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504421504421B007I7YZJKA27ULPK1RGCNU6Picky CO Mom0031333324800Yes from me, No from my husbandHave to give it 3 stars as I thought it wasn't bad but my husband hated the after taste. It does have a little bit of an after taste but I didn't think it was too bad. My husband disagreed. So if you want something different than plain water or soda give this a try.
504422504422B007I7YZJKA3GMVCTJTHYG1FMom22boys0041333324800Good but not greatI love the To Go sticks that you simply mix in a bottle of water! I've had many different brands and flavors over the years. The Lipton To Go Iced Green Tea and Honey with Blackberry Pomegranate wasn't too bad. Both of my kids (ages 6 and 7) wanted to try it too. The 6 year old gave it a thumbs down but the 7 year old gave a thumbs up.

The powder did not dissolve too well. I shook and shook and shook but there was still some parts that were not dissolving (both in chilled and unchilled water.) I also don't like that the instructions are to mix in an 16.9 oz container of water, but the serving suggestion and caloric information is all based on 8 oz (Why can't we keep things simple?) Still at 10 calories for a 16.9 oz bottle of water, that isn't bad. No fat, only 1 gm - per serving - of sugars. The big plus for me is the 10mg of caffeine that it has per serving! I can skip my afternoon coffee but still get that extra little lift to get me through.

It also says that it is naturally sweetened with honey. Which, yea, it has honey granuels in it, but it also has sucralose.

Overall it is pretty good as a water enhancement powder. I would buy in the future.
504423504423B007I7YZJKA1UWSU5ETQRQKXMr. Fred0041333238400Excellent Lo-Cal BeverageThis is quite a good product; the beverage comes in easy to mix and use individual packets, and boasts a low 10 calories per serving. But the low calorie count doesn't sacrifice flavor; the brew is smooth and refreshing, if not quite crisp, and will make a fine drink for hot summer days. The drink mixes up to an attractively clear and deep purple color.

The predominant flavor is blackberry, which seems to overpower the others. Honey could be distinguished only as a sweetener, not for characteristic honey taste. Pomegranate could not be easily detected. And, surprisingly, there was little green tea flavor, a result which I wouldn't have expected in a Lipton product, most of which seem to have carefully engineered tastes.

There is one unusual use for this drink that I'll bet the designers didn't anticipate: It makes a very good mixer for neutral-flavored alcohol add-ins (adults only, please!).

I give this four stars for convenience, good flavor, low calories, and versatility. One star comes off for the lack of tea flavor in what is sold as a tea drink.
504424504424B007I7YZJKA21SL94J53BDS9LGM0041333238400Convenient, refreshing but this is not my favorite flavorThese To-Go drink mixes are great. They are so convenient to buy, store, and use. They are economical too. This specific flavor though is not my favorite. I like the Tea & Honey Blackberry Pomegranate flavor much better.

In terms of sweetness, though, it is just right. They tell you to use 16.9 ounces of water, but I always add more water (about 22 oz) to these To-Go type powdered drink packets, and I find that much better.

There are 5 calories per packet. It has a mix of sugar, honey, and sucralose (same thing as splenda) which keeps the calorie count down.

While I wouldn't buy this in the future, if you like strawberry, then you might like this flavor.
504425504425B007I7YZJKA3JISS7CQJF8JLJoy V. Smith "Pagadan"0031333152000I love adding it to my water bottles!Lipton's Tea & Honey Iced Green Tea, the Blackberry Pomegranate flavor this time around, has a perky berry taste I like, unfortunately with the slight after taste of a diet drink (possibly the sucralose sweetener). The ease of putting it in a 16.9 fl oz. water bottle is a plus, and after several shakes, the packet dissolves nicely. I appreciate being able to make some bottles ahead of time.
504426504426B007I7YZJKAO2AQRPPSTABBJeffrey J.Park0041333152000Tastes great, but contains artificial sweetenersThis is a great tasting, low calorie iced green tea mix from Lipton. It is not too bitter, although the use of sucralose, which is extremely sweet, makes it a bit on the sweet side for my taste. My wife loves the stuff - then again she does not mind artificial sweeteners.

