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504121504121B001M0AKE8AOYK4MCJEHVKPD TRAN2431299715200Great price but what is with the open boxes. A bit bland.I got this 4 pack for $8.10 after a coupon code and I have to say, it's a bit bland, although the dino eggs are kinda cool. Two of the boxes were opening and the other two are part of the pack at the botton side that I didn't open yet but I have no idea why all the boxes are prematurely opening. Something is causing the individual boxes to be open prematurely. Were the bulk packs dropped at some point bursting the seals? There is very little sealing the boxes closed. Just two glue points on either end.

My order was bought on the 13th of February and the "Best if used before date" is Jun 14 2012. Just called theQuaker and the rep said these have a shelf life of about 18 months and approximated these were just two months old, so good job Amazon. Quaker rep was kind and sent out some coupons and suggested that the boxes should be sealed and under no condition be opened and to make a report with Amazon. Only two of the boxes holding the 8 envelopes were opened. The other two boxes remained closed, no spillage of the actual oatmeal occurred.
504124504124B001M0AKE8A2GPTZZ74ZSA1KBig Al41811297555200For shame mixing trans-fat with Oatmeal for kidsI am deeply disappointed that Quaker would add "dinosaur eggs" candy with partially hydrogenated oils to kids oatmeal. Very shameful. Save yourself big dollars and buy bulk organic oatmeal from any supermarket and add your own brown sugar or maple syrup. Better for you and much, much cheaper.
504122504122B001M0AKE8A2P9EZG74AECFPlucy mutch1411282521600product was open when arrivedMy daughter loves this oatmeal and I was so excited to find it on amazon. Unfortunately, when the package came today, all four boxes were opened. Some of the oatmeal was spilled in the box. I have never had a shipping problem with Amazon until now. Very disappointed.
504125504125B000CINE8AA8Y7TXSUA00H1Christopher P. Lindsey303111197331200Marzipan made with corn syrup isn't up to snuffI ordered this marzipan last Christmas, amazed by the great deal that I had found.

Unfortunately, the old addage is true: you get what you pay for.

This marzipan is made with corn syrup instead of sugar, has a low almond content, and is flavored with a hint of citrus that masks any almond flavor whatsoever. I may as well have been eating lemon-scented glue sticks.

Even more interesting is that I froze the unused marzipan in the same bag with a 'better' variety. Within three months this marzipan had taken on a freezer taste, whereas the higher grade marzipan still tastes great even one year later. They were both in the same bag together, so it can only be the ingredients themselves that didn't hold up.

I will never buy cheap marzipan again, and I have thrown out the bulk marzipan that I purchased from this company.
504123504123B001M0AKE8A2E9583CZ26WW3Grace Hill1621331337600Dyes, Red 40Ingredients
Whole Grain Rolled Oats (With Oat Bran), Sugar, Dinosaur Egg Shaped Pieces (Sugar, Dextrose, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and/or Cottonseed Oil, Maltodextrin, Confectioner's Glaze, Magnesium Stearate, Soy Lecithin (An Emulsifier), Modified Corn Starch, Red 40 Lake, Yellow 6 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake, Artificial Color, Blue 1 Lake , Bleached Beeswax. Carnauba Wax, Natural and Artificial Flavors), Natural and Artificial Flavors. Bone Shaped Pieces (Sugar, Rice Flour, Confectioner's Glaze, Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed and Soybean Oil, Cornstarch, Dextrin, Modified Food Starch, Cellulose Gum, Carnauba Wax, Carrageenan, Bleached Beeswax, Artificial Color, Gum Tragacanth, Yellow 5, Artificial Flavor), Natural and Artificial Flavors (Contains Wheat, Soy, and Milk Components), Salt, Calcium Carbonate (A Source of Calcium), Guar Gum, Caramel Color, Niacinamide (One of the B Vitamins), Vitamin A Palmitate, Reduced Iron, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (One of the B Vitamins), Riboflavin (One of the B Vitamins), Thiamin Mononitrate (One of the B Vitamins), Folic Acid (One of the B Vitamins).
504126504126B000CINE8AA28YWFX4506Y2YE. Relyea8851202515200Really, really, really YUMMY!I bought this candy as an early Valentine's/Birthday present for my husband. I realized when it arrived that 2lbs? Yeah, that's a LOT of marzipan.

Fortunately for us, it is DELICIOUS! We opened the box up right away and dove right in. The candy was finely ground, without a grainy texture we've found in some other candy. It was nicely sweet and intensely almond flavored. Even my picky two-year-old tried a piece and asked for a second.

