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503791503791B004CH2122A30F6C2MH98G50David0051335830400Pucker Up!!Good stuff!! Seems like i remember the kind in the little boxes being sweet tarts. this bulk candy has a candy sprees...but is DEFINITELY cry baby sour on the inside! with the candy coating i actually like this bulk packaged candy even better. it arrived quickly and well-wrapped in a plastic bag and bubble envelope. i will be buying again after about 4.5 more pounds...if my taste buds survive!!!
503792503792B004CH2122A2H0W9ABDZSR3VLanden Miller0051329436800Spectacularly sour ! Perfect for sour loversProduct came early. The candy was just as sour as I remember. If you love sour candy this is the stuff for you, there is nothing else I have found for sour power that matches up to these little tear drops.
503793503793B004CH2122ASXAR94F36G7Ascribblemania "dogtooth"0051314489600Best candy everThis candy is extremely sour and not for the faint of heart! My partner can only eat one or two at a time, but I love them and can eat handfuls. I have been looking for a candy which is sour enough for my extreme fancy and this is it. I stocked up on these just for myself so I can carry them around like mints.
503794503794B003L1ZG5EA16DT7ITB59UGNabbiepomeroy3351309478400my dogs go nuts over these!I was originally drawn to these bc I am vegan (my two dogs are not). But I like the idea of at least having vegan treats for them. My two freak out over these! One of my dogs is generally very timid, but when he hears the crinkle of this bag he get's so excited and his little eyes light up like he's a kid on christmas. it's so cute. A little pricey but worth it. Also the 'fries' are long. The first time we were running low I thought to get out the scissors and make 1 treat into two or three. They are still a decent sized when cut. I bet you could train your dog to wash dishes with these promise of one of these treats.
503795503795B003L1ZG5EA30LXOXZZ1J9VKKaren Marsack "windblown1"2251303344000The Best For Allergic DogsI have a dog with severe allergies. what a pleasure to be able to buy healthy treats...which she loves. Delivered promptly.Beefeaters Sweet Potato Chips, 2 Pound Bag
503796503796B003L1ZG5EA3H70HFWQ9R7Y8dogwassick4511348444800dogwassickI read ingredients SO carefully. In my local pet store I decided to get my boys something different and bought them this treat. Checked the ingredients and they seemed fine. Brand is "Beefeaters USA". After a few weeks my dog was vomiting, had bloody stool, and drinking a lot of water. Five hundred dollars later after xrays and blood panels he came back cancer-free and with nothing blocking his system.

Puzzled, I googled some of the brands of treats I was feeding them, and information on the organic dog food I feed them. Beefeaters is made in China AND is on the list of tainted dog treats. Thinking it was only chicken jerky I did not think to check.

I learned the hard way. I will now either make their treats or make sure it is safe before buying.
503797503797B003L1ZG5EA3HKCBZSRUBGDDL. Lobster1141346630400Great for dogs with grain allergiesThese treats are perfect for dogs who suffer from grain allergies. My dogs are a bit picky, but are always willing to eat these treats.
503798503798B003L1ZG5EA681LX6LEG21BNYC Sass "Carpe Diem"1151339372800I had to buy a big bagMy dog absolutely LOVES these things. I tried to switch brands and I bought one that was made in USA (bc of what i've heard about made in China products), but he wouldn't touch them. lol.

I ended up buying the big ole bag of these. He is a very happy doggie right now. lol. Delivery was quick. Also, I didn't realize how much money I was dishing out for the extra small bag. It pays to buy big.
503799503799B003L1ZG5EAK8L2GQYMK6EHLori1151335052800beefeaters sweet potato fries, 2 lb bagI totally agree with abbypomeroy. These are long fries. What I do is I cut these in half and stuff it in a kong toy. He acts like it's christmas every time I give it to him. Eyes light up and he sweep my floors with his tail. For $12/2 lb bag, this is a good buy. I have to have these in stock at all times. He craves for these.
503800503800B003L1ZG5EA14N35JBXWD84Rmactex1151326931200love them, but too priceyMy babies love these sweet potato treats, but $13 a pound is a little over the top. I thought I was getting the big jar AND the 2 pound bag for $26. I nearly fainted.
503801503801B003L1ZG5EA9GQR7CMQERSSKaren V. Stefanini "parrot lover"2311347753600Afraid to buy - warnings issued by vets onlineSeveral veterinarians have reported cases where dogs have developed symptoms of kidney failure (Fanconi's syndrome) similar to dogs who have been poisoned by Chinese-made chicken jerky treats.

