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503401503401B000V6GAMKA2N5XC6IM7QNJ9bdprog0051319760000Great ProductGreat product, though we wish it was a bit cheaper! We paid less the first time we ordered less than a year ago.
503402503402B000V6GAMKAUJ4VOH9JF006Retired Geek0051290297600Excellent!This is my favorite vegetarian Chicken-style seasoning. It really makes a great substitute for chicken broth in recipes, and it's great that it's both vegan and gluten-free.
503403503403B000V6GAMKA2P8M2EJMYJPLUMark W. Retzlaff "Mark Retzlaff"1331225411200McKay'sGreat stuff but the shipping costs will kill ya. I wish they would sell it at a store near me.
503404503404B000V6GAMKA1YOYBVEMKE3EML. Fleming0211276041600Expensive, and a little grossIt's not often that I feel compelled to leave a review on a product, but I didn't like this at all. It didn't taste like chicken broth, and it didn't even taste good to make up for that fact. I feel like I wasted my money.
503405503405B002AL4I00A2X43P60BJ7LRYKiem Trong Nguyen5551329523200GOOD PRODUCTI used to harvest bee honey in the past and verify that this product is pure honey. It is difference from honey sold in store that mix with syrup to prevent bee honey from being crystallized.
503406503406B002AL4I00AQM1U1F6ANQLAGraham S. Kime3351329782400Raw Bckwheat Honey ReviewRather an unusual taste. Not particularly "honey" flavored, yet recognizably honey. It has a wild type taste and not particularly sweet.
503408503408B002AL4I00A1KQE8I64YPM5Imememe6941315180800this buckwheat honeyI have purchased this same product from a couple of different places and find that each time I order it, the flavor is different and the texture of the honey is different. Sometimes it is more crystalized and sometimes more paste like and very thick. To soften, I microwave the bottle w/o the lid for about 20 sec. on high and it allows me to take a knife to it and mix it so that it is more spreadable. I like the strong flavor whether consistant or not...., Michael Ryskin, M.D.0051349827200Real thing!To honey connoisseurs: This is a small can of a real raw buckwheat honey. I give it a five start rating as it carries the real taste of buckwheat blossom honey, meaning that the bees weren't fed a substitute (although in today's world anything is possible). The honey is creamy, suggesting some kind of processing. But even then, the product is delicious and flavorfull. I will definitely re-order it when I am done with this jar.
503410503410B002AL4I00A1BE8V5S9IYE9EEvgenii Puchkaryov "voyrakhcuP iinegvE"0051338422400AaaahhhI've tried many various honeys, but I keep coming to buckwheat. It is my favorite, and this YS honey is a fine representative of that. This honey is very tasteful and aromatic. I love the richness of taste of buckwheat honey. It is not just sweet, it has some sour notes and a variety of flavor I can't really describe. If you haven't tried such honey, I urge you do it!
503411503411B002AL4I00A1CZ4ZV3LHBUZWTS0011337558400cOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT FRESHERI DON'T THINK THIS WAS AS FRESH AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN Got another at a much cheaper price at another site and it was very fresh.
503412503412B000UXMNBQA122MDNOINSN9ZThomas F. Wall3351278374400Great olives and good value!These are a great buy!

