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504091504091B002M42YMEAMBS2Y7A42FXWHollis G. Kimberl0051349049600Nice teaI read other reviews on this tea and they are right! It is a very nice tea and is very fresh. The people who put this together has it packaged so the antioxidants and flavors are not lost. It has outer packaging and inner packaging.
504092504092B002U5C0SIA1F96YITZ9OHF4Rory Cooney8811303862400500% markup?You have got to be kidding! $5 a bottle? Even in the supermarket these are usually $1.25 each, often under $1. I hope you sell none.
504093504093B002U5C0SIA3KHRYE1WX54CIMichael Chiapputo "michael18870"3311319846400Are you serious?At this price and you expect to sell these?... You have to be kidding! This has got to be a joke?
504094504094B002U5C0SIA2J7YDXQ6B1SMOPure Perfection1111338336000RidiculousWhen something is in high demand, this is not the way to repay the consumer. $100 for 20 bottle of water, that is ridiculous. You people need to get a grip.
504095504095B002Y2QSVCA2CG17K7WYMPX4AV1151303689600Delicious cup of coffee ! My favorite blendI grew up drinking Community Coffee Dark Roast -- its a southern tradition. As an adult, I have tried many of the blends of Community and other brands and now know why my family always drank Community. This blend is my absolute favorite. Its very rich, smooth, and full of flavor. Not too dark and not too light. Its what I drink almost everyday and the one I serve to my family and friends.
504096504096B002Y2QSVCA2C8DACJ6ZVNCIJ. Carter1151289865600great coffeeThis is one of my favorite coffees. I like the flavor, as it's smooth and doesn't have the rough edges of many commercial blends.
504097504097B002Y2QSVCA74UXPMQS08IJGracie0011350345600unsealed packageI just received my order for this coffee. I have ordered community coffee alot of times but for some reason on this particular order 2 of the 3 packages were not sealed on the bottom and the coffee had spilled out into outer package . I was very disappointed , since I paid for 3 packages and can only use 1 !
504098504098B002Y2QSVCA2VJ5ALN1BIV3Bterster "Terster"0051348876800Private Reserve House Blend... good coffeeI am a huge fan of Community Coffee. The company often runs specials, they are very responsive to their customers and their product is good.

I've tried most of their flavors now and this one is a very good one. I buy this any time i find it on sale.

I've written the company asking for samplers and they sent all kinds. It was great. I also love their decaf and 1/2 caf products too.

They will email you when there are large storms (like the hurricanes) to let you know there may be a delay in shipping. Makes sense.

I believe all the beans are roasted here in the US.

Huge fan of Community Coffee.

But, I also realize that not everyone will agree. What i like, you may not and vice verse.

My recommendation... buy 1 bag (it's now sold in local stores where i live) and if you like it, then come back to Amazon for more as the prices here are often the best, unless the company is running a special.
504099504099B002Y2QSVCA2H5C5Q914X2QCD. Howard0041345593600Good CoffeeFull disclosure I enjoy all kinds of Coffee and don't really consider myself a coffee connoisseur but know what I like.

My favorite everyday coffee is probably Dunkin Donuts and followed by Archer Farms which was a surprise to me since it's carried at target.