Speaking of sucralose, I was surprised because it appeared that Lipton had actually come up with something that was not bad for you. However, closer examination of the ingredients revealed use of an artificial sweetener (sucralose), which is one way to make the iced tea sweet and low calorie. Although this is probably the least offensive of the artificial sweeteners, I generally avoid them like the plague. Besides, the only reason why I was excited about this tea mix was because it appeared natural - tea, honey, strawberries - how could I go wrong?

Each package contains approximately 4 grams of the iced tea mixture - because it is so sweet, you could probably get away with using less than the recommended serving size (1/2 package or 2 g) and it would still taste pretty good. I might go with 1/4 package. Whatever you do, don't dump the whole package in a glass. As far as the flavors go, strawberry overwhelms everything else - this tastes like the fruit drinks my children love.

For those of you that don't care about ingesting artificial sweeteners you will probably enjoy this iced tea mix - it does taste pretty good. I generally liked the stuff, although I will dilute the mixture next time around.
504427504427B007I7YZJKAI0PLL5DQAHRGTy Arthur "xFiruath"0041333065600Great honey flavor for making bottled water more excitingLooking for a way to spice up your drinking water and getting tired of adding lemons or limes? Lipton's Tea & Honey mix adds a flavorful new option already divided into individual serving packets, which makes it easy to add to a water bottle on the go or a full glass of water at home.

This particular flavor is quite different from the standard powdered mixed drinks, having a strong honey taste with a light strawberry twist. There isn't much sugar in it either, at only 2 grams per packet, so it's an option to consider for diabetics or people watching their sugar intake.

Plenty of other reviewers have noted there is a small amount of sucralose (Splenda) in here, which is something to consider if you don't care for artificial sweeteners. As the husband of someone with Type 1 diabetes I've gotten quite used to it and find it to be a very enjoyable flavor, so it didn't personally bother me at all.

If you don't have time to brew up iced tea at home and want a quick flavor boost for water, this is a great option, and is an excellent way to make bottled water more exciting on picnics or car trips.
504428504428B007I7YZJKA10PEXB6XAQ5XFMichael Gallagher0041333065600Good Taste and Easy to MixI drink a lot of flavored waters using the ready-to-mix packets, primarily the Crystal Light brand - I can't recall drinking a Lipton brand but, after drinking this one, I will add it to the list.

This packet has a good flavor, although the blackberry (to me) had a hint of grape in it. I mixed it in a 20 ounce bottle of cold water - the directions say use a 16.9 ounce bottle - and it still tasted just a bit too sweet to be called perfect. The powdered mix is not as fine as Crystal Lite but a little thicker and coarse, so you will spend a little bit more time shaking the bottle in order to mix it properly.

There are 10 calories per packet, even though the front of the box says 5 calories in big letters because each packet is two servings. That's about the same as Crystal Light. Overall, this one is pretty good and I think I will try out a few of their other flavors to add some variety.
504429504429B007I7YZJKA24J6PQ0FN55A6WestGrl0041332979200SurprisedNormally, I hate any zero calorie drink. Artificial sweeteners have a bad aftertaste to me. So I didn't have high hopes for this. Well, I was surprised. This tea is partially sweetened with natural honey so I guess this helps to eliminate some of the aftertaste. This particular flavor is very fruity & refreshing. I poured the packet into a 16 oz. bottle of water and it was great. The packets come in convenient travel size packets that would be easy to stash in a purse or pocket. This is a really nice alternative for someone that wants something fruity & not loaded with sugar & calories. Can't wait to try the other flavors!
504430504430B007I7YZJKA19RDMX22VXXSDBookBohemian0041332979200Quickly dissolving fruity drinkThis to-go iced tea was very easy to prepare. The powder mix instantly dissolved in cold water.