The olives are of uniform size and color. They are flavorful and fresh tasting. They also arrived in good shape, something that doesn't always happen when you buy bulk packages.
503413503413B000UXMNBQAR4ULGB9JGQ1URay Taylor1111316217600Poorest Nicoise olives I've ever seenI've bought Nicoise olives at grocers and gourmet shops for 30+ years. They have always been black and tasted good to incredible. Very few of the olives in this six pound can were black, mostly ranging in color from green to brown. One was yellow. They are nearly tasteless, except for having far too much salt. Buy a handful of Nicoise olives elsewhere and enjoy them. This can is a ripoff.
503414503414B000UXMNBQA3VIG604VI4LEWC. Anderson1151310428800Delicious and the price is greatI used to buy these olives at gourmet stores for around $11.00 a tub, which is about one cup. Much better deal here. They are small and very tasty. Not overpowering. Good things come in small packages!
503415503415B000UXMNBQA137PZKC0F2Z9JF. Ubertini "moviemad"2611253318400Tiny olives are not usefulThese olives are both too salty and too small, not worth the effort to eat them.Roland Nicoise Olives from France, 6.1-Pound Can I don't know what makes them Nicoise, exactly, but they do not add a specifically French flavor to anything, just more salt than you would want if you pursue a healthy diet.
503416503416B0052MTNN6AU39QNVXHFCH9Angelique J. Clayton "JCR"5551337644800So much better to grow your own!The tiny little containers of wheat grass / cat grass that you see in the grocery stores and pet stores (ranging in price from $2.99 to $6.99!) are ridiculous, when you can get this 5 pound bucket for $15 or so and have it last for a long time. I purchased The Sprout House Hard Wheat for Wheatgrass Sprouting Seeds about a month ago, and I can already see this is going to last me for awhile. I have a recycled wheatgrass container from one of those grocery stores, and each batch takes less than 1/4 cup of wheat grass seeds to grow the same amount. I'm literally growing the same amount of grass for pennies. It's so easy to grow this for my cats, that I'm thinking about buying a manual juicer and growing some for us as well!

The only down-side to this bucket is how hard it was to get the lid off! But the opposite point is that it closes VERY securely, so you can be assured of keeping your seeds dry and free from contaminants.

All around, I find this an excellent purchase and if / when I run out, I'll be sure to order from The Sprout House again!
503417503417B0052MTNN6A6DYU2I6Y2UUIJhette "Insanity Makes Life Bearable"3351320624000Great for the Lazy!!!This wheatgrass grows itself. I load a shallow tray with dirt, add fertilizer, fill it with seeds, lightly cover with more dirt,water and thick wheatgrass in 7 days. What's not to like?!
503418503418B0052MTNN6A2N0QJDL0S5ZOXMari Silver "HeartofSilver"1141346976000Great seed, but...The seed is fine. Grows well, stands up under my cat's grazing. But... the bucket is almost impossible to open. The instructions for opening it do not apply to reality. Very frustrating and exhausting by the time it is finally opened. Required screw drivers for levers and several other tools I don't recall. Now the lid no longer sits securely on the bucket. Not so sure I am willing to do this again.
503419503419B0052MTNN6A1K12W7SQJF1HZMF111151319414400Excellent quality and price!I've planted the first batch of wheat grass for my cat. Germination is fast and rate is high. My cat loves his little salary bowl. The price is hard to beat - the best price I found on the internet. I plan to order some other seeds for myself for sprouting.
503420503420B0052MTNN6A1BP7DCKCQJFIAMy Name Is Daisy0051347062400Perfect for Cat (or People) Grass!Prior to purchasing a five pound bucket of The Sprout House's Hard Wheat Organic Sprouting Seeds, I was paying roughly half as much for five meager ounces of Petlinks System Nibble-Licious Seeds, which I had very little luck growing. At that price per ounce, it certainly didn't leave much room for experimentation, much less perfecting cat grass based growing techniques.

After purchasing five pounds of organic seeds from The Sprout House, I know how to grow wheatgrass like a champ and still have at least four pounds of seeds left. The method that works best for me is to soak the seeds overnight in a mason jar (with a homemade sprouting lid), completely drain the jar the next morning and then rinse the seeds every few hours until they've sprouted nicely. At that point, I put a very shallow layer (about half an inch) of organic soil in a seed tray, layer the sprouted seeds on top, moisten the soil and seeds, cover with a sheet or two of wet newspaper & make sure the soil and paper stay damp (but not overly wet). In a few days, the grass is high enough to push the newspaper off, at which point, I let it have ambient light. In a few more days, I've got a thick (and gorgeous), miniature lawn for my cats to graze on.

I only use about 3/4 cup of seeds for a seed tray that's roughly 10" x 21", so it's obviously a lot of grass for the money (especially given the insane cost of pre-grown cups of cat grass sold in pet stores). My point is that even if you don't have a green thumb or have been put off by the thought of growing your own cat grass (or people grass), five pounds of seeds will be enough to prove how easy and cost effective it is to grow yourself.

