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503431503431B000EY3OJQA1DQJA9OTYV774Roger L. Koopmann5541168300800Great Hot MustardThis whole seed mustard is hot like a French Dijon. Great for sandwiches!
503432503432B000EY3OJQA2DAM7Z46VW06VAGmaC "cc"3321307923200Beaver Brand Deli MustardI love this stuff - didn't know it had High Fructose Corn Syrup in it! Grrrr
This is not product specific, but I have noticed that when I buy bulk on Amazon some of the companies ship out their close-dated items. We purchase for our large family to save money, but it does not save anything to have to throw out what is out-dated after a short time. I wish there was some way to communicate and find out what the products are dated are when I purchase here.
503433503433B000EY3OJQA1TS94WOW62HFOA. K. Phelps2251254960000Delicious!I don't know why my grocery store quit carrying this mustard - they carry several other Beaver Brand Mustards, just not the Deli Mustard. After asking for 2 different stores to order/carry it for me, and waiting while they attempted to order it, I finally gave up and found it here.

It's a whole grain mustard with horseradish and I use it all the time for brats, knocks, and even for my corned beef, which everyone wants the recipe for (secret - the mustard & brown sugar!).

Now I have to order it, 6 bottles at a time, but I don't care because I always have it on hand!
503434503434B001SB4WS6A2AMFDYJ44BAF2scoop1151339459200weberif you like it spicy ths is it! use it without any other ingredient to make it hotter, ideal for fish, chicken, pork and vegetables.
503435503435B000S85ADQA2VL2EF54WRSKMMarbella0051343433600Good product, good price and good delivery.Good quality of tea, very refreshing and calming effect to close a hard working day. Good taste, it is spicy and rewarding. We received it with a fast delivery and it is a good product for the money.
503436503436B0029PDW9AA14MQ40CCU8B13Jeff Mick "mixpix"0041302998400Could work for other usesI purchased an Axion 7" TV & wanted some protection for the unit when in storage or travel. Working great distances from home, I choose to pack a little house & stay near the jobsite. To kill time, I like to watch TV. I've had only a couple of them due to my insistence on buying good quality units. To assure these units I purchase last, I buy the protective covers that also act as a storage for the accommodating accessories too. That way there is less chance of equipment loss. How many times have I ran across a cord or a plug that I asked: "where did this go to?". Only to find the answer a few weeks later, after I've thrown it away.

