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503521503521B00106WYPMA3I34LVM5HL4OPEmily2251306886400My 15 minute breakMy cavalier king charles spaniel LOVES these. She's 3 months old and can have them gone in 15 minutes. Seem to digest well also
503522503522B00106WYPMA3ASWULTGOS3CFRichard N. Barg2251305158400Arguably but not defintively Better than GreeniesMy dog loves these. The doggie store suggested to me that these were more effective than greenies in cleaning teeth but who knows. Sage seemed more apoplectic when offered these vs. Greenies. The packaging is really nice and the idea of Fliet Mignon really appealed to Sage. slightly more expensive than greenies and fewer choices.
503523503523B00106WYPMA1WAYKAUS9BR8IKathleen A. Winchell "Kat"4551258070400clean teeth for my babyMy dog loves these chews. He asks for them every night. Much cheaper to buy them here than try to find them in stores.
503524503524B00106WYPMA2T5VEAFT6PUH3J. Hollister "Judy says"1151334361600Great for cleaning teethThis product is wonderful. My older Westie has always had some trouble with plaque build-up and this product really took care of it. On top of that, both of the dogs love the flavor, its like a treat to them. And since I don't have to clean their teeth as often, it is a treat for me as well.
503525503525B00106WYPMA2DOTU609FXTTVJanis Martens1141304294400My dogs really like these!Tried the angus beef flavored nutrident bones which dogs like just fine. I may switch between the beef and green ones as one dog seems to like the green ones better. All-in-all, highly recommended!!!
503526503526B00106WYPMA1LQ49HEFZ24IMac1151299888000Great productMy little Chi-hua-hua is very picky and she just loves these. I like them because they provide her some much needed fiber and vitamins and minerals, plus they help keep her teeth clean.
503527503527B00106WYPMA1P9YZK0D837QOJanet Lirette "Janet Gleason"1151297900800Dental chews for dogs teethMy dogs like these the best and I'm glad if it cleans their teeth. I bought a 32-count for what I felt was a very reasonable price and will buy more, hopefully for the same price. I have two VERY picky eaters of food and treats, a toy and a miniature poodle. They turn down practically all treats offered them. These are their favorite (except for the gourmet duck treats from Costco that I can't find anywhere else). These are really worth buying.
503528503528B00106WYPMAMR1UGZ1QNZFKS. Workman "wellwisher"1141286841600Dogs love theseMy dogs loved these treats, but they are little expensive for no more than they give you.
503529503529B00106WYPMA2REEV3D2T2R7TCAM "cam"1151285804800SHHH - Don't let them know these are good for them.My 2 MinPins love these chews. They each get one of the small size every morning after their walk and will drive me nuts until they get them. Their teeth are very clean and their breath doesn't smell either. I buy them by the case from Value Pet Supplies. Really nice people to do business with.
503530503530B00106WYPMA2JR240CG4YOZSAvid Cook "Budding chef"1151264982400my dogs love'mmy dogs love the taste of these and they do help somewhat with keeping their teeth clean. This vendor has the best price. Much less than Petco.
503531503531B00106WYPMA2VZHHNG8NLX90dog lover2351213401600Great dog treatsMy 3 maltese love these. The product is great. J&B are a wonderful company to work with. Thanks!
503532503532B00106WYPMAY2O7I9BNG2UIJ. Shelton "Just Shootin Ball"0041351036800Dog loves them, but I hate the smellI have a 70 pound lab mix, and he goes nuts for these treats. He'll devour one in less than 5 minutes, but it's awesome to see him so happy. However, they have a super strong odor, and I do not find them to be as appealing as he does. Recommended for dog's happiness, just hold your nose if you're sensitive to strong, funky, meat-like smells.
503533503533B00106WYPMAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0041337644800Good, but try the Extra Fresh flavorMy two maltese really like these treats. I like the Extra Fresh flavor much better. Both of my dogs have really bad dental issues- I brush them every day but I also give them a dental bone every day. The Nutri Dents have gone in their regular rotation. My dogs are pretty small- Romeo is about 11 pounds and Juliet is roughly 9 pounds. They used to be given these mini ones, but because they are pretty aggressive chewers- I now give them the medium version after some trial and error, as these mini ones were devoured too quickly. These treats aren't super soft- but they are relatively soft when compared to other, harder dental treats we have tried. These have a really similar texture to the Greenies brand, but we like these ones much better than the Greenies. These treats smell pretty gross to me, but my pups love them. I like the smell of the Extra Fresh ones- they really smell like parsley and eucalyptus oil, which both can be found on the ingredient list of that flavor. I like that these are gluten free. I like that they have added vitamins and omegas. These ones are okay nutritionally for a treat, and the chewing action is always a good thing, but I like that the other flavor has actual ingredients that are good for dental health. Most importantly, my dogs love the taste of both of the treats. I buy these ones rarely, as I much prefer the other flavor, but these are still good treats. The only negatives I have are that these are really pricey, and they are devoured quite quickly, even by my dogs who are 12 years old and missing nearly half of their teeth. They are still much better than many other treat brands out there and I do recommend them.
503534503534B00106WYPMA2W89TEVBAVGUUAdris0051336953600My dog goes crazy!My maltipoo goes craaaazyyyy whith these treats! she doenst eat a lot, but she'll beg for these! Her teeth are very clean too! Ive purchased these treat 3 times now and I will keep purchasing them!
503535503535B00106WYPMA135XHGMBR0OWFFrances R. Dickman "Duchess of Westbury"0051336953600My Dog Loves TheseMy Yorkie had very bad breath and since I have been giving him one of these every morning, his breath has improved so much that I don't mind his kisses on my face anymore.
503536503536B00106WYPMA2Q4XCKPUKKHX3Barton A. Bean "Barton A. Bean"0051333497600Name nah, taste yes!While I don't particularly like the name Nylabone since it makes me think I am giving my little guy nylon as a treat, he could care less!! Bugsy, my mini poodle rescue dog, loves Nylabone and therefore so do I.
503537503537B00106WYPMA1R5G2U7986FA1Fabio0051333324800My dog is just addictMy dog is just addict, he love it. I cant stop buying it, even if I wanted to. It keeps his teeth clean and the veterinarian is happy with it.
503538503538B00106WYPMA26CBVTK2EZPSCorita Miller0051331510400GREAT PRODUCTI have a VERY picky 9.5 yr old German Shepherd that leaves anything but a milkbone on the floor to collect dust. She LOVED this bone!!! I was amazed to see her crunch it up the large bone so quickly! She's always been very well disciplined until these bones arrived at least. She went into my pantry and tore the bag open and ate 7 bones!!! She had such a low hung head when I approached her about the issue all I could do was laugh!!! Luckily, my 4 month old shephard got one before her sister ate the batch!) I save about $5 ordering the bones on Amazon.
503539503539B00106WYPMA3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood0041329264000Dog seems happy.The medium size may be a little small for my wheaten but he likes them. They're US made and gluten free which supposedly is important for some breeds. Can't really attest to any teeth cleaning abilities as of yet, but he eats them happily.
503540503540B00106WYPMASOOAP4ACI0GNfor yorkie pup0011323820800appear to be stale and moldyi bought these for the fist time at Petco and they were brown and clean looking.
I ordered the 125 count pantry pack nylabone filet mignon flavored minis and they had green and black spots and were very hard.
Trying to return them = they look disgusting compared to the pack that I bought at Costco.
503541503541B00106WYPMA20GYAEGL5DI6TEverything Electronics2511289606400Ithing and chewing on pawsI first purchased a pack of Nutri Dent puppy chews for my Welsh Terrier when he was just a few months old. He LOVED them and they kept him busy for a while. Around the same time, he started itching and chewing on his paws incessantly and would not stop, even for a treat. Initially we thought it was the flee protection, then the shampoo, then the treats, then the peanut butter and lastly these. We continually phased each of the previous items out of his diet/lifestyle until finally we determined that the itching and scratching was related to these. We've obviously stopped giving these to him and now he rarely scratches or chews on himself. Your dog may have a different reaction to them but if he's experienceing any of the above symptoms, it may be related to these.
503542503542B000N2IM78A2LF9P29STI6AXKenton E. Graeber4451174953600Great mustardWe first tired this mustard in Las Vegas. It was served with fries and chicken and mixed with an equal part of mayo. My son loves it and so do I
503543503543B00020HHEAA1C4PZDQ84I9MAMy Uncle Stu313441150848000Minty Sweet Herbal SedationBetween my third and fourth year of medical school, I did a four week elective at Bastyr University, an accredited university for CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). I did this for my personal curiosity, it is something I want to understand better and learn about. But there are also practical reasons for an MD to study CAM. Whether they admit it or not, our patients are use alternative medicines in conjunction with, or instead of, physician prescribed medications. It makes sense for doctors to know at least the basics of what is out there and what people are doing, so our patients can comfortably discuss these things with us.

