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504482504482B007I7YZJKA1BVFLQ89LAI0KWonderBunny1231332460800There are better optionsI really like the "on the go" mixes that are single or double servings in a tube. I drink the Ocean Spray and Crystal Light ones all the time. I like iced tea so I figured that I might like this too. That wasn't the case. I found this didn't mix in as well and while it smelled awesome, the favor just wasn't there for me. It smelled like strawberries but didn't really taste like them. There was maybe a hint of strawberries when you first take a drink but the after taste from the green tea didn't really work for me. I think I'd skip these next time.
504483504483B007I7YZJKA26BU3ZU0R5IPF*~ Sunshine ~*1241332374400Refreshing and TastyI've had a number of instant drink packet mixes in the past from various vendors. This, Lipton Iced Green Tea mix, is similar in the fact that it comes in a box of 10 packets, each ready to mix into a 16.9 oz. bottle of water or a like-sized glass of water. I used it in a glass, stirring with a spoon, and it dissolved quickly for me. I found it to be quite strong even with added ice, and ended up adding more cold water to suit my taste. I thought the flavor was good. I could taste the honey, blackberry, and pomegranate flavors but found it was a bit overly sweet, and this comes from a confessed sugar junkie. Still, I enjoyed it after adding the water and would choose it again.

Interestingly enough, a serving is only 8 ounces, though you mix each packet in a 16~oz. bottle of water. I can't imagine what the purpose of making this distinction is, other than to qualify the "5 calories per serving" claim on the front of the box. Would 10 calories a serving be a deal breaker for most people?

There are no other noted nutrition values besides 1 gram of sugar and 10 mg of caffeine per serving. It states that each 8 ounce serving contains 60 milligrams of flavonoids, which is more than cranberry juice and almost twice that in orange juice. From an internet reference, "Flavonoids have antioxidant activity. Flavonoids are becoming very popular because they have many health promoting effects. Tea flavonoids have many health benefits. Tea flavonoids reduce the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein, lowers the blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides."

To summarize, I enjoyed this drink and would purchase it again. It is convenient, tasty, and provides a few health benefits.
504484504484B007I7YZJKAK7CAW3N1XZV6Beth Cholette "doctor_beth"1241332374400Convenient packaging and good flavorI'm an iced tea lover, and I enjoy most varieties, including green tea. I tend to prefer plain/lemon teas to other fruit types, however, but I still decided to give this product a try, as I liked the idea that the tea is sweetened only with honey (i.e., no artificial sweeteners). According to the packaging, each 8 oz. serving has 5 calories and 10 m.g. of caffeine.

I really love the convenience of the little individual packets! They are easy to tear open, and you could toss one in your bag/purse or bring them to work (which is what I did). The dry crystals dissolve nicely in water. For my own tastes, the tea was a bit too fruity--although it didn't taste like fruit punch (which is what I don't like about some fruit-flavored teas), you can definitely taste both the berry and pomegranate flavors. However, I could also discern a tea taste as well as a touch of honey.

Overall, this is a very good product, and I would definitely recommended it to those who enjoy fruit teas.
504485504485B007I7YZJKA29C0Z6BY8HB9HMom of three1231332201600Sweet Strawberry drink without all the calories and sugarI tried this Strawberry Acai Decaf Green Tea Mix along with my two daughters ages 10 & 12. My 10 year old didn't care for it, on the other hand, my 12 year old liked it and said it tastes like liquid strawberry jello. A serving size is 1/2 a packet and 8 oz of water, only 5 calories, and 1 gram of sugar. It is sweetened with honey and also sucralose. It is perfect for the 16.9 oz water bottles which would be double the serving if you are counting calories but still only 10 calories and 2 g of sugar. It does say it's Decaf Iced Green Tea, strawberry acai flavored. I don't taste any iced tea at all, if you like strawberry flavored drinks then you'd probably like it, because strawberry is definitely the only flavor you taste. It's great drink for kids being so low calorie and so low in sugar as compared to the usual juices for kids and the packets are also very easy to open. I only gave it 3 stars because for me it just wasn't the flavor I was looking for, I wanted to be able to taste the iced tea. I would try a different flavor or maybe just the plain iced tea.
504486504486B007I7YZJKARSQ2F9U315WGBiblioholic Beth1241332115200Delicious flavor, contains sucraloseI was curious to try this, as the "Honey" part caught my eye. I have tried the previous edition that had the aspartame, and it had a strange aftertaste that I wasn't fond of. I like to have little packets like this to keep in my purse or in the car though, and the flavor sounded pretty good.