I'd say this denim case could be used for the small note books or Acer mini laptop. It is a stiff case & offers some protection. I wouldn't give it the Samsonite test however.
503437503437B001HTKN50A2NJ1NX8YCJURJPeter Stanton2251324944000Great Tasting SardinesI had a friend of mine eating these opposite me at dinner the other day and I requested a taste for myself. Great mild flavour in both the fish and the tomato sauce. Just right in my opinion. I've ordered a doz cans of the stuff myself. I had them on sour dough toast, was divine!
503438503438B001HTKN50A3BWG6LZFRFUMPGypsydiva0021348444800Flavor great BUT way too salty!!!. . and I like saltDisappointed and afraid to buy again, because these are so salty. Anybody else find this? Won't buy again. The tomato sauce is nice and flavorful, but a bad slip up to be so very salty.
503439503439B001HTKN50A2UA726E8SLXYJerry L. Dixon0051342310400The world's best sardines!These have to be the world's best sardines--no sardine odor and no oil. They are imported from Portugal where they are processed as soon as they are caught, so they don't have time to go stale, which is what causes the bad odor in cheap cans of sardines at the stores.
503440503440B000LQOJMSA3M4CYTYBAKYPLnadia0051307491200TastyShipped UPS which was unexpected so I had to end up paying extra to have them reroute it to my job so I could actually be there to sign for it instead of getting notices that nobody was home and they would be back at another hour. Outside of that, tasty tasty! I will always prefer Lavaza to Illy 10x over. Just smoother and richer on the senses without that dark acidity that I just can't stand. And I know people complain about too little foam but I don't care about foam (I think foam tastes disgusting) so this was perfect!
503441503441B002MGM5EEA2VU5HSEA7RK3AOliver L. Baily1141306800000Makes the best Kir with white wineSyrup of Cassis is hard to find. Most people settle for Creme de Cassis which is alcohol based. But the non- alcoholic syrup doesn't overwhelm the wine.
503442503442B002MGM5EEA3QC72WQYG8CDTDeeDee1151277164800Just like in EuropeI lived in France for over a year and used this to make kir and kir royal. I was very excited to see that it was for sale and the same product you can get overseas.
503443503443B002MGM5EEA2UTY6Z6LJJBY1Frederic Blin "Nodbuddabag"0041335312000Real CassisThis is legitimate cassis, just like in France. It is definitely worth buying, except for the price. The price Amazon is selling this for is a bit high.
503444503444B00420CR8MAJ1X01E6FHOFXllaand120051327536000Great baby foodIt's a great mixture of greens. My son started it when he was 8 month old. Since it has a nice chunky texture and a very healthy recipe, I still offer it to him now when he is 15 m.o. And he loves it!
503445503445B00420CR8MAIHC5ABQYA1BGAnnette S0051320883200LOVE, LOVE , LOVE!!!!!!!!!! And so healthy!My baby Loves this and I am coming back for more! Great protein and I tasted it too it is very tasty! I would highly recommend this.
503446503446B00420CR8MA2X51J16VQ60M6DC shopper0021314316800YuckThis looked very promising and is certainly very healthy, but my 8 month old won't eat it. At best, she took a few bites when I mixed it with formula, but she really didn't like it.
503447503447B00420CR8MA39VJUN8NDZE4OCC0051306368000Loved it!Baby loved this one, and I liked giving him protein without subjecting him to pureed meat! It is definitely a thicker texture. My baby started eating this at 7.5 months and did fine.
503448503448B00420CR8MA6LAMY7Z10BBJAmazon Shopper0041286928000I like more than babyBaby was just ok with this one, slow to eat it and didn't finish. I thought it was great though...
503449503449B0041CBGLUA2JKLPDCT8QN2VHealth Nut0051313539200A Winning Satay Sauce.I first tried Prima Taste's Rendang Curry and love it, which made me try the Kebab Satay. This satay sauce is to die for, really great if you have people over and want to "cook" authentic Asian Cuisine. Its really easy to use as well. You just open all the packets and mix it together. I've started using this for chicken, beef and now even shrimp and highly recommend.
503450503450B004LL4M94A1BWPKMS736AHPC. ONeill1151317081600the best green tea I've foundI love this tea - lovely flavor, not bitter or bland. And the company's great too - they work with fair trade growers. I recommend giving it a try.
503451503451B003XB3NNEAOXMSGH15FT41TokyoPurpleDog "TokyoPurpleDog"444451327795200deliciousAfter losing two full belt holes of girth around my middle in only 2 weeks after following the Wheat Belly diet (Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health ) I decided to give up wheat flour entirely, and have had some trouble finding a suitable flour for baking.

I originally used chana dal flour (also known as "gram flour," "garbanzo bean flour," or "chick pea flour". This flour, made from chickpeas, is available at any Indian grocery or here on Amazon under one of those names). I continued to lose weight by using chana dal flour but it has a somewhat bitter taste.

I then tried the Chebe line of flours ( Chebe Bread All-Purpose Mix, 7.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 8) ) which is manioc (tapioca) flour. Very good, highly recommended, but the dough gets very chewy.

I then tried cooking with just this coconut flour, in total disregard of the package instructions, which recommends not using this flour on its own but instead substituting a quarter of your regular flour with this. Big mistake to ignore the package directions. It wouldn't stick together and soaked up a huge amount of water. Total disaster.

I'm now doing as the package recommends and I genuinely love this flour. It's totally delicious and I wish I could use it on its own, but it's just not realistic. I'm now using a coconut flour-Chebe blend, with occasional coconut flour-chana dal flour days. And I keep losing weight without any other changes to my diet.
503452503452B003XB3NNEA1SCNVZMGJYAW7Patchesintexas303151332288000Great product!If you are a low carber or even a weight watchers and you miss having cake, get yourself some of this product.
1 egg (for WW use 3 egg whites), 2 tbsp Coconut flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, a splash of vanilla, splenda to taste ( I generally use a couple of packets, but if you are using liquid it will be different, Mix this together and cook in a glass cereal bowl about 2 minutes in the microwave and you have cake! Top with a little greek yogurt or cream cheese sweetened with artificial sweetner and it's yummy!
503453503453B003XB3NNEA3Q3EVDIIIRLLLShorty222251340409600YummyThis is the second time I've ordered this coconut flour. It's great to bake with. This is my favorite recipe to make with it. I have also used this basic recipe and leave out the chocolate and make a raspberry zinger like cake by spreading sugar free raspberry jam on top of the cake batter and sprinkling unsweetened coconut flakes on top before baking. I buy most of my baking supplies at Netrition because it's cheaper and only costs four ninety five for shipping no matter how much you buy. Here's the recipe for the coconut cake. I use 3 eggs and a little more coconut milk and use whatever sugar substitute you like. I use a mix of liquid splenda, erythritol and stevia extract.

