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502903502903B000UXY2ECA1IDL5POFX4KG8Guess Who7751280102400Wonderful Product but Cans not ProtectedI purchased this case of coconut oil from Amazon and this review is no reflection about them, it is more directed at the company Roland. I was exited to get this product and when it did come, it was in Roland's Box which was then inside of Amazon's box. So I realized that Roland's has their product already packed for Amazon to ship. After opening the box, all cans were dented and none were in good shape. I had to throw out 6 of the 24 cans because some of the dents were far more severe then the rest. With that said, I need to express how wonderful this milk is to use for smoothies and cooking. It has an amazing flavor with full fat. I lost 6 pounds since using it, without changing a thing in my diet or exercise. I use it for cooking veggies and in pancakes etc. But most of all I use it in my smoothies. I take one can which is 14 Oz and then pour in a quart mason jar, then I fill the remainder of the space up with purified water. It works out to 1/2 cup of milk equals 100 calories and about 1 Tablespoon of Oil fat from the coconut. I thought this was important because in Fife's book it is recommended that adults take approximately 3 Tablespoons a day for most weights and for very petite persons it is about 2 1/2 Tablespoons a day. So with that said, I use 1/2 cup of coconut milk in two separate smoothies a day which gives me 2 Tablespoons and then I cook with coconut oil to get the remainder that I need to get my quota or I use it directly on my skin. I feel totally different and I literally feel my cells coming to life.. My daughter suffers from horrible cycle pains of her monthly and after taking this for only 3 weeks her next cycle she was nearly pain free, It is truly a miracle for she suffered from disabling pain for years now and nothing helped her.

I truly recommend this product, I also recommend Coconut Oil from Nutiva (extra virgin) for it is the purest one I have found yet on the market.

For me I use it for my gallbladder issues. It has saved me much pain for I cannot take in any type of dairy or meats of any kind. I am trying to dissolve my stones by myself rather then opting for operation which can cause so many problems after surgery, not to mention the gallbladder has more uses then what is normally stated by docs.. Anyway, I use the coconut milk as 1/2 cup then add water to the blender to bring to the 8oz mark and then add 5 ice cubes. After this I add 1/2 cup raw organic beets cut up and then 1 cup of cucumbers, both these are amazing for gallbladder problems but not just that, they are amazing to cleanse your liver as well. Then I add 1 cup or more of greens to the blender, and 1/2 banana, a few cherries, or 1/2 strawberries, 5 blueberries, 5 blackberries or other berries, and any other veggie I can think of and blend with a Dr.Mercola Miracle Whey which has medium chained fatty acids just like coconut milk and wow, it is so delicious and what a way to get your veggies in... Dr.Mercola's products have no sugar but use of stevia..

Anyway, I feel totally different and could not live without this stuff..

If ONLY Roland's would find a way to have the product shipped to them without the damage of the cans.. This is a dangerous thing, for poisoning could take place. I'm sure its in the travel that it takes to get here to the U.S but their cans just roll around in the box, there is no padding what so ever.. So I guess I am saying that a person must realize they will or could lose more then a half dozen cans when it gets to you.. Someone should talk to the company about this. Other then that I think this product is much better then any other coconut milk on the market and I still do recommend it highly.
502904502904B000UXY2ECA18A9JKPZH2HO7Texas Mom6651294704000First time user of coconut milkI'd never tasted coconut milk and made the purchase because so many of the recipes in a recent cookbook purchase required coconut milk. I chose the Roland Coconut Milk based on the reviews and because it is organic. Well, I received my order a week ago and while I've not used the milk in any recipes, I'm hooked. I followed the advice of other reviewers and dilute the milk with a can of water and store in a glass quart pitcher. The only mishap was that I first used cold purified water so the milk wasn't smooth. In recent batches I heat the purified water to room temperature or a little warmer and then mix it with the milk. I've found the consistency to be much better.