I will try any coffee and this was on sale several months ago and decided to give it a try. This coffee is very smooth and I didn't really need much cream which is a good sign. I like a medium to dark blends so this one falls a little more on the lighter side but wasn't weak. I would recommend this if you like medium blends of good coffee.
504100504100B002Y2QSVCA3L5GGLR6BLROjonesy110051300147200SmoooooooothThis is one smooth coffee. I actually sampled it at Tulane's Homecoming game few years ago. They were out of cream and sugar so I hesistanly tried it black. To my surprise it went down smoothly! Try it black and you'll be in for a nice surprise.
504101504101B000X1CBLWA20Z0CWZYUJL9KNasacort2351245715200Really good turkish figsLarge, sweet and soft. I just hope they don't get sold out when I am ready to buy more.
504102504102B000X1CBLWA3NSVBZ5MPT0F8N. Howerton0051347580800Great FigsThe package I recieved was among the best dried figs I have ever eaten. I will definately buy these again.
504103504103B000GHHMXAA3HYSVDNUK7IUElolo1151327104000good quality as describedgood quality ,just as described, and it did add a unique falvour to my baked recipes, i like the whole seeds rather than grounded version to have a better and fresh flavour
504104504104B007WTW6PEAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051336435200Real Nice Brew, But Be Careful.This is a real nice beer. Excuse me, Ale. And what an ale it is! Real rich, hoppy flavor and full bodied. Nice aroma. Don't confuse this with the pale imitations that are sold on most supermarket shelves. Sierra Nevada Topedo Extra IPA is bold! Just look at the alcohol content. It's 7.2 % and that's really up there. Please be careful about drinking this stuff and driving. When you say "But Ocifer, I've only had two Sierra Nevada Topedos." you may be legally drunk. Torpedoed, so to speak. But sitting at home with the TV on, it's a real nice brew!

Gary Peterson
504105504105B001M0AKE8A220T3200LS0SBK. Berkshire "pinkrecipes"8841288310400great place to buy hard to find oatmealMy daughters ages 6 and 8 love this oatmeal. It starts as little eggs and then when the hot water hits them the egg coating starts to melt and inside is a gummy sort of dinosaur. This oatmeal for some reason is hard to find in the stores so when I found it on amazon I was super excited. However, like a previous reviewer said, when we recieved the shipment, some of the boxes were open and some of the boxes had beeen taped shut with clear tape. I will still keep my suscription but amazon please look into this issue.
504106504106B001M0AKE8A1ISEYS9KA8FQXBettina McDermott3351291852800Dinaosaurs discovered!I was so happy to discover the dinosaurs! My local stores are no longer carrying them, and they are my grandchildren's favorites!!!
504107504107B001M0AKE8A3GLZ2C4VP6WLSDenise Alessandra5651261267200Fun to eatI had a hard time finding this product in stores and just happen to go on Amazon and see if they might have it and they did. My daughter loves the little candy eggs that turn into dinasaurs in the oatmeal. It fun to eat and good for you too.
504108504108B001M0AKE8A29FJK41SRREUHK. Wilson2251302048000Cool Dino Eggs!I have a 22-month old son who loves everything dinosaur. Including this cereal. The dino eggs are actually pretty cool... they're basically little pellets of sugar that dissolve when you stir in the hot water. The outer sugar shell dissolves and what is left behind are these little colorful dino shapes. There are probably about a dozen or so green, red and orange "friends" in each packet.

Be aware, though, that you are paying a premium for these little dino eggs. Each of these boxes only contains 8 packets as opposed to regular Quaker oatmeal that comes 10 packets to a box.
504109504109B001M0AKE8A3UR9QNZXG4JRGdottie jones2251280102400Dino EggsMy grankids LOVE this cereal. I cannot find it in local stores? I have told the managers to stock it, so maybe it will start showing up. It is a great way to get them to eat oatmeal.
504110504110B001M0AKE8A3DN4WC93DUEY0K. Kannan "shopping machine"2241274054400Great website for a hard to find productWe use this cereal at work for our children's menu. It is very hard to find retail. Finding it on was a nice surprise.
504111504111B001M0AKE8AHLI32BQTXRRZLegend1151317513600The very best!Let me start the review by saying that I have not purchased this from Amazon, so I don't know of any packaging issues that may happen. However, my review is of the oatmeal itself, not of the seller.
I grew up eating this oatmeal, and it is the absolute best. It's hard to decide whether to leave the dinosaurs in their eggs or take them out of the oatmeal beforehand; I usually take the eggs out, make the oatmeal, and eat the eggs separately (This may not be the best idea, because the sugary "egg" around the dinosaur is a large part of what sweetens the oatmeal). The oatmeal itself is delicious, and tastes very authentic. The dinosaur eggs were a great incentive when I was younger to eat a healthy breakfast, and they make the entire meal exceptionally better. Perhaps it's because I have a bit of a sentimental attachment to the dinosaur egg oatmeal, but I absolutely adore these and will buy them as long as I can!
504112504112B001M0AKE8A3N822HXN3V2LUniffer1151277164800Delicious! If only I could get it in the UK...I love this oatmeal, I especially like the flavour, which you can't get in the UK, unless you make up your own...I also find this kids' version much less artificial than the adults', but in terms of ingredients, I might have got them the wrong way round on that count! Good size portion and keeps me going until lunchtime. Love it!