Chocolate Almond Joy Cake


4 eggs
¾ cup canned coconut milk
2 teaspoons almond extract
¾ cup coconut palm sugar
½ cup blanched almond flour
½ cup coconut flour
¼ teaspoon sea salt
½ teaspoon baking soda
¼ cups unsweetened shredded coconut
1 bar of 72% chopped dark chocolate

1. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, coconut milk, almond extract and palm sugar with a mixer.
2. In a smaller bowl, combine almond flour, coconut flour, salt and baking soda.
3. Slowly add dry ingredients into wet with a mixer.
4. Stir in ½ cup of the chocolate chips.
5. Grease an 8×8 inch baking dish.
6. Pour batter into dish, then sprinkle shredded coconut and remaining chocolate chips on top.
7. Bake at 350° for 30 minutes. (Enjoy the smell of toasted coconut wafting through the house!)
8. Cool for 1 hour.
9. Serve.
503454503454B003XB3NNEAAGY7GT729YENLorraine S. Lawson "Lorraine"131341332633600Coconut Flour, not your usual flour!OK, be sure you know this is really just ground up dried coconut! It is NOT exchangeable with regular flour! One must read about how to use it for success in baking. However, if you think of it as protein powder, or a substitute for corn starch, it is easy to figure out. A couple teaspoons in a smoothie, a little in the pan to thicken a sauce. If you want to bake with it, there are recipes in cookbooks, many for free online -, and, I think. (Google it) I mix a little in my kid's "just add water" pancake mix, with an egg, a little melted coconut oil, some ground almond flour and whole milk or almond makes the best pancakes and waffles, a lot more flavor and texture, with a lot of added healthful things. I am going to give it a try in muffins, I will follow the recipe as I have read enough reviews that this is not the place to "wing it" as I usually do! But love the smell and I can't wait to taste it in baked goods!
503455503455B003XB3NNEA2G4MOV893SMQAli9951331769600coconut flourI use coconut flour all of the time for baking. I especially line the canister it comes in, so it stays fresher longer. I also keep in the fridge. Coconut secret coconut flour seems especially lighter & fluffier than other coconut flours that I've tried. I was very pleased with this product & I will definitely purchase it again.
503456503456B003XB3NNEA2FUTQ71L55Z0SWill C9951326326400will reorderI thought this flour worked very well in our grain and sugar free zucchini bread recipe. It holds a lot of moisture and is very dense but tasted good. I think it is nice to have such great options for grain free baking. My co workers tried it and said if I hadn't told them they wouldn't have known it was any different than regular zucchini bread.
503457503457B003XB3NNEA21D9PANY2T55HIch7751335744000Fun for cookingI ordered this after reading about how healthy it is, and the food I bake with it actually comes out tasting very good. If you aren't totally grain-free/paleo, you can still benefit from the healthy aspect of this. My banana bread recipe is below:

3 large ripe bananas
1 egg, well beaten
3/4 c. sugar
3 tbsp. butter, melted
1.5 c. (whole wheat) flour
1/2 c. coconut flour
1/2 c. water (or as needed to reach proper consistency)
1 tsp. soda
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
Walnuts (optional)

Mash bananas well and mix with beaten egg. Add sugar and mix thoroughly. Melt butter and add to the banana mixture. Sift together remaining dry ingredients and add to banana mixture. Bake in a greased 5x9 inch pan (2 lb. loaf pan) or two smaller pans. Bake at 350° for 1 hr. If using smaller pans, bake for 40 min. Bread is done when toothpick comes out cleanly.
503458503458B003XB3NNEAON5YU2V520E3Rose6651341705600Great flavorI'm new to cooking without wheat/grains so it was a bit awkward at first. Though I have to say I love this product. If you want something to make breads for sandwiches I would not suggest this. It's great for making sweets though. Coconut flour is dense and requires more liquid than a wheat flour so that took some getting use to, but as a product this is excellent. It has a great flavor and aroma. I do suggest you keep baked products in the fridge though as I've found that coconut flour products spoil easier than wheat flour ones. I'm not sure why but it just seems that way.
503459503459B003XB3NNEA2KA2SGZJM2JDChannah5551325116800great addition to smoothies! yumIt makes great smoothies with fresh, rich coconut scent and taste!
I'm a vegan and i mix it with soymilk and its a wonder! I purchased this product from a different site and was surprised it has almost no review here. Will buy again!
503460503460B003XB3NNEAOYEQZN60Y7YLJoe7851326844800Excellent Product!I just placed my third order of this product and this time I bought two! It tastes excellent and its really good for you. I have substituted it into all of my baking and I make protein bars with it. When I make pancakes in the morning with it I can eat one medium sized pancake with Agave Nectar on top with some whey powder mixed in and it keeps me full and energized until dinner time!!! Enjoy!

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