Also, many reviewers reported that some of the cans in their shipment were dented or otherwise damaged. The company must have corrected this issue because mine arrived in a tight fitting box with no damage.
502905502905B000UXY2ECAQQWI5AH6K50Jlunabunny6651272931200Great price, great product!Great item! Definitely go with organic and don't but 'lite' types. You can the add water yourself-why pay the same for half the product. Nice generous amount of cream-even more so than some more expensive brands. Excellent for drinking when mixed with 1/2 to 3/4 can of water and a little vanilla. (Thickens when refrigerated.) Even good in coffee or cereals instead of milk.
502906502906B000UXY2ECA31J95OQNHWMF5Cathy Larripa5511310688000Loved it before, but this batch ... not so much!I ordered this coconut milk (24 cans!) before and loved it ... lots of creamy coconut fat that was as delicious in my morning cup of coffee as it was in curry dishes. I didn't hesitate to order again, but will have to try another brand next time. Multiple cans were dented on arrival, and every single can we've opened has contained a thin watery liquid (with less "substance" than skim milk!) with a small, hard, waxy piece of solid mass that can't even be broken up with a spoon. This was a very disappointing purchase.
502907502907B000UXY2ECAHTZ1NY75FZ4Zlmm5511309219200product has changed for the worseI agree with the two most recent reviews...I have been ordering this product through subscribe and save for about a year now and have gone through several cases of delicious creamy coconut milk. In May Amazon had a discount on this product so I ordered two cases, and so far the first few cans we have opened have been very disappointing. I too noticed a difference upon shaking the can, it was very liquidy and not at all how it used to feel. Upon opening it, there was no cream, it was very runny and looked oily. I didn't notice a bad taste with it, but it is nothing like the product I was used to. Tonight I used it to make coconut milk ice cream, and it was very gritty, not creamy, and never even froze in the ice cream maker like it used to (it was very runny upon scooping it out). I am very disappointed in the change in this product and will be looking for a new brand.
502908502908B000UXY2ECA3J41YC2WVHJ62N. Hall5551280707200Much better than soy milkAfter reading about the effect soy products have on the thyroid system, I decided to replace my soy milk with coconut milk. I have never been a big fan of coconut, so I was concerned I wouldn't like it. I was really surprised. I love it. It tastes rich like whole cows milk but with a touch of coconut.
502909502909B000UXY2ECA2PL0US7RN67GJennifer "Jennifer"5551271116800Love this stuffI don't know how much you can write about Coconut Milk, but I will give it a shot! This stuff is great. Very flavorful, with a nice sublte coconut flavor, not sweet or icky thick. I've found that with Organic Coconut Milk I have to open it with a can opener because sometimes the top gets hardened (coconut cream) and you have to scoop it out rather than pour it out. I use a full can every morning for my protein shake. Since using coconut milk, rather than cow's or soy my skin, hair, nails, well being have much improved. I use coconut oil and milk daily and have noticed a significant improvement to my overall health. I also began using coconut milk because of it's healthy benefits based on Bruce Fife's books on coconut oils. I get a case of Roland Organic Coconut Milk (24 cans) sent to me monthly using Amazon's subscribe and save. It is the best deal out there on the best product I have found!
502910502910B000UXY2ECAQ9XDYG0LKB3GreenOrganicMama "Busy Working Mom"4411326067200It's now watery! Don't buy!Like many of the recent reviewers here, I was also a long-time subscriber of this coconut milk. I can also confirm that my case originated from Sri Lanka; not Thailand like all the previous orders. We use coconut milk weekly, so imagine my surprise to find yellow water, instead of creamy, thick, white goodness.

Christine at Amazon was able to provide a refund, but was very non-committal about opening a work ticket for the warehouse to investigate this product. Guess they're not going to insist Roland change suppliers.