As soon as it arrived, I read the box. I wanted to see what the ingredient list was. And so I must say, if you're looking for something with no artificial sweetener at all - BEWARE. This does not have aspartame, but it DOES have sucralose (otherwise known as SPLENDA). I was a bit disappointed when I read that, as I was hoping it was just honey as the sweetener.

However, I went ahead and made some - I even measured out the 16.9oz so that my initial taste-test could be as accurate as possible. I smelled the packet when I first opened and could definitely smell the mango. The pineapple was less pronounced. Then I the water in a glass container with a lid (I wanted to see how well it dissolved). One good shake and I could still see some bits (probably the honey) floating around. Two more really good shakes and other than a small bit in the bottom, it was all dissolved. I opened the lid of the container and took another smell - again, very strong mango, with a bit of pineapple. It smelled really good. As for the taste - it lives up to the smell. I really like it. I don't get any aftertaste from the sucralose, and the fruit flavors are not too strong. It's not overly sweet, though that is individual taste and can be easily fixed by adding a bit more water.

Overall, despite my disappointment with the addition of sucralose (which is why I gave it 4 stars vs. 5), I would happily buy this. It tastes delicious, can be adjusted for taste, dissolves easily, and is convenient to carry around.
504487504487B007I7YZJKA70NFM6KHU24FTrevor Burnham4711337299200Don't be fooledThere's a stark disconnect between the front of the product's packaging (which promises "Iced Green Tea" with honey and natural fruit flavors) and the actual product. Lipton could conceivably have marketed convenient packets of gunpowder green tea, with its characteristic bitterness subtly curbed by tiny amounts of honey and fruit oils. Such a product might have been a hit with the health-obsessed, ingredient-conscious crowd that already enjoys unsweetened tea. Instead, they decided to go for a more mainstream audience: people who crave sweet-as-soda beverages, but want to feel good about what they're drinking.

The result is a product that's almost indistinguishable from Sugar Free Kool-Aid, but will likely be brought to market at a much higher price point based on its supposed healthfulness. The Lipton Stix packaging brags that (unlike Kool-Aid) it's got "no aspartame"--because it uses the artificial sweetener sucralose (aka Splenda) instead. Yes, green tea powder is the third ingredient (after honey granules and citric acid)--but to give you an idea of how much tea there is in this "tea mix," a chart on the side brags about Lipton Stix containing 60mg of flavonoids per serving, comparing favorably to cranberry juice and orange juice. This is an extremely selective comparison. Most pertinently, a cup of tea typically contains anywhere from 200mg to 1000mg of flavonoids, depending on the variety, density, and brewing process.

Now, it's one thing to emphasize a product's naturalness ("natural flavors," "made with real ingredients," "tea & honey," "real fruit flavors") without mentioning the artificial sweetener anywhere other than the ingredient list. But there's one claim that I believe to be overtly deceptive: "sweetened with honey." Let's examine that. Honey is listed in the ingredients as "Honey granules (sugar, honey)," which means that there's actually at least as much sugar as honey in the product. A half-packet serving has ~1g of sugars, so even under the generous assumption that there's as much honey as pure sugar, there's only about half a gram of honey per serving. Is it conceivable that you could detect half a gram of honey in 8oz of water? Certainly not if you add enough sucralose to make that 8oz of water taste as sweet as fruit juice (~25g of sugars).

So to summarize: At best, honey accounts for 1/50th of the sweetness in Lipton Stix that the sucralose provides. Shame on you, Lipton.
504488504488B007I7YZJKAFK893ELKDPYIrene Watson4711332115200Not only sweetened with honeyIf you are thinking this ice tea is sweetened with honey only don't buy it. Yes, it has honey as a sweetener but it's "honey granules (sugar, honey.)" As well, other sweeteners are sucralose, maltodextrin, and isomalt. These ingredients are not disclosed in the description but they are on the package. I have no idea how it tastes because I didn't taste it; my preference is not to ingest chemical sweeteners or sugar. In addition, one 8-ounce serving has 10 mg caffeine; one packet is two servings.

