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504182504182B003P02EGUA3KO9DWHV3V340Panzer0051350604800Delicious -"Sparkling ICE" - Black RaspberryVERY TASTY! Totally Delicious! Subscription of this flavor or other ICE beverages is easy and convenient; delivered to your door to be put directly into the refrigerator. Best of all, buy the subscription plan, it is less expensive than ANY store even if it is on sale. This flavor is delicious and my favorite, but other flavors are equally as good.
504183504183B003P02EGUA201YB2HKPNNB1Bobby Baby0051350432000Sparkling Ice SparklesI am a physician and a patient with diabetes first recommended this product to me. I have had at least 6 of their flavors and have enjoyed them all, especially Black Raspberry, Pomegranate Berry (no longer available from Amazon), and Harvest Peach. So much flavor and so few calories. A great product.
504184504184B003P02EGUA3K11UINSYK9J3C. T. KUNDE0051350432000Healthy good tasting drinkThis is my favorite flavor. I tried others, but this one is the best. It is not only healthy, but has no caffeine, no sodium, no sugar, etc. but you feel like you are drinking a soda. I order it by the case from Amazon, as it is least expensive and arrives right to my door and I don't have to carry it out to the car.
504185504185B003P02EGUA1Q1939STY21OINaNater0051350432000Black Rasberry is the Best!This is my favorite zero calorie drink! Of all the Sparkling Ice flavors, this one is the best. It doesn't taste diety or weird. And, I LOVE it because it has some fizz to it, and best of all there's no aspartame!
504186504186B003P02EGUA3SNO7O9K8EENPLoveToShop0051348876800THE best flavor!!LOVE this stuff! I just recently tried this flavor. It is by far the best of any that I have tried. It tastes like soda, not like water. My kids love it too. The lemonade, grapefruit and orange mango are also good....but this one is amazing! The only one I haven't cared for is the coconut pineapple.
504187504187B003P02EGUA1N6W74MGVOTP8halrms0051347321600TalkingRainI have been purchasing this drink from my local supermarket for almost 1 year. I have tried all of the flavors offered but black raspberry tastes the best. Amazon's price is better than the local store and it is delivered to my door.
504188504188B003P02EGUA1CQLT82PC585KDoomedToasters0051345507200Delishious!What I like the best about this product is that it does not contain caffeine yet still has that great fizz to it. A great and refreshing drink on a hot day!
504189504189B003P02EGUA2YNIKQDLZR2WWLaura Steenhagen "Laura"0051345248000Love it!I have tried both the Black raspberry and the Orange/mango and loved them both. I didn't care much for the pineapple/coconut or the Strawberry one. But the Black raspberry and Orange are both a great addition if you want something other then regular water but don't want pop.
504190504190B003P02EGUA4VABU4VCD5U8Dana Wexler0051344902400Deliciouswho knew zero calories can be this good? overall, I am impressed but it's just not always at the "right" price.
504191504191B003P02EGUA33DKGANHQJSXCAnastasia "Stasia"0051340064000Warning!!! Addicting )
504192504192B003P02EGUA24J8XWOGXCC6RRobyne Schuchman "booklover"0051340064000best drink everThis product is my new favorite drink. I buy so much of it, and it's heavy to carry. I thought it would be easier to get this way. The flavor is sweet and sparkly. There is no aftertaste. GREAT!
504193504193B003P02EGUA3T0OTH5072YREM. Reynard "kairosdreaming"0051335398400Sparkling Ice Black RaspberryI have to say, this drink is probably my 2nd favorite of the Sparkling Ice line-up (the first being the Coconut-Pineapple) and it is very delicious. As a away to quit drinking soda, I've been looking into healthier alternatives, and the Sparkling Ice brand is one of the brands I've found to try out. And I've enjoyed almost all of them.

Black Raspberry tastes exactly like black raspberries. It's a little bit sweet, and has that tangy raspberry in the sun flavor. And the aftertaste is just the same as the original taste so you don't have to worry about a shock of sour or other weird flavor. It also has carbonation so you get that pleasant fizzy feeling on your tongue while drinking that makes soda so popular. One bottle is pretty large too, 17 ounces, and I've found that it will get me through most of the morning at work, although it stops being cold after awhile, but hey, it even tastes decent warm.

The ingredients are pretty good too. With the exception of the sweetener being sucralose, which I'm not crazy about, they have green tea extracts, actual raspberry flavors, and spring water listed. And the list is short compared to a lot of drinks out there. It may not be the healthiest, but it's not as bad as soda either. And it's still 0 calories, which for a flavored drink is pretty good. They also put in a few vitamins to the mix, such as B3 and a some other B vitamins so you can pretend you're drinking something healthy as a result of that as well.

I will keep buying these drinks as a soda replacement. They're reasonably priced and taste good and make the no-caffeine transition easier.

