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503750503750B000GQ02YCA2KTUNQGZDUHE9A. Alqarawi0041264723200nice oneshmm... yeah i like them and my dad does too. i think they are one of the best out ther
503751503751B000GQ02YCA55VOQNL87EUFDouglas A. Carson "douglasalton"0051216857600Great gum!I wear out before the flavor does. I've never had gum as long-lasting.
503752503752B0069DA4TOA2CPM6WTF7PO3GRed Xala "~23~"0041343001600A good hefe weizen on a hot summer day...It's summertime, and everyone who enjoys the German beer gardens knows that it's the season for hefe weizen!
Dark amber in color and opaque from top fermenting yeast, this hefe weizen drinks easily and finishes slightly sour on the palate. It's a good summertime beer -- full of flavor yet not overly heavy. Admittedly, I have had other hefe weizens that I've liked a little bit more. However, this is still a very respectable beer, worthy of merit. This beer will definitely make my secondary rotation; when I'm looking for something a little bit different, I will keep this one in mind.
503753503753B001EQ4KZ0A1LXAM0X7ALRROL. Moore0051267574400garlicWow!!! This is a great stuff. I had used the product before then had trouble locating it. Now that I have found a place to purchase it, I will be coming back.
503754503754B001QEB9ZEA1N3WNHICS3KD0Lydia K. Henniger0041290902400Perfect sizeThese bowls clean up real nice, and I have a Jack Russell and another small (10 lb) terrier and this bowl is the perfect size, I can fill it up and know that thats how much they should be getting. The rubber grip thing on the bottom doesn't like to stay on, but as long as your not carrying the dish around its alright. I did have some of the ink smear on the side of the dish the first time I washed it.
503755503755B0073D4NY6A2QJ6O5P244HJYshelfishness0051348963200Perfect Size Treat & My Dog Loves Them!I bought these for my dog thinking that they would be the perfect way to give him his thyroid medication (he has thyroid problems and must take a tiny pill each morning and evening). I thought that I would mix up his usual peanut butter on a biscuit and I think that this was the perfect way to go! The treats are soft enough for me to put a pill into one of them by just firmly pressing and my dog loves them! Plus, they are small enough that I can feed a few of them to my Great Dane at one time (but they are not so small that he feels cheated and doesn't really taste anything).
I am a big fan of Cloud Star brand treats and these are no exception - the ingredients are all real and recognizable and I feel comfortable feeding them to my dog. Big fan of these!
503756503756B00028LGBMA2XL558OX6OCG9P. Thompson "Auntie Social"111121176163200NOT very goodThese are not anything like the bangers I enjoyed while living there. I was really looking forward to showing my friends what a banger was like and why i've missed them so much. I won't be sharing these with anyone!
503757503757B00028LGBMA14DH49SY4FVDIJamie0051325980800A taste of home.My mom is Irish, and on those special days, we had bangers, black/white and hash. These bangers are the closest I've come in Wyoming.
503758503758B001O02SMSA2R286TYG1XZMC660Griz0031346371200Wife's packWife used this pack on our 10 mile excursion into the San Juan Wilderness area. Seems to work just o.k. The only real complaint is the non-standard hydration bladder compartment. I purchased two camelback bladders. My pack has two vertical compartments in main section. This pack uses a "square" bladder in the fanny pack section. We just zipped her bladder in the vertical outside pocket. Worked pretty good that way. Being able to access the bottom of the pack without unloading everything is a nice feature. It is just o.k. because of the price, and non-standard hydration compartment. Also, unrolling 4 feet(exageration) of material to load top is a pain.
503759503759B004G5ZYTWA11W2UDL83266AZee0011328400000Cats won't touch themI bought these because one of my cats is diabetic and is not supposed to have gluten. Neither of our cats is finicky in the least (they will eat sock lint) but they will NOT eat these treats. Wasted my money.
503760503760B0087R9YLOAWY3CO7HR56KZLeo New York2251340236800DeliciousThese Belgium chocolates are really something, they are so so good. If you are crazy for chocolate this one is a must to taste. I rated them 5 star.