During a lecture on herbal medicine (with the 'H' pronounced very deliberately), the herbal practitioner discussed what was known of the biochemistry of Valerian root. Apparently it acts on the GABA receptor in a manner very similar to way benzodiazepines act (like valium, xanax, ativan, klonopin...). So when they recommend Valerian root for its sleep promoting and/or anti-anxiety effects, it probably really is an effective treatment. But then it seems to me it is probably also not a completely benign medication (we know the benzos aren't). I asked the instructor if people could become tolerant or dependent on Valerian root, or if it could interact with other medications the way benzos can. She smiled politely, doing her charitable best to conceal her contempt for my ignorance and the attitudes she presumed were behind my question. After a beat, she answered "no." "You see, this is how plant spirits differ from pharmaceuticals. The plant spirits only go where they are needed."

I'm not sure if I flinched or if I successfully suppressed my knee-jerk spasm of skepticism. But this is where the CAM stuff gets away from me. I want to have an open mind. I certainly believe there is wisdom and alternates ways of healing out there outside of western medicine. But I had a hard time swallowing it when CAM practitioners want it both ways. They use the hard sciences any time it supports the use of alternative medications, but the second the hard science conflicts with their beliefs, they fall back on mystical explanations. I'm not saying there's nothing to that, but let's just say it's not something I can wrap my mind around.

