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503328503328B00020HHE0A3987L8YGSSCQMJ. Wilson "JustWannaGetItDone"1151310342400Fenugreek Seed Tea.Its a nice wind down at night. Taste takes some getting used to but not too bad. Sweeten with a litte honey. The health benefits make up for the taste. The product arrived as reported.
503329503329B00020HHE0A1C9CBBTVEMFGJay Dee1141309564800GoodI bought this because I heard about the benefits of Sage tea. I got used to the taste pretty quickly and love to pour it in a glass of ice to enjoy during the summer days.

I took a star off because I've been drinking it for several weeks and I'm not seeing the work of benefits that is claimed of Sage tea (but then, I've always believed that you lose some benefits when the teas are in bags as opposed to still being in leaf form?).
503330503330B00020HHE0A2G6AVBZ2OPFJXRodney S. Monteith1141305072000Sage tea definitely promotes a good night's sleep.It was touted by a friend as a sleep inducer, so I tried it and it works. It tastes kinda mediciney, but it definitely does the job.
503331503331B00020HHE0A5CR6GP49HVEEStephanie1141295913600Not as rose-flavored as you might think, but still goodI bought this tea thinking it would taste like a rose. I was only half right. While the rose flavor is still there, you have to really search for it. I think it takes a few cups to do that because this is primarily a fruity tea. After you knock the first few cups down and find the subtle rose flavor, you'll find that it tastes like what a rose would taste like if it were a fruit. Which is basically what rose hips are. After drinking this entire box, I found that I really liked it. I was sad when the box was gone and I do intend to get some more soon.

Just as an added note, I feel this needs to be mentioned. If you're like me and like to suck on the teabag, I do not recommend doing it with this tea! The bags themselves are not very thick and will break and you will have an explosion of mushy rose hips in your mouth!
503332503332B00020HHE0A32NP43I2BS7LWM. Mercado "Amari M."1151292371200Good price for the quantity :)It came in a timely fashion & it was a good price for the quantity I received. This tea is good for occasional constipation or to help your body along when it feels irregular.
503333503333B00020HHE0A1O8B2WYDCPTIQlaurie1151291334400Senna LeafI used a higher priced senna for several years and out of the need to economize I tried alvita. Works just as well and is not individually wrapped as the others are and for me it's just one less thing I have to do considering I fix this every evening for me and hubby... I have medical problems so anything that saves me extra step I'm happy for it...
503334503334B00020HHE0A8DR6JIHBM6K5Bean Slap1121285718400Nasty tea debris everywhere!When I opened this alot of the tea sacks were broken and the tea emptied out and spilled everywhere. I steeped some inside my cup and noticed that all sorts of the tea leaves had come out (I even took a picture and posted it under customer pics) and when I sipped my drink, tea leave crumbs got inside my mouth! I havent noticed any effect from the tea though but I have only used it for a few days so maybe it takes awhile. However, if they'd be able to keep the sacks closed that would help alot!
503335503335B00020HHE0A1HWDPK8CHPDXWJan1151284940800Delicious TeaI love this tea. It is delicious. It came in a timely manner and I was very pleased.
503336503336B00020HHE0A3A32FUNAFZRF4SomeoneSomewhere "Janet"1151255132800I drink this for arthritis pain......and something seems to be working! It could be this alfalfa tea which tastes just like...alfalfa tea. My aunt has pain too and does not like to be without this tea.
503337503337B00020HHE0AZ4QFFUT8QVTANelly Gonzalez1151239321600RelaxingThis tea works for me. It calms down my anciety and makes me sleep better. It may not work for everyone. Thank you!
503338503338B00020HHE0ASSKNUG7SHUA1D. Walsh3431305072000Sage Tea - helping with hot flashesWhen I bought the first box I had a cup of tea every night and thought the hot flashes subsided a bit, so I bought another box. The second box, not so much. I am not sure if the tea builds up in your system and stops working or if it is just me. The tea does not have a bad taste, doable for its purpose. Sage tea has been recommended by many as a means of cutting down hot flashes, vs taking meds that can be linked to cancer. Give it try, it might work for you.
503339503339B00020HHE0ARXDKTGDQ9SDLLori S. Johnson3451193184000great productI bought this for treating symptoms of menopause. It has been a life saver. thank you
503340503340B00020HHE0A2X7CQ27QJ16HVSenthilkumar Gunasekaran "SKRULES"3451167782400Awesome TeaI bought this Tea for my girlfriend who is ery health conscious. So far she is loving it and it tastes good too. :)
503311503311B00020HHE0A20MMCAHGALRAXShari Blake1151336694400Great quality Raspberry LeafI trust Alvita's brand because all of the teas I have tried from them are pure and excellent quality. The Raspberry leaf is no exception. The taste is mild and it works like a charm to ease menstrual cramps. A must have during your moon cycle. Good value for the price.

