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502951502951B000VVT9ICA37K84P15CP4MSPoetka1151298332800My dogs love them!These strips keep both of my toy dogs busy for hours. What I liked about this brand is that it had decent sized pieces and no unusable shreds at the bottom of the bag. I will definitely try some of the other products this brand offers.
502952502952B000VVT9ICA39RZIZVBTYO34A. Mackes1151292976000Yummy treat!My puppy absolutely loves these! I do recommend watching your pup/dog while they eat these just to make sure they aren't trying to swallow a big piece of it, and not give it too often as it is fattening. But it does make for a delicious, yummy treat!
502953502953B000VVT9ICA1EZH2UEMHMVQ8GrandmaB1151291420800Loved theseMy dog who is very fussy about her treats, absolutely loved these. They aren't the skimpy little chips that other brands offer and they weren't the full blown ears which my dog doesn't need to gobble down every time I give her a treat. It is a great product and we will be ordering again. Can you get this on subscribe and save?
502954502954B000VVT9ICA1H9IKWHWXRRFLSassy Girl1131282953600Okay Piggy TreatsThese piggy silvers are good but my dogs preferred Moo tube, tendons, and lungs over these! They have little smell and a bit greasy (like other pig ears.) Great for non-picky, moderate chewers.
502955502955B000VVT9ICA1BA3HEE3KPKGNPaulyEddyFreddy1151269561600Just the Right SizeI have a 25# dog, who loves pigs ears type treats. Problem is that all the ones I find in the store are way to big for him (I think so, but not surprisingly, he doesn't :-) ). These chews are just the right size and he loves them. Can't go wrong.
502956502956B000VVT9ICAGT9NF9UT80Y0Andy W.1141266451200Small Dog loves TreatsThe small dog loves these treats. But they are super fatty and hard for small dogs to eat.
502957502957B000VVT9ICA3LMPD1ZQTWOC4AmazonLover1151251072000I love these for my small dog.We have a Mini Schnauzer who loves these things. These are great for dogs in which a full pigs ear is too much for one sitting. I use these as a treat for my dog whenever I am going somewhere and she will have to stay in her cage. These are always gone by the time I get home and she gets right in her cage without a fight because she knows she will get one. I think these would be a huge waste for a medium to large dog as they would finish them so quickly.
502958502958B000VVT9ICAV83MD6CIICGJRonald G. Mims "sho_greg"3431296864000Aldi grocery store,,,,,YOU CAN GET A BETTER VALUE....

I bought these thinking they were something they turned out to not be. I guess I wanted the regular sized pig ears that I am accustomed to.

24 of these ears= about 8 regular sized Pig ears. That may be a generous ratio to give.

So all in all in my opinion there are better deals for this type of item...

So where do I get my dogs pig ears--

ALDI grocery store--- they have a company "SHEP" that produces some dog items for that chain of stores.

About $3 or $4 buys you 5 regular (LARGE) pig ears. A real great deal- dogs love them.
502959502959B000VVT9ICA1UWHYHADNLBA9D. Vanhoose "Concerned Reader of Reviews"0031336780800Made in USA, but Very Sharp Pointy EdgesAfter reading the reviews here about made in China, I was pleased to find that they must have been mistaken, ..... that the product is clearly labeled, Made In USA.

The product is fun for the dog, I have a 3 lb chihuahua, and he loves them. They are varying sizes, I'm sure ANY size dog could enjoy them. My worry is that they are VERY pointy - sharp as a knife. I watch him very carefully. I have also filed down some of the points with a commercial metal file. That was an easier option for me than returning, no matter how easy Amazon returns are, I hate to have to return things.

I see other Smokehouse products that I can try instead, so all in all I'm happy with the Manufacturer and the product quality.

So, while I give the product 5 stars for flavor and appeal, being made in USA, quality fresh when received - I have to deduct 2 stars for having to file down points.

For those that want a list of dog-treat/food Companies that are certified MADE IN USA, check this website: [...] and then find the area that is dog-made-in-the-usa. On the left, they have two brand lists, the top list is for the USA page, refine by company, etc. Click see more to see the entire list - - the ones they carry that are NOT made in the USA are grayed out. NOT made in USA, those include Beefeaters and Busybuddy!!!! - much to my surprise. I could have sworn Beefeaters said it had it's facilities FDA and HACCP certified on their About Us on their website. That would say to me that they are USA, but no where on their site does it actually state Made in USA, so hmmmm. Guess it's good to investigate.
502960502960B000VVT9ICA36EANE2RDJQ8KAmazonian Trevino0011334707200BadMore jerky that is made in China. Unknowing owners are feeding this potential killer to their loved pets. Please research dog treats you feed your pets before you end up heartbroken and with high vet bills.
502961502961B000VVT9ICA2KQY994VRSR17Den0041331424000My Lab loves them.THE GOOD: My Lab loves these. They are slivers not the whole ear which is easier for my old dog to chew on.

THE BAD: It would be better if the bag would be a zip-lock type - but they don't last long. So that really is not a big con.

OVERALL: a good purchase, would buy another.
502962502962B000VVT9ICA2MOJANFPX353GKen M0051323734400My dog loves theseI have a 8 month old mixed (mutt) poodle that current weighs in at about 15 pounds. The package arrive while the dog was outside. I took a piece out and placed it in the dog's bed. When I let the dog back in, it sniffed around a few seconds and then made a bee line for the bed. I swear, this little dog acts as if these pig slivers are treats.

