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502861502861B001KJ7FOYA3G6VHKUAZ9EO6L. Ehrlich0051323302400ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!Both the lemon and the orange San Pellegrino are the perfect soft drink (contrary to some reviewers, I don't find the lemon tart or sour at all - it has just the perfect tinge of sweetness)and the perfect cocktail mixers. Vodka and lemon or vodka and organge over ice are the new "house drinks" at my parties - everyone loves them. Try the orange with a splash of tequila for a most unusual and delicious margarita. I am hopelessly addicted to this stuff. If you have a Gelson's market nearby, they carry it (it's currently on sale for $3.99 for a six pack). Great stuff.
502862502862B001KJ7FOYAMZEKVDTWGUBCValerio Barone0051314316800Best soda yetFinally a lemon soda really worthy of its name. All the usual ones, such as 7 up, Sprite, mountain Dew, and the million other generic-type citrus based soft drinks can't even compare. They are just too sweet and seriously lack any natural lemon taste. Also, the usual sweetener used for them is corn syrup, cheap to produce and with an objectional after taste. San Pellegrino Limonata has real lemon flavor because of the real juice content and is sweetened with real sugar. It's the new standard for the ideal citrus soft drink, as far as I am concerned.
502863502863B001KJ7FOYA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0051314316800Refreshingly Perfect Sparkling Lemonade!This is my favorite drink atm.. Still has high calories ( 150 a can/ 35 grams carbs ) but tasts great really cold and even better with a spash of Vodka... I bought this flavor and the orange, and prefer this flavor. A fun extra tasty sparkling lemonade drink! :)
502864502864B001KJ7FOYA1NK84VPC2I0QRacspur10051314057600ExcellentThis lemonade is the best I have ever had !!! I would recommend this as a great way to discover this companys products
502865502865B001KJ7FOYA3IMNT53LSJR4UG. Dunshee "voracious reader"0051312070400Great Soda!I love this stuff! I was so glad to be able to find it on Amazon! It is refreshing and tasty, and not sweet. It is tart and lemony.
502866502866B001KJ7FOYA1V4PWXP7YOBVMMr. Coughlin "dexmike"0051308441600Delicious!REALLY GOOD STUFF...VERY SOUR.
Cans a a bit small, but with the subscription price not too bad. Excellent alternative to soda
502867502867B001KJ7FOYAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0131320710400Sour Ball Soda...If you're a fan of sour-ball candies, you might like this Italian-made drink. This product contains eighteen percent pure lemon juice [roughly two ounces]...a bit too much for the amount of fluid in an eleven ounce can. They loaded thirty-six grams of sugar into this beverage, but still, it was not enough to counteract the extreme sour taste. If you chill it way down, it becomes quite drinkable, but be forewarned, the acidic level is nearly caustic and may cause you to gasp. I had higher expectations for this drink, since its orange-flavored cousin is delicious. The old Latin admonition,'caveat emptor', definitely applies here.
502868502868B001KJ7FOYA20EOQWXI34TIOMatt1531283385600Strong on the lemonsThe lemon flavor is a little overwhelming, almost tasting artificial. I need to drink this with ice and it tastes pretty good like this!
502869502869B001EO5NSKA3LS3CMFXQ8V5HJune Robin6731168300800This item is OK, not great!Expecting a GREAT item from Alaska Smokehouse and this is not it! It tastes OK; I've had much better tasting smoked salmon. We bought smoked salmon last time we were in Ketchikan, maybe I was expecting comparable quality. I think even my local Trader Joe's carries a fresher, better tasting smoked salmon...
502870502870B001EO5NSKAIJP1L72EKN1EWilliam G. Nyilas3451168300800Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon FilletHigh quality Alaskan wild caught smoked salmon at a very reasonable price
502871502871B001EO5NSKA2HY5TSTJCTVRZSJR2311260835200UnimpressedVery unimpressive for smoked salmon. Filet still had the skin on it, found bones (remember this is supposed to be a filet), so much fish oil in the package (once opened it was more of a mess than a treat. Was no better than a can of salmon, except at much higher price tag. I was expecting a "gourmet food product" and was highly disappointed.