In general, I think the herbal medicines are probably effective and safe when used very moderately. Just as you can't get in too much trouble chewing cocaine leaves (versus snorting refined cocaine), you probably won't run into troubles with an herbal tea made with Valerian (versus potent doses of benzos).

I think a lot of physicians have no problem with people using alternative medications except for a concern about the unknown. An MD is not trained to convert units of herbal supplements into standard benzo doses, for example, so it introduces confounders.

I'm not down on the herbal meds but I do believe that, when they work, they work for the same reasons pharmaceuticals work: They have active ingredients causing real physiological effects. And a placebo effect factors in, but we all know by now that our prescription drugs are benefit from placebo effects, so that's a wash. So know what you are taking, how much is considered safe, and talk to your doctors about it. Don't fool yourself into believing that herbal medications are harmless because they are "natural." If your doctor is condescending and automatically dismissive, get a new doc.

Ultimately, the course challenged me to more precisely define what an open mind is. I have an open mind, in that I'm curious, I'm open to learning, I don't believe I know everything, and I'm willing to listen to other perspectives. But an open-mind is not a blank mind. I have my experiences, biases, and education kicking around up there. My open mind does not have to believe everything it hears. I can have an open mind and still maintain a critical stance.

By the way, I'm giving thumbs up to this product. It's a nice tea, nice relaxing bedtime treat with just a bit of honey. If you need it for insomnia of muscle spasms, just make sure you talk to your doctor about the udnerlying problems and mention any supplements or herbal meds you use. Thank you for listening.
503544503544B00020HHEAA195PCNYWRB75over and under6651284336000It DeliversI wasn't familiar with this company before buying their Valerian Mint tea bags, but I can say the purchase was well worth the money.

The bags included are not the smaller ones normally used for single serving tea cups. They are large enough to brew up to 2-3 cups and ideal for smaller tea pots. Right there the price becomes reasonable.

The flavor of the tea is fairly agreeable, too; Peppermint is never a bad way to go when flavoring medicinal/therapeutical herbs. I usually drop in an extra bag of chamomile when steeping Valerian, so that helps with the flavor, too.

Personally speaking, I feel the effects of Valerian tea much faster than, say, capsules of Valerian root one might buy at a natural foods store. I can recommend this as a soothing alternative to whatever you might normally drink to relax at the end of the day.

If I had to list any specific concern, it would be the intensely vivid dreams that Valerian seems to produce from time to time, but nothing so mind-bending that I would stop drinking the tea.

Lastly, avoid heavy or daily usage, beacuse the build-up in your system can lead to problems. You don't wanna be that health-obsessed guy In Newport Beach who died from a massive build-up of Echinacea in his system. Give your body time to flush the herbs out. They aren't always water soluable like Vitamin-B.
503545503545B00020HHEAA38F68F0LQQGDKskybluejump3341217030400Good productThis tea is nice to relax with at night. The smell of Valerian tea is very strong but the mint version has much more of a pleasent odor. One thing I did find out is that my cat seemed to go crazy for the smell and the bag. It turns out that Valerian tea is almost like catnip for a cat and dogs like it too.
503546503546B00020HHEAAYJ1W9RVEZUS9R. Wise2241265155200Restful sleepThis product does provide a good night's sleep. I did not wake up feeling "groggy". However, the odor is strong. I stored it in a plastic bag or container, separate from other items, to mask the odor. Overall, I will use this product again.
503547503547B00020HHEAA1YXKNA6UIRJANKathleen1411292284800It never cameI've had this tea before, and it does the trick. Tastes nasty, but gets you sleepy. Unfortunately, this past order from, Nutricity, never showed up. I wrote to them and their response was inadequate. I wrote again, and they ignored me. Luckily, Amazon gave me a refund.
503548503548B000FVZW84A1JUHEUP6D7H6MSnarley3351242345600Rice Is NiceMy wife has been eating rice cakes daily for the past 16 to 18 months. The Lundberg Eco-Farmed Sesame Tamari Rice Cakes are her favorite rice cakes. She tried the flax seed rice cakes by this same company and liked them too, but not nearly as well as the Tamari. She asked me to tell you that they are very delicious. Me? Well, I eat peanuts.
503549503549B000FVZW84A2844FUDCBLUMZR. B. Briggs2251256601600These are good!The Sesame Tamari is my favorite flavor rice cake. My kids will eat these up, too, and one of them is a picky eater. I personally keep a bag of these in my desk drawer at work for those late afternoon hungries and these fill me up and take care of my hunger pangs. Plus, these rice cakes are exceptionally good for you, but you know that since you are looking at Lundberg offerings.
503550503550B000FVZW84A2I3U1LDLUI673Chickenfog0011327622400Bland and not crispThese cakes do not taste fresh and have little flavor. The tamari is far too slight and the sesame is not noticeable at all. The effect is a bland flavor.

The texture is chewy, not crisp as one would want in a rice cake.

Overall, a disappointing product.

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