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503821503821B0028OOY1CA23ZL1S53A2FDHLittle Miss Bossy0051349222400Love this teaTo me this is the ultimate holiday drink - it smells and tastes rich, almost like a golden fluid, and I swear it feels like velvet going down my throat. I love it to the extent I'm willing to have it transported to Norway. I blame on my friend who introduced me to this lovely spiced tea.
503822503822B0028OOY1CA3ELS53CNP4ES5Sharleen Annese "grammaneesey"0051332288000Best Tea Ever!This is the best tasting tea on the market. I have turned into a Nutcracker Sweet hoarder as it is only a "Christmastime Tea". Nothing like a great book (purchased through Amazon) a comfy chair and a cup of Nutcracker Sweet to make the world a better place. Love this tea, worth the effort to hunt it down every year. Treat yourself, you deserve a great cup of tea!
503823503823B0028OOY1CA3CF21PXZHTEDJBusy Mom0051325808000Please offer this year-round through Subscribe & Save!This tea is delicious either hot or cold. Its aroma is so rich and soothing that it would be worth brewing even if you didn't drink it.

So many of us want this year-round that I wish Amazon would make it available through Subscribe & Save.

If only Celestial Seasonings would ALSO make a decaff version of this tea, I could enjoy it in the evening as well. (I'm super-sensitive to caffeine). But at least this "regular" version is a great start to my day.

Since I sometimes have trouble finding Nutcracker Sweet at a reasonable price, I occasionally "stretch" it by brewing it thus: 1 bag of Nutcracker Sweet + 1 bag of PG Tips + 3 cups of boiling water. The two teas complement each other very nicely.

When it's iced, sweetened with Xylitol (which dissolves best while the tea is still warm), and laced with a bit of milk or Half & Half, it satisfies me more than most desserts. I even know some people who add a drop of Irish Cream....
503824503824B0028OOY1CA2QAS2M3B5JJBYHikeguru0051325548800FAVORITE TEAI love this tea. Drink it all year long, not just at holiday time. It has a sweet nutty vanilla taste and a touch of cinnamon. Order it by the 6 pack at a good price from Amazon.
503825503825B0028OOY1CA2FG3PVO4GRMRVMr.0051318809600Hot, Buttery, Pancakes with Butter Maple Syrup in a Cup!I know my tittle may have made it sound too rich; but, IMOHO, it is just right...DELECTABLE! For those of you who can NOT have sugar, or gluten, I've put the nutritional info below. Drink a hot cup of this on a raining or snowing Sunday morning wrapped in your favorite blanket with your favorite book and ....need I say more; you get the picture. ENJOY!

Ingredients Black tea, natural vanilla extract with other natural flavors and cinnamon.
Nutrition Information Contains Zero Calories
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Gluten Status Gluten Free
Caffeine Status Contains Caffeine
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Kosher Certification
503826503826B000CEO6WMAOUGN7RC9XFQURobin L. Briggs1151332374400WARNING-May be addictive!We love this coffee! Nice smooth taste. Just a hint of butter. Very good. If you like toffee, and coffee, you'll love this.
503827503827B000CEO6WMA2BEIECPFXHMIKRooster's Mom1151324425600Delicious for the toffee or butterscotch loverI bought this for my husband who is a huge toffee/butterscotch fan, but so far I have used most of them myself. The coffee itself is delicious - a rich, medium roast, but the added flavoring makes it a nice treat. You can taste subtle notes of chocolate; however, the primary flavor is a similar to butterscotch. Not necessarily a first thing in the morning kind of coffee, but definitely great as a late morning or afternoon treat.
503828503828B000CEO6WMA1ZW047E768C10A. Cole1151278460800Love, love, LOVE this coffeeMy son had this coffee at a business and recommended it to me. It is wonderful with a slightly sweet aftertaste and buttery finish. Very good any time of the day.
503829503829B000CEO6WMA2I5LVVQ7WXEH6JEFFREY SMITH "Jeff Smith"1141275436800Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee Coffee K-CupsProduct was delivered as promised and on-time. Butter Toffee is my wife's favorite and she said they are wonderful. We ordered the Vanilla as well.
503830503830B000CEO6WMAFH7EMH3KRVU2Jenniffer J. Griffin0051348617600Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee K-cups are awesomeI love Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee K-cups. This is a mild to medium brew with sweet undertones. It is not too strong, not too sweet...just right. I would recommend this coffee to anyone who wants a good medium brewed coffee without that is slightly sweet with no aftertaste.
503831503831B000CEO6WMA1TVV6FSOBQ0E0Heather Ty0051346284800My new favorite coffee flavor!The flavor of this coffee is rich and creamy. It really does taste like someone melted a piece of toffee in my cup. It naturally very sweet like something they would put whip cream on at Starbucks. I use this as an everyday coffee because I have a large sweet tooth and sometimes a dessert coffee. It also fills my house with the smell of toffee. It is a great way to wake up in the morning.
503832503832B000CEO6WMA1605B6OPF5DVGFran0041344729600Try it with a little milk...Coffee preferences are very personal. Before Keurig, I recall a lot of debate in a small office, at the salon, etc. I decided to try the Butter Toffee because of all the great reviews and because I like Butter Toffee-flavored candies. It smells great but, it tastes a little bitter to me. My cleaning lady, on the other hand, LOVES it. She suggested I try it with a little milk or coffee creamer the way she takes it. I usually drink mine black but, I decided to try it HER way. A little milk does mellow the taste, making it more like the butter toffee it purports to be.
503833503833B000CEO6WMA1MHBRY6R2LVMSKristin M. Griffiths0051344470400Favorite K-Cup Flavor of All Time!I try. Every time I order K-Cups, i try not to order Butter Toffee. "Kristin, try some variety!" i say to myself, as I peruse hundreds of K-Cup varieties. Inevitably, though, a case of Butter Toffee ends up in my cart every time. The flavor is rich, with a smooth aftertaste- and it tastes good black or with cream or flavored coffee creamer. Highly recommended!!
503834503834B000CEO6WMA1M5LT572Z606Bel0051342483200great tastebought this as a gift to myself! Never saw this flavor before and though i'd give it a try. Very happy! really great taste! Sweet and flavorful!
503835503835B000CEO6WMA1XTVN0TGNHW92H. Krech0051339891200YUMMY!This flavor has quickly become one of my favorites out of the 10 or so I have tried ever since getting my Keurig 6 months ago. Not bitter, not too sweet, but the flavor of butter toffee definitely comes thru for me - will definitely re-purchase.
503836503836B000CEO6WMA21CZIJ7LXR1A1Olinda "Steady Shopper"0051334102400YUMMY!I'm not big on Gloria Jean coffee but this one it like having dessert in the morning, or whenever you drink it. Personally, I love it when I add Vanilla Soy Milk ... Real Yummy! Try it, I believe you'll enjoy this coffee.
503837503837B000EM0JRIAUIZ6SJPQUSHTanonymous6741180396800tastes very good but cans dangerously dentedThe soup itself is very good tasting, and I would not hesitate to order it again EXCEPT this is not the first time (including other products) I've received some very dented cans. What's up with that Amazon?!

