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502981502981B000VVT9ICA3QDITMY3OOYRPL. BLOUIN0111286668800Broke my dog's tooth! Buyer beware! Sharp edges, too.If you look at my reviews, you will see that I love buying treats for my doggies and recommend many great treats. However, these were way too hard and sharp! I was a bit worried when I gave them to my doggies, and it turned out that I was right to be worried, because my terrier mix broke a tooth which needs to be extracted now. Buyer beware!
502982502982B000VVT9ICAGTO21BHY08LFscottls1 "scottls1"3611303776000Dogs can't digest Pork..., or Turkey!Gave my dog "Severe" diarrhea, and cost me a Big vet bill to find that Pork/Turkey... products can be as toxic as chocolate! Can kill smaller dogs!

My vet also didn't like the chicken jerky treats mfg in China (Google it!)!

"Below is the ASPCA's list of 13 foods that are bad for your dog

Alcoholic beverages Can cause intoxication, coma and death.
Avocado Its high fat content can lead to Pancreatitis.
Chocolate (all forms) Contains caffeine, theobromine or theophylline which can be toxic to the heart and nervous system.
Coffee (all forms) Contains caffeine which can be toxic to the heart and nervous system.
Fatty foods Can cause Pancreatitis.
Macadamia nuts Contains toxins which can affect the muscles, digestive system, and nervous system.
Moldy or spoiled foods Could contain multiple toxins
Onions, onion powder Contains sulfoxides and disulfides which can damage red blood cells, resulting in anemia.
Raisins and grapes Contains toxins which can damage kidneys, cause kidney failure and lead to death.
Salt Can cause electrolyte imbalance if eaten in suffient quantities.
Yeast dough (Unbaked) Can expand in digestive system and cause bloat, leading to death.
Garlic Similar to onions (above) except garlic is considered to be less toxic and safe for dogs when used in moderation. Often used to flavor food or treats but should be used sparingly.
Products sweetened with Xylitol This common artifical sweetener can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar resulting depression, loss of coordination, and seizure

Some additional foods to avoid

Baby Food Could contain onion powder so read label carefully (see onions, above).
Cherry, Peach, Plum, & Apricot Pits, Apple & Pear Seeds Contain cyanogenic glycosides which can result in cyanide poisoning. It is best to avoid all pits and seeds unless you know them to be safe.
Chicken or Fish Bones Can splinter, causing lacerations and can also cause obstructions. (please note that RAW chicken bones are okay...its the uncooked ones that splinter and cause major issues)
Green Potato Skins Contains a toxin, solanine, which is only found in green tubers and green potato skins. Cooked potatoes are safe and nutritious for dogs.
Hops (used in making beer) Causes panting, increased heart rate, elevated temperature, seizures and death.
Milk and Dairy Products Like people, some dogs can be lactose intolerant, resulting in diarrhea.
Mushrooms Depending on the mushroom, toxic effects include damage to the liver, heart, or kidneys causing death.
Turkey Skin The high fat content in turkey skin can cause acute Pancreatitis in dogs.
Raw Salmon Those feeding their dogs a raw diet, please avoid raw salmon which can contain a parasite that causes an illness (SPD) with a 90% mortality rate.
Raw Eggs Best to avoid since it can cause a depletion of biotin and be contaminated with salmonella.
Sugar Bad for teeth and could contribute to the onset of Diabetes.
Tomatoes/Tomato Plants Contains toxins known to cause dilated pupils, tremors and irregular heartbeat. The leaves and stems of tomato plants are the most toxic followed by unripe (green) tomatoes and ripe (red) tomatoes.
Walnuts & most nuts Walnuts are poisonous to dogs. Many nuts are not good for dogs in general; their high phosphorus content is said to possibly lead to bladder stones."
502983502983B002RAXZNUA18YKG6L39AMPOMizz Stanley0051327881600AdorableThis is an adorable pez dispenser. A great collectors item for beagle lovers and pez collectors alike. More of a novelty item than a well functioning treat dispenser.
502984502984B002RAXZNUA2U8AYXXIP9O6Melissa Matteson0051311811200Cutest PEZ Dispenser--Ever!Cutest PEZ dispenser ever!. PEZ is quite large (8 inches tall), but holds only 6 "bones." More of a novelty item than a practical tool. Do love it, plan on buying another for my friend!
502985502985B002RAXZNUA3PJ3XQD3XSC9FKteana0051294963200awesome giftI got this for my neighbor for a Christmas gift. It was the cutest thing I had seen. It seems to be well made and the treats went in easily. She really loved it and couldn't wait to take it to work to show all of her friends what her dog got for Christmas since we had never seen anything else like this. It is a unique gift!
502986502986B002RAXZNUA3ASEYKXDUW070sika830111304380800save your moneyWaste of money! Doesnt work, my dog isnt even too fond of the treats! save your money and get something else.
It is pretty cute to look at for me, but doggie wasnt interested.
502987502987B0002UEEAAA3JLY1MJKW4ABZNoelle Trudeau "Creativ[k]itty"3341170720000Tea-riffic value & qualityWhile looking online for bulk organic loose-leaf tea, I came across this brand and pouch size here on Amazon. It's the lowest cost I found, especially for an organic tea. I can't vouch for its use in IBS, not having that problem myself, but I know that the oil content is very good, and the flavor is reasonable - a bit coarse and slightly bitter, but definitely palatable. It's soothing and relaxing, settles my stomach, and opens my nasal passages.

