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502831502831B000LKWXRMA3QFVEQNX2FQ8PDeja Vu "Angela"1251236816000Hard to Resist!The Duplex cookies are delicious! It is difficult to keep a package in the cabinet for long periods of time because everyone needs "just one more." Excellent organic cookie that I will be purchasing regularly.
502832502832B000LKWXRMA2UNFXA6MT04ZAJ. Stevens1251229040000Best cookies I've ever had!!These are the best cookies I've ever had. I was never a fan of oreo-type cookies until I tasted these!! With a really nice cookie outside and a mint creme that is delicious (they're not too minty but just right), you will LOVE these cookies!! I am now a fan - and the fact that they're organic is an added bonus.
502833502833B000LKWXRMA9J54RLIQR14SChris H1211194566400Yuck... they changed the recipe!I don't know why but they changed the recipe or I got 2 bad bags of cookies in the last 2 weeks from local store. I used to love these but they don't have the same chocolate taste. I recomend Newman's.
502834502834B000LKWXRMAW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas0151320710400My favorite sandwich cookieThese are my favorite chocolate sandwich cookie. The chocolate is more semisweet than the other famous brand & these are also not so sugary sweet. They are not health food (darn) but are a tasty treat in moderation.
502835502835B000LKWXRMA133V2HHJRYBE2D. Ruiz "fashion bargain hunter"0151316131200GREATThis product taste great and is worth the money. I receive this product via subscribe and save subscription and am so happy Amazon has this option for a great product.
502836502836B000LKWXRMA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"0151241395200Crunchy & mintyUPS just delivered them so of course I had to try them before lunch. The chocolate wafer is nice and crisp and the mint creme center has a moderate mint flavor. If you take the wafer apart like one would do for an Oreo, the center is a bit gritty like the sugar wasn't fully blended. However I still prefer these over an Oreo since the combined flavor is wonderful and they are organic. Now I wish I'd purchased the oatmeal and chocolate chip while the coupon offer existed. These small 6 packages will disappear too quickly at my house.
502837502837B000LKWXRMA1N50U4PKW3PO9Toni Anderson "tonistreasurechest"0151233273600a Family Favorite!The whole family LOVES these fudgy, chocolately treats! Knowing they are 100% Organic and have only healthy, pure ingredients not only makes them Taste Better but I (mom) feel much less guilty when I am enjoying them! My daughter demands that two of these always be present whenever I pack a school lunch. My toddler can't get enought so I have to hide them sometimes and my husband would sit down and eat half the container if I didn't shoo him away. Good Stuff!
502838502838B000LKWXRMA1329T063VD37Bvassel0131229472000Recipe Still The Same- ScrumptiousJust bought these again at Kroger- Unbelievably tasty- beats Oreo but is more expensive and actually worth it- plus no high fructose sugar.
502848502848B001KJ7FOYA3EXWV8FNSSFL6Daniel G. Lebryk5551251936000Miss Those Little Tiny BottlesSan Pellegrino, Limonata; still manufactured in Italy. Still the same great intense lemon flavor without all the sweetness. A beverage to be savored and drunk slowly. They're now packaged in this more American, big old serving size, almost 12 ounces. I loved this drink when it was in those little tiny 3 or 4 ounce bottles.
502839502839B000LKWXRMA2OS7FH8MYEESGMatt Albright1351183075200The best cookies ever!I have reason to believe that these are the absolute best cookies that have ever been made and I am very excited to know that they are available on here! :) Woo-hoo! I could eat these non-stop for days.
502840502840B000LKWXRMA1YXP4M8L0MIODA. Chan1831191283200A little disappointed in Amazon Grocery...I ordered the ginger lemon cremes, but was very disappointed to find Amazon screwing up so badly. The outside of the box as shipped from the vendor to Amazon clearly says "VANILLA" in very large letters, but Amazon slapped a sticker with a barcode on it that tags the box of cookies as "ginger lemon cremes," so now instead of enjoying the ginger lemon cremes I had been looking forward to tasting, I have to go through the hassle of trying to return these and hopefully get Amazon to send me the right product a second time around. So, now I have to wait to see if I actually get ginger lemon cremes in another few weeks or however long Amazon takes. Boy, their service has gotten worse and worse every year since I started buying stuff from Amazon back in their early days.
