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503971503971B001E4S8GOAVLE0LE3UYNXPR. G. Davis404651243296000Best peanut butter in the every-day grocery storeI guess there might be other natural peanut butters for sale in expensive health-food stores, but I haven't tried them. However, in the regular super-markets, the only peanut butter I'll buy is SKIPPY NATURAL! It is the best tasting, and won't clog your arteries. For those who think it is un-healthy because they remove some peanut oil and replace it with natural palm oil, I disagree. Peanut oil separates and has to be stirred up every time, or you have to refrigerate it, and then it doesn't spread well. Palm oil has saturated fat, but it is the healthy kind, produced by the palm tree, not chemically altered partially hydrogenated oil like in regular p.b. Palm oil is high in oleic acid, like olive oil, among many other things, which are good for you. Sure, plain peanuts and salt makes a pretty healthy p.b., but it is inconvenient and my family doesn't like it, and I don't care for it much myself. If we can eat a peanut butter that tastes great, keeps well in the cabinet, spreads easily, and is better for us than most, and maybe just about as good for us as any other, what do you think we're going to do?
503972503972B001E4S8GOA248LSBZT4P38VJoseph R. Kennedy222751289865600Best Peanut Butter EverI've had all flavors of Skippy and one jar of every other brand I could find, including the old fashioned ones that separate, and this one was the best for my needs.

It tastes as good or better than regular skippy. The taste is very much like Skippy's regular product.

On the topic of texture, it is like a more spreadable version of Skippy or JIF. If regular peanut butter was thick enough to tear bread if you spread it too quickly, this one is not. It goes on smooth, as if it was whipped.

This peanut butter doesn't stick to the mouth as much. There is still some of that beloved sticking action, but only half that of normal PB. The mouth-feel of this peanut butter is differemt than any I've had, so you may like it or dislike it. Personally, I think it's a lot better.

A response to some criticism I've read about this peanut butter that made no sense to me, for the sake of explaining why these criticisms should make no sense to you as well:

Is this product dishonest for saying "All Natural" without containing only peanut oil? No.
The bad reviews this received focused on how it has palm oil, and those reviewers seem to think that means it is a dishonest product, since it says "All natural". I could go on a rant about how crude oil is natural and turpentine is organic, but it would make more sense to explain that "All Natural" peanut butter doesn't have to be the type that separates. The stuff that separates is typically "Old Fashioned" or "Home Made" peanut butter. If your Peanut butter is separating and it says "All Natural" you need to be aware that they are following only one possible "All Natural" formulation for peanut butter and that the kid that you are looking for is more reliably found with an "Old Fashioned" written somewhere on the jar.

Another thing I've heard is that it contains sugar and salt, and that any "All Natural" product shouldn't have those. To that I ask, "Do you know what the definition of 'Peanut butter' is?". Peanut butter is not a spread made of peanut flour and oil, and never has been. Since day one it was flavored with oil and/or salt. Being put off by the salt and sugar content is like being upset that lemon-aid contains sugar or water instead of lemons alone. If you are in the market for a diabetic friendly peanut butter, this is not for you, Stay away. If you are looking for something low in salt, because of your high blood pressure, stay away from this product. It is only as low in salt as the average "Peanut Butter" in the same isle of the store. If you are trying to eat healthily and want to avoid sugar or salt, find one that doesn't have those ingredients, but don't blame Skippy for making a bad product when the definition of peanut butter nearly always calls for sugar and salt, historically.