It was a good thing while it lasted. Now to try to find an organic alternative... If anybody has found a decent substitute, please share.
502911502911B000UXY2ECAM932QIVHGJZWKatheryn Osborne "keborne"4451283040000We love this milk !We have recenty given up dairy products and are using this with rice milk in a very tasty combination. This coconut milk is creamy and smooth. We like that it is organic...seems to be the best we have tried. We will be ordering more of this when our supply runs out.
502912502912B000UXY2ECA3RWUZ977NVWERmeemee "a Christian"4451279584000Revised commentUpdate added 8/25/10: I recently found that Roland is comparable in fat content that that of Thai Kitchen brand. I have three different brands of coconut milk on my shelf, and each one uses a different serving size...ugh! Sorry about that. It is a good milk; however, Thai Kitchen still seems to be a fuller-fat content as well as more consistent fat content than Roland. That said, for the cost savings, for many uses, it's not a big enough difference to be of concern, so I'll just keep some of both on the shelf and use Thai Kitchen for my puddings and ice creams.

Roland Coconut Milk is a very good-quality coconut milk; however, it only has 5g fat per serving, as opposed to the 14g fat per serving in Thai brand coconut milk. I checked out the nutrition info and ingredients to be sure I was ordering something comparable, but neglected to compare fat content. Unfortunately, this milk will not be able to be used in many of the recipes I need that 14g fat/serving for.
502913502913B000UXY2ECA2Z0NTPGA1WG4JK. Faesenkloet3311323302400I won't buy this againI have to say that I looked at the high marks that this got but didn't read the recent reviews. Silly me.

This coconut milk is thin and I don't believe as good quality as some other ones on the market.

The tins came in a big box and at least a third were badly dented.

I won't be buying this again and would suggest you look elsewhere for your coconut milk.
502914502914B000UXY2ECA33G7V74UQOOGRTLR3311316390400Last time I ordered it sucked.First two times I ordered the milk was awesome. Last time I ordered two cases they were all smashed and the milk was horrible. I was unable to return it because amazon said it was nonreturnable. The first two times I got the milk I would have given five stars, now I would advise against buying it. They can't even stand by their product by allowing a return on a bad batch.
502915502915B000UXY2ECA2SHVIC70Q99WFTravis3311310947200Inedible!I ordered one case a number of months ago and was really impressed -- some of the best coconut milk I'd had.

Then I received a case a couple weeks ago. I noticed it had a bit odd consistency, no cream on the top, but made a curry with it anyways, and was unable to finish it! I later tried to make a smoothie with it and almost vomited. What the hell happened to this product?

Disappointed, and not going to order from Roland again, even if they improve -- I don't trust their quality control.
502916502916B000UXY2ECA1BS54H8QB243HLaura M. Ricci "strega mamma"3311308009600second time around not a winnerI used to order this over a year ago on a subscribe and save basis, and was quite happy with it. I just re-ordered it, and opened 3 of 24 cans only to find that it was watery, and smelled off. I am definitely NOT ordering this again, and was told I could not return it to Amazon as it is a food product. I had to beg and plead with their customer service to get a refund. Caveat Emptor! This is not the same great product it used to be...
502917502917B000UXY2ECA2D2SKVWHRFKD7TheShrewdFool3311308009600Inconsistent qualityI placed my first order for this product in March of 2011, and I was very pleased with what I received (I had never tried coconut milk before). The coconut milk was thick and creamy. If I didn't shake the can before opening it, there was a layer of (very tasty) cream at the top.

I finished my first case at the end of May and decided to sign up for Amazon's subscription plan for Roland Coconut Milk. The new case arrived very quickly, but the content of the cans was not the same. This time, the coconut milk was watery and had a flavor I was not fond of. There was no layer of cream at the top of the can, and it just sounded differently when I shook the can (being of much thinner consistency).

Both products were Roland Organic Coconut Milk. I did notice some slight differences on the cans. The thicker, tasty, non-subscription cans were "AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED ORGANIC," had a 2004 copyright, and were a product of Thailand. The watery cans that came with the subscription had a "KLBD" symbol on them, were certified by Control Union Certifications, had a 2010 copyright, and were a product of Sri Lanka. Both cans listed the same ingredients and nutrition information.