Review by M. Reynard 2012
504194504194B003P02EGUA2EP3IFVMJMV7ASabina0051334534400Sparkling IceLove this stuff. What nice alternative to soda and/or plain water
504195504195B003P02EGUAGJSS0I3AGWEGemy160041332115200yummyI really enjoy drinking these. They help me get past my craving for a soda. They have a great flavor.
504196504196B003P02EGUA2405GFGP3NA4Zkatieray "katieray"0041331424000great flavor, but lemon-lime is our favoriteI really like the black raspberry alot - I personally like to mix it 50-50 with fruit juice (almost any flavor). Our favorite ICE though is the lemon-lime. I'm going to take it out on the boat this summer as I think it will probably make a pretty good margarita! always thinkin'...
504197504197B003P02EGUA3I48O9KWFT476JULES0051330473600AWESOME !I was introduced to this beverage by a family member. Being a person who has to watch their sugar intake, I was delighted to discover this beverage and even more excited to find in on Amazon. It has a light refreshing taste and it does not taste overly sweet like other diet drinks. The beverage also has a lighter carbonation then soda pop. Additionally, this beverage contains vitamins and Green Tea. There are several flavors available, but my personal favorite is the Black Raspberry. I just ordered another case of the Black Raspberry and a case of the Pineapple. I cannot wait to try the Pineapple.
504198504198B003P02EGUARJU46C7JDM4GHeather Donahue0051329955200Absolutely love!!My husband teases me when we see these on sale at the grocery store. I LOVE this flavor so much more than any of the others I've tried. It has just the right amount of carbonation for that soda fix and the flavor is fantastic. I'm so glad I found it here on Amazon and the subscribe and save price - much better than I could ever find in the grocery store.
504199504199B003P02EGUA1DKZ995Y226R6NekoPunk0031329955200LOVE this flavor and brandMy husband and I have tried this product and we love it. However, we bought it at Costco in a variety pack. I didn't care as much for the other flavors and wanted only raspberry. When I found it here on Amazon I was excited :D BUT when I tried ordering it, it turns out this is the ONLY flavor that does NOT ship to Hawaii. Hence, the three stars. Love the product, hate the stupid shipping >.<
504200504200B003P02EGUA1GQ196MWDLVQHCarol A. Matlak "xcptnl"0051325462400Really like this stuff both the black rasperry and mangoI found this on my local store grocery shelf but it is much cheaper on amazon. I really like this stuff - not your regular sparkling water.
504201504201B003P02EGUA23IWFZHFX799DKeith Delong0051324339200Fizzy BubblyOH my gosh is this stuff good. But open it slowly and carefully, or the top 1/5 of your bottle of red colored black raspberry will fiz out all over you! (even when it hasn't been shaken or stirred!)
504202504202B003P02EGUA2EQ4A92WKSQFQDottie Stackhouse0051323561600Sparkling IceSparkling ICE Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12) I found Sparkling Ice by chance when a friend offered me one. It was so refreshing, with just the right amount of fizz and the perfect amount of calories: ZERO. My local grocer could not keep it on the shelves because of its popularity, so I went to Amazon and found that I could have my Sparkling Ice delivered to my doorstep every month and at a cost that was cheaper than what the grocer charged. Win - Win! Sparkling Ice is offered in many flavors which are just as tasty but I got hooked on the Black Raspberry. Try it and you'll be hooked too.
504203504203B003P02EGUAZ39BB0W3CJ69russyy0051323302400black raspberryI like product and couldn't find it in stores anymore so was glad to
find it here and I enjoy it very much
504204504204B003P02EGUA324RAQQO9MFUXBW0051314835200Great TastingThis is the best tasting of all the sparkling ICE waters. It also takes care of my soda desires. I stopped drinking so much soda to lose some weight and this helps with that. I also like the idea that there are no calories.
504205504205B003P02EGUA1NX58YLES4LIWkaren0051314489600sparkling icesparkling ice is awesome,thanks to amazon i can have it when i want because it not available everywhere,,,thxSparkling ICE Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry, 17-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)
504206504206B003P02EGUA2957WT44IABWHH. Wetzel "high expectations"0051297555200AwesomeI tried this product on a whim. It tastes great. No Calories. Includes vitamins and anti-oxidents. Does not get much better than this.
504207504207B003P02EGUAKEUJS47KYKUGCarla0051296432000I love this water!I just received my black raspberry sparkling flavored water today and I love it!!!! It has just the right amount of sweetness and it tastes very good. I have tried many flavored waters and this is now one of my favorites. If you like the taste of black raspberry then you won't be disappointed.
504208504208B003P02EGUA2DKK7IZ0SZVC1sally71131298419200Good with one big flawI used to be a big fan of the Sparkling Ice drinks. They taste pretty good, made me feel good and were all natural - or so I thought. Although their target audience seems to be healthy, active adults, which is why it's a naturally flavored vitamin drink, they use artificial colors in all their drinks. To me, that's the big flaw. I've decided to stop drinking Sparkling Ice and start drinking other naturally flavored vita-waters that are also naturally colored. I hope that Sparkling Ice will someday make its drink "all natural" so that I can start drinking it again.
504209504209B003P02EGUAQYKV5QEAO7P5CLB in Syracuse5811340668800Watch out for the chemicalsSparkling ICE Black Raspberry Mountain Spring Water would be great if they stayed with the natural ingredients but they add Red Dye #40, Potassium Benzoate (a chemical preservative) and Sucralose (which makes it super sweet and leaves a funny taste in your mouth). I NEVER would have purchased this item if I had known what they actually put in it. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I won't ever purchase another Sparkling Ice product.
504210504210B003P02EGUA1NBXGOYDE9ORVM. Hendry1211319587200Packing didnt work outPacking is a fail. 2 bottles out of my 12 were busted cracks along the bottom of the two broken. I'm not sure if they just got roughed up and broke or if they froze somehow. Nothing frozen on delivery. They don't appear cut though. Looks like there is no way to recover the loss no return options. The drinks that did not break taste great and all. But without me seeing away to get credit or anything other than taking a loss this wont be worth trying again.

The package was the 12 bottles shrink wrapped then tied in an industrial type garbage bag and then placed in a box that was a good deal larger than the bottles with no packing material. The bag worked for stopping the liquid from leaking into the box. Out of the four beverages I ordered from amazon this was the only one with broken containers and the only one packaged in this fashion. Its as if it was packed to fail but also packed well enough to contain the liquid from ruining the rest of the package and containing the surprise for me!

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