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503393503393B000V6GAMKA370LD22597I1CC. K. Shell212411294185600Beware!McKay's Chicken Style Instant Broth & Seasoning, Vegan, 12 oz

This product states that it is "a complete vegan product"; however, the 3rd ingredient on the label is "lactose (milk)" and the 4th ingredient is "whey (milk)". Animal products are not vegan! It shouldn't be a hit for a vegan broth search on Amazon, either. I am sending this one back!
503394503394B000V6GAMKA2Y2Y2D06OUI3Odanakscully646651196380800Absolutely the best!I've tried many different vegetarian broths over the last 3 years and McKay's brand is, by far, the best! I have both the chicken and beef style and use them frequently. I highly recommend these products. I was able to find these products easily at local health food stores for a VERY affordable price. I recently made french onion soup with the beef style broth and it was impressive! A definate upside to buying the powder is you can make the broth as weak or strong as you'd like. Only 1 tsp per cup! It's MUCH cheaper than buying canned broth.
503395503395B000V6GAMKAYFQDU1445LQCJudith A. Silver3351233100800Vegan Chicken SeasoningMcKay's Chicken Style seasoning is a wonderful vegan replacement for chicken broth in just about any recipe. I have used it for years, and my cupboard is never without it.
503396503396B000V6GAMKA5OD55NAACO31Teresa Rice5651201651200Vegetarian Best!I have never eaten any kind of meat and as such am very particular when I shop for food items, making sure there isn't lard, chicken fat, or any other type of animal product in my food. I grew up with my mother using McKay's and know of no other product that is as tasty a substitute for chicken or beef seasoning. It is a difficult product to find locally in the store's where I live, even in the health food stores, so I'm glad I can find it on Amazon.
503397503397B000V6GAMKA3P1LE2MWTJZRJTina from Ohio1131328486400No-MSG variety as pictured description is wrong.
503398503398B000V6GAMKA2GPOLGYJYUDAJMartha Jean1151291507200Fabulous FlavorI use this seasoning in all sorts of recipes, but especially soups. There's nothing else out there that is close to this, in my opinion.
503399503399B000V6GAMKA3L0ETXFK0IRO9Sarah Dunning0051338076800great seasoningthis seasoning is soooooooooooo flavor-full.
you can use it on any food. i use it everyday in everything. for breakfast, its great on grits and hashbrowns. for lunch it is so good in all soups. for supper, just sprinkle your plate of veggies.
503400503400B000V6GAMKA2ORL8YASPOSOCPam0051331596800The only broth my restaurant uses!!I own a health food cafe that caters to vegetarian and vegan customers. I use McKay's Vegan Chicken Broth exclusively in my soup recipes. My new chef was very skeptical that any vegan chicken broth would have good flavor but when I made him take a blind taste test and he chose McKay's He agreed to use it exclusively as well. McKay's Vegan Chicken Broth is a fantastic product.
503371503371B000MUK2P6A2MLYO5SYQN96HHernan Marina ""2331252195200great quality and ingredients, but...even though the quality of this food and the ingedients seem to be excellent, i did not enjoy the overall appearance and taste.
I'm not saying is bad for everyone, but i did not like it.
503372503372B004I1CVRWAHZ3N1UVY9Z27Faye Basiri1151304208000Best cookiesI love these cookies and my family does too. Very tasty, light & healthy. Can be a light breakfast, a snack or a desert.
503373503373B00474H292A371YPY6IB2IRUMarjorie Jackson0051344211200Top notch natural snack!These chips were incrediblt tasty and not salty at all.They went well with drinks or dip and didn't fill us up to much if had for a snack before dinner.I will definitely order them again and woul recommend them to everyone.