The dinosaurs are only an added benefit, as far as I'm concerned...!
504113504113B001M0AKE8A3PMN72WSR8OPKAunt Ruthie "RSJ"3451257897600Toddlers thru teens love thisOn visits to Grandma when my grandson was 3, he loved to stir the eggs in the bowl and watch the dinosaurs emerge in his "dinosaur oatmeal". He's 15 now, living in another state, and loved eating my last 2 packets when visiting last Thanksgiving. It's difficult to find in NY supermarkets, but I'm prepared for this Thanksgiving visit with an entire case from Amazon.
504114504114B001M0AKE8A07112861KSNE1D0ZA1NOCanon Fan0041351209600Quaker Instant Oatmeal Dinosaur EggsThis has been a firm favorite at breakfast time in our house for many years. When you can pick it up at this low price for a 4 pack, it seems to taste even better.
504115504115B001M0AKE8A3E2N9MZG07V83Baxter0051347840000Dinosaur OatmealMy Children really enjoy the dinosaur oatmeal and I was not able to find it in our local store.... I bought several boxes while on vacation in Florida and when we got home I searched the amazon wed site and found it :) I will be ordering more in the future... was very pleased with product and sevice I received. Thanks
504116504116B001M0AKE8A38O9SB4I4J97BBlue990051343779200Awww yeeeeThey haven't sold this awesome stuff in my area since I was 10 years old. Finding it here for so cheap, I just had to get some! It sure brings back nostalgic memories for me. New time tryers may not enjoy it, as it is just simple brown sugar oatmeal with cheap candy pieces. But hey, I loved it as a kid, I love it now, and I am sure kids today may love it as well!
504117504117B001M0AKE8A2Y23QGCWVD0YBDianasaurus0051338595200Childhood memoriesI remember eating this when I was seven, I loved it and was so excited to be able to eat it again.
504118504118B001M0AKE8A2ULUBX806OQ9RSammiCakes0051328745600Finally found itMy grandmother use to make this for me when I was little.I love it so much.I have been searching for 11 years for this oatmeal.I am 17 and I adore it.It's my favorite thing from my childhood.
504119504119B001M0AKE8A12D1F0XB6E4POBEN0051327536000KIDS LOVE THIS ~My kids love this ! Whoever invented this oatmeal was a genius. The eggs do look like eggs when you open the package. After microwaving or adding hot water, you stir and the eggs "hatch" You get a variety of different dinosaurs in different colors. I would love to read an interview of the team that invented it. This oatmeal is really cute.
504120504120B001M0AKE8A3IISL1F56A3L1Jake K61051330905600Great for the busy life of a 2-term ex-presidentAs the 43rd President of the United States, I often found it difficult to incorporate both oatmeal and dinosaurs into my daily routine. One afternoon, after a busy afternoon at Chuck E Cheese, Laura dragged me to the supermarket to get groceries. I'd normally sit in the car with my DS, but decided to venture forth this time. I stumbled across these bad boys and my life hasn't been the same.

Brown sugar
Ninjas are pretty cool too (not included)

No ninjas

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