The first two cans of this soup I've used so far were both more than a little dented, and the second one could really be considered dangerously so since it was very difficult to find a way to get it open (almost gave up on it).

Get with it Amazon! You've got some good products to offer, but it seems a shame that people really might decide it's not worth it to re-order if you keep sending the overabundance of sometimes even dangerously defective dented cans!
503838503838B000EM0JRIA37I99GFZ1B6YONeal Vanderstelt "Neal"3331185667200Good but not great. Light on ingredients.I'm glad it's organic but it's not very thick. If it had a little more potatoe I would like it alot more.
503839503839B000EM0JRIA30HYM2HG57EDJG.C.3451188259200Thick and DeliciousI'm surprised this isn't a 5-star...yet! I was quite impressed with this as a canned soup. That fact that it's organic is even better. I love this soup!
A side note: I think it's sad someone marks down a product due to their dissatisfaction with Amazon. It's the product we're giving the stars to. By all means, add the comments about Amazon's quality control, but don't deduct stars for the product.
503840503840B000EM0JRIA138BY5MRH4PSJOliver "Confused in paradise"0011339459200wrong kind of soupOrdered the Wolfgang "Organic Old Fashioned Potato Soup". Recieved the "Hardy Vegetable Soup". Now I have to go through the process of exchanging the soup. Oh well, that's the way it goes.
This is very good soup, but I really wanted the potato soup.
503841503841B000EM0JRIAJSEA417DJA2UB. H. Adams "bhadams1"0051316563200Vegetarian Friendly Tator Soup!I haven't been able to find (in my area) any stores that carry potato soup that doesn't have some sort of meat product in the ingredients, and that actually taste good. Wolfgang Puck has an awesome taste compare to others I have had in the past that are can soups. Whole Foods stop carrying this particular product, so I was glad to see it on Amazon. First time I had order food from Amazon, and I can see this is not going to be the last time.)
503842503842B000EM0JRIA282ABZDKFCSM6european0051292457600awesomeThis potato soup remined me of the potato soup my mother used to make us while she was still alive. I grew up on this and it is delicious.
503843503843B000EM0JRIA6I84XRTGWF6Vcaliforniacrockett "californiacrockett"0051229126400Excellent hearty soup!Wonderful, thick, hearty potato soup. This soup is very tasty and filling, with vegetables and large chunks of potatoes.

While the sodium is 850mg per serving, the soup is not salty tasting like many other soups that I've eaten.

I ordered 24 cans. They arrived in perfect condition. One of the cans did have a bit thinner mixture than the others, but the taste was still great.
503844503844B0009F2CPMAC8GD5EOFY8ZMLong-time Christian reader "Jane"0051221004800This is the kind of licorice to buy.I ran across Kookaburra Australian licorice in a candy store on the South Jersey shore a few years ago and have been eating it ever since. It leaves other kinds of black licorice in the dust.