I should also note that I had no problem with the packaging of my first, non-subscription order. There were very minor dents on about 1/4 of the cans, but nothing that made me consider throwing them away. The packaging of the subscription order was a mess. It was completely falling apart and a can fell out of the box when I picked it up. I haven't actually opened the box, I've just slid the 2 cans I've opened out of the holes in it. The one can that fell out was dented, but I think this was a result of the fall. The other can was in good condition.

If I had reviewed this product after receiving my first order, I would have given it five stars. The lack of consistency in the product quality and the poor flavor of the 2nd order lead me to give this product a 1 star review.
502918502918B000UXY2ECA3N11JX4W4FAHSvickilynn3321284681600Roland coconut milk - only half fatI bought this expecting it would be like my local coconut milk, but it is only half the fat and no where on Amazon did it say that. Most of the cans are dented and I am quite disappointed. I won't buy again.
502919502919B000UXY2ECA2XQZRQE5JEJ58K. Smith2211329696000DisappointedI have ordered this product in the past and been quite pleased with the quality; since we are dairy-free, I use a lot of coconut milk. However, my most recent order has revealed that this coconut milk is not what it used to be. It is watery, the coconut cream portion is hard and can't be whisked into the milk like it should be. There is NO way you could use this coconut cream portion - it is anything but creamy. I am so disappointed, and now I'm stuck with a whole case with limited useability and have wasted my money. I just canceled my subscription to this item; I will not be ordering it ever again!
502920502920B000UXY2ECAYSEEPK4NU31XGerman Oregano2241299888000Not badI am by no means a coconut expert but, I do know taste. Roland's coconut milk is light and creamy, with a hint of coconut. It is relatively sweetless, so if your looking for something that has very little sugar with a nice after taste, this is it. It is very smooth but the only thing which is a downer is there are tiny bits of coconut milk that have condensed. Not bad but if you don't use enough sugar it will be a bit disappointing.


502891502891B008CH7BAKAGF6ZHVQXGG5WKisha Grant-Bodden1151340668800GREAT PRODUCT, I'm HOOKED!!!Been having some issues sleeping... I looked online just searching for sleep remedies and teas, I came across this drink online I ordered a 12 pack. WOW!!! Slept like a rock and no morning sugar hangover, this grape flavored relaxation beverage is the new deal.

502892502892B008CH7BAKA4CAGOT4AJ74VYo0051348444800This is incredibleThis is good stuff. I love to drink it and relax. No hangover next day, nice sleeping. Not sweet.

I drink this now frequent and it is just an incredible product. Will purchase more.
502893502893B008CH7BAKA10PCP95XDB16KBen3n10051347408000So good!I love my sleep and nap time. Especially because I work night shift as a nurse. Working nights I have to sleep during the day which is near impossible with the sun beeming on me. With one can of Koma I just knock the hell out. Love this drink. =)
502894502894B008CH7BAKA1C6Q5HHUVOPODRyan0051341446400Great Taste & CalmingI was a little skeptical. Plus I'm not a fan of drinking a soda or anything like that before going to bed. But I'll drink one after work in the evening and it just gets my body ready for bed. All in all, I have been noticing an improved sleep cycle. I think its a big help to relax after a long day.
502895502895B000E8VXZ4A17RREM1BYOAR1Danielle F. Schef0051269820800Shin NoodlesI had ordered this for my spring break for when my boyfriend came into town, just because I thought it would be a nice little treat for him. Turns out they used to sell Shin everywhere in WA. I had never known because they don't in MI. So when he saw me pull this out of the bag, he started flipping out in excitement. "SHIN!!!!!"

I let him cook it the way he likes it, and I must say, this soup is better than Maruchan's. Hands down. I would order this again in the future. I highly recommend it, especially if you like spicy things.
502896502896B000E8VXZ4A1MM2S2256817R. Westfall4751160524800MMMM SpicyMMM I like this noodles real nice soup. Its well spicy and is just liek real soop from back hmoe. I love spicy shin bowl noodles soup well nice. Byebye
502897502897B000UXY2ECADU97N374HJA2Thomas Moertel444551237507200Great tasting, high quality, organic coconut milkI've tried a few brands of coconut milk since I have started cooking Thai-style curries, and, so far, I like Roland the best. It's organic, it tastes great, and it has the full fat content, which I prefer. If you're looking for a good, full-fat coconut milk, give it a try.