503374503374B000FVZW8OA1YV045E51FKC9dc53351235865600Hooray! It came double boxed.This is a very tasty rice cake -- the tamari gives it a nice salty flavor that goes very well with the sesame and rice. This is a regular staple of my diet and I never seem to get tired of them. That's saying something because I can't think of any other variation of rice cake that I actually like
503375503375B000FVZW8OA2P15CYSWV6YKDJ. Weeks1151275868800A Life SaverThese have been a real life saver for me. I am in my first trimester of pregnancy and when I start to feel sick I eat one the these rice cakes. Within a couple of minutes I feel back to my old self again. I love the flavor of these rice cakes, it's just enough so that you actually want to eat them, but not too strong to upset my stomach. I just wish I had thought to order more before I was down to my last rice cake, but thanks to Amazon Prime I'm having them sent overnight delivery, yes, they are that good.
503376503376B000FVZW8OA9T1YMUL87GCQjpandjf1151186272000Great quality, organic, and gluten-freeAs someone with celiac disease, these rice cakes are the greatest. They have a fine, subtle flavor, aren't too salty; sesame seeds add interest, and they're safe for me and better for the environment than conventionally grown products. Highly recommended!!
503377503377B000F4EULQA3GOCTR382KUXYVictoria Moore "drunkenatheist"3351153180800Yum! Finally, a yummy vegan crouton!I've missed croutons for so long. A few months back, I ordered a package of Edward & Sons croutons from Food Fight! Vegan Grocery and fell in love. They are so yummy and have no nasty animal products. Plus, if I recall correctly, they're actually low in calories and fat. As one who can overdo it with all the "extras," this was a huge perk! They're light, crispy and not drenched in grease. Highly recommended. :)))
503378503378B000F4EULQA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"1151222300800Wonderful!!These are really exceptionally good croutons. We enjoyed them a lot. They take up dressing well and are a wonderful complement to salads & soups. They are even enjoyable as a snack-right out of the bag!! Great flavor!
503379503379B000F4EULQA355M4WTQNKMZ9Darkchylde721141161734400Ok, but VERY hard.I'm used to croutons being light and crunchy. These seem overly hard. The taste is ok, but a little bland when I compare it to other brands. But then again the other brands aren't organic made. I do find I like them on soup, cause they soften up a bit. On salad though, it was just too hard.
503380503380B000F4EULQA3OVAAYEQ8XIS8MJ0011318982400Terrible after-taste and smell!These ruined my dinner. I bought these croutons for a special poultry dish. The croutons smelled "off" when I first open the bags (I bought two), but I didn't think anything about it. However, when I tried a couple, they left a really bad after-taste. The expiration date was okay; I thought maybe it was just a different type of seasoning and proceeded to use them in my dish.
However, when I served my guests, some took a few bites and didn't touch it again, filling up on the bread and side dishes. After one bite, I was disgusted with the taste, which was definitely the croutons, but much more potent--they took over the dish! I took the unused portion of the 2nd bag and took it back to the grocery store for a refund. I must have gotten a bad batch, but won't buy them again.
503381503381B000F4EULQA1WE8KTC20NY65Denise0021311206400Don't get these for tasteUnless you truely need to have organic and for some reason must eat croutons, I would not recommend these. They are very bland and very hard. We would prefer to have no croutons on our salad before these.
503382503382B001KPLXAKA3MP1HX3I3BTLDAwkwardSoul0051350604800Refreshing, fruity and amazing!Out of the gold foil package, this matcha smells amazingly fruity. Super fruit amazing! The smell reminds me of really tarty berry yogurt. Brazilian Acai matcha appears slightly darker in powder form.

