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503041503041B0028PHH6UA140154YPYXX49Marie Holden "marieh1211"1251283126400Delishious and Kawaii!Saw it at F.Y.E. At there unlike Amazon it was only $3.00. It was worth buying after I tryed it out. Taste like a fortune cookie with vanilla filling inside of it. Love it and yes would highly recommed.
503042503042B0028PHH6UA1ZKYELIGGB3K9DH0911329868800Not for kids...These are made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
503043503043B0028G7F1QA21V48YH0BAYI5appletree832211337558400How much for a box??Ok, I absolutely love Better Cheddars cheese crackers, but this merchant is charging $12.99 for one 7 ounce box? Really???!!! I only pay $2.99 a box at the grocery store!
503044503044B003KFX4OQAW1QQ5XF1WDQ6swelmelz "swelmelz"1111297209600HORRIBLEI was very unhappy with this purchase. The almonds were shriveled up & actually chewy. I have never had almonds this stale. I didn't even know that almonds could be this stale. There is no packing or expiration date on, god only knows how long they have been hanging around. I got 2 bags of them & they are both crap. I will be sending these back. Humph!
503045503045B003KFX4OQA3E727JEUQEBOBFredric F. Myers "Fredric"0051336780800Great item and supper buy....This is my 3rd buy of this item...and went to "scheduled" re-order as this is great buy and always fresh.
503046503046B005F03WMSA8JBBJ9822EDCArthur Mckee "1andonyart"0051333929600The Best SeasoningThis seasoning is so tasty. Just pour about a tablespoon over Ramen noodles. It has the perfect blend of spice and sesame. Once you try it you will be hooked. Excellent!!
503047503047B004V6PYRIA85PJJJIMSYP6muntazir0031329436800Ververne sure, but the twigs??It is surely verveine and probably organic as it claims, but the amount of twigs in is excessive. I guess you get what you pay for.
503048503048B0046HEPSGA388CP6LFQEJ4LMaggie "Maggie"1151308182400Love the taste!This chocolate spread tastes very good, just the same as I remember from my childhood, full of nutty and chocolaty flavors, ....but without all the artificial additives or any GM garbage. I hope amazon will keep these in stock!
503049503049B0046HEPSGA3TP31S61PPE3GAlexJouJou0031315612800It's o.k. -- but quite bland in my opinionI am a huge chocolate addict. At times this presents a problem as I not only try to eat a low fat/low sodium diet but a more natural one with organic foods. There are many chocolate items I grew up with that I love but that are not necessarily natural or organic. Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13-Ounce Plastic Jar (Pack of 5) is one of those products. Try as I might I just cannot stop buying it!

When I found this spread at a local organic store I had to try it. I was eagerly anticipating that it would replace that "other" product for me. While it has the same type of creamy consistency it just lacked in the flavor department. It was not very chocolatey or nutty - in fact it was so mild that I didn't even notice any sort of nutty flavor much. In addition when you put this on toast that is hot/warm it melts VERY quickly which means unless you spread it very thin it is runny and drippy. I probably don't need to go much further since you get the picture (runny/drippy spread + trying to grab a quick breakfat + business attire = disaster). I do not have the same problem with the other spread I like -- it may get a little less firm but it does not run and drip everywhere. Of course if you only want a very *thin* spread this one would do nicely if you can compromise a bit on the taste which is blander than I prefer.

In the end, for the cost and the issues, I just didn't think this was a winner. I would have done 2 stars BUT if you really want natural/organic and will spread this thin and watch the drippies it is better than some of the rest that is out there.
503050503050B000KIH8KMA2DYMDOAJURO5FAceto "Hope is a Weed Exasperatus: 1:18"2251316822400Make your own unless price is no objectThis is one of the top makers in the world. They also have premium herbs. You see the white crocks in Williams-Sonoma and here at Amazon. They make some of the best mustards in the world as well. The problem is the import cost. For the delivered price of this one SMALL ceramic cup, serving two people at most, I buy a half a case in Paris. The ceramic cups are nice and reusable.

This is also their "everyday" mix. Fine stuff without a doubt, but it is not their signature recette. If cost matters to you, get a good double boiler, top grade melting chocolate and whatever flavorings. I have to give all five stars for flavor, ease of use and for quality, but the price will drive most of us off. BUT...It is easy to reach for and will impress for a special occasion!
503051503051B000KIH8KMA1S5YVPB7EPEWUEu sou o samba2241211760000Abosolutely deliciousGreat desert for a dinner if you don't know how to create a desert, does not want to spend too much money buying a prepared one, and wants to impress your guest. It is delicious. I used blueberries and the combination was sensational. Just be careful not to heat it too much. Follow the instructions!
503052503052B003FYGX6IA3AJPBF87GWW5VBeth Paxton1151297641600york pattiesI was very pleased with the product i ordered and the seller. i received it in a timely manor the way it was advertised.
503053503053B000MUX3D4A276GLDBNZMREXRedMama1121336521600beware: compounded with WHEAT :(Please be aware that while this is a hard to find ingredient, and this might seem an affordable source, the ingredients are different on the actual container than on the website. Mine contained rice flour, gum arabic, asafoetida, tumeric and wheat flour.