I'm only giving this product 1-star because of lack of disclosure. When I read the description in the Vine Newsletter I was under the impression this product was sweetened with honey only. This is not the case. If you don't mind sugar or chemical sweeteners then I suggest you read other reviews about flavor.
504489504489B007I7YZJKA1Z4IBWYWNYN6PCanary2411340755200Total Horse Piss!Ok, so I don't normally use strong language but after receiving a free sample of Lipton Mango Pineapple Iced Green Tea Mix I couldn't spit far enough. Sweetened with honey? Right. Read the fine print. This is a cocktail of artificial and "natural flavor", stuff that should never be in a fine brew. It leaves an after taste that just won't go away and to put it nicely, well . . I can't put it nicely. Awful awful stuff! This one doesn't deserve a rating.
504490504490B007I7YZJKA1MBXP3NZM2BUOnguyen tran2421333670400Horribly sweetI really don't know why they made the tea ridiculously sweet. With that much sugar in the tea, they will make obesity worse in the US. If you care about your health, stay away from such product.
504491504491B007I7YZJKA35CCGJDNXUDY9Sandra Brazier "Artist, educator, and musician"2451333152000Lipton to GoThis Lipton to Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix with blackberry and pomegranate is delicious. The single pack is perfect to fill a water bottle with delicious flavor. It is easy to use too! All you have to do is tear the easy-to-tear packet and pour it in. The bag is small enough to allow you to pour the package's contents easily into the bottle without spilling it. I highly recommend this delicious beverage.
504492504492B007I7YZJKATTK7J5JWVDYDMrs. Howard "Army Wife"0151351123200yummythese are the best super yummy and i never get sick of the flavor. a little bit pricey but not filled with sugar
504493504493B007I7YZJKA2AR53VO0NN28HSue E. Weisensel0151350950400refreshingwater is good for you but can't drink as much as dr. want to drink can with the lipton tea and it taste great. will keep up.
504494504494B007I7YZJKA1VUSVE0OPRTLPLinda0151347840000Lipton to goI realy like this tea. It is very easy to mix. Has a great taste. Got it for a very good price from Amazon
504495504495B007I7YZJKA285ZUWWW2I5W5carmell1370141347494400Good Tasting, Healthier Drink Mix!I'm so happy to find a really good tasting drink mix that's low calorie but made with better ingredients! No artificial colorings, and no aspartame! Thank you Lipton! I'm now a devoted customer! I would have given it five stars but there is sometimes a packaging flaw when the packets are crumpled in the box and hard to remove without several coming out at once.
504496504496B007I7YZJKA28VSLK5PMWRBSRusty Shoulta0151347062400Unexpected new addictionThis tea is great. It was a gamble buying it without trying it, but kids and I are very glad I did. This is ONLY for those who love a very sweet, fruity tea.
504497504497B007I7YZJKA2CP5IJGNU013JZafar0151346976000Tastes really goodMy wife and i love this, it tastes great and it healthier then sodas. would definitely purchase again. maybe even try other flavors.
504498504498B007I7YZJKA35H8JFSHVF7JRBren0141346544000Lipton To-Go Black Tea, Peach w HoneyProduct is pretty good for instant tea. Taste is OK. Only problem is that I had to buy 10 pk (12/pk) to get it because it was not available in my local store. Oh well, it will last quite a while.
504499504499B007I7YZJKA2EAUE77SNUX1TShelly Collins "never enough time"0151344211200love thisI usually don't like sweetened teas but this is really good. I will try the other flavors as well, we keep a gallon in the fridge at all times.
504500504500B007I7YZJKA7T2GNBCJCSYKRobert J. Owens "QuincyBob"0151343001600 got this on a gold box deal. The deal was twelve boxes with ten mixes in each box. That adds up to 120 mixes for the whole order. The directions say to mix one individual packet to a one liter bottle of water. I found that it was too sweet for my taste. I mix one packet in an empty one quart power drink bottle and I find this palletable to my tastes.I enjoy the flavor so I mix several quart bottles and partially freeze them and have plenty of water bottles to drink while I work outdoors in this heat and keep me hydrated all day long. They also had a coupon for $3.00 off the order. I ended up paying $12.00 that makes me 120 quarts of this drink mix. To me, that is a bargain. I hope others got this incredible bargain.
504501504501B007I7YZJKA1GPSZB8V7FMG5ezjay0141342915200Convenient way to add varietyI bought the "Black Currant Raspberry Black Tea" flavor and like it. The primary flavor is the fruit, but you can also taste the black tea under it. I saw some people complaining about not enough tea flavor in the green tea based flavors, but I think the problem is just that green tea naturally has a light flavor. Since this one uses a black tea, it is not a problem.
I also tried the "Blackberry Pomegranate Green Tea." I don't mind the flavor, but it is much more like Koolaid, with a very strong sweet pomegranate flavor and little tea flavor.
504502504502B007I7YZJKA2WM1G7B5YU0CTNick N0141342828800Taste so good! (Pineapple Mango Review)I love the Mango Pineapple Stix! It's a great balance between a sweet tea and juice (tastes great with vodka too). I was suprised by how many were here too! There is a ton of these little stix. The taste is refreshing, my new favorite summer drink.