To prolong our enjoyment of the candy, we froze two of the trays and are quickly working our way through the third.
504127504127B000CINE8AA2GZHHVWC7K6WUR. Pearson "Avid Reader"8841171238400A lot of marzipan!I purchased this for an Oktoberfest party, there was a lot left over, mostly because people were slightly intimidated or mostly really drunk. The sweet tasted nicely and were decorated in a very pretty way. I'd recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to make their own marzipan and needs to purchase a large quantity. There are several little "flats" of the candies so you can package them seperately or give a flat away to a friend easily enough.
504128504128B000CINE8AAH7UZWGIWX3JCSomewhat bookish girl8951164672000Great productI ordered these last Christmas to wrap up and give to my parents as a gift. The box I received was fresh and in good condition. The marzipan themselves were delicious, and there were enough for the whole family to share. I think these little gems will become a regular addition to our holiday celebration.
504129504129B000CINE8AA1HGYEY4JVNKW7S. Holmes3351229990400Soft, fresh and great priceMy grandmother used to send packages every year when I was a child and since her passing I have ordered on line for several years now. These were the best price I have been able to find .I ordered 2 boxes and couldn't wait till xmas to open one of them. They are nice and soft,not just the best price, also the freshest I have found and you get twice the number of fruits for the price. I will order from them many years to come.
504130504130B000CINE8AA3F0LAVCDGUL0L. Rentmeester3351226275200Bulk MarzipanThis product was a great deal for the price. Ideal to split up and use as gifts for the marzipan lovers in your life (if you can restrain yourself from eating it all yourself). The candy is colorfully decorated as pieces of fruit and was very fresh. I would definitely purchase this product again.Bulk Marzipan 2lbs. 72 pcs.
504131504131B000CINE8AA3NLJZI5NEOT0KLinda Pagliuco "katknit"2251225065600Good valueI ordered this box of marzipan mainly for use as edible cake decorations for holiday desserts at the museum at which I work. These little candies are nicely sized and colored, and the almond flavor is pleasant and not too sweet. Good value for the money and delivered exceptionally quickly; I probably will be ordering from this company again, both for my own use and the museum's.
504132504132B000CINE8AA50NH9NXF6174Ty O'Neal1151302220800Sinfully good!This candy is wonderful, and I will be re-ordering soon. I would encourage at the very least that if you have not ever had Marzipan this is a great time to try it. If you have had it in the past, jump in and enjoy it again.
504133504133B000CINE8AAB1VEEJIIKN9BBig Dan "-Big Dan in NY"1151292198400Excellent sellerMy mother loves Marzipan and I try to get it for her every Christmas. The couple of stores that have it locally are always over priced and the quality isn't that good. I've ordered online previously but it wasn't great quality. This Marzipan is really high quality at a great price and fast shipping to boot! Highly recommended! :)
504134504134B000CINE8AA3HF0DN0PFRDFIelliewriter "Customer reviews are great!"2321255219200Not goodI don't consider myself a food snob by any means, but this isn't the best.

The good stuff is a pure almond-sugar paste. This has a slight almond-lemony flavor that's loaded with corn syrup, definitely isn't the real deal. I would imagine if you grew up with this, you may have a nostalgic connection to it; you may like it if you like very sugary-tasting sweets.

Personally I'll keep looking. I thought when I found it at T.J. Maxx it was a good deal but it was disappointing. Also, the fruits look dimensional through the box lid, but really they're cut in half. I'd love to be able to find someplace in the U.S. that offers the real fruit-shaped marzipan instead of these expensive substitutes. Bummer.
504135504135B0000TLRHQA17XZ3BLTBJ9JLarheart "arheart"0151280707200Great Flavor .... Great TeaThis Chokecherry tea is simply tasty .......... I think that pretty much says it all .. tasty.
504136504136B004348QHIAW7VIZUKC8ZY3chari0051306886400Delicious mini crackersThese are a great, truly mini version of Breton crackers. A little over 1 1/4 inch in size they are the typical Breton cracker with a subtle vegetable seasoning added. They are deliciously light and tasty while not being salty like so many crackers are.

Nutrition-wise they boast 80 calories per serving of 15 crackers. 30 of those being "Fat Calories" but with none of that being trans fat.

Allergy-wise they contain wheat, soy and milk but are made in a peanut free facility.

Made in Canada these are truly great snacking crackers. If you like these I would also heartily recommend Dare Vinta Crackers, Original, 8.8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) which are also perfect alone or with cheese.
504137504137B000V71PV0A1E6EVD7H1SY62Mically6641234396800Lots of beans for a low priceI was initially nervous about this purchase. 24 cans at such a low price? However, the beans are good quality. I would buy from Roland again. My only complaint about canned goods from Amazons is that they usually arrive rather dented. Wish they'd do more about their packaging.
504138504138B002ZZA9RCA3TAM104U4PEL3Kenneth Karp1111310947200Shame on Me for Not Doing My Homework!Before even opening, I'm trusting its the same product I've know from years back.