Good enough for me to recommend them. :)

502963502963B000VVT9ICAX645IEO2KC14Karl Schneider0051323475200My dogs love them but there's not much chewing involvedSo far none of the 'chew' items I've found anywhere give my 2 crazy dogs any significant chew time...they just eat them in about a minute and a half (same thing for those huge expensive 'rawhide bones'.) I guess I need smaller dogs, but meanwhile my 2 canine cannibals love more are in the re-order hopper.
502964502964B000VVT9ICA1KRRXW5SXE5GHJeffrey A. Hanen "JeffWeHo"0051323216000Dogs Love Them!I was a bit surprised as some of the reviews here complained about the size. While not nearly as big as a standard pig ear, these make great tasty treats for my 60lb dogs. Much larger than I thought and I'm going to order a bunch more. Great price and product. A big 'Paws Up' from my two Boxers!
502965502965B000VVT9ICA21HQN8F8I9OU8A. Engebretson "California Girl"0051323129600My puppy loves these!My pomeranian puppy is teething, and she loves these! They are the perfect size for her, literally slivers not full ears. This is fine for her because she can't choke on them. I would get real pig ears for a bigger dog though.
502966502966B000VVT9ICA1AS2EIXHB5N5IK. Chism "designer"0041313712000Good for the priceThe product is very economical, as far as pig ears go. If you have a large dog or are really wanting to keep your dog busy for a while, get the whole pig ear. Our terrier puppy finishes the strips pretty quickly, but our older Sheltie likes the strips better than a full pig ear.
502967502967B000VVT9ICA1MGFKT7IYJ4Vnikki.2180051308441600Very good dog treatsI like these because they are not too big, so the bag lasts a little longer. My dogs love them. Price is pretty reasonable too.
502968502968B000VVT9ICA2RST646WKKOA4M. Galbick0051287273600Happy PuppyThis is the 2nd time I have purchased these dog treats. Our 8 month old puppy, (toy poodle and bichon mix), just loves them. We also give them to dogs of different sizes that belong to other family members and they love them, too. Next time I will order the bigger bag. We are going through them a lot quicker this time! I am so glad I found these on Amazon.
502969502969B000VVT9ICA3GXHLM35HKIISWilly J. Rodriguez "Scars"0051285718400Keep'em Coming!wow these treats are the best my 2 Labradors love them!! i purchased these for the 3rd time now and i must say they come exactly like the first time. they are perfect for dogs that love biting crunchy foods and its made in the usa so i know im giving my dogs real pork not an imitation from china my dogs love em and if they could speak they would say "keep 'em coming"! i recommend this product to any dog owners out there looking for treats to give their companions
502970502970B000VVT9ICARH6C39W4M9RYHARISH ABRAHAM0051285459200My puppy loves itYes, it will work for my GSD puppy. It will keep him occupied for 15 minutes, enough to distract him when kids are having food. :-)
502971502971B000VVT9ICA2WGR8TYRMQIIBSynic0051285113600Smelly+Crunchy=Puppy's favorite treatOur 4-mo old terrier is teething so she really lives up to her breed's rep. I got these after reading the reviews on Amazon, and our pup loves them. She goes off by herself and gnaws on one strip for about 30-40 min. We can clean the house, do laundry in another room, and eat dinner in peace with these silvers. It's almost like magic!

It is very greasy and there is definitely a smoky-sort of scent to these things. I think that's why she likes it. I hide a silver in one of her toys, and can leave the house without her even noticing that I'm gone. Highly recommended if your dog is teething, a terror (sorry, terrier!), and likes crunchy smelly treats!
502973502973B000VVT9ICA2FIEOI4X3ZF9ZFrank Contrada "bella"0051277424000sliversmy french mastiff is fussy about her treats. she will not eat all but she loves these slivers
502974502974B000VVT9ICA3QCMQD3GF3LY2Melissa "discriminating taster"0051270684800YumMy dogs go crazy for these little pig ear strips. They start dancing around as soon as I pick up the package.
502975502975B000VVT9ICA2PXNDE9ZA9RF2K. Dykman0051267660800My dog loves themAmazon has the best price I have found for this treat that my dog absolutely loves!
502976502976B000VVT9ICA2WUXRICH8FQ4Fly Bye "Toy Lover"0051264809600MADE IN THE USA!!!These are the perfect size for my pomeranians. 1 piece is about 1/3 the size of regular pig ears. My dogs love the taste. I love that they were made in the USA and not some other country!

Buy American!!!
502977502977B000VVT9ICA3IDLBFRTU9QCNS. Yiu0051264636800good buy especially you need to add up items for super savingsMy dog loves them. Even in slivers they are big enough for my over 100lbs dog. We used to buy whole pig ears and it's pretty messy because my dog crushed the whole ear and tiny shreds were every where.
502978502978B000VVT9ICA3RNJ9TMHLMZ0JS. Mason0051264464000Worked Great for TeethingMy new mini dachshund pup chewed everything apart when I brought her home. Shoes, cords, table legs -- you name it. I got these snacks because someone told me they were great and she hasnt chewed anything since. They smell bad when they are being chewed, but its a small price to pay.
502979502979B000VVT9ICA3UA9C4FHAWOR3James A. Parker "rekrapmij"0051259539200the price is rightPig ears keep our dogs quiet for a while, but I couldn't believe how much they cost. With three dogs, price counts. These are slivers, not whole ears, but they are still cheaper than the grocery store. Our dogs love them, and the little one can handle the slivers while the whole ears a little too big.
502980502980B000VVT9ICAGPFYP19KYQ5Ymiss,m "Mrs. O"2411286150400Rip OffDef. overpriced for what you receive. Dogs loved them but no benefit in buying them online, better off buying it at the store.

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