Is peanut oil more healthy than palm oil peanut butter? Depends on your beliefs.
I like coconut oil, and coconut oil comes from the coconut palm. Palm oil isn't exactly canola, but it has one great property that you aren't going to get in peanut oil. It leaves the peanut butter thick and creamy, without the separation. There are almost no people who believe saturated trans fat is healthier for you than palm oil, so from that perspective this is a huge gain in healthiness over regular Skippy that I've been eating all these years as my favorite peanut butter. Peanut oil might be healthier than palm, to some people, but it is solely omega-6, so if that someone is in the US, they are probably consuming too much omega-6 already. If you're looking for an oil soup with some peanut plaster at the bottom, definitely buy "Old Fashioned" peanut butter, but for people like me, who value texture, this product is the ultimate blend of healthy and enjoyable. You can't have everything ideal in life, and if you could there wouldn't be any peanut oil in this product at all... it would be omega-3 based algal oil. No oil is perfect and I like my peanut butter creamy and without needing a long mixing process that ends in a product that is different on the bottom of the jar than the top.
503973503973B001E4S8GOA1KWFGX17RET5KScooterpdx202651215043200At last! A decent peanut butter without transfat!My kids hated the natural peanut butters that I used to buy and I hated to use the ones that had hydrogenated oils in them. Kudos to Skippy for developing this. This stuff spreads like the other ones, tastes like the other ones and costs about the same (if you can find it). And it doesn't separate. My kids love it and so do I.
503974503974B001E4S8GOA2IB37ILZAEBDVK. Horn "txinmo"405521235779200Name is misleadingThe name of this product is a bit misleading. Most people assume that if peanut butter is labeled "natural" that the only ingredients are peanuts (though some manufacturers add a little salt to their natural peanut butter, too). Skippy, however, also adds sugar and extracts the peanut oil and replaces it with palm oil. I don't believe most people would think that something made from peanuts would "naturally" contain palm oil. So while Skippy is technically correct in labeling this "natural" since it does not contain any artificial ingredients, I think they're consciously taking advantage of the fact that most people would think "natural" peanut butter just contains peanuts and its byproducts.
503975503975B001E4S8GOA35V32HZEGZH04W. Easley "Opa"6751247270400Protein SnackWhen my health care provider asked me to eat concentrated amounts of protein as between meal snacks, what could I choose? That was my dilemma.

When looking for snacks I needed something that was easy to carry around with me and rather low in carbohydrates. I kept finding snack bars and snack cups that were mostly sugars and carbs. Those are nice for energy snacks, but not for long term slow release that comes from protein.

Then I found Skippy Natural Peanut Butter. To begin it has only 6 grams pf carbohydrates per serving compared with 15 grams for other brands. Next it does have 7 grams of protein. So with Skippy I get my protein (most PB has about 7 g), with far fewer carbs.

Next I compared the other ingredients. Skippy Natural contains peanuts, a little palm oil, a pinch of salt, and a bit of sugar. Regular brands toss in corn syrup, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils, digryceriges, molasses, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, and pyridokinne hydrochloride. Skippy Natural is the clear choice on the basis of ingredients.

Skippy Natural tastes good and spreads smooth. I recommend Skippy Natural.
503976503976B001E4S8GOAGB0IVFRKB3TVC. Berthold81051243296000a non-soy peanut butterthis is a very smooth peanut butter that doesn't separate in the jar. I also doesn't have soy added to it like most pb's, which is good cuz' I'm allergic to soy.
503977503977B001E4S8GOA1L3CV746WEEFYdb456331232064000Beware, contains palm oilThe taste is good, it is shelf stable and it does not separate, but the name is somewhat misleading.
Most natural peanut butters contain one ingredient- peanuts. Some brands also add a touch of salt as a flavor enhancer. This product contains peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt. The palm oil is where I am disappointed. Skippy removes a portion of the peanut oil and replaces it with palm oil. The peanut oil can be sold for a substantial profit, so it is removed during processing and replaced with very inexpensive palm oil.
503978503978B001E4S8GOA2HYG83IQBFQ93Miriam3341289260800Good peanut butter. Pretty healthy.This peanut butter tastes good, doesn't have lots of preservatives, and mostly doesn't need to be stirred. It's a little higher in sugar than necessary, but overall it's pretty healthy as peanut butter goes. If you want ground peanuts with nothing added, this is NOT the peanut butter for you.
503979503979B001E4S8GOA38AK9ROCL1UN6Deanna M. Mcdonald7951218844800Tasty alternativeThis is a fantastic product for those wanting a healthier version of peanut butter. We have tried several natural and all agree this is the best of the bunch.
503980503980B001E4S8GOA2XPRVO8T5K7LFRoland2241258588800Stir It !!!All of the hype about this product says it does not need to be stirred; it defiantly does, especially if it has been stored in a warm warehouse or house.

Stir it !! ... or you won't like the stuff left at the bottom 1/3 !!