Only complaints that do not give this a 5 star (not the taste, but the packaging:
1) There are literally 12 packs of 10 stix, lots of cardboard and wasted packaging. You'd think they'd be a bit more efficient and have them all in once box.
2) The tear to open each stix sometimes rips all the way down the packaging, getting powder everywhere. The first time I opened these, powder got everywhere. Crystal Light packets open across the top horizontally. These have the slit vertically, it's not good. Beware.

Even with the horrible packaging, I love these and will be buying more!
504503504503B007I7YZJKA3MYNS21528CODTerri Merritts0151342483200Lipton To Go Tastes Great and Is ConvenientI got a sample of the Mango/Pineapple flavored tea and really liked it a lot so I now buy this product regularly in the grocery store. I am on the go a lot and like to keep a cooler of ice with bottled water in it in the back seat. Plain old water is just boring after a while. I do carry a bottle of home brewed iced tea with me but still I like to use the little to-go stix of all sorts from different companies and this is a very nice addition to my options. I really liked the Mango one so I tried the blackberry/pomegranate one and liked it less. My favorites are the mango, peach, and strawberry ones.

As a diabetic, I like to watch the calories and carbs and this is a refreshing way to flavor water without a lot of sugar. It is quite convenient to carry along to flavor water and tastes fruity. If you are avoiding sugary drinks , this is a good choice. Kids also love this and it is nice if you are having a fast food lunch with kids to carry along a cooler of ice with bottles of water and add their choice of Lipton To Go Stix to the water instead of buying tooth-rotting sugary sodas at restaurants. There is only one gram of carbs and it has 10% of your Vitamin A requirements (at least the Mango Pineapple one does). It is made with real green tea leaves instead of just artificial flavoring and green tea has health benefits.

I recommend this product.
504504504504B007I7YZJKA58G6VXS9P15QMia0151342483200Nice flavorI have purchased every one of the tea flavors they make. This is my personal favorite. The aroma is pleasing, the taste is refreshing and the overall experience is wonderful.
The honey is what makes it my first choice. I don't need to add Splenda or other additives. It is all natural which I consume frequently.
504505504505B007I7YZJKAK9Q7JLFPP3BJDarcy Bee0141342310400Pretty goodWhile attempting to avoid aspartame flavored drinks I found the Lipton Tea with Honey in the Blackberry Pomegrante flavor. It tastes good, although it can be a bit too sweet. Instead of adding one package to 8 ounces of water I add it to 16 which makes it better. The first ingredient is Honey Granules which is a combination of honey and sugar, and several ingredients later is Sucralose. While I prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners all together I do not mind Sucralose (generic for Splenda) as much as I dislike aspartame.

It also has 60 mg of flavanoids per serving. All in all I would recommend this product.
504506504506B007I7YZJKA1HYH206E18XVCBass Cadet0131337558400+ ½ *: OK OverallAs someone who drinks green tea every day at work, I thought this would be a good selection. It seemed to have everything I like: green tea, mango, honey. It does, but unfortunately, it also includes some non-desirables. For me, Sucralose is an unproven benefit and I generally avoid it if possible.