The strawberry flavor is refreshing but reminded me of Crystal Lite or Koolaid. My son found it too sweet; however, it was just right for me.

It seemed more like a fruity drink rather than a tea beverage.
504431504431B007I7YZJKA2ME89MSWVG9NFdonny "don130"0041332892800Great flavor, a little strongI am a fan of flavored ice teas, and this one tastes great. I don't taste and honey flavor, but the strawberry is definitely evident. It is more berry like than strawberry flavor. My only complaint is that the flavor is too strong. I could get two bottle/cups out of one packet. 1/2 pouch is plenty of flavor for my tastes.I will definitely purchase this in the future.
504432504432B007I7YZJKA1I477ADGMLVJMD. Matlack "Guidedog"0041332892800Delicious - but not as Natural as it is billed.I did enjoy this just add water & mix fruit tea. Because of the tea granules it does take some mixing which is not a problem. I was surprised that the drink could have a strawberry flavor that was sweet but not too fake tasting also I was wondering about the strange aftertaste that was reminiscent of a diet drink.

The drink touts itself on being sweetened with HONEY and other natural juices yet maintains its paltry 5 calories without the aid of aspartame - so it is healthy right? Well that super sweetness is in thanks to SUCRALOSE an artificial sweetener that just happens to be 600 times as sweet as table sugar and 3 times sweeter than aspartame.


So the drink is an official diet drink if NOT 100% natural.
504433504433B007I7YZJKA1U3MD058WEWYUmango1130031332892800Review for Lipton Tea & Honey (blackberry pomegranate flavor)This is a powder drink mix that you can add to your water bottle. (Each packet is meant to be added to 16.9 fl oz of water.) I think it tastes okay, but it is more like juice than tea. I don't really taste the green tea part. It reminds me of the Celestial Seasonings herbal teas. I tried the drink both cold and hot, and it tastes fine either way. The powder doesn't dissolve as readily in cold water but stirring helped. The only thing I don't like is that even though it claims to be only 5 calories without using aspartame, I noticed that there is sucralose in the ingredients list. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener used in sweeteners such as Splenda, and I've never liked the taste of it.
504434504434B007I7YZJKA688RIZ2POWSQL. Jenkins "Many hobbies in Texas"0041332892800crystal light???It seems to me that this "TEA" product mirrors some of my crystal light products. I think Lipton is trying to get a bigger step in this flavored water market. For me, seeing a name like Lipton on the box would push me into buying this product until I taste it and then I think of crystal light. Although tea is the third item on the ingredient list, for the life I me I can't taste ANY tea. The first two are honey granules (sugar) and citric acid for tartness. The third is green tea powder.

Another thing that is really odd is that the packet, of which there are ten in the box...half of the packet is a serving. But, when I think about this, isn't that what crystal light is also?

Getting down to what I thought of this product...Doesn't have enough tea in it for me to drink it as caffeine. Even when I put the whole packet in 20 ounces of water, it was still too, too, sweet and strong.
504435504435B007I7YZJKA3EAP2VG0BVYWXnekojita0041332892800nice fruity flavored drinkOne thing is certain, they don't skimp on the blackberry and pomegranate flavors in this drink! If anything, they overpower the taste of the tea - if you're looking for something along the lines of a tea drink lightly flavored with fruit, this one might not be for you. But it tastes good and is refreshing, especially for the warmer months (a slight false sugar aftertaste aside). This mix was a bit different than the usual powered drink additives I've tried out there and there's the nice green tea bonus as well (which might explain why the fruit flavors overwhelm the tea as it's not as strong as black tea).

Other than the faint sucralose aftertaste, my only other complaint would be that a 'serving' is half a packet - perhaps I'm not familiar enough with these drink sticks to know that you're only supposed to use half (which seems ridiculous) to consider it a full serving. Seems a way to cheat to get that five calories claim.
504436504436B007I7YZJKA35X2JJI49OBZPC. Bayne "katluvr_1"0041332806400Kinda sweet, but good when diluted moreThis doesn't taste like green tea to me, but it tastes a lot like strawberry kool aid. That's OK because I LIKE strawberry kool aid, and I'm not a big fan of sweet tea.