Ingredients: organic coconut milk, water, guar gum (thickener).
502898502898B000UXY2ECA2DZ9DH6920IGPC. D. Jones323351255996800Fresh coconutty--edges out Mae Ploy and ChaokohI use coconut milk on my low-carb diabetic, dairy-free diet to make whey shakes (sweetened with steveia), cocoa, and coffee as a creamer. I even make coconut milk yogurt with it. I have used the usually top-rated brands of both Mae Ploy and Chaokoh but both have preservatives I would like to avoid.

This arrived today and I immediately make a shake for lunch, and it is my favorite...very fresh tasting, more "coconutty," thick (not as thick as the two mentioned above, but thick enough). I use the whole can, add one can of water to make a quart. I love that it's just coconut milk, water, and guar gum.

Since I use so much of it daily and I use Prime Shipping, the savings on the automatic ordering help me out a lot. to make some coconut milk yogurt with this.
502899502899B000UXY2ECA1G44WBRK9UNI4SoDi363851252972800Sweet and creamy heaven at a great price!This coconut milk is delicious and a real bargain for organic!!! I use 2 or 3 cans a week of organic coconut milk because I use it in smoothies and like to drink it plain also or pour it over cereal. I pour the contents of the can into a glass quart container, then fill it the rest of the way with water, shake it up, and put in the fridge. When it gets cold, it is nice and thick again! This is the only milk I drink because I don't do cow's milk and I no longer do soy milk either.
502900502900B000UXY2ECACZB9XNC98UY1Dan Galbraith121251260230400Best coconut milk I've seenThis coconut milk is much better and more consistent than Thai Kitchen. We use it for homemade ice cream, and it makes a far better product. The price is right, and it's organic to boot!
502901502901B000UXY2ECA1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"101041274227200Very Good, Organic and No Preservatives!!! (SEE UPDATES!)We see why people like this brand of coconut milk. We like it, too. It is organic and does have guar gum (which is a food derived, natural ingredient), but it DOES NOT have chemicals/preservatives, which are bad for you. It is thick and creamy when slightly warmed, has a strong coconut flavor and tastes better than the brands with added preservatives. (We've tried a lot of them!) The ingredients are coconut milk, water, guar gum---that's it! I DO wish it said what percentage of coconut milk was in the can, some brands do, but other than that, we are happy with this brand. It DOES NOT have an expiration date printed on the can (we wish it did). The price is more than the brands with preservatives, which I don't understand, I wish it were lower, but if we want food with no preservatives/added chemicals, I guess this is what our option is. Hopefully, the price will come down. What we don't like is the shipping--9 out of 24 cans in the case were severely or moderately dented, which means we had to use them soon or immediately (not happy at all about that). However, we will order this brand again. UPDATE: Ordered second case, case was shipped "as is", broke open during shipping, all 24 cans arrived severely or moderately dented. Can't even open most of them with a can opener. Completely unusable and not safe to use. Unless packing for shipping changes, even though we love the product, we will not order again. Not happy about that, as we can't find a source to purchase locally. UPDATE: Contacted Amazon, they sent another case, better packing, only 2 cans minor dented. Thank you, Amazon! Will try purchasing again, as we love this stuff!
502902502902B000UXY2ECA1P24MSE19V7G7OnlybyHismercy "Jen"101051257638400Will buy again and again.I bought this as a milk alternative for making homemade ice cream because of dairy issues on my part. I have not been disappointed! It adds the fat for creaminess that almond milk does not (the good kind of fat, mind you!), and it tastes great. My husband loves it as creamer in his coffee, and it makes tasty smoothies in the blender. I highly recommend this product and will buy it over and over again.

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