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504590504590B007I7YZJKAYS4UGU2YB0W4Dennis Meek2551337212800Fantastic ProductNormally I just don't like powdered drink mixes but these are really good! The package says that half a packet is for 16 ounces of water and has two servings per packet.

I used them in 32oz of water the first time however, it was sweet enough that I cut back to a little more than half a packet for 32oz and it still had a nice sweetness.

It's a great product and I would purchase it without any reservation.
504591504591B007I7YZJKAXOO7BPM22BDOJohn Green "Darkwriter"2551334016000Sweet & Sugar-freeThis is my second go-round with one of these and won't be my last. Blackberry/Pomegranate is a fantastic combo and using Sucralose instead of Aspartame (which metabolizes into formaldehyde) makes it that much better! Some might find it a little too sweet, but I liked it fine. And being a Type II Diabetic I'm very happy to have something that I can enjoy pretty much whenever I want and won't throw my diet out of whack. Nice job, Lipton.
504592504592B007I7YZJKA1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"51011332979200NOT all Natural!!! warning contains sucraloseThere is very little tea taste, you can taste a fruity flavor and a little honey BUT it does contain sucralose which is NOT natural. I would think this is false advertising if you claim a product is all natural and has ingredients that are not natural??? It is overly sweet and really doesn't taste natural to me.
so this is a Warning that this product contains sucralose (splenda)
I had thought it would only be sweetened with honey because that is the only sweetener mentioned in the description.
504593504593B007I7YZJKATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"0241338940800They lose a star for having so many types of sweeteners...We tried this recently. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

First off, I am allergic to aspartame, so most of the great flavors of drink mixes out there are
already off my radar. After living in a place with nasty ol' well water for a few years, I developed
a soda habit that I am trying to break. I've tried plain tea, don't care much for it, so looked for
a decent flavored tea that I didn't have to boil water for (partially disabled, and no stove, etc
where I am most of the time).

Last time at the store, I saw these. The package is a little deceptive, so be aware!
That "five calories" is not even for one whole bottle of water - it is for HALF of a bottle of water
with ONE packet mixed in! I guess they didn't want to post double-digits of a whopping ten calories,
but that's what it is for one packet.

The sweeteners are THREE KINDS - Honey, Sugar AND Sucralose. Why they needed three, I do not know.
It actually ends up being a little too sweet. I make it, them dilute it with more water than
it technically needs.

Not sure why Lipton can't just make something ALL natural, or use stevia, which has no effect on
blood glucose. They seem to be hesitant to use it for some reason, but I don't know why. They have no
problems loading up the other drinks with chemical sweeteners, but avoid stevia! Weird...

I have had a lot of problems with my throat swelling up this week, but I have been sick. I am not sure
if it is related to the illness, or because I've been drinking this tea almost exclusively for the last
few days. Aspartame makes my mouth, tongue and throat swell up, which is why I read every label now.
Not sure if the sucralose is doing anything or not - I would tend to think not, because my lips are not
numb nor is my tongue swollen. Still, I'd avoid the sucralose if I could.

The flavor is really sweet, but I like it. It is refreshing and tasty. Again, a little too sweet for my
personal tastes, so I "water" it down with lots of ice, and it makes it very good!
It's worth trying. This is the only flavor we've tried so far, but will definitely give the others a shot
as well. If it helps me give up soda, then that's even better! : )

UPDATE JULY 9, 2012:

Well, it has been incredibly hot here in the midwest, with a heat wave that broke all kinds of records.
Of course, I was drinking a lot of tea. These packets are 10 calories each (that "5 calories" on the box refers to HALF
of one packet!), and I had either one or two packets each day for the last month, perhaps.
We also tried the peach flavor now, and I don't care for it, but my husband and son like it better than this one.

I had to come back and add to the review because of something kind of odd. Now, I am hypoglycemic, so maybe that is part of it,
but I have to mention it in case others have this problem. I got this tea originally to help me get away from my Pepsi habit.
The 24-oz bottles of Pepsi that I buy have 300 calories in the bottle. I make the tea kind of weak, so one packet actually makes closer to 32 ounces of liquid for me - I like the flavor better that way (just personal preference), so by comparison, I am getting just 10 calories for 32 oz, vs the 300 in the 24-oz Pepsi. Savings of about 97% of the calories, which should be a good thing!

Here's the kicker - I have been GAINING WEIGHT since I changed over to the tea! Nothing else has changed. I didn't suddenly
take up eating endlessly, etc, and in fact, have eaten a little less during this heat wave. I put on almost five pounds in the last few weeks of changing over to this tea. Now, from a caloric standpoint, it doesn't seem possible. However, I am one of those people who does much better on high-protein, low-carb. If you have a similar type of metabolism/body, then be aware of these little packets! I think it might be the honey in them creating a non-stop (because I sip tea all day long to keep cool) assault on my blood sugars. I've noticed that I feel hungry more often as well too. I normally don't get all that hungry - just have a few hungry days once in a while. With this tea, it almost gives you the munchies. I haven't indulged, so it isn't from extra food. It has to be the tea.