502872502872B0047ZARQ6AO9H54LMQ4OUYGreg3341311120000Not quite the french cornichons!!!These are not quite «Cornichons extra fins» or fine gherkins for the USA. Inside this huge can, the average cornichons size is much bigger then the ones found inside a jar from Maille or even Carrefour brand. The vinegar used is just pure white vinegar instead of the more refines white wine vinegar used for Maille or Carrefour. Inside this huge can, I only found like ~5 or 6 pickle white pearl onion. There is more pearl onion inside a Maille jar (220g jar)!?!
Furthermore, even if the cornichons are grown & packed in India, the quality is still there but not the refinement. Many of them still have a small stem attached.
In conclusion, this will not replace the french quality & refinement but for what we can find in the USA, for the quality/price, is still hard to beat especially when a Maille jar is selling for ~$5 (220g) in a grocery store & if you can find it!!!
502873502873B0047ZARQ6A26S3QNWC9BDEHD. C. Alexander III "DCAIII"1131303603200cornichonsNot really the French equivalent, but good nonetheless. So far, the best French cornichons I've found come from, of course, Germany.
502874502874B0047ZARQ6A2SFI7NK490UREYves Labbe3451306281600If you are looking for the right cornichon in the US, this is itThis very large can contains typical French style tiny gerghins. Very sharp and crunchy. If you are used to Dessaux brand or Amora brand, you will not be disappointed and the price is a fraction of what you pay in the better stores if they cary this item. When I saw that these were made in India I was a bit worried that they would not have the taste I was looking for, but they proved to be excellent (Vinegar, tarragon, pickling spices - NO sugar) and tiny as supposed to be. I repack them for my pantry in recycled glass jars. Now I have good cornichons to accompany charcuterie and cold meats as well as making sauces, steak tartat and whatnot. I am very pleased and have added this item to my Amazon shopping list. Alas I am a bit in a pickle because I cannot stop eating them.
502875502875B006YUSFDEA9FEZUYHWKY1EJosh Rogers0011342828800Like eating rubber with a side of vinegarActually bought this exact item at the grocery store. I love pickled eggs but these are absolutely awful. It is all in the quality of eggs rather than the flavor really. These eggs were just like rubber and the yolk had no discernible flavor. These eggs are of just horrible quality and I'll be forced to throw the remaining out.
502876502876B001BCXAIAA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"2251252281600Rosarita No Fat Refried BeansMy husband does not usually like refried beans, but even he can get down with these. The texture is smooth, and it might help that I smother them in cheese and put them under the broiler. Awesome with Plocky's Tortilla Chips, Three Grain, 7-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12). A 1/2 cup serving has 100 calories (0 from fat), 18 carbs and 6 grams of protein.
502877502877B001BCXAIAAHVASC86C9VPSOne Tree in the Forest3451271548800Thank You AmazonI live in E.Tennessee, near a very large ConAgra plant. (These are made by ConAgra.) I don't know if these are made here, or were brought to this plant, but they were always available at the "Company Store" day for employees. A friend used to work there and would buy a case or 2 for me every time they were available. Prior to that I had never seen the product. They ARE NOT available in any store near me and they are not available in Chicagoland where I moved from 12 years ago. I am absolutely THRILLED that Amazon has this product. Through the years I have made my own fat free "refried beans" and Mexican Rice, and tried to keep meal sized portions of each in the freezer, but there is absolutely nothing faster than grabbing a can of these, some cheese, onion, flour tortillas, and making quickie burritos. OR, try adding some jalapenos and cheese and having a great, healthy dip in a couple of minutes in the microwave. The spicing is just right, the consistency is just right, they are nutritious without out any calories from fat, and they are so versatile. (My homemade Mexican Rice thaws faster than my homemade "refried beans" did.) I hate admitting to such laziness and impatience, but at least I have this wonderful product to reduce my sense of guilt. Amazon, Please keep carrying these and start carrying the other 2 NO FAT versions of Rosarita Refried Beans!!!
502878502878B001BCXAIAAPLWFOZEP9UT6boaco2351294531200Groceries on line!It's a nice way to purchase rosarita refried beans no fat, when the local market do not sell this item.