Most of this is sugar or sweetener of some kind - "honey granules" (sugar, honey - they added sugar to honey? Really?), maltodextrin (corn sugar), and sucralose (Splenda). There's green tea powder, hibiscus extract, strawberry juice solids, and acai juice solids are the flavor. The flavors work well together, but again, it's pretty sweet. I tried it full strength with 12 ounces of water, and it was too much. I poured half a packet into a 20 oz bottle of water, and it was almost the right strength. The cool thing about that is that a box of this will last a little longer for me.
504437504437B007I7YZJKAXHETL0M8XZPTOpheliasOwn "jh17ophelia"0041332806400Sweet but Flavorful TeaI should premise this by saying I am not a huge fan of overly sweet drinks. This product comes in a box of 10 small pouches full of drink mix. The directions say to pour the mix in a 16.9 oz bottle of water and shake vigorously or pour into a glass of water and stir. It warns that the tea takes some time to dissolve, and it did- about a minute of stirring before it was fully dissolved. It was easy to mix with a bottle you can shake, but it does eventually dissolve. The tea itself is fairly sweet, but still nice and tart enough for me. I preferred to water it down even more than the box suggested and put one pouch into a 20oz. bottle which made it more palatable for me. However, if you prefer your drinks more on the sweet side, I would follow the directions as stated. There is about 20 mg of caffeine per pouch as well and 10 calories per packet. Overall, pretty tasty little drink mix! Definitely a convenient way to zing up your water on the go!
504438504438B007I7YZJKA14MSHFCXPARFSLatin Pod0041332720000Great Tasting and RefreshingMy family and I are all tea lovers - both hot and cold. The Lipton to-Go is of course an iced green tea. A perfect blend of honey, tea leaves and real fruit solids make it a healthy alternative to sodas. Each packet makes two 8 oz servings, which have 5 calories, 10 mg of caffeine, and 2 g of sugar. Although I usually drink a whole 16 oz, I still don't think it's too bad. My daughter mixed a packet by agitating it in a 16.9 fl oz water bottle, and experienced no problems dissolving it. However, I mixed a packet in a 16 oz glass of water and had to work a little harder to dissolve it. That's my only complaint.
504439504439B007I7YZJKA2BN9DIBP9A0XGD. Vance "NinjaKnittingGramma"0031332460800READ the directions AND the ingredients!!I like both blackberry tea and pomegranate juice, so I thought this would be an easy "A+". Not the case.
First of all, drink mix packets are everywhere these days. Most of them are designed for a 16 oz bottle and plainly say so. For some reason, Lipton has decided to print directions that say to add 1/2 packet to 8 oz of water. Why? How many people actually buy 8 oz bottles? And, if they felt their product was aimed at those who would seek out 8 oz bottles, why not make the packet with just enough for that? Just odd.

'Tea and Honey" is proudly proclaimed several places on the package. Classic combination. Clearly stating ' NO asperatame!". "Sweetened with honey, Real tea leaves, real fruit flavors". But there was a funny, artificial taste. Reading the ingredient list reveals: sucralose and maltodextrin. YUCK!