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503312503312B00020HHE0A70T8C7VM2ZUWMommy771151333497600This is great quality teaI drank this tea after my first trimester of pregnancy for its numerous health benefits. It is pure red raspberry leaves and great organic package. They are not individually packaged, they come in a foil lined paper lije package and there are no strings or tags, just steep add agave or honey to is a little bitter but not bad and drink!
503313503313B00020HHE0A1YTTNTFNTKGM7A. Aldrich1151329696000Good Things Come in Stinky PackagesI have very bad insomnia and panic attacks, and this tea calms me down and helps me to sleep. Research suggests that Valerian works on the brains in similar ways to benzodiazepines, and was used in the past as a muscle relaxant and for DTs. This tea has an obvious effect, though it takes about half an hour to kick in. I smells like crap, but if you mix it with mint tea, it isn't as noticeable. I don't see any problem with the flavor, it does not taste like it smells.
503314503314B00020HHE0ANYKJWXT2W0IAiggles19671151329523200Fenugreek Seed TeaI bought this product because I read on a couple other sites that it can help with head and chest congestion. I also read it is safe to use while breastfeeding. So I tried it. If I drink it on an empty stomache it does seem to help with my cronic nasal congestion due to allergies. I saw no difference with chest congestion. I only drank the recommended 2 to 3 cups a day. Maybe I would see longer or more results at higher doses. I have noticed that I do smell alot like maple syrup even 4 days after not drinking the tea. I do mix it with Honey, if not it tastes awful to me. I never noticed a maple syrup smell on my 3 year old breastfeeding son like another site mentioned might happen. He does only nurse a few times a day now tho. Overall I like the product and will continue to use it when I am feeling congested. I even recommended it to somebody I know.
503315503315B00020HHE0A1OYAKYIVT3179Tereasa M. Cagley "MedicGreenCat"1151328745600I'm a believerI ordered this product because of the Dr Oz show for anti-aging, a nice by product is I swear my knee pain has improved since I started drinking a cup a day, oh yeah and it taste good.
503316503316B00020HHE0A3K6KB64LAKMUUMr. S1151327795200great product for insomniaThis is a great product to help with insomnia. Really great. Some do not like the smell or taste, but I actually love it. Maybe it is an acquired test. A+++ for this product, it is excellent.
503317503317B00020HHE0A1BVE2ZIBKJ7YIroaeja "Hey you!"1151326758400fyi"They found that two of the licorice compounds, licoricidin and licorisoflavan A, were the most effective antibacterial substances. These substances killed two of the major bacteria responsible for dental cavities and two of the bacteria that promote gum disease. One of the compounds -- licoricidin -- also killed a third gum disease bacterium. The researchers say that these substances could treat or even prevent oral infections."