502879502879B001BCXAIAA2RIYGWGTK28VHStrgte542351252713600Mexican food loverAs a displaced Californian now living on the east coast, I have some specific tastes when it comes to Mexican cuisine. I cannot always find the brands that meet my expectations in taste and quality. I use Amazon to purchase staples such as these to keep stocked up. Rosarita is a brand that I can trust to have the flavor I expect. I do recommend this product as well as pruchasing it from Amazon. It arrived in a timely manner as always.
502880502880B001BCXAIAA3P0YVL8HECR89Mary E. Arnold "maryelise"0041348790400Not my favorite...Not as tasty as traditional Rosarita beans but, duh, these are fat-free so I'm not surprised. (I decided to try these because they're half the price.) I also noticed I have more gas when I eat these. (Sorry for being so candid, but someone might find this helpful.) I don't notice a problem with regular beans. I do like Rosarita overall because of the great texture, but I won't buy fat-free again.
502881502881B003TEIKP6A2NCYSS9N64D41Theo Van Wijk0051338336000Fabulous pasta!I agree with all the other reviews, this is my favorite wheat-free, corn-free pasta. I tried a couple of different brand of plain brown rice pasta, but they were soggy and blah. It must be the millet that makes this pasta more firm; it's the closest I've found to a traditional wheat pasta. My husband and daughter even like it! It's the only pasta I buy now.
502882502882B003TEIKP6A2CUEP5A2NQFY4Amazongirl0051318204800Great for GFree & Bloodtype OTastes great (like regular pasta). Cooks within 8 minutes. Use same day, very grainy if reheated next day. This is a gluten free product. This also works well for those who are following Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet (O).
502883502883B003TEIKP6AICMS8S5NLOHSGFbyDesign0051314316800Best Gluten-free Pasta I've had!I've tried many kinds of gluten-free pasta, but this is the best I've encountered. The texture is most like "normal" pasta and it stands up to microwave re-heating (leftovers). No one who has had it that isn't GF can tell the difference. The flavor is great!
502884502884B003TEIKP6A1X7XK8FURGA4XFeingold Diet Family0051296086400Great Pasta!!!We are a pasta loving family but when my son had to go on a special diet it was hard to find a brand of noodle that was approved by the diet and still tasted good. When we tried this product we were excited because it really did the trick and we can finally go back to making our favorite pasta dishes using these great noodles. Thanks Orgran!
502885502885B001A5RS54A3C290B2CWJAKJJudy D2251293840000perfect gift for a cookMy sister-in-law calls this "pearl pasta". She is an amazing cook and loves this Israeli Couscous so much that she hoards it. I will never again let an occasion go by without buying more of this for her. She was so thrilled!
502886502886B001A5RS54A1M5XCAY7KS9UIMichael Ellery2251286668800great product, great valuemy family and I love this Israeli couscous (also called "pearl"). It cooks up wonderfully and quickly and provides a nice side - the kids love it. I just season with a little basil olive oil or something similar after it's cooked.
502887502887B001A5RS54A2HQ9P8S18G2BZC.G.1151308528000a great side dishI love this couscous... Giada's recipe on the Food Network "Israeli Couscous with Apples, Cranberries, and Herbs" is my favorite to prepare. The link is [...]

I just had friends over for dinner and sent them each home with a container of this couscous as well as the recipe. Ordering on Amazon is such a breeze that I am never have to worry about running out of this delicious product!
502888502888B001A5RS54AFJL4VFOSTF5EMichelle1151302307200yumThis came quickly and it is such a great product. I cook up this couscous at least once a week! Love it!
502889502889B004R6DHE4ASPPE262FCEXDRich Kay "Rich Kay"0051342051200Basic but Yum and HealthySmooth and easy transaction. First time eating these. Great tasting rye berries. I use a rice cooker to cook up a weeks batch i add to my morning oatmeal and sometimes snack on during the day to add that unique chewy and satisfying texture. Great way to get in an excellent natural fiber source and nutrient dense yet tasty grain.
Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management
502890502890B004R6DHE4A3KHBDDWAJEPGFilbertjoy0051335571200Naturally healthyI have just discovered Rye Berries and love them. I mix them with quinoa to make a salad or breakfast cereal, and they are great to add to salads. No additives - just good plain food.

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