The brands implicated include:

Beefeaters Sweet Potato Snacks for Dogs

Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Yam Good Dog Treats

Dogswell Veggie Life Vitality
503802503802B003L1ZG5EA21EF2HQJ5UWXCMom of Shih Tzu0051349740800Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fires- 2lb bagI have two Shih Tzu dogs, Martini and Mailing.
This product is on recall, made in China and tainted. I ordered three 2lb bags,my dogs LOVE this treat (would rather have this than any other treat),but became very ill. A friend called to let me know what she thought was going on and sure enough, that was the problem. Took them off of the treat and it took a week or so for them to start feeling better.
I hope that is helps others.
503803503803B003L1ZG5EA8LVI41BC3DWJJ. Menard "Book Lover"0051349481600Dog treatsMy girls just love these sweet potato fries. They come running when they see the bag and I tell them here's your goodies.
503804503804B000G3EMY6A2ERV98Q5M6JK7Alexandra Hopkins1151299283200Beet Juice Tablets - Delicious and Nutritious!I have been taking Sonne's Beet Juice tablets for about a year. I tend to be hypoglycemic, which beet juice is supposed to help with. I do muscle-testing (Applied Kinesiology)to determine if I should take them and the dosage. Almost always, the results are that I take 2 per meal, 3 meals a day. I do other things, too, to handle the hypoglycemia. At this time, I'm barely aware being hypoglycemic, so I just continue to take the beet juice. Seems to be a successful action and my muscle-testing is telling me that my body likes it. I find them delicious, too!
503805503805B000F70YB8ACAIEIV03NBHYJ "Mom of twins"2241274659200Kasilof Smoked salmonThis was a steal on sale, under $1/oz. Not quite what I expected, it was on the mushy side. Not the best for presentation. There is a sticker on the back of the box with a picture that depicts a dry-smoked-looking fillet. This has a texture closer to canned. But that's the only reason it gets 4 stars. It's very tasty, and would probably make a great ingredient (and use the fluid in the pouch), although we ate it straight. In fact, I bought another box while it was still on sale.

If you do want decent presentation, slide it out of the pouch carefully onto a platter, drain and blot dry, and preslice with a very sharp knife to minimize serving debacles. Still looks pretty impressive.
503806503806B000F70YB8A1ED2TEW96JFFKRich Davis "Richey"1141301616000Good taste. Cool box!We bought this some time ago when it was on a super-sale here and finally got around to eating it recently.
Our expiration date was some time in 2013, so we had plenty of time to consume it after the initial purchase date.

It's packaged in a vacuum-sealed gold foil/plastic 'envelope' that comes shipped in a very cool and very real wooden box.