And yes, the bucket is awkward and hard to open, but there isn't any law that says you have to keep these seeds in the bucket.
503421503421B0052MTNN6A32WMAVD3J4655Jeremy0051340236800100% success rate with prouting these wheat seedsWheat grass sprouts are not the tastiest but they are healthy and beneficial. I used these seeds to sprout and eat and also to sprout and grow as wheat grass and they worked great for both. They are fresh seeds and i would say i got about a 100% success rate with the seeds. Sprouthouse has quality seeds and some decent pricing.
503422503422B0052MTNN6A3SYTEMUMKIBZ5Alex0051339891200A LOT of seeds!Wow, this bucket contains a ton of wheatgrass seeds. It will probably last us a year. We sprout our own and grow in our garage under a light system. I had to have my husband break open the container for me, but now it is easy to open and close. I would recommend this and will buy again.
503423503423B0052MTNN6A2KNV61CW1IHGTD. Ebben0051337299200Great wheatgrass seedsThese were my first wheatgrass seeds - and I wasn't disappointed. They come in a nice little bucket and they sprout and grow like crazy. Very good wheatgrass too. What's not to like?
503424503424B0052MTNN6A2D0P7EZ5EVC3NJenniferNY "Love to read"0121350259200Wheatgrass, Natures Finest Medicine, but look closeThe 2 star rating is because what you appear to see is not what you will receive, unless someone has started to make a less than 1 gallon container that looks exactly like a 5 gallon container, I have never seen one but I suppose it is possible. What you appear to see is a 5 gallon container, so please look close before you buy. I have been buying Hard Winter Wheat seeds for YEARS. The container displayed for this item appears, especially when compared to others selling a 5 gallon containers of Wheatgrass seeds, to be a 5 gallon pail. yet with this item you get only 5 pounds. 5 pounds of hard wheat seeds will not even come close to filling a 5 gallon pail. Every time I have bought a 5 gallon container of Wheatgrass Seeds it has had 35 pounds of Wheatgrass seeds in it, NOT 5 POUNDS. The Sprout House may very well have a high quality seed, but deceiving the buying public, in my opinion, is wrong and needs to be revealed, hopefully before even one person is deceived. If you search for hard wheat seed on Amazon you will see other companies selling containers that look EXACTLY like this one that contain 35 and not 5 pounds of seed, and the cost per pound is much closer to what it should be than this 5 pound container is. Maybe this was an honest mistake and not intentional. If that is the case, I am sure the mistake will be corrected. If I see that it is corrected I will modify or delete this review. But PLEASE, always do your research before you buy so what you expect to receive is what you do receive.
503425503425B0052MTNN6AX4WHPPNWEKJKR. Lee0251331164800cat absolutely loves this grassmy cat has been eating this grass for the last few years... excellent price on Amazon.

I, on the other hand, have been brave enough to try wheat grass juice.
503426503426B007R9AG2OA1LOLBCXNJ71KBPeanutsGangFan0151343260800Mom says it's great!I purchased this whole-bean Kona-blend coffee for my mother as a gift. She said it is very delicious. I thought it was very reasonably-priced.
503427503427B00196066WA288VPDFQJXSTXL. Dani4451260230400Fresh Almonds!This was a great deal! they taste fresh and they were intact and shiny and at a great bulk price! I used them in my wedding favor bags for 300 guests and I put white and gold 5 pieced in each bag. They were a hit!
503428503428B00196066WA5UCPSAXA03T0Mlle1111340841600Wedding favorsI was excited when I read the positive reviews, but when my almonds arrived a lot of them were crushed/broken. It was a big disappointment and they were not particularly good. Unfortunate buy on my end! Maybe back in 2009 they were great, but my experience was not.
503429503429B00196066WAI11LBBLV6KAZLaura Sure1151325462400For our weddingOrdered these for our wedding. A great bargain to order in bulk. The guests complimented them as well! I was nervous ordering online because checking in stores there were always some bags with almonds that were crushed and broken yet were more expensive. But these arrived in good shape, not stale and perfect for guests.
503430503430B00196066WALJXBX161P5W0JF1111315526400No TasteThese are the worst ever! no taste except sawdust.....Don't buy. Best quality was what they said..forget quality is what it should have said

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