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503491503491B000EY3OJ6A1W0F3F6EXIAKPvieprivee "vieprivee"0031291248000Not What I ExpectedI love cranberries and mustard! BUT this combo tastes like mustard with maybe one cranberry that ran through! IT is good but not fruity enough.
503492503492B000EY3OJ6A3NH8OUSNXG9G7capple0041277424000Cranberry MustardThis is a great mustard, has a little more bite than others that I have tried. Goes great on Roast Pork sandwiches and as a topping on hamburgers. I like it best for its low salt content.
503493503493B000EY3OJ6A3GI9F93PZEGL4R. J. Gilgunn FBC0051270425600Delicious, Delicious, DeliciousGreat mustard! Place in a ramekin next to cheeses and meats. Works with anything!
503494503494B000EY3OJ6A1JVQVFOD1AFVUKaren Force "Karen"0121301011200Doesn't make the mustardI'm an avid fan of the B.B. honey sweet mustard and the B.B. hot mustard. I ordered a case of this mustard thinking it would be as great as the others and because we often times mix the honey sweet mustard with cranberry sauce. Quite honestly, neither my husband nor I care for this product much. I can't explain exactly why but we just don't care for the taste. I'm thinking I might use it for marinades and spice it up a bit or use it for glazes. But as a garnish for meats or veggies it just doesn't make the mustard.
503495503495B004N5AVSEAUS3V4RKIWQ6BRay0041350950400our cat ate itOur cat liked this. It took her a while to get used to it. I think this product is quite expensive.
503496503496B004N5AVSEAU4R9UG1NQOHYChuckNora0051347408000My Cats ApproveMy cats do love this stuff. They are extremely picky too and prefer dry food. "First cats I ever met that act this way, I don't get it either." I love the price so it's perfectly fine with me too! I have them on it two times a week because everyday is a little much on the litter box and their tummies. Oh starting out give them just a little and not a whole can... A lot of people make this mistake. If they aren't used to something they will get sick.
503497503497B004N5AVSEAKY2NIIS6VMLATormentrix0051335744000Very picky cats love ther flavor!I'm very impressed . It's hard to find a quality cat food that my cats actually love the flavor. My cats also get bored with flavor of most cat foods, but they really enjoy this food and don't get tired of it.
503498503498B001NGASNYA3UB793GPTVK6Laura G Trego4451286582400Great Soup MixA neighbor made this soup mix for us and brought it over. She added pre-made chicken and a bag of frozen vegetables. It was the best chicken noodle soup we have ever had. She said it was easy to make and such a nice gift for us!
503499503499B001NGASNYA4JILKTTDXL7IKimberly G. Talbot4451262995200Best Chicken Noodle Ever!My family and I received this in a gift basket for Christmas. I had never seen or heard of this company before. One night, I was in need of something quick and comforting, and I decided to try it. We all loved it - my 2 yr old and my 6 yr old included. It's literally the best chicken noodle soup I've ever had! It was very easy to make too. My only reccomendation would be to put 1 cup less of chicken broth than the instructions say... it makes the soup less brothy and more hearty.
503500503500B001NGASNYA1TBNCZSXDZNM4Marilyn3351296950400Frontier SoupsI had been ordering Frontier soups directly from Frontier. My two favorites are the Chicken Noodle and the Potato Leek soups. When I saw I could order at lower cost from Amazon, and both my favorites were available, I promptly did so. Much better value with Amazon, and no shipping when I used the $25 free shipping super saver.
503501503501B001NGASNYAIUP0RI2RLEHKJudith K. "Jay Kay"1141301443200connecticut chicken soupI have made one pot of this soup and it was good... not homemade but good.
I think it is better using cooked leftover chicken. It is not salty at all.
Makes an easy lunch if you used cooked chicken.
503502503502B001NGASNYAW27HHPMUDLV8Evelyn "Evelyn"0041348444800Frontier soupsI purchased a variety of the soup flavors and I do like them all a lot. However, I am finding I have to either pre-soak the vegetables and beans an hour or more, or cook them a half hour longer in order for them to be done. If they are not completely done, there is stomach upset. The veggies are so very dry they require a lot more cooking than the directions suggest. Otherwise, the flavors are great and the soups are hardy and filling.... Frontier Soups Homemade In Minutes South Of The Border Tortilla Soup, 4.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)
503503503503B001NGASNYA30IW8LWH4668GMary Hale0221325635200Frontier Soups chicken noodleNot as good as the Tortilla soup -- which tastes more like homemade -- the chicken was more packaged tasting
503504503504B0006G5468A2RVHJ15ETC0TImomof21121344384000super smallvery small, much smaller than i expected and i measured it, it either is wrong or dimensions were wrong.Would not recommend at all.
503505503505B004YRSZY8A2YXBJT2WKB8QVMaryland Coffee Drinker1151329609600Wonderful, Smooth Flavor!!I ordered this product based on a sample a friend of mine sent me from Hawaii. It arrived as scheduled and was as fresh as the sample I had tried. Kona Coffee is certainly smooth with a nutty, almost chocolaty taste compared with other coffees I have tried. I wonderful product that I will continue to order!
503506503506B004YRSZY8A26C5W9J7X2T1XHoward Neal0051346976000Very unique tasteI'm not a huge coffee drinker but have tried quite a few brands. This has a very unique flavor, kind of earthy, semi bold, very full flavor. There's nothing I can compare it to but I'm not disappointed in any way. Would probably buy it again
503507503507B000TIOQC6ATSAWVR11NPPSAmber Fox "Amber"4451237680000"Big Daddy" is Right!My sister found out about smoked paprika thanks to "Big Daddy's House" on the Food Network. I use it constantly and find it as great a staple as garlic in cooking. Smoked paprika indeed adds a beautiful smoked flavor to foods without the barbeque grill.