I have two recommendations when using this tea:

1. Use a BUNCH of it; be generous with the amount of leaves when brewing.

2. Use quite hot but /not/ boiling water to brew; when I boiled a teapot of water and then right away poured it on the leaves, I vaporized the essential oil.
502988502988B0002UEEAAA2HJCM2R7DSN8BMs Laurie E. McLaughlin "tigi litlee"3351156464000Wonderfully strong and soothing tea! Recipe for ICED TEA belowVery flavorful. Really helps IBS symptoms. Does NOT irritate the stomach or esophagus for people who also have acid reflux. [But all peppermint relaxes the spincter between the two, so pay attention to it's effect on you.]

To make a big batch of ICED TEA....use 2 tablespoons per cup of boiling water, steep for 7 mins., add honey to taste, strain it into a container with an equal amount of ice and pour yourself a cup! Yum!
502989502989B0002UEEAAA18CTC60TYXF7Bshadowdancer2251267920000Good stuffPotent peppermint tea. Great price. Be sure to purchase a tea tin to store in, we forgot. Most containers at the stores are either too small or have clear sides or lids.
502990502990B0002UEEAAA2H74FIBDN5NMRM. Prieto "Havanese friend"1151286150400Great Mint tea!This mint tea is delicious! The smell is fantastic and yes - it is stronger than what you'd expect. I have tried all sorts of mint teas and this is my favorite. Also, the bag is HUGE! I was expecting a decent size bag but this was just amazing. I suspect I'll be drinking mint tea for months. Luckily, I drink it daily. Worth every penny!
502991502991B0002UEEAAA21MJZ24BN4Y4FIngeborg Coffman1151239494400Herbal Peppermint TeaI been a customer of this product for 3 years, excellent company and excellent tea, fresh and it shipped promtly. Owner answers her own telephone. I use it with my electric tea maker from Sunbeam. I love their teas and all their products.
502992502992B0002UEEAAAFOV5CTAIDK74K. Tignor1151150761600Best Peppermint Tea I've ever had!Not only is this tea delicious, it helps calm my stomach and intestines. I drink it first thing in the morning when my IBS is the worst. I also drink it throughout the day and before I go to bed. It really is the best peppermint tea that I have tried.
502993502993B0002UEEAAA3THH8WAKPQYXNraenakali0051338940800Yeah!!!I am impressed with the quality of this product and will definitely be ordering more. I used to grow and harvest my own, but since I have moved to the tropics and now buy it, I have been disappointed until now. Think I found my new supply.
502994502994B0002UEEAAAY4VUI0SY37JWSherri8630051331942400This is the BEST Peppermint tea!!Great Price, Potent and Tasty! This is my second purchase. I use the hot water off my 5 gallon water cooler to make a cup. You can steep this tea a couple of times and still have a great cup of tea. This is a LOT of tea, make sure you purchase a nice container that doesn't let light in and seals well. Great for people who suffer with IBS. Highly recommend.
502995502995B0002UEEAAAFJ34VVCT6R0BRainy Gaia "Oregon Nana"0051328227200great product1 lb. Gees that's a lot of tea, stronger peppermint then any prebaged tea. And I put two tablespoons of this tea in my coffee filter hummmmm peppermint coffee! I will be buying this product over and over
502996502996B0002UEEAAA1B2XADPJ6O22YMelinda0051325635200Wonderful Peppermint Loose Leaf TeaThis tea is great. I drink some every day and it keeps my tummy happy and my spirits uplifted. The aroma is very nice. The size of the bag is enormous! I have never seen such a large bag of loose leaf tea!
502997502997B0002UEEAAA3H1K0HJ6BGXRLBinky0051325548800Heather's peppermint teaGreat tea for stomach problems, and it's very fresh and well packaged. I would recommend this tea from Heather's Tummy Teas.
503009503009B001ELJK5AA2XB56BDUM5QFSR. J. Barrella "rjbmanoa"1131319673600Pinot BiancoThis wine kit is one of 5 Vino Italiano kits I've made. These cheaper kits give you a quick turnaround with a decent wine(a lighter variety than the better kits produce-a little less balanced). So far the whites have tasted better to me. The first 3 kits were made as to instructions, with the next 2 (Pinot Biano and Rosso Magnifico) I reduced the water added to make about 5.25 gals of of must and racked off into a 5 gal carboy. Don't know what to expect but will follow up this review. I did notice that the reduced water version takes much longer to degas.
503010503010B000PIFYF8A68CSKRK4XJBXStephanie0051329436800Great dog treatsThese treats are reasonably priced, high quality, and great for training. The ones on the bottom can be crumbly but it's handy that they're easy to break up. All of our (four) dogs love them :).
502998502998B0002UEEAAA2AGBA6KKBET1PR. Prana "Rich giving"0051324857600Great Peppermint Tea!!!This is a great P-mint tea that has a great flavor and aroma. I have found this tea to be better than others of similar cost. I'm sticking with this tea.
502999502999B0002UEEAAA3I28CMT0SKKX2Laura0051324598400Very good!I was looking for a good loose leaf peppermint tea. A lot of previous reviews of this product lauded its minty-ness. They weren't kidding! It's great tea and very minty. And the bag is huge! Definitely worth the price.
503000503000B0002UEEAAA2SI71XM3BMLADS. Hull "el magnifico"0051323043200THE BESTPro's:

