Amazon Fine Food Reviews

504211504211B003P02EGUAZGOKXUOHA7WXDano1221318291200Poor PackingWhen opened box, one of the shrink wrap packages was already opened, looked like cut with knife, and one of the bottles was cut and water is everywhere, sticky sticky sticky. We have ordered this before without issue, but now washing all the bottles and have empty one, so less than ordered. Can't return, so guess out, see if Amazon will do something here....Won't hold breath.
504212504212B003P02EGUA520RBG0PL2AWLouisa Tavakoli1211313971200Lollipop tasteI love the orange/mango and the lemon/lime flavors. They are very refreshing. This flavor tastes like a bad lollipop. Don't recommend it to anyone else unless you like the taste of candy in your drinks.
504213504213B003P02EGUA37FDUP6ZE5H4DNana Shutters0121339372800Red Raspberry + Black Berry does NOT equal Black Raspberry!! :(I grew up in Indiana eating black raspberries. They are my favorite fruit in the whole universe! I moved down to the Atlanta, GA area two years ago, and no one here seems to have any idea what a black raspberry is. My daughter came home very excited and couldn't wait to tell me what she had found -- TalkingRain Sparkling ICE Black Raspberry drink! We were both so excited we could harly stand it.

We bought some and couldn't wait to drink it... MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! This is NOT black raspberry -- it's a mixture of red raspberry and black berries. That was a dirty trick! :(

So sad.

Yes, the drink is very yummy, but it tastes NOTHING like black raspberries.
504214504214B003P02EGUAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0131331942400way too sweet....I found this drink to be somewhat refreshing. As one reviewer remarked, however, this does not provide a true black raspberry flavoring. I'd say that it more closely resembles a blackberry, boysenberry, or black currant flavor. In any case, it's fairly quenching. If it weren't so sickly sweet, I probably could've given it four stars.
504215504215B003P02EGUAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0131330819200Not bad for you, tastes like apple to me and not berriesThis beverage is ok. The stats are good, but the flavor is really off on my palate. It does not taste anything like berries to me, it tastes like apple juice?! I hate apple juice. The color leaves crazy stains so sip carefully. I like the orange mango flavor from the store, I had an issue with taste from an amazon order but they made it right. Taste one from store before ordering a ton of them here!
504216504216B003P02EGUA3CYFDOD2GC4D2Denise Gwinn0131326758400Watch out when you open itThis flavor is a little too sweet for me. I prefer something a bit more on the tart side. My biggest complaint is no matter how chillled the bottle is and how little you move it, the stuff comes squirting up out of the bottle when you open it. So beware.
504217504217B003P02EGUA27ULPK1RGCNU6Picky CO Mom1441302220800good product but they should do 20 ounce bottlesI had some of these sent to my travel destination as I couldn't buy them in that state. I typically buy the 1 liter bottles in the store. The 17 ounce bottles feel flimsy and just don't feel right when you are drinking them as they are skinny. So I don't have a problem with the actual water as it is still good just the bad packaging on the single serving size. They need to sell 20 ounce just like everyone else.
504218504218B003P02EGUAZBJ2EQXVH9N9J. Friedly0311330646400Stains like no other flavored waterThe taste is good but this water and this brand's other flavors all stain incredibly badly. I have now spilled on three shirts at work, all from a single pack bought at Costco. No other flavored water I have ever tried have had this incredibly annoying "feature".
504219504219B005TH739KA32W5PN8KJSQG4LM0051349654400Delicious!These chocolate bars taste great! We also received them in perfect condition (chilled box) all the way in West Africa.
504220504220B000LR4F5IAEU4FZD1RCEHELisa A. Labbee "Foodie"3351251936000Great for Sushi LoversThis is the typical tobiko you have at any Sushi restaurant. It was fresh and delicious. I used it on homemade sushi, eggs and salads. I loved it!
504221504221B003BV0OHEA2I9IRYIQM8XJKMark5551286150400Oh...My....GOD!!Why, oh why, oh WHY?! Don't we have such great tasting crisp like these in the USA!!! Walkers produce AMAZING crisps! 'Lays' can't stand up to the deliciousness that is Walkers. Please Walkers, start importing these into America! At least teach your parent company PepsiCo how to make great snacks so they can in turn teach the Americans how to make a great crisps!
504222504222B003BV0OHEA350TOA6O3T3ZQM. King2251280880000bacon crisps are so gooooodwalkers crisps are so very good, bacon is my particular favorite. they are not at all greasy like some of our American name brand chips. the bacon flavor is just great. highly recommend these.
504223504223B002WWHY58A3FQWCPIPNNQYWArsene Lupin "gentleman cambrioleur"3351297468800Fine Cup of American CoffeeStarbucks call it French Roast, I call it a very fine Cup of American Coffee. smooth, the beans are a bit oily, which give it a strong taste of roast, feeling the smoky taste but without any distinguished taste!
I usually drink it in the morning, or early afternoon. I realized it doesn't stain my white mug as the other coffees do.