It is too bad Lipton adds it to this tea. It over-sweetens the tea and adds the undesirable ingredient. I am used to the slightly bitter green tea taste and think covering it up takes away from the overall appeal. I would prefer a little more honey instead, but even then, I think unsweetened green tea is sellable as is. The mango flavor is about right, while I did not detect much, if any, pineapple flavor.

Half a sachet is sufficient flavoring for a pint of water. Adding the entire sachet is excessive for my taste.
504507504507B007I7YZJKAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0131337126400Tasty and refreshingHave been enjoying this tea with the warmer days here. Easy to mix and toss in a couple of ice cubes.

If not for the following two complaints, I could give this product 5-stars:

1) Half a pouch is deemed a serving. Okay, 5 calories vs. 10 calories isn't a big deal, but seriously who is only going to use half of one of these tiny tubes? Most people don't even understand how little 8oz is. Starbucks serves 8oz short drinks, but they don't list it on the menu and people would probably laugh when they saw the size...just as an example.

2) Advertising that there is NO aspartame is hugely misleading because it 'suggests' there is no artificial sweetener since honey is prominently displayed and listed. Yes, there is no aspartame, but there's sucralose, which is also an artificial sweetener. And WHY even have an artificial sweetener when honey is the very first ingredient listed?

I don't get why it's difficult to reconcile such issues as the ones I've noted here.

Like I said, the tea is tasty and refreshing, but those who make the product, package the product and market the product need to get real.
504508504508B007I7YZJKA3RNP5X8ZGZIEIStephanie DePue0141336953600Almost as Delicious as a Mango Margarita, with a Bit of a Tart TasteLipton to Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix, Tea and Honey, Mango Pineapple offers a fresh-tasting sweet tea that registers only five calories and ten mg of caffeine per eight ounce fluid serving. The Unilever product comes in a small box, packed in ten handy flutes. It is, the manufacturer states, made from real tea leaves and contains 60 mg tea flavenoids per eight fluid ounce servings. It is also sweetened with honey, and real fruit flavors. It is, as well, easy to prepare. You can add a packet to one bottle (16.9 fl. oz. of water), or half a packet to an eight ounce glass of water: just stir and enjoy. The tea does take a little bit longer to dissolve than some other mixing powders, so you do have to shake, or stir well. It's obviously a handy thing to keep on hand for the office, the gym, the backpack, or anywhere you are on the go. I've found it a handy pick-me-up when I am hot, thirsty, and tired.

I found the taste quite sweet and delicious. What can I say, I just love mango Margaritas, figure somebody snuck that recipe out of paradise. The pineapple taste here does add a bit of tartness, too. However, in the list of ingredients I find sucralose and corn maltodextrin as sweeteners: these ingredients concern me. (Of course, I've no idea what might be in the mango margarita mix that bars use, so..) I'm not a dietitian, just do my best to eat healthy stuff; this drink might, still, be more healthy than diet soda, I just don't know.
504509504509B007I7YZJKA3C9YGB4H90PDEKarla Cook0131336608000Tastes good!This looks like a "good for you" product, what with the honey and green tea and acai and all, but I was disappointed to find sucralose (artificial sweetener) on the ingredients list. I love the convenience of having a tube of powder to pour into my water bottle and shake... and I did like the taste, but I probably won't be buying more because of the sucralose.
504510504510B007I7YZJKA1AG7F4Z1EOO5LNatanya0131336608000tasty but not as flavorful as juiceI like the ease of the packaging of these to go packets and have also used these to make a liter of the tea at home using two packets. I prefer my drinks to be sweetened naturally and glad to see these have honey rather than other sugar substitutes. The flavor is a bit lacking when compared to juice but given that it is a tea, it's a good alternative to plain water or whenever you want a beverage which is low calorie and refreshing.
504481504481B007I7YZJKA2EXGRAA6QW96ZJ. A. Bell "she reads xyz"1251332892800Sweeeeeet!I like this blackberry pomegranate iced green tea almost as much as I liked the mango pineapple. It's also full of flavor, very sweet and has only 5 calories and 10mg of caffeine per 8 ounce serving.

Ingredients: honey granules (sugar, honey) citric acid (provides tartness), green tea powder, hibiscus extract, sucralose (sweetner), maltodextrin (corn), natural flavor, blackberry juice solids, isomalt, soy lecithin, pomegranate juice solids.

Simply delicious and I appreciate that it's low in sugar and carbs.

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