502841502841B000LRFYASA2883DDIIY8TQS. Hornet1141334016000I wonder if it is real honey? (updated)I still find it strange that the so-called "thyme honey" is not aromatic. I have never tried Greek honey before and I found it rather strange. Meanwhile I tried other kinds of Greek Honey and I begin to understand that it is different from other kinds of honey... It is thicker and even though not so aromatic it still tastes good, therefore I upgraded my rating. Not bad at all... just different.
502849502849B001KJ7FOYA22MMSD11Y2ELTPatty2251326153600HEAVEN ON EARTH PERFECTIONI first tried a sampling of the San Pellegrino Limonata at Costco and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with this drink. It is Heaven on Earth PERFECTION!!! I HAD to buy it right then. Now I can only find it at certain times of the year then I tried Amazon, and to my amazement, it's here. I can get more anytime I want......FINALLY!!! If you like tangy drinks...this is the one for you!!! I found my favorite chili (WOLF CHILI NO BEANS)and now my favorite drink, both on AMAZON!!! I will definately belooking for more ofmy favorites of everything from food to movies and music to books.

Again...... If you like tangy drinks...this is the one for you!!!
502850502850B001KJ7FOYA1V0HH98RZS7MDJ. Duong1151325548800Love this drinkI absolutely love this drink. It is a must try for anyone who likes sour drinks. It is very fizzy and tart with a great lemon taste and scent. It tastes very light too and even though it has as much sugar as a soft drink, it is not overly sweet. I love the little covers on top because it keeps the lip clean.
502851502851B001KJ7FOYA1OAWK0B4IAMGWD. Julien "djulien"1151318291200Flavor On 100!Awesome flavor on first taste, and the carbonation just enhances the pleasure! I just tasted it approximately 5 minutes ago, and it will definitely be my new drink of choice.
502852502852B001KJ7FOYA3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden1151315958400Quite tart and tastyAlthough not too sweet, it does have just enough sweetness to carry it through. It is also quite tart, and as a whole, is very tasty. I prefer their Aranciata flavor, but my girlfriend prefers these. Go figure, lol. Really though, this is an excellent sparkling beverage. Plus, the subscription price is really a great deal. Individually, these average $1.29 each here in SLC, but the 24 pack is around $16 here on Amazon. Bueno. Enjoy!
502842502842B000HKGYD0A1IP04QSYWO4TWJVAN "Electronics Shopper"2231244419200Not sure what all the hoopla is about...This review is for the coffee, not the roaster (Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters). The roaster is fantastic. I would order from them again. True to their word, the coffee had been roasted 3 days before it arrived; the perfect time to give it a try. It came in a resealable gold foil/mylar exhaust pouch with a flat bottom. It was clearly labeled with the coffee type and roast date. Now on to the product.

I've been curious about 100% Blue Mountain estate coffees for years, and after much research, the Mavis Bank Estate came up as one of two that I wanted to try. I ordered the 1/2 pound bag; partially because this bean is so %^#* expensive, and also because I didn't want to get stuck with a pound of beans I might not like, and wish I had the fifty bucks back in my pocket. I much prefer Kona or a Costa Rican peaberry to this. It's a nice coffee; maybe too "nice". If you're a connoisseur of mild coffees, this is the one for you. It makes Gevalia Light Roast taste like French roast. Too delicate for my taste. I made a few pots, and kept increasing the amount of coffee. It looked pretty scary whe I was using 6 scoops for five "cups", but always tasted bland and watery. I tried it with just a hint of sugar, and nothing else.

I'm not into 100% dark roasts at all; I hate that burnt taste. In fact I use a medium roast for my espresso machine. I'll try running some of this through it. Maybe It'll extract some flavor from this curious bean.