503318503318B00020HHE0A1KE23JJ3YG4DTKathleen Knox "kkathy"1151326585600Love spearment teaI bought this product and love the flavor. A great and relaxing way for me to end or begin a day.
503319503319B00020HHE0A2IA4ZFUSOON4Mr. Krispy1151325721600It grows on youThe first time I drank Fenagreek Seed tea I did not like the smell or the taste very much. I added a very small amount of Stevia to sweeten it. The more I drank it, the more the taste grew on me. It is now my favorite tea by a long shot!
503320503320B00020HHE0A35QCK3X0S0QQWJohn R. Waldren1141325635200Senna Leaf teaA friend suggested this as I have been taking pain medication which tends to bind the bowels. He told me that this would help keep me regular. He was so right. A cu p of Senna Tea with my dinner has been better then metamucel for regularity. It tastes good, and I recommend it to anyone who has constipation problems due to medications. If you eat out, you can take the tea bag with you and ask for a cup of hot water to steep your tea in, and you do not have to worry about missing a dose.
503321503321B00020HHE0A3KZLIEGCSSM5L1104 "Sublime Siren"1131325203200I'll pass...Not enough flavor, murky brown color, lacking in aroma. I enjoy other varieties from this line but prefer a different brand of rose hip tea. I'd drink it over regular black tea though.
503322503322B00020HHE0A1921EUFI0U519Aminah J1151322524800Best tasting/effectiveAfter reading reviews from baby sites, I was ready to get my red raspberry leaf tea on and strengthen my uterus and I was so excited that I got the first one I saw, which was the Alvita brand. I love the flavor, just LOVE the flavor, but I read more reviews and a lot of women gave the Traditional Medicinals better reviews so I after I ran out of the Alvita I purchased the TM. I have to say, the Alvita has a stronger tea taste and I actually got contractions when I drank it. I'm only 37.7 weeks along, but I have to say that I think this tea will help move my labor along quite well. I'll update this review later with how it went.

UPDATE 3/28/2012:
I totally forgot to add my update! Well, as I'd previously believed, this tea helped me tremendously through my labor. I had my beautiful baby boy on December 12th. I had a 17 hour labor because my bag of waters prematurely ruptured and I wasn't dilating the way I was supposed to. I had to be put on pitocin (without meds for the first 14 hours) then I got the meds and then got the epidural about 45 minutes before I actually gave birth. Let me tell you, I only pushed for about 20 minutes and I was done. I attribute that 100% to the tea. I had friends who didn't drink the tea and were in labor for very short periods but pushed way longer. Also, my uterus went down very quickly and I stopped bleeding quickly as well, I forgot how soon but the doctors and nurses were amazed. I'd definitely drink it again next time around.
503323503323B00020HHE0A3DGVB3T5QJNREDanny G.1151318291200People Either Love or Hate Valerian!I love Valerian and I love it's earthy smell! But just because a previous reviewer hated the smell and threw a tantrum, (which is ironic because Valerian is used for its relaxing properties) doesn't mean it doesn't work! Keep that in mind when making your decision to purchase a natural product! Valerian is not like raw garlic! It's simply a very safe and effective herb which, to me, has a wonderful smell!
503324503324B00020HHE0A153HSQ6QAFXDQK. Watson1141318291200stinky teaSeems to help, I sleep well and if I do wake up I'm not long getting back to sleep.
I ordered two boxes and I'm about to buy two more.
503325503325B00020HHE0A22363SZW4OLJ6Douglas Beckling "Doug44"1151314230400A very fine TeaThis tea was very good. I was Very happy I got it. A tea that is so good for you and will help many things in your body. My breathing felt better after the first cup. I will be buying more again soon. Doug in Calif...
503326503326B00020HHE0A1M5KRVMD7XEC4Grandorse1151313366400rose hip teaI ordered this to serve at a "tea" where I was speaking about roses. It was a hit with those who were brave enough to try it.
503327503327B00020HHE0A2OH0YZ2XEQA63Maria Orfan1151312848000Please get past the taste.You can compare it to unsweetened black tea, but palpable and soothing. It is one of nature's best blood purifiers in addition to being great for women anytime. It's great year round and for flu season, and you can ice it too. Sweeten it up with a bag of chamomile or red clover. Spearmint & peppermint tea compliment it well too -- or add value to that flavored stuff from the supermarket w/this.

You can drink this like water and I can't say enough about how good this tea is for well being, you'll probably instantly feel better.

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