Purchasing the small jars from the supermarket was getting too costly. By purchasing the 1 lb. size, I have been able to refill my little supermarket spice jar at least four times with plenty over. I am grateful to Wholespice not only for offering the paprika in bulk for an extremely reasonable price, but for their fast shipping.

If you've never tried smoked paprika, please give it a try. If you enjoy using it as much as I do, please buy it from Wholespice. I truly believe that you won't be disappointed.
503508503508B008EDA48SA3C68EUZA04JATColleen "If it's not fun, what's the point?"0051231286400Shan Chapli KababI could not find the mix for the Chappli Kabab here on, so I wrote my review for this instead. I live in a remote area of the wild west Rocky Mountains where Indian or Pakistani cuisine is completely non-existent in the form of a restaurant. Purchasing a cookbook online, even our grocery stores don't sell the spices needed to create such dishes.

I met a Pakistani woman on a flight from LA who introduced me to these Shan mixes. She said they are very authentic, spicy. All you need to add is the meat/vegies. The instructions are printed in English on the back of the box and are easy to follow. She sent me some and I tried them. They are delicious. And yes, SPICY!!!! I was afraid to use the whole packet of spice for my chappli kabab, so I used 2/3's of it. Even that much was alomst too spicy. The flavor was magnificent.
503509503509B002TMA98UA1WB1WII1MTDHXKatherine Dumestre1111318982400Terrible DisappointmentThis is a tiny little box of tiny tasteless Palmiers. They are not sweet at all. I am so disappointed.
503510503510B002TMA98UAF5UVU0D8OOCDN.S.Y.0041327622400YummyI had been trying to remember the name of the these cookies for years so I could look for them. When i finally did and ordered this box, I was not disappointed at all. They're delicious! Even after having my wisdom teeth removed, I was still trying to eat them with sore gums. I just wish the box was bigger.
503511503511B001VLX3KQA17CWEZA21GH0RSusan M. Chamberlin "SDCowgirl"2351238630400Even my picky, picky 5-year-old loves them!I bought Pure Pantry's Old-Fashioned Pancake Mix at a local Farmer's market while I was looking for some healthier alternatives for my family. There are not a lot of foods my 4-year-old likes or is willing to try. He does love pancakes, so I thought if I could at least get his breakfast to be more healthy that would be a start. I made the pancakes (not thinking he would like them - yes he's THAT picky) and he loved them. Now he requests these over his old favorite. My entire family loved them. They have a great taste and fluffiness. I highly recommend this product!
503512503512B001VLX3KQA38UN8YABFRJXFhelthnut0151295308800healthy and yummyI bought the first bag at my local healthfood store. Since then I'm a repeat customer because I use this mix to create tasty and healthy dishes- sweet and savory. At first I made the pancake recipe on the bag. My family loved them. I experimented with my own ingredients together with some of the mix. Whatever I made was a big hit! Even 'though we don't need to eat gluten free, I know how healthy and delicious the reult will be when I cook with the pancake and baking mix.
503513503513B005DD92JOA3FBY1SNDVT2OKMarilyn R. Carrier "wild frog lady"0051330041600noccialata hazelnut spreadOMG!! It was the most delicious spread I have ever eaten! I like that it is organic too. Palm oil in the other brand is not heart healthy in the long run. Nocciolata wins my love it vote!! I like to eat it out of the jar with a spoon or mix it with peanut butter in a sandwich, awesome!! :-) I recommend this product over the popular supermarket brand. It's really worth it!!!
503514503514B00106WYPMAOX46ZKPM7XHUWilliam B. Wethington3351322179200Our Dogs say "Woof!"We have 5 dogs and they absolutely love Nylabone Nutri Dent Filet Mignon. Indeed, in confirmation of "Pavlov's Dog" theory, they have even got the approximate time down for when they are to receive it, since they begin salivating and barking at me.
503515503515B00106WYPMA1LWCFYF625N3Xretail therapy2251322179200My picky puppy loves theseMy bichon poodle mix is very, very picky about treats. He is the only dog I know that will walk away or spit out treats. But these Filet Mignon Dog Chews he LOVES. I am ordering another bag!
503516503516B00106WYPMA1YRIVB577HAQPblue-max2251320624000Great ProductWe have two bachon's Frise Dogs who just love these. They only get one a day due to cost, otherwise they would eat the whole bag. Originaly we got these at Costco, however they do not carry them anymore.
503517503517B00106WYPMA2TWEC4EIFHO2Fmelchambers2251315440000my dogs love themThese are great. Not to hard not too soft. My dogs love them.
They smell really good too. Wish they were bi
gger though.
503518503518B00106WYPMA1FFT89MBWU5QBMarkSme2251314489600Great Dog FoodWorks to keep your dogs teeth clean and add much needed stuff to his diet. I am pleased with
the good prices and delivery.
503519503519B00106WYPMA36Y2XA81YDIVGAnn Robbins "ROAD RUNNER"2251309910400Nurti Dent Filet Mignon Dog chewsThis is the only bone my dog will eat. Yes she is spoiled but I never knew I could only get one certain kind of bone. So my dog is the poster dog for Nutri Dent dog chews. I just hope they never discontinue them. Great product and I am glad to find a bone chew my dog likes.
503520503520B00106WYPMA37YUEYNYYWPJELynn D2251308614400Expensive but worth it!This is nearly the only treat that does not make my 8 month puppy sick. Although a good value when purchased on Amazon they are still a bit expensive. Since I don't brush my dog's teeth they are worth the money.

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