502853502853B001KJ7FOYA2HGIOFCYNVVT1P3T31151315785600Zestfully refreshingI have not tasted any other beverage on the market quite like it. If you have ever enjoyed fresh-squeezed lemonade with lots of lemons, you will like this drink. If you are a person (like me) who enjoys eating plates full of lemon wedges, you will love this stuff. I bought multiple cases and am enjoying every refreshing can. Who needs all of the over-caffeinate science experiment energy drinks - one sip of this will wake you right up!
502843502843B0040BA0DMA22XRLO2HBE0UBHilary York "Luv2read"0051345852800Awesome Dog Food!I have a Boxer and they tend to have sensitive stomachs. She does really well on this food, plus it's good for her. My vet said Merrick was one of the best dog foods on the market. I highly recommend it for your pet!
502854502854B001KJ7FOYA1OOZTFJ9VXQT7M. Kurek ". . . on a journey through life"1151315008000Best Lemon Flavor Ever!My mom is Italian and she just celebrated her 95th birthday party. My sister from Illinois bought the beverages for the party and brought the San Pellegrino Limonta and also their orange drink. I love anything lemon. I just love this product. It was in the high 90's the day of the party - what a hit this refreshing drink was. I couldn't find in local stores so purchased from Amazon. My mom has one or two cans every day. Very nice sparkle. The lemon is nice a tart and taste like fresh lemons. The orange is a little sweeter.
502855502855B001KJ7FOYAV6BQVVC1XE4EEric L. Fletcher1151313712000Refreshing, tasty and cheaper than the supermarketThe perfect summer drink; not quite lemonade not quite lemon-flavored sparking water. It is about half way in between. Do note that this isn't just flavored sparking water- there is some sugar added so you are looking at 150 calories or so a can. Half of a can of soda or lemonade, but a lot more than just water and lemon slices added. Still, I had a very hard time keeping them in the fridge this brutally hot summer and they were great in my brown bag lunches. The orange flavor is very good as well San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverage, Orange, 11.15-Ounce Can (Pack of 24)
502844502844B0040BA0DMA3TWN12BFTUYN5John Wiley0051345248000Our dog loves this foodOur dog really seems to like Merrick Whole Earth Farms dog food. We had been feeding Merrick Five Star Wilderness Blend which she liked as well but this is a less expensive but equal quality alternative. Great product, great price and with free shipping so easy and convenient.
502856502856B001KJ7FOYA262U1DCSTWYLItripletmomma0051344297600Crisp & refreshingI had this drink at a restaurant while on vacation and I liked it so much that I had already ordered a case online before I was even home! It is very tart, but that's what I love about it. It is definitely not sweet like the lemon-lime sodas you may be used to. I have also tried the orange and blood-orange versions of this drink but still prefer the limonata. Delicious and very refreshing! I can imagine it would be fabulous in a cocktail.
502857502857B001KJ7FOYA2UL4M5SXL7L0Abasieswings0051342310400OMG WOW Delicious!!!Very lemony and a bit sweet, this stuff is WAY better than what I was expecting. I took my daughter on a walk today and it was VERY hot, so we stopped by our local convenience store. I wanted a beverage that wasn't soda, and I already had a water in the stroller. I grabbed this, expecting it to be like perrier lemon, which is just so-so. I didn't want a soda because I generally don't do sugary stuff but I bought it without looking at the ingredients, in a hurry. I got outside the store and popped the top. It IS very much a soda, a lemonade soda in fact, but one without tons of ingredients (I checked after I tasted he sweetness of it). I gave my daughter a sip, and she started immediately fussing "shook, shook!" (juice lol) for more. This is one sodapop I'll definitely get again. It is DELICIOUS!!!