But the size was a huge disappointment for the money - couldn't find size in the description - and, after the fact, a quick search found this same product available at nearly a third the price from a few other outlets. Personally, I think it's outrageous but don't have the time to do anything about it. Funny, though, how it's sold in Amazon's "Super Saver Center." Hah!

One star, based on value.
504139504139B004LRRI94A3SSBBEGNC7G07James Strock "Business Owner, Professional Sp...0051324771200Wonderful Product!This is a wonderful product. The coffee as well as the aroma are enticing and satisfying.

The challenge I've encountered is obtaining it at a reasonable price. It's often offered at a premium vis-a-vis comparable items. Hopefully that will change as supply meets what must deservedly be rising demand.
504140504140B0057UCP6UAS1FCKNKY95IDJuli A. Lee "JingleJL"0051336435200LOVE this soup!I cannot drive at this time so getting my groceries on Amazon is so convenient for me. Amazon is amazing - there are very few things you can't get on Amazon!! This is the 2nd time I have ordered this soup and I am addicted to it! Amazon is THE BEST! So is the product!
504141504141B004IRCHQGA2Z3GLCQVZJM89spicecooks "spicecooks"5551316563200Excellent first cup of coffeeWe have enjoyed Millstone Coffee for years and until receiving our Keurig for Christmas, only drank Millstone Hazelnut Creme. (See my review for that coffee).
But now, we have discovered another joy by Millstone. Breakfast Blend is a light roast coffee which is what we enjoy drinking. It is a great cup of coffee to wake up with. It is not bitter and does not leave a bad taste.
Like Hazelnut Creme, I only wish it was easier to purchase. I wish Amazon would routinely carry this coffee with Prime.
504142504142B004IRCHQGAL1OA1KWD11OOrusty rick3351316217600millstone breakfast blendThis K cup breakfast blend is one of the best I have tried for that first morning cup. The flavor is full body and does not kick back like some brands that are too strong and give acid reflux. This coffee is really smooth and nice without that over bold taste kickback. Every cup had been very consistant and dependable. If you like morning blends you will be thrilled with this one.
504143504143B004IRCHQGA1ATRR9UWA89RGAmazonshopper741151299456000Good Mild CoffeeI was surprise at the smooth light coffee flavor. Good cup for later at night when you want a cup of coffee without staying up too late...
504144504144B004IRCHQGA2GIFAGXXUCLEVMike3421300924800too high priceThe coffee is actually very nice, but the price is way too high. I just bought a box for 7.99 for the 12 pack which means 3 packs would be @ $24.00. this is no deal
504145504145B004IRCHQGA333A7R250KJKJDiane Hencyk3451300233600Millstone k-cupsI can get 3 boxes of this at my local grocery store for under $18.00 ($5.89 a box) don't know why it is so expensive here.
504146504146B004IRCHQGA29SMLAQ6NE6JAPPC2351306108800Fantastic TasteThe is blend we tried and my hubby and I love it. Are second favorite is Cappacino. I would recommend
504147504147B004IRCHQGA1YHAHA24XK0GQA. Boleyn0051350777600My FavoriteI do not like my coffee bitter but I also don't like it to be tasteless either. I have tried so many different brands of coffee for my Keurig and this is my favorite. It's not bitter and has a nice smooth coffee flavor. Just an all around good cup of coffee.
504148504148B004IRCHQGA3FHNV3RTR1MSETimmerman06020011350000000Not worth itPrice it on here and then price it at Wal-Mart. You'll get it cheaper at Wal-Mart for the 36 count. I found that out the hard way as I ordered them from here in Afghanistan for my wife in the states thinking that it would be nice for here to have a "stash" of K-cups around the house. Not everything on Amazon is cheaper...
504149504149B004IRCHQGA1QWLNN2VL4BHFMorning coffee drinker0051349395200Enjoying the coffeeI'm a morning coffee drinker and don't usually drink the 'strong' stuff, so this was just what I needed to get may day started: not too strong and not too weak.
504150504150B004IRCHQGA1IFDW3PXQPXQ4Donald Lee Reich0051347926400A coffee for all you "Light Brew" drinkers out there!This Breakfast Blend coffee is very mellow and satisfying! It makes a nice companion to, or just a little change up from my favorite Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast blend! It also comes at a decent price per cup!

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