The taste was good, but not out of this world. Not overly smokey. The meat was very moist tender.
I probably wouldn't buy it again unless it went on sale.
503807503807B0018CE5KAA37MH45JFZSDKBmcnamara.kayla3331326585600fast delivery,I bought this food for my 80lb Staffy Terrier. The food was shipped the same day I bought it and I recieved it within 3 days. The food however did not sit well with my dog, he usually does not have sensitivites to food but this food made him sick. I tried to ease him onto the food over a few days and it did not do much to help he was consistently sick until I changed his food
503808503808B0018CE5KAALRVF3KJV4L67Chancellor3351326240000my dogs like this foodI mix this dog food with Prairie Salmon and they love it. Their coats are slick and shiny, even this time of year when they tend to get shaggy. I have dobermans.
503810503810B0018CE5KAABF6W9HQVLQU7Joan of Arc2241321920000Good dog food, good priceI got this for a large American Bulldog. He likes it and it is good quality at a fair price. It does have corn in it but at least corn is not the first ingredient. This is good basic dog food, nothing fancy but it's a bargain and it actually smells like it is edible. The cheaper dog foods smell vile and toxic, this smells like actual food and the dog likes it and is doing well on it.
503811503811B0018CE5KAAIJS0NM36XH7PClovergirl2251302048000Right amount of protien, quality product, affordable priceOur breeder introduced us to Diamond Adult Maintennance Chicken dog food. She explained to us that we needed to make sure the protien levels in dog food are not too high as it could result in too fast a growth spurt in our 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Also swollen knuckles may occur if too much protien is present.

We have been very happy with this product and thankfully Amazon has it with Super saver shipping otherwise we would have to switch since no one in Hawaii is selling Diamond.
503812503812B0018CE5KAA27B3GYLSDU7Y6N. Vandemark "neeter888"1151346544000Been using for years, healthy, shiny coatThis is by far an "undiscovered" kibble for many that are buying over-priced kibble. Was raised on a ranch & my parents bought this @ the feed store many years ago. Kept using it for my dogs (typically Dobies) and as always they live a longer, healhty life with lots of energy, shiny coats and enjoy the food. I have actually tried other, higher priced brands & some dogs got the "runs", others threw up, etc. So back to a tried and true brand they love. Love the subscribe & save aspect as well.
503813503813B0018CE5KAA2G7Y89J80CCQUNash1211342915200recalled batchYup, got the rebate coupon so I am happy.
It is very rare they would miss testing like that and their source is the main one for most of the brands available so what do you do. Gosh!
Sorry to anyone who did not see the recall. Get info by googling maybe.
503814503814B0018CE5KAAJNVVCEKBGKWSStorm1241323043200Diamond Dog FoodBag arrived torn, with partial contents missing. Not sure if shipped in damaged condition, or damaged en route. Would you buy or eat food shipped in an open container? I won't (due to possible contamination) ... & won't feed "suspect" food to my dogs, either.
UPDATE: I'm delighted to report that resolved this issue to my satisfaction! I am, once again, a fan!
503815503815B0018CE5KAA1MIUI35GDEJUUPablo M Cordova0111337212800Price gouging???I just came on to re-order this item for my dog, and it seems that this vendor has doubled the price! Really?
503816503816B0018CE5KAA3V568BDMLLAWYS. M. Rich "smarsrich"1311337040000RECALL WARNINGJust purchased 40 lbs. of this product, and less than a week later, found out via another company that this food is recalled, if the product code on your bag states best used between 12/09/12 and 04/07/13 and there is either a 2 or 3 in the ninth position of the product code number and an X in the tenth position, then your food is recalled. . Different brand names are involved for both cats and dogs. Both my dog and cats turned up their noses to this food, now I know why. SMART......... animals. Supposidly dry food only is involved in this recall. Possible Salmonella problem.

See for more info. on other brands involved.
503817503817B0018CE5KAA1CJBZJVKQ1L8CJames Morris "jimmy"51211295136000Chicken by-product mealChicken by-product meal, is crap and if you feed your dog this you don't care about your dog.Upgrade to the Lamb and Rice Naturals from the same company, Or Chicken and Rice. They are 4 star rated by DOGFOODADVISORS.COM
503818503818B0018CE5KAA1G6U4AC078E2UDebbyLW21511297036800Exactly what I expectedBeing able to purchase a 50# bag of dogfood from Amazon is worth it's weight in gold. Not having to lug it out of the store it great! The bag was in perfect condition when it got to us.
503820503820B0028OOY1CA2KYLL484P0HG9R. Prescott "okiegurl"1151259020800Sweet TeaLove the tea, and I was very happy to find a smallish quantity to get me through the holiday season.

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