It does taste wonderful !!
503981503981B001E4S8GOA2CWGH86I4VSIYW. Barrett6851237161600Great taste and texture and better for you than regular peanut butterOur family loves this peanut butter. It's made with only four natural ingredients - peanuts, salt, sugar and palm oil. There's no high fructose corn syrup or things that I can't pronounce. I think it's much better for us than regular peanut butter.
503982503982B001E4S8GOA93GF6QBA9LMHBob Reed1141323216000Skippy Natural PBI bought this p'nut butter because it is hydrogenated oil-free and because I can't find my previous favorite, Laura Scudders Natural (the one in which the oil separates and only contains peanuts and salt). This Skippy is OK but not as flavorful as several reviews I read had claimed. However, right after I placed my order, I noticed that the price skyrocketed by almost triple, so I won't buy it again unless the price comes back down and I can't find my Laura Scudders in the meantime.
503983503983B001E4S8GOA2DZGGZLOHXJ8MM. Jimenez "Deal Man"1141320278400Best conventional PB out there!Had been buying Smuckers but all that mixing was no wearing on me. Plus this also come in the crunchy variety. YES! If it were not for the added sugar it would get 5 stars.
503984503984B001E4S8GOA2R9Q73B7JDF51M. Rutherford "Amazon Lovin' Momma"1141317513600Great Peanut Butter ~ But it DOES need stirring!I really like this peanut butter and it would be 5 star, but had to dock one for its claim that it is "no need to stir".. I've always had to stir as there is always a good layer of oil on top. It's easy enough to stir up and isn't a real hassle, but it's a very misleading claim right on the jar. Otherwise GREAT and I will continue to purchase.
503985503985B001E4S8GOA1IUSIG0D8LHGJI. Buchanan3421305763200Its got palm oil!This product has palm oil in it, and as far as "vegetable" oils are concerned its one of the worst oils around. Yes, I suppose the palm oil is natural, but its a saturated fat and its NOT healthy. It also has added sugar. Smuckers brand might be a better choice for health conscious consumers as it has only two ingredients, peanuts and salt.
503986503986B001E4S8GOA3KUKHOZ2VXGNDM. Krile "mkrile"2331247961600Disappointing ingredients-TJ's is Better!Yea, this tastes good, but for those of us who are very picky about the ingredients, and want to avoid Palm oil, try Trader Joe's natural peanut butter(TJ's is a cool store with a lot of their own brand of cool food & stuff); it tastes great is priced great, and has no palm oil, only peanuts and salt. You only have to stir it once. My family loves it and I need buy no other brand.
503987503987B001E4S8GOA3C7C0DJCT05VYAshotjan0051345161600Excellent TastePeanut Butter snob here. I always thought the original Skippy was far too sugary, but this stuff is awesome and much healthier than any alternative. There is a bit of liquid at the top of the spread when you first open the top, but it takes 5 seconds to stir it in and you'll never know it was there. Too bad Amazon stopped the S&S on this one.
503988503988B001E4S8GOAV8Z34HIEUNQ6MommyofTwins "mommyoftwins"0051339977600Tastes Great!We really like this peanut butter. The taste is great as my kids do not eat the completely natural peanut butter with only peanuts and salt. I don't care for it much either. This is a nice in-between that I feel is pretty healthy. We get this auto-shipped by Amazon for convenience and price. We go through a lot of PBJs for 3 kids' school lunches and I eat quite a few of them too!
503989503989B001E4S8GOA2VYLXYG3H6TYNAundrea0051339632000If you're looking for yummy, smooth peanut butter, look no fartherI am always torn between buying the yummier peanut butter with the icky trans fat and the healthier peanut butter that doesn't taste nearly as good. Well, actually, I'm not torn, I've just been buying the icky tasting organic, need to be stirred type peanut butter. I saw the Skippy Natural in the store and quickly scanned the ingredients. No hydrogenated oils... sweet! The ingredients are roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil and salt. I do realize that peanut butter is healthier without the oil, sugar and salt, but I also know that it's nearly impossible to have the best of both worlds, so it's a trade off. With Skippy Natural I get healthier peanut butter and a fabulous taste! Plus, when I compare it to the nutrition facts in Adams Natural Peanut Butter here's what I get:

--------Adam's - Skippy Natural Serving size 2tbsp in both
Calories - 200 - 190
Total Fat - 16 grams - 16 grams
Sat Fat - 2.5 grams - 3.5 grams
Sodium - 105 mg - 150 mg
Total Carbs - 6g - 6g
Protein - 7g - 7g