502845502845B0040BA0DMAPYVPWHWZ2C65Michelle Rubio0051335657600Great Upgrade!I used to buy a different bag of dog food everytime I would go to H-E-B for my dogs..I KNOW, don't hit me! I'm horrible! :( lol. I had to buy dog food and puppy food since I have two dogs of different ages. Once my Chow started hitting a year though (thank the Lord!), I wanted to buy the same dog food for both my dogs. I started getting a litte more concerned about the quality of my dog food and this was the cheapest I could start off with. It's been amazing so far (it's been two months). My German Shepherd mix has actually gained weight and that made me so happy! I got her when she was 100+ pounds but I think the transition from owner to owner got her kinda sad and she dropped to the 70 pound range and no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn't eat. Now, she's always hitting up her feeder and is back up to 85 pounds. Her coat looks great; very shiny! It's also been good to my Chow. I had read better ingredients made the dog poop less and I didn't believe that until I purchased this food. It's a very surprising change. Overall, very glad I decided to be a more informed pet owner. This is the top rated dog food on right now and all of the reviews concur with the fact that it's the best bang for your buck. VERY HAPPY!
502846502846B001KJ7FOYA6FIAB28IS79Samuel Chell191951255651200Prima Donna of PopsI've loved European soft drinks since being introduced to them in Sweden as a teenager--"sockerdricka," a banana-flavored carbonated beverage, was my favorite. Far more variety than their American competitors--and less sweet! For a buck a can you can't beat a Limonata with its foiled cover (so chic, lots of cachet conveyed to the consumer even before the first sparkly sip) and its crisp, just-sour-enough flavor. Count me a subscriber of this one (if only American beverage-makers weren't so terrified of marketing anything that wasn't loaded up and down (the adrenaline pattern of the consumer's blood sugar counts) with dozens of teaspoons full of sugar (call it fructose, honey, sucrose, dextrose--it's still gratuitous, unhealthy, taste-neutral sugar!).

This has quickly become my second favorite drink available from Amazon. The first is Blenheim ginger ale. (Don't even consider any other brand, regardless of its price or "exotic" origins. It's all bland.) Blenheim is the only ginger ale that will clean out your sinuses, ream out your internal plumbing and, as James Brown used to say, put pep in your step and gut in your strut. Burn, baby, burn! (Could just as well be Blenheim's motto.)
502858502858B001KJ7FOYA26JYIPTHH25VCMoto0051330560000Simply delicious!Love this stuff! It is to lemonade what the starship Enterprise is to a Bi-Plane. Not that I would know first hand, but I hear tell that it goes pretty good with Vodka!
502847502847B001KJ7FOYA294SHLWPSG1BPRyan Winkleman6651289088000Great sour lemon tasteI hate sparkling water, so I was reluctant to try this for fear that it would taste like S. Pellegrino's sparkling mineral water...much to my amazement, I LOVE the taste of this! I love pretty much anything with a lemon flavor to it, and although this isn't really a lemon flavor per se, it has enough of a lemon taste to be called "limonata." This looks like a traditional soda, since it comes in a traditional soda aluminum can. This, however, is more of a carbonated sour lemon drink that is more cool and refreshing than any soda without being excessively sweet or syrupy like regular citrus sodas can be. The only catch is that it really is sour (not excessive, but fairly strong in sourness), so if you don't like sour things you will not like this drink. You are better off going with the San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverage, Orange, 11.15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), which is not sour at all and is more of a sweet, orange flavor. If you like lemons or if you are tired of the usual Sprite/Sierra Mist/Mountain Dew flavors then give this drink a try. It is a refreshingly different twist.
502859502859B001KJ7FOYA2ARNGODSP54KVE. Anderson0021328918400Super SourAll I could taste was the lemon. Not like lemonade, much more sour. I tried watering it down and adding sugar, but no luck. I couldn't drink this beverage.
502860502860B001KJ7FOYA169IAZSKWHOZUAngela Allen0051327968000San Pellegrino LimonataWonderfully refreshing. I find other brands of sparking lemonade (Sunkist) to be too sweet so I agree with reviewers that say this is more tart, but not extremely. Great mixed with Woodford Reserve bourbon.

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