once you start drinking it, you might never stop! very addictive, but great!
I love it

Take the empty bag to a local Starbucks for a free tall brewed coffee!
504224504224B002WWHY58A2HP3XTRBJH3BVavid gardener225127085760020 oz bags of Starbuck's French Roast coffeeAlong with Seattle's Best brand, the preeminent French roast coffee sold in the US, imho. The 20 ounce bags are about the same price or a little less than the grocery price ... and then there's the free shipping too. Can't go wrong with this offering. The local Fred Meyer sold this item (and the organic SB alternative) for $5 less per bag a few weeks ago, but I can't get them anymore locally, so Amazon it is.

These larger bags are great for travel -- I take along a French press coffee pot and anywhere I can get boiled water I can have a nice cup of fresh and steamy French Roast, no electricity needed. French roasted coffee is dark, rich, fragrant, and robust -- all with less acidity than most other coffees, and it is good for your liver too, but most of all, "yum".
504225504225B002WWHY58A1Z523YSQLZTT6K. Albro0051327708800Our favorite coffeeThis is our favorite coffee! It is very rich and it is so convenient that it is already ground. I love mine halved with skim milk but my husband likes it black. We go through about a bag every 1.5 weeks. Beware though! Visitors often find this coffee way too strong.

I'm not sure why the price is so high here. My local supermarket and W****** carry this for half the price posted here. I would love if Amazon had a subscribe and save option with more reasonable prices.
504226504226B002WWHY58A2TYIQLV1IY8Q7T. Wellendorf0051318550400The real stuff.What can I say. This is the real stuff. Dark, full flavored and strong. If you don't like coffee this is not for you.
504227504227B002WWHY58A1DDVQ2GRMV7O4Book Lover0021309996800Good Product, Less-than-appealing costStarbucks French Roast is one of my favorite for its bold and distinctive flavor. It is a dark roast and works best if you desire bold or strong coffee. I have tried many other "french roast" blends but can taste the huge difference in this one that leaves others lacking. As much as I love it, it is impossibly expensive coffee. I used to buy it from Amazon and Amazon itself used to carry the 2 20-ounce bags for under half of what it is now selling for. The closest thing I have found is a Starbucks roasted sold from Costco in their own brand. That is a solidly good coffee and great price if you can buy it in the store. I wish Amazon would again carry this coffee for the price I was used to. It was great.
504228504228B002WWHY58A3N7ZR4BIQJJVQKJ0051301616000Best Starbucks coffeeLove this rich brew by Starbucks, and you can't beat the Amazon much more economical than relying on the the chain grocery store in my neighborhood!
504229504229B002WWHY58A1A3M75CKN1D6QOrwell0051299024000StrongMy wife and I like a coffee that has a bold taste. This is my favorite coffee.
I wish Starbucks had this coffee in a decafinated coffee.
504230504230B002WWHY58A3NU1VH8A9CEK9Luis Rodriguez "Nitrom"1231279065600Too expensive at AmazonGood decent coffee..not the best. You can get it for 19 dollars at Costco. Same amount, same coffee.
504231504231B001M0G1W8A20MB9OFM2DNN8Mary Ernst "earthmaiden"1251246665600Great Smoky PaprikaI was so glad to find this on Amazon! I had purchased several cans through Whole Foods and they discontinued it but I wanted nothing else. It is delicious paprika.
504232504232B000YBXCXWA373M1W6AKADL8K. Sellers8951243555200Fazer=The Only Chocolate Worth EatingWhen I first tried Fazer chocolate, a friend from Finland sent it to me. I was skeptic about it being the "best in the world", but after trying it, every other chocolate out there is a poor subsitute! Fazer chocolate is the best out there period. Once you try it, you probably won't want to eat any other chocolate, it will only be fazer.