Besides the artificial taste, or maybe because of it, instead of tea, this really tastes like Kool-Aid. If you're ok with that, then this is an ok drink. Me? I'll pass.
504440504440B007I7YZJKA3BZCJS4NORJQWAvid Reader0031332460800Decaf, but pleasantI know I'm not the only one out there who doesn't like to drink water. I'm always looking for solutions to help me put down more of the stuff each day - solutions that are low calorie, caffeine free, and pleasant tasting. Most of the mini packs of powder feel to me like I'm adding chemicals to my water glass, which seems to counter the healthy idea I'm going for in drinking water. These packs are pleasant tasting, although they don't really taste at all like tea - think of them more as a Crystal Light type equivalent. I also couldn't really taste the honey - I would have described them more as a generic "berry" flavor, but not cloyingly sweet.
504441504441B007I7YZJKA39KOJG83K8F1Utemply1230041332374400Good ProductI've been drinking this at work and it is a good alternative to soda. I tend to like my drinks on the weak side so I water this down a little more than the directions say because it is pretty strong. I can't imagine drinking this in the middle of winter but it is perfect to throw in a gym bag in case you want to put some flavor in your water while working out.
I wasn't even aware that the product is low calorie (5 per serving) I was just wanting something different so the low calories a big bonus.
504442504442B007I7YZJKA2GV7L9LPZCZXNMike "TruthLover"0041332288000Great tasteThis product has great taste, and not too sweet. The tea mixes up in your water like coolaide, and comes in individual packets so you can take it along with you. However, the packets do not tear by hand, but you must use a knife or scissors to get them open. That is the only thing that needs to be improved.
504443504443B007I7YZJKA3436BWMMFP4VYRobert M. Bratcher Jr.0041332201600Pretty good coldGot my package today so I opened it up then put one packet in a bottle of drinking water then put that in the fridge so it would get cold as thats the way I like to drink tea. Did the same to another packet & water bottle. A few hours later I decided to taste one of the cold bottles. A nice strength when added to a 16.9 oz bottle without being overpowering. I did shake the bottle before opening it of course. Good & tasty. Not too strong on the sugar & a nice mix of flavors. Be aware this will turn the water red in color which is not a problem. I might buy some of this when my box of 10 packets runs out. I'd say try this. You just might like it as I do!!
504445504445B007I7YZJKA1AOFJ3LV4DYU8Charleen Gust3511336953600"Partially" sweetened with honeyCheck the ingredients. Should say "PARTIALLY" sweetened with honey. Also includes several other kinds of sugars. I had a free sample but I won't purchase this item myself.
504446504446B007I7YZJKA3NLJZI5NEOT0KLinda Pagliuco "katknit"1251345075200Very goodLipton Go Stix are a new, convenient, portable way to make small amounts of iced tea. Flavor, of course, is a subjective matter, but I think the Honey and Strawberry Acai version is delicious. A box of these is a handy thing to have in an office desk drawer, or any location where you'd like to make only a glass or two. Green tea and acai are currently considered excellent for promoting good health. This product is fairly expensive if you want to make tea by the quart or half gallon, however.
504447504447B007I7YZJKA3DUIW89QHCLW0J. Eshleman "knutty knitter"1251344470400Best Iced Tea I've Ever TastedWe love this delicious tea. The addition of the mango and pineapple flavors adds to the terrific taste. And just 5 calories...WOW! Iced is refreshing, and my husband likes to drink it hot. I have shared this with friends, and recently we had some workmen at the house. It was a hot day and I gave them tall glasses of this tea with ice. It was enjoyed by all! Would recommend this product to everyone who likes iced tea.
504448504448B007I7YZJKA27FSA31RYTA2MSheryl Fennell1251344211200One of the Best flavors Lipton has come out withOne of my local stores carried this product when it first came out. I am not a big "honey" person as far as taste, but this is just the correct amount of sweetness & taste. You won't even know you are drinking green tea. Just add it to your water bottle, carry extras in your car or purse. And it is even good with vodka!
504449504449B007I7YZJKAKGQ6RM68SQY1Catherine Diane "CDI"1211343606400SULFITES!IF you have to avoid them avoid this tea - it also has artificial sweetener in addition to honey. It tastes like the flavored waters and that is before the ice starts to melt:)
504450504450B007I7YZJKA1NEAYAOM9GXH6twin mom1251342569600Better than Arizona Iced Tea Stix (gasp!)I am hooked on Arizona Peach Iced Tea Stix. I have it on auto-deliver because if I run out a serious panic attack ensues. The Lipton tea was on a special so I decided to give it a try. SOOOO GOOOD! Even better than Arizona's. I like the hint of apricots. I really brings the favors all together. I would highly recommend.

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