Try it. It is so totally worth it.
503845503845B000E60TMYA2KWEV2JJ6EFYTSandra Bloomfield "Sandy: Foundation Rocker"6651298764800Yes, I too drink whatever is left from the bowl after salad- YUM!!!!!I honestly don't think there is another dressing out there as healthy AND tasty as this one - I have been buying it for several years now and can truly say that I am addicted to the amazing taste. SOOOO good!!! No sacrificing taste for healthy ingredients here! I cracked up at the other reviewers' comments about drinking whatever was left after finishing off the salad since I thought I was the only one. And how can you go wrong with these ingredients: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, purified water, organic honey, organic garlic, Bragg Liquid Aminos, organic onion, organic black pepper, natural xanthan gum. The only item on the list I am not crazy about it Xanthan Gum due to its frequent association with corn, a universally mold-contaminated crop, and some controversial reports (not all Xanthan Gum is made from corn, but as a fermented additive I would not be excited if I learned that Bragg's uses the corn version). Fortunately it is the last (meaning least amount used) ingredient on the list. But overall, I LOVE this product and even with the one possble weak link, still think it it WAAAY better than anything else out there (other than making your own, which I used to do before I fell in love with this ;-).
503846503846B000E60TMYA42QN9MM6LKKMLee in Kansas City4441286582400Great product but over-priced hereToday I purchased this product at my local health food store (which, BTW, is not any bargain hunter's dream). When I tried the dressing, I enjoyed the taste, as well as its nutritive qualities. Consequently, I came to Amazon hoping to not only find it, but at a more competitive price. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. My local store's normal price is $4.99. Howver, a (regular monthly) 10% off everything sale was happening today. Factor in local sales tax of 5%. Considering all of that, my final price was still under five dollars. Compare this to the current Amazon price of $8.99. Of course I'm disappointed.

Earlier comments about a high shipping price for this item seem to no longer apply, because the product is now shipped free with any $25 order--a policy I always look for! If Amazon could arrange a more competitive price for this item (perhaps by selling it in six-packs???), then I'd consider purchasing this excellent dressing from Amazon. Please reconfigure your pricing here, Amazon!

UPDATE 10.26.10
Amazon, since I last wrote, you've reduced the per/bottle price to $5.49. I'm glad to see you're apparently responsive to feedback!
This new price is no steal, but at least it's somewhat comparable to other retailers. (Yet, I look to Amazon for super bargains, and not so much for "regular" prices.)
For example, above I referenced a local health food store whose every day price for this product is $4.99/bottle. For the month of October, however, that same store has this product on sale for $3.99/bottle. I figure there's sufficient profit margin to permit a month-long temporary mark down like that.
Hence, I repeat: Amazon, consider selling this awesome dressing in 4-packs or 6-packs (or any combination which drops the per/bottle price below $5.49). In view of your staggering sales volumn, it seems kinda likely that you could arrange a price that beats the every day price of my local health store.

To anyone who hasn't tried this yet, sample it! It's a good risk because you'll likely find it to be very flavorful. It's healthful, also. I enjoy it so much that I tend to pour it on all kinds of foods now, in addition to salad. (If you try it, you'll see what I mean.)
503847503847B000E60TMYA2BP2DCK889SH1Bluebeary4451280966400Best Dressing!!!!I haven't written a review in a long time, but I had to review this. This stuff is GREAT!!!! I am normally a sweet dressing person, I actually bought this for my husband who loves oil and vinegar. He thought this was great so I decided to try it. Wow was I surprised!!!!! This dressing is very tasty, perfect blend of flavors! I too drink what is left after my salad is is that good!
503848503848B000E60TMYA1TX025IELNKC6beezer "PUTS head"3351330300800whats so gross about this dressing?i read a negative comment on this dressing and had to counter--best vinaigrette on the market! NO SODIUM! yay! all natural ingredients, i REALLY love the taste of salt, so i find that sometimes, i put a dab or two of the bragg aminos when preparing salad. dont put it in the fridge because it will solidify lol, i learned the hard way, but hey, its habit. hard to find locally. so im forced to order online, cant take another day with inferior vinaigrettes... :-(
503849503849B000E60TMYA204MZDLR40JPES. Kaplan2251263772800What's this price??Am i nuts or is this price on Amazon way too high, particularly with shipping...

Awesome dressing, my wife loves this stuff and then drinks the dressing from the bottom of her bowl. but shop around for price.
503850503850B000E60TMYAC2HTX98OA6HMJ. S. Jansky0051349049600Only vinegar based dressing I have ever liked!I have never liked a vinegar and oil type dressing before. And to have it made from organic, good for you ingredients is just a huge bonus. It is really helping me with weight loss. I look forward to my two salads a day!

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