The BEST peppermint tea I've had
The best preservation of oils I think I've seen in any tea. It can nearly burn your nose after brewing with the fullness of its flavor.

NONE. I used to buy Teavana's, but stopped after the recall for Salmonellae... now I just buy this stuff. It tastes like liquid gold down the throat and helps with stomach problems. It is my daily IBS medicine and I do great now! I never tire of peppermint tea! I wish they'd branch out into other mint teas as well.
503001503001B0002UEEAAA23H70DRQ0MYA4Michael0051322697600Full flavor, high quality!This is a great herbal tea- what I love most about it is you can drink it pretty much 24/7 due to the fact it has no caffeine. The flavor and aroma is very strong, the tea seems right off the plant fresh. It provides great relief from stomach discomfort. GREAT PRICE!
503002503002B0002UEEAAA302MTV68NJIPMGyan Penrose-Kafka "Music Junkie"0051315440000Finally, a really strong peppermint at a decent price.My local tea shop ran out of strong bulk peppermint tea, and the replacement just didn't cut it, so I went looking. After a few other orders that had to be shipped back, I encountered Heather's Tummy Teas and decided to give it a try. Wow, this is just what I was looking for! Strong and yummy. I don't have IBS, so I can't comment on its effectiveness for that condition, but I do have a love for the strong taste of peppermint and this fills the bill at a decent price!
503003503003B0002UEEAAA1QCAXCX5CE1DSmommaD0051303171200Yummy for your tummy!This is a lot of tea! I like having the ability to make a large pot of tea for the day. It seems to be a good quality. It's not as "minty" as the tea bags I was buying from the grocery store but I have gotten used to it pretty quick. It works wonders on my stomach and IBS. I don't go a day without it.
503004503004B0002UEEAAA1GQY3TB30B30ZFurbaby "zelda1793"0041296864000Great tasting teaThis is one of the best peppermint teas I have ever tasted. It is much stronger than the bag teas you will find in local grocery stores. I purchased it to help calm my IBS and it really does a good job of calming the GI. My only complaint is that I wish the bag was resealable. I had to purchase a tea canister because you cannot keep it in this bag without loosing the effects of the tea. If you want really strong tea, then (in my opinion) follow the package directions. I have had to water it down a bit because the peppermint oil is a bit too strong for my system. The bag is huge and a little really goes a long way. I am sure this will last for several months. Be sure to by a nice tea infuser - this is the best way to enjoy this tea. I purchased the Adagio Teas Personal sized tea 21-Ounce Ceramic Teapot with Infuser Basket and it is working well.
503005503005B0002UEEAAA7898VK8ADQFHSambient0051282953600High octane mint!This has been my yummy summer treat as part of my iced tea creations I've been making with my Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced-Tea Maker. This is the most potent mint flavor you are likely to experience. I use this as part of a mix with either Eco Teas Organic Yerba Mate, Loose, 16-Ounces (Pack of 3)or Bigelow® Lemon Ginger Herb Plus Probiotics (Box of 18) most of the time. But I'm still experimenting.
I can't address how this product works for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
I can say though that the difference between this and any other mint tea I've encountered so far is dramatic. This is some of the tastiest stuff in the world. I don't see myself willing to be without this product.
503006503006B000JZMO46A14IFGEL084CO9Jennifer S. Wyatt "jhawk4life"2251231632000Awesome Tea!I bought this as a Christmas present for my mother, who has a terrible time finding good assortments of decaf tea. She called me just the other day and asked me where I found it, because she had already tried 3 or 4 different varieties and loves them all. I highly recommend Davidson's tea, and will definitely be making future purchases from them.
503007503007B000JZMO46AGB6XTT8B12PTV. A. Haggerty1151233792000Specialty TeasBought this as a gift for friends and they haven't stopped raving about the wonderful variety of teas included. Hard to find all decafinated teas in one package and so this was perfect with 12 different varities.
503008503008B001ELJK5AAU01H7V2ZXTREScott Hanson2241314489600Easy, fast, good quality wine kitThis is about my 10th wine kit, and it went smoothly. This is a good value kit, not a top quality one. It hasn't aged yet, but is already quite good. In about 6 months or a year it will be a good table wine. It comes with everything you need except for the fermentation equipment.

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