I prepared this as a traditional hot cup. This matcha didn't froth up very well nor maintain froth, but I didn't really care. Interestingly, this matcha prepared has a different colour than normal, a dark forest green, probably from the acai berry powder. By the way, I used 1/4tsp plus 175f water.

The taste of Brazilian Acai matcha is quite fruity. A mix between a tropical flavor and blackberries or blueberries. There is also a natural sweetness to this matcha - adding any additional sweetener would be overkill I think. With the fruityness and natural sweetness, this hot cup is very refreshing! There is no tart or bitterness to this matcha! I honestly was expected this to taste tart or puckery.

In the end, this was surprisingly good! Is this matcha totally cheating with getting a double whammy of healthy energizing matcha and acai? Don't pass up this matcha - I'm thinking this is up there on being one of my fav flavors from Red Leaf Teas!
503383503383B001KPLXAKA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051336608000A-sci-eeeeeeeeeeeee!Okay, so, fair warning. I'm not overly familiar with the acai berry or how it should taste. I've had acai berry/blueberry juice before, and loved it, so I'm hoping I'll love the berry on its own. Of course now, all I can think of when it comes to this tea is RuPaul's Drag Race with all the different queens trying to say "acai" for a TV commercial. It's like the Pink Dragonfruit from Tealish. I've never had dragonfruit, but it smelled amazing and so I tried it and I loved it. Now I'm on the hunt for an actual dragonfruit to try. So while I can tell if I like the tea and if it tastes good or not, I have no real way to tell if it tastes like the actual fruit at all. But that's okay! Everyone should be open to new experiences, and I am looking forward to this one.

Okay, yum! It's kind of like blueberry on steroids? I don't know, it's got this amazing berry flavor with a round tartness....yes, round. It was the word that came to mind as I sipped it. It's just...lovely and unexpected. The flavor is very bold and very...unique. I don't quite know how to describe it, but I liked it. I definitely want to try more acai flavored things if this is what I have to look forward to! I'm not sure if I need to restock on this ASAP, but it's definitely in the running for my must-have list.
503384503384B001KPLXAKARXQ5V3V3YHHLm0051330387200I love this tea!Wooooow
I love this tea! This is the product, that can be really good for the body: it possesses the antioxidant, and vitamins. In addition, it also tastes good. You must try this tea, and you will not be disappointed.
503385503385B000G7LQ78A150ZEXKXINNCZK. Salvucci "Kathy"2351217289600wonderfulI've been buying these for years and was delighted to find them on Amazon. Super value here.
503386503386B000G7LQ78AVGVE5FN3ZXDOxyz0051332201600Mild flavor.. melts in your mouth!Very mild compared to the other flavors. My kid wants it in her lunch-box and prefers to eat it rather than have a sandwich. Great with dips or all by itself as a snack.
503387503387B000G7LQ78AUDM3PXTPC7L2Sol Weltman1241254441600Great Sticks Packaging So-So
503388503388B000G7LQ78A16HYRY8231J74Found the Truth0151225065600Great Price and TasteThese sell in organic shops and deli's for twice what you will pay on Amazon. They are always a hit at parties or family get togethers so you will need a case which is what Amazon sells.
503389503389B006IMBQ5CA2JBFJBXRILPGVThefoodie0051348358400Too expensive!This product is great! With that said it would have to sell for $22.80 per 12 pack to make it worth while to buy. I can get these all day long for $2.00 per can. That would put a 12 pack at $24.00 and that still wouldn't get me to bite! Fix the price, and sell this stuff!!
503390503390B002YJC9UYA22IYB5WLZD1OCB. F. Beckham0051319846400Lipton Family Size 48 count pack of 6I have used Lipton tea for the past 40 years and the tea bag was the best improvement ever made. Keep up the good work. Except for twice a year Amazon is the cheapest place to purchase the family size bags. Of course Prime shipping is a plus also
503391503391B0006N9RQOA36QDRO7S3BVSPBBB "dedicated online shopper"0051267401600Dogs love 'em!My dogs love these healthful and delicious biscuits. The assorted flavors are exciting. Buying in quantity through is a cost saver and convenient.
503392503392B0006N9RQOA35UXR0KIECFHTSerena Meinhold0051234483200YummasWe got these as gifts for our friends dogs after great success on the mini-sized ones for our guys.

One of our dogs is really a picky eater. It sometimes helps if we crumble up a bit of one of these bones to sprinkle around his dinner.

Between these and pupperonis, our pups seem content (all the human table scraps don't seem to go unappreciated either).

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