503731503731B0002DGSROA3B3PEL7F2VZNLBarbara Williams293051198886400Catnip AcresI bought the kit a few weeks ago. I did as instructed, except I placed a plastic baggie over the top to make a little greenhouse. Now I have DOZENS of baby catnip plants. The kit arrived promptly and has met all my expectations.
503732503732B0002DGSROADX9K62LS1J9OHana161751265414400Great Catnip!I kill plants, this one has survived so far. That makes it a win in my book. The instructions were easy, and it's growing quickly even after a replanting. I highly recommend!
503733503733B0002DGSROA1KHQCK9RTGH53Richard Wakefield192131241136000dont add too much waterproduct comes with water absorbing crystals. If you add too much water they expand to over twice the container size. never did get to see if it would grow other wise.
503734503734B0002DGSROA2KI9BQN6QHXCKCecil Adams5551291420800Catnip worked out well.The catnip was slow growing at first. The seeds sprouted in the little container after about two weeks. At one month I transplanted it to a bigger pot and now it is growing like crazy. I'm very happy and so are my cats.
503735503735B0002DGSROA299YAY1RCR50VJ. Swim "purplecat"91331173744000Catnip PlusI received the catnip kit. Right away I put the kit together and put it in my greenhouse. The catnip grew as the instructions said. Thank you.
503736503736B0002DGSROA2DUD66ITUH4AURick Breidenstein2341298678400so far so goodat first I only have one or two sprout and they died :-(. I continued to water it and now it's full of life. two weeks in and there are about 20 or so and they are starting to shoot up.
503737503737B0002DGSROA32JO2KBIGOUVHBallpark Frank0011344297600It Doesn't Grow!I wouldn't buy this product again if it was 'free'... I followed the directions to the letter, and all I got was a sterile cup of soil that ended up molding over time. When I tried to contact Gimborn Pet Specialties about it, noone ever responded to my emails or letters...
503738503738B0002DGSROA2GNA90VSPXDVXKyle Shay0051338336000Bought this as a giftBought this as a gift for a friend. They loved the idea of growing catnip, so I was happy to find this. It arrived and they were excited.

Yes, it would be easier to buy some catnip, but it is fun to grow plants, especially if it benefits your cat!
503739503739B0002DGSROA3L6T1ASNWJYJ8ThatGuy10290041324080000GreenGreat little "chia" like gift for a cat lover! Got to see it grow, super fast. Good product and great price!!Even cheaper now then when i bought mine!
503740503740B0002DGSROA2WNDO1HU7BB67David Bostain "CB Thinkx LLC"5811294704000box of dirt and pack of nothingwell, kitty didn't get any catnip. followed directions and i still have a container of dirt. first amazon ordered product that was not what was advertised. what a shame. poor kitty.
503741503741B0002DGSROA2M37DP44ZNRNQConsumer in TEXAS1211321747200never bloomedHad great hopes for this --- however, it never bloomed. Disappointing because I wanted to give my "babies" something they would enjoy.
503742503742B0002DGSROA2JBQYGS9TPGSUAuntie J1211312156800Waste of moneyPoor instructions, takes forever to grow and must be repotted. I have a "green thumb" and my plants are still only 1/2" tall after almost 2 months. You're much better off just buying some catnip seeds and using your own potting soil and pot. Any pot would look better than the cheap plastic tub provided.

It's not catnip but I highly recommend the Kitty Garden: SmartCat 3844 Kitty?s Garden Edible Grass Planter It grows fast, looks good and my kittens love it.
503743503743B0002DGSROA2SIHAK6JNEWDLNicole Frankovich4711289779200Not thrilledI bought this cat nip package and also bought cat grass kit for my 3 cats cause they love their greens but the cat nip hardly grew at all and this is not the first time ive tried to grow it for my cats, the cat grass on the other hand was awesome and cats enjoyed it definitely will buy more grass but not the cat nip. Not impressed with the product at all :(
503744503744B0002DGSROA31JCZRACON8QSHootie5911264464000Is This A Real Product?When I first saw this product, I was so excited as my cat loves catnip and is a real "greens" eater. I read the directions and the previous reviews, so I could avoid the usual stumbling blocks. It is now three (3) weeks later, I have perhaps 4-5 little sprouts that cannot be seen unless the container is in front of your face. I am so disappointed. What a waste of the purchase price.
503745503745B0002DGSROA28HQLPE47ZQWFJessica0131325635200Plants grow fine, but kind of a ripoffWithin a month or two I had counted about 60 lil catnip plants growing. But, the instructions suck. This was my first time growing anything before. I had to look up on the internet why my catnip plants started to not do so well. I learned that they were growing long and spindly from not getting enough sun. And that I was watering them wrong with too much water at a time. Plus I waited waay too long to replant and separate them.

This is kind of a ripoff. What you get is around 70-80 seeds and a tiny cup of dirt. Looking on amazon, I could buy 400 catnip seeds for around $2-3, a bag of potting soil for $3 and a small pot, but larger than the cup, for a buck.
503746503746B0002DGSROA1QIF5JZARLE1HS. Smith1431300320000waitingI'm reviewing this product for consumers: it takes a long time to get anywhere near ready for use. That doesn't mean the product isn't good, but expect to wait months before using,
503747503747B0002DGSROAR3E65HREX2CFMom Saff51111297987200You got me this time...I thought I was getting plants...I can't believe I paid all this money for seeds and a tablespoon of soil and a plastic dish...lesson learned read all the way to the bottom off the description no matter how much jibberish there is in between! Even the picture looks like live plants...
503748503748B0002DGSROA3R92OTYGVDVDKNawaf S. Al Dossari "Nawaf Al-Dossari"62011200096000Nothing!!!We opened the covere and added water, we waited for weeks, but nothing grew! our cat ran away before we let her enjoy the "imported" catnip.
503749503749B006J75ZO4A147SMBFA7X8KPCosmicBob0011345593600Couldn't find a quantityCouldn't find a quantity - how much product is in this package? Is it a secret? Don't you know? This is an important piece of information.

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