This is a real deal breaker for anyone with a wheat problem/ celiac!!

I gave a low rating for the misinformation, and also that asafoetida is the third ingredient which is disappointing.
503054503054B000MUX3D4AJ6YHW5O2T0JCM. Carter "techbooklover"1251301011200Amazing tasteI heard about asafetida on "The Splendid Table" and had to try it. It's a wonderful flavor. Foodies or non-foodies should try this stuff! Service from the vendor was top notch too.
503055503055B000MUX3D4A3M23NO58QEISRLinda Good0131339718400perhaps, not a valid reviewI say that perhaps this isn't a valid review because in all honesty, I didn't eat any of it. I bought this product because I had read about some health benefits of Hing. However, when it arrived, I found the smell of it so offensive that I couldn't bring myself to add it to any foods. So I ended up tossing it away. I gave it 3 stars because I honestly don't know if it is excellent Hing or a not so good Hing. Sorry.
503056503056B0030LBMXUA2TKDJOMONOBWYE. Lynch "INFJ Emily"1151309737600I love this chocolateAfter a trip to NY- I wanted to get another taste of the hot chocolate. Well there is nothing to complain of here. It is perfect and affordable- through amazon at least. To order from his website, the shipping is very high.
503057503057B0030LBMXUAELFQC04ORCFZBala0041345334400Worth the moneyIts not the greatest hot chocolate, but for the price you pay its worth it. I prefer Godiva's hot-chocolate over this any day. However, I've no issues buying this again for the price.
503058503058B0030LBMXUA1U6ZP54JJ6DDLJoseph S. Searles1611312156800I do not recommend the sellerThis is supposed to be the best chocolate, I disagree and found Swiss Miss to be more superior.
The seller first sent me the wrong order and put the blame on me, in which, was not the case, as proven by their follow up E receipt. Then it took them more then a month to fill my order.
503059503059B0030LBMXUA2IMORTX8G12NSJerome Kator61811297987200TerribleLiving in New York City, most people know Jacques Torres as a premium chocolatier. However my recent experience ordering Valentine's day chocolate has shown me otherwise. I ordered three boxes of chocolates for my sweetheart. The order cost nearly [...] which included [...] for 2nd day shipping. I recieved the chocolates promptly within two days of placing the order. When my girlfriend opened the box the contents were scrambled around inside the box. A couple of chocolates were broken (something you wouldn't expect for a truffle which has a soft center). This was my first alert that something was wrong. Biting into the chocolate the truffle was stiff, flavorless and had a moldy taste. This isn't the worst of it. I promptly called Mr. Chocolates (the Jacques Torres Website) and explained my dissatisfaction with the order I've recieved. Stephanie, at the phone number I called, said I need to send an email explaining my dissatifisfaction with the order. She said she would check with her superiors and let me know what they are going to do about it. I never got a response to my email so I sent a follow up email two days later. Her response at that time was that she still didn't know what they can do about replacing my order but that she would notify me when they decide what to do. Well now it's been a week and still no response. I'm extremely dissapointed with the lack of their customer response, the quality of the chocolates and their inability to promptly handle my complaint. Truly not worth ordering chocolates from Jacque Torres! Don't waste your time or money on these guys. BTW I wouldn't even give them one star except I wasn't able to post a review unless I gave them at least one.
503060503060B0038K6SN2A2C50GFPEFAU6Mzarb1151323734400PINE NUTSGreat pine nuts.I ordered 15 lbs got them in a few days.Fast service, will recommend to all. Best price anywhere, will be back again.
503061503061B0052Y3F56AEBAUPOM4TF9SPhilip Davis0041314057600Better mustard fishI eat mine mashed on buttered toast with fresh black pepper. These are medium fish, packed 5 in the tin. They were in good condition, a little firmer but still tender. The mustard is the vinegar-heavy yellow mustard, but unlike the Beach Cliff mustard fish completely dominated by vinegar, I could actually taste these Brunswick fish. The mustard/dill gives a pleasant tangy zip. I don't think mustard sardines are going to replace my standby sardines in tomato sauce, but these guys are good for a change.
503062503062B005HQTQKCA2QWE9AHUUV7XWMady 72950051338681600The best rom many....I have tried so many vodkas to name a few...Gray Goose, Belvedere, Absolute, Amsterdam, Six, Smirnoff, Ketel One, Skyy, among others... but I got this one " Pravda" right before my 45th Bday..... yes I am A woman I was thrilled by the beautiful bottle reminded me of belvedere but with a stone....... If you are looking to impress your woman this is for sure the vodka.... lovely bottle.....but then the lovely part comes....... tasteless..... you think your not drinking alcohol... but after 2 tall ones makes sense .......lovely bottle ... great taste.... will recommend 5 stars......
503063503063B0013QQ4UAA1JMCY0XKUXT6XL. Ott3351322956800Incrediblely Great food with great results.I order this food to try as it was grain free and I liked the ingredients listed on the site with the reviews. I opened the bag and the smell was incredible. It almost made me hungry lol. The dog loves it and is doing well on it.
I start doing more research on the food and was very impressed. The owners of this food make sure ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT (which are knowing to cause cancer) are NOT used at all in the food. They make sure that the slaughter and processing plants do not use them either. That is great and it show that they care as well.
I have communicated with the Petcurean and have been very impressed with them as well. I am really happy with this food. It has very good ingredients. he company is great. I highly recommended this good and I have tired several different grain free dog foods. Plus my dog loves it.
Thank you amazon. i would have never found it without amazon.
503064503064B0013QQ4UAA1IZL8ZYF3QUMKJenna Sullivan4551313884800Lucy loves it!I'm not usually one to write reviews, but I am so happy with this food that I felt it was necessary! I was nearly at my wits end before I purchased this. When we adopted our Basset Hound, Lucy, a few months ago we started feeding her Innova from the get go. She had loose stools, but we figured it was just because it was a different food than what she ate at the rescue. We fed her pumpkin with the food, and she did great, but she also would not eat from then on without the pumpkin. We weened her off of the pumpkin, and as soon as we did she had loose stools/diarrhea again. Kept trying for a few weeks. It never let up, and she still had no real interest in eating the food at all. She would not eat for a day until she was starving. We nearly took her to the costly vet to see if she had some sort of digestive issue.