So, we're not looking at the much of a difference at all. I will take the better tasting peanut butter in this instance. If the nutrition was severely compromised then I would make a different choice, but not in this case! Now every time I see someone at the store reaching for the gross, hydrogenated peanut butter I want to show them this and compare the ingredients for them and explain that it tastes just as good as what they're planning on getting. I politely mind my own business and move along. I would be awesome if they marketed this stuff better though. Grab a jar and a spoon and try the creamiest, yummiest peanut butter without the unnecessary trans fat.
Nutrition from [...] and the back of my Skippy jar
503990503990B001E4S8GOA2UCZAWAN5QMJQThomas F. Harper Jr.0051334016000Great taste, no stirringIn a nutshell, this peanut butter is short on ingredients and requires no stirring. They remove excess peanut oil and replace it with palm oil which helps the butter stay creaming and eliminates the oil floating on top. A lot of PB was made this way until palm oil fell under the 'all saturated fats will leap from the jar and kill you' mentality. Palm oil is (like peanut oil) full of saturated fats, but the types of saturated fats in it are largely shown to be at least somewhat beneficial and are certainly no worse for you than peanut oils. Do some research and then buy this peanut butter, it has excellent taste and texture and the no-stir nature makes it a lot more kid friendly for them to open and use.
503991503991B001E4S8GOA8Q469BU3HFWVpelenaka lopez "~~ pelenaka ~~"0051328227200Great on a SpoonGood quality great price now I have six jars to tide me over. Yes, I am guilty of just eating it off of a spoon for my snack.
503992503992B001E4S8GOA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051327622400Very Healthy peanut butter compared to others...Very Healthy peanut butter compared to others...Skippy Peanut Butter, Natural Creamy, 15-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)....This taste great and avoids bad fats...I had bought some sunflower seed butter as an alternative only to see it contained Hydrogenated oils...BOO! Hiss!
503993503993B001E4S8GOA3H1GG5HKF4HS5Loves2Read0051326240000Great peanut butterI like the Natural Creamy because it has less of the "other stuff", but isn't crazy oily on the top (there is a small layer of oil but doesn't need stirring). Really tasty too! When doing the subscribe and save this was a pretty good deal.
503994503994B001E4S8GOA3HGTVZ1PCEMRCejpoeta "ejpoeta"0041324684800they were great!I bought them because they were on sale. But they turned out great and taste great in peanut butter balls too. yum
503995503995B001E4S8GOA1P1EAVNPRJ9OKCourtney0051324425600Great Deal at a Great PriceI ordered this peanut butter pack for a holiday food drive that we were having at my church. This pack included 6 large size jars of peanut butter. The price was perfect. If I had purchased these jars individually at the grocery store, I would have been paying about $5 to $6 a jar.
503996503996B001E4S8GOA41353AK4Z5KHJared Turner0051323820800ExcellentSkippy Natural peanut butter is awesome. It is well worth your time to get this product, not only is it delicious but it is a healthier alternative to traditional peanut butter that has a ton of additives. Try it, you will love it!
503997503997B001E4S8GOA2BTQUR2542TB1Techick0051320537600Yummy!Smooth creamy and delish!!! What more can you ask. Kids and parents both enjoy this PB. Give it a try, you might be surprised!!
503998503998B001E4S8GOA1JIZ3RFJIUNRFjillc0051318204800Love the Skippy Natural Peanut ButterI absolutely love the Skippy natural peanut butter. It is every bit as delicious and the same yummy peanut butter we love, but I love seeing the few simple ingredients in the jar. Nothing that I can't read! :) My hubby love Super-Chunk, I love Creamy. We both love the Natural addition to Skippy's product line.
503999503999B001E4S8GOA2JOC0WUOP0PNQKyle0051317600000Tastes Great, Healthy and InexpensiveThis peanut butter is just what I wanted. It tastes excellent, is healthy for you and just what I want for a quick snack. I tend to eat it with apples, alone or in protein shakes. It also comes at a great price so I see myself ordering more down the line.
504000504000B001E4S8GOA2EHHB13ZVQQWRtheoandamy0051317168000Tastes great and better for youThis is a great tasting all natural peanut butter that needs no refrigeration or storing. There is added palm oil but no hydrogenated oils (bad guys).

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