504233504233B000YBXCXWA13TA7Y7LYCPWPQueenB5551235952000The ultimate chocolate barKarl Fazer "Blue" is quite simply the world's finest milk chocolate bar. It is rich, creamy (not cocoa-y and artificial tasting like most American-made chocolate bars) and what a chocolate bar should be. Even though it's milk chocolate it complements a nice pinot noir and holds up well. Fabulous.
504234504234B000YBXCXWAIA2GLU81143KAverage Citizen "Average Citizen"2251271203200It really is the bestI just have to agree with everyone else that Fazer chocolate is simply the best in the world. And talk about being skeptical about it. The first one I had was from my sister and it had ginger bread, cherries and almonds in it. And I thought "What's with gingerbread and cherries in chocolate?" I thought it was going to be sickening. I could however understand the almond part. Anyway, after a few skeptical bites I was sunk. I now find it hard to be satisfied with any other chocolate in the world, except Fazer. And to this day I am amazed by that since I used to love all chocolate. In a way, I wish I wouldn't have ever had it, since all other chocolate seems lacking now. I was finally able to try the dark chocolate and it's just as delicious as the milk chocolate. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
504235504235B000YBXCXWA1BGKZAMQ5DPR1Dsven1151317254400Miss thisIncredible. I lived in Finland for a few years and this is the think I miss the most. I wish it wasn't so expensive in the states! The US needs better chocolate.
504236504236B000YBXCXWA2SPHQNYDLZVEDad in training1151302566400What all other milk chocolates want to be when they grow upBeware - you will love this chocolate. Not for someone on a diet, because you will not want to stop eating it and before you know it will have polished off the entire almost 1/2 pound "bar" of the best plain milk chocolate in the world. Let it warm in your mouth to soften ... and ... enjoy the bliss.
504237504237B000YBXCXWA10T4N1QBH7SRKJulie A. Jortikka1151262390400Fazer Milk Chocolate BarsThese are heavenly! They are one of the best chocolate bars in the world! My husband is Finnish and we always bring these home with us! I hope you sell them for a long time to come!!!

Julie Jortikka
504238504238B000YBXCXWA2OI109I9ARL5GSAM0211312070400DisappointedFazer chocolate is excellent chocolate...but hard to find. So, I was thrilled to find these bars on Amazon. However, when I received the chocolate, it seemed like it had been sitting on the shelf for a while, and the expiration date was only 6 weeks away from when I received my order, which was frustrating.
504239504239B001EO6064A4T3LNLGC7E67D. McNeese "Doomed"4451285891200Dried Lotus RootI bought this to put into korean ramen noodles for some texture. I looked around and it really is hard to find this product for a reasonable price. Even the price on amazon seems high. The picture does not do much justice for how much you actually get. One packet lasted me atleast 3-4 months.
Lotus Root stops diarrhea, clears Heat and improves appetite. Lotus roots contains iron, vitamins B & C. The rich fibre content of lotus roots stimulates peristalsis and relieves constipation.
504240504240B001EO6064A144UI9S7Z9MYARachel Marie Zhao2251307923200Amazing taste for dried!I agree that the price seems high, but the quality is good. I really missed the fresh lotus that I could buy in the supermarkets in Souther China where I stayed for a couple years, so I searched for the dried ones. My husband and I cooked about a half a package and ate it for one meal. So personally I think the packs are small. But worth the money if you love lotus root!

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