We did some further research, and discovered that Innova was bought by P&G, and that there were many people that had been feeding for 10 years and suddenly started having loose stools so we decided it might just be the food. We immediately switched her to Petcurean Now!, and immediately her stool turned normal even though we did not phase it in. Lucy *loves* the taste of this food. We put it down, and she eats every last morsel without having to coax her. She is excited for meal time finally!

I am so very content with this purchase. It is worth the slightly higher price tag if you want a happy, healthy dog.
503065503065B0013QQ4UAA2BR6WPMFQ5R1KSheltie Mom1151334361600My shelties love this dog foodNow Grain Free Turkey and Duck Formula dog food is great. My shelties love it and I love that it has no junk in the formula. It is healthy for my pets. I receive my orders in a timely fashion and usually sooner than expected. Amazon is great in getting the orders out.
503066503066B0013QQ4UAAKBBZM546OD2FDamon Carney1151329436800Love this dog food...My dog is prone to allergies requiring treatment with steroids and antihistamines at least twice a year. Since beginning this food his allergies have all but gone away. I switched him directly to this food without gradually introducing it with no problems. The food produces well formed compact stools which is a plus if he has an accident in the house. Not that much more expensive than other "high quality" dog foods that contain grains and meal.
503067503067B0013QQ4UAA2X0BCK7BCV9OWHarry R. Moberley1151310860800breeders recommendationthis product was recommended by the breeder...our scottie loves it and looks forward to his meal...would definitely recommend this product to those with new puppies, even tho it is a little expensive, it does have all the nutrients required for good health...
503068503068B0013QQ4UAAPI6P8W9GXELKRufous1151295654400Great foodI have decided that I want to provide the best quality food to my animals. My dog loves this food, and hasn't had any digestive problems since moving to it. Also does wonders for her coat. Love this product.
503069503069B0013QQ4UAA21KJPQ5ZHDPOMiuki1151293580800Moved out of state and couldn't find a retailer for this dog food.Our Bichon has a very sensitive stomach, so this is the only dog food we buy for her. When we moved to another state, we had difficulty finding a retailer that carried this particular brand of dog food. Ordering from makes it easy, and it is delivered to our door within a few days.
503070503070B0013QQ4UAA1HQ8BTFQBEWQMH. R. Marin "Cool Gadget Buyer"2311315526400Product is great but the seller stinksThe food deserves 5 stars, but the seller (1800PetMeds) deserves zero stars, if that could be assigned. My dog has allergies, but does well on this brand of non-grain dog food. I thought it would be smart to order through Amazon, since it is difficult to find in stores, but that was a mistake. It has been 14 days since I ordered, and the product has not yet arrive. Nine days after the order, it had not even shipped. And while it was shipped via Fedex, the Fedex tracking says the order will take about 6 to 7 days to deliver. The seller must have asked for special slow delivery... Never again will I buy from this seller.

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