Again, I have to say that I don't think that everyone will experience this effect, but wanted to bring it up.
I think the combo of the THREE sugars Lipton has chosen to use for reasons unknown are having a negative effect for me personally.
I still like the tea, but have now been cutting it down even more, to see if I can lessen the effects of the sweeteners.
I find it odd to think that I could cut out 590 calories a day (I usually drank two of those 24-oz pepsis! Yes, I was bad...) and GAIN weight. It has to be the way all those sugars are interacting with my system.

So, if you are one of those folks who do really well on a low-carb diet, be aware that this tea could cause you to lose progress, or even cause you to gain weight. I have also warned my husband, who tends towards higher blood glucose, to only drink it with meals, never alone like I do. Just an important heads-up on what could have been the best thing to happen to tea in a long, long time.

Lipton - please try making something with stevia, which has no impact on blood glucose levels and has no calories. Why put sucralose into your items, when stevia is so much better? I don't get it - it can't be that much cheaper to use! And I'd pay more for an item that used stevia... what a shame!
504594504594B007I7YZJKA2JE8OS1NN9YDBSpace Queen0251336608000Great FlavorMy coworkers and I all love this instant tea. It has 10 calories per packet (2 servings per packet at 5 calories each, but really, one packet goes with 16 oz of water). It is a little too sweet when you first taste it, but after a couple of sips, we adapted and loved it! I'll be getting more of this!
504595504595B007I7YZJKA1MZEMD0EDETS6C. Maynard0251336521600Pleasant Taste, Only 10 CaloriesI am mostly a water drinker, but occasionally I like to have a little flavor for my drink. The instant Lipton Tea mix provides that for just ten calories (five cal/8 oz.). It does have Sucralose in it, but it is pretty far down on the list of ingredients. I'm glad it has a little sugar, which leaves a much better after-taste than some other instant teas.

This one (they have some other flavors) is Decaf Green Tea with Strawberry and Acai. You can put it in a bottled water, or at home I use one packet and fill-up a large glass. It comes with 10 packets, which works for me for a couple of weeks.

The box boasts that it is sweetened with some honey and made from real tea leaves.

For me, what made it a winner was that it didn't have a nasty after taste.
504596504596B007I7YZJKAT5GPE9RB7NQVW. S. Perry0251336521600Great product but OverpricedThis is a great convenience and great tasting product. I can find it in small quantities on the shelf at Walmart and other grocers but, not in higher quantities. The price point per box is less than 2.00 in most grocers but, do the math from the various merchants as I have found it frequently over 2.50 a box.
504597504597B007I7YZJKAVWWFK3FZDEL2D. Mckinzie0241336089600Nice taste, easy to mixUpdate:after a week or so of drinking this, I decided to stop because I was having some odd health problems (upset stomach, etc) and a lot more sinus/allergy problems than normal. I decided that it might be the Acai berries, that were causing the problem. I looked on the internet and the berries are associated with some stomach problems. I really did like it, especially diluted somewhat, but it's not worth the aggravation. If you don't think allergies will be a problem, here's what I thought of the product:

I decided to try this flavor additive for bottles of water because it is decaf and also, unlike most of those flavor-adds, it does not use Equal or some other sweetener. I can't drink much caffeine at one time (more than a couple of sips can really mess me up) and I also can't use Equal or several other of the sweeteners. This tea uses honey and the natural sweetness of the strawberries and the Acai berries to sweeten the green tea that is the basis of the beverage and it doesn't contain caffeine. It mixed very easily with the water and had a nice taste. I don't like my bottled water to have very much flavor, so I tried changing the ratio (it was one packet to each 16.9 bottle) to see how using half strength would work and I liked that even better. I ended up just putting the bottle of water with the flavor in it inside my fridge door and I just get a glass of water from a plain bottle and then add however much of the flavor that I want. My boss liked the flavor, too, when I gave him a glass full. I wasn't sure how to tell the Acai berries from the green tea, but I could definitely taste the strawberry, so if you don't like strawberries, you probably need to skip this product. But if you love them, maybe you've found this year's summer drink.
504598504598B007I7YZJKA8EBWQZIDKF78Janice Sims "a reader & a writer"0251336003200Delicious!Be careful when opening the little packets because the powder is quite strong smelling. I guess that comes with the powerful flavor this packs. Also, as the granules take a while to dissolve I would suggest putting it in a container with a lid on it so you can vigorously shake the contents before pouring into an ice-filled glass (crushed ice is my favorite). Then, you can enjoy this robust blend of strawberry, honey, and acai berries. Lipton gets five stars from me.
504599504599B007I7YZJKA3CA3RWZYJDWXEBJ Fraser0251336003200Tea for Two or OneI previously got the blackberry and pomegranate flavor off of a Vine newsletter. I really enjoyed it so I decided to give this flavor a try as well.

It's about the same. Really if you're not a tea drinker this tastes a lot more like Kool-Aid or Crystal Light than tea. The sweetness from the honey and fruit disguises most of the tea flavor from it.

Anyway, I liked it, though probably not enough to buy it instead of my regular tea mix, which I'm sure is much cheaper.

That is all.
504600504600B007I7YZJKA30X750M8V1XXWScott0251335830400Easy, tasty and great for on the goI'm really liking these new Lipton packets. I've also tries their pineapple mango and its just as great. What I like about them is that they are great for traveling. When I go away, I usually buy a case of spring water and add one of these packets to the water. I'm not a big fan of just plain water especially on the beach so having this flavor makes the water delicious. They are very convenient to put in your pocket too. I always have one handy when going out to eat because I don't drink soda so i'll ask for a tall glass of ice water and add a pack of the Lipton to it. You get 10 packets in a box which is nice too. And lastly its decaf Green Tea with Honey so you get some antioxidants. I've tried many other brands and so many seem to have an after taste that tastes like chemicals. I'm happy to find that these didn't have that. They also have a peach flavor and a blueberry, haven't seen them in the stores yet but i'm sure by the summer they will hit the shelves.

Its a great sugar free flavoring and enjoy them better than many others.
504571504571B007I7YZJKA146L0JWX6KKYJTrevor J. Flannigan1351336694400Tasty Tea...I love this product. The flavor is so delicious. I was a little concerned that it might be too sweet with the honey and strawberry, but it's really just delightful. At my office we keep To Go Stix in the break room for whoever to use and we have a new regular box on the shelf. Everyone loved the way this tasted. You should give it a shot, you'll be happy you did.
504572504572B007I7YZJKA2QWEEYO8QLIMIB. Rackley "Sierras Creative World"1351336608000Love everything about these teas!Lipton to Go Iced Green Tea Honey Blackberry Pomegranate ...The ease of taking this tea with you comes first to mind. A bottle of water, a slip of a package and away I go.

The best part of this tea not only the connivance of travel, the cost but the taste! Each and every one of the different flavors I say ...Oh! This is my favorite ..Actually All of the flavors are my favorite.

The only draw back and it is minor, you have to really shake the powder to get it to smooth out. Like I said a minor mention.

When I first tested this tea, I looked but did not find them in any green grocery, now, well every where you look find them.. I purchased for my hubby, who keeps them with him while at work and myself to keep extra in the car... both of us enjoy the taste of the Lipton To Go Green tea with all the great flavors.
504573504573B007I7YZJKA2SDRCBPIAXVDWJ. Plummer7911334534400horribleBy initial appearances, this looks like it could be very good. Sweetened by honey - good, natural - good, but then take a look at the actual ingredients. Not much natural about this. Sure honey is one of the ingredients, but so is sucralose. I know plenty of people are fine with this or use it as a substitute for sugar for dietary reasons, but I can't stand the stuff. The mix of different tastes (tea, pomegranate, sucralose) is very unpleasant to me. Of course tastes vary between any two people and you may enjoy this, but be aware that it does contain artificial sweeteners if that is not what you are looking for. I have also tried the Mango version and although it also contains sucralose, it is a bit more tolerable.
504574504574B007I7YZJKA1YCV76MUFESR1Anne-Marie Gilliland2241337212800Pretty TastyThis makes me think Kool-aid for grownups. It is that deep red color and pretty sweet tasting. I was pretty impressed since I am not a huge powdered drink fan. And, I normally am all about plain water. But we had a week or so without juice in the house and this gave me a sort of juice-fix. I mostly drank it in a glass, so not all the little powder bits mixed in as well as they would have in a bottle of water.

The way the little packets rip open is really nice, they are already sort of halfway torn for you, and at an angle, so the powder falls pretty neatly into the drink.

I'd recommend these to someone who enjoyed falvoring their water.
504575504575B007I7YZJKA3DH53FPYSP9EMedia Man2231337040000A tangy water enhancer but hardly teaWe drink a multitude of beverages in our house. Everything from soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and flavored water, so we always enjoy giving new beverages a try. Lipton To Go Stix Decaf Iced Green Tea Mix is a blend of tea, honey and strawberry acai that comes in a 10-Count box with each powdered package producing a 16 ounce drink. Here are my thoughts;


+ Easy to make, just add water, stir/shake and you're done.

+ Convenient for travel.

+ Good way to add flavor to water.

+ 5 calories per 8 ounce serving. One packet makes a 16 ounce serving.

+ No aspartame.


- Contains sucralose.

- Doesn't really taste like tea. Tasted more like strawberry Kool-Aid or Jell-O to me.

- May be a bit too sweet for some.

Powdered "On-The-Go" drink mixes always seem to be hit or miss in our house. Most of the time they taste terribly artificial or too tart/sweet for our tastes. Lipton To Go Stix Decaf Iced Green Tea Mix was no exception. It tasted very little like any flavored tea I've ever tried. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're looking for a sweet and refreshing drink. However, I think many people will have difficulty equating the flavor of this drink mix with tea.
504576504576B007I7YZJKA2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"2221336608000Yes, I prefer brewed iced tea, but this just tastes nastyDecided to try this on the Vine.
It tastes like weak strawberry flavored koolaid. It would