have gone out of date, but do I care? They are good, but I have to pace myself and not lose control. So far, the only ones they have had are the vanilla. I long for the old Keebler Vanilla Cremes that, like so many other Keebler cookies, are not made anymore. These are really good.
502820502820B000LKWXRMA219DOXFZUDT3W. Bradley0051315440000Best tasting organic snack out thereI always wanted a organic snack that tasted good. For me they the best, as they are organic, good tasting and reasonable price. I always bought them on sale at our local grocery, but that didn't happen too often. When I found them on Amazon, at a lower price, it was a no brainer to order them. I have my order set up to repeat on schedule, so I don't even have to take time to order.
502821502821B000LKWXRMA2LBQ5IKZL4KQ6CookieLady0051310428800Loving the LemonI have never in my life written a review on any product until today. These cookies have compelled me to speak out! The Ginger Lemon is just great! The ginger is not over powering and the lemon is tart and sweet. Together, they are amazing. But, even better, in my opinion, split the cookie open! I love to eat the crispy ginger outer shell and then savor the lemony middle. The only down side, I can eat the whole package in one sitting!
502822502822B000LKWXRMA2Q8GFSEUSGJ51S. WIlliams0041299110400Super Yummy, Not Super HealthyOrganic does not equal healthy. OK?

That out of the way, these are super yummy. Far better than Newman's Ginger-O (and I'm usually a big Newman Organics fan) and the hint of lemon is very, very good.

These are addictive in a Girl Scout Cookie kind of way and, yeah, I do think they're a better choice than, say, Oreos, but this is still a processed snack food, no doubt about it, albeit one with an ingredient list you can actually pronounce.
502823502823B000LKWXRMA15Y1NJ0YE3FRIrachelmae0051293321600YUMBest cookies ever! Honestly my fav!! And they are WAYYY healthier than almost any other cookie. I love these and the price is great on here especially with subscribe and save!
502824502824B000LKWXRMA4XB95O211M0XM R CAT0051288742400Definitely a five-star itemI agree with all the other reviewers who state that these are delicious lemon cookies. However, one stated that they are extremely lemony, which I did not find. They are sweet and lemony, but not excessively at all. Perhaps our lemon perceptors are quite different. Anyway, they are terrific, and this is coming from someone raised on Oreos, etc. who is very picky about their organic and natural products measuring up in taste to the tasty junk out there.
Amazon shipped them quickly and well packaged also.
502825502825B000LKWXRMA2BRGVPWXH6PNVS. Perry "sp"0051192579200Yummy!I love these cookies I think they taste better then Oreos and buying them in bulk happens to be a little cheaper then at the grocery store.
502826502826B000LKWXRMA1UJ6I72N22HT7S. Andrews "Sunsh!ne"0051183852800Absolute fabulousThese cookies are great! I did not think that I would find anything that even remotely come close to oreo, but they do. Actually, I like these better. You can eat as many as you want and not get sick. Try that with non-organic cookies. When eating organic cookies, you actually taste the quality. You will not get a sugar rush (headache) like the rest.
502827502827B000LKWXRMA2Q4743MI891PFMEK1251325376000Delicious!!These delicious cookies are free of trans fats. They do have 130 calories in two cookies, so one should practice moderation. We have been enjoying them for years, particularly in Vanilla, but they can be difficult to find. Amazon offers them at a good price. The cookies are available in Ginger-Lemon, as well, which are good sometimes for variety.
502828502828B000LKWXRMA1E7G56OX03JKORanch Girl1251268870400Yummy!!These are delicious. My teenage daughter likes them much better than any other brand. She says they soak up milk better when dipped. And it's nice that there is no trans fat or high fructose corn syrup!
502829502829B000LKWXRMAQ7XTAKDVRSAAD. Powell1251260144000Delicious, yet not too sweetThis product is wonderful! A nice change of pace for those wanting a nice cookie that is tasty, yet not too sweet. It is nice and flavorful, and makes a perfect afternoon or early evening snack with a hot beverage or a cold glass of milk. I highly recommend them!
502830502830B000LKWXRMA1RG4WKNMPYS4Xairfirehorse1251238630400Perfect cookies!I have to admit I expected these cookies to be mediocre since they are "organic". Most of the time organic prepared foods mean "flavored with fruit juice instead of real sugar". Yes, I love sugar even if it is bad for me and these cookies balance sugar, chocolate, and vanilla perfectly. My biggest problem will be not eating too many of them since they come in bulk. I'm just hoping they last 2 weeks!

Now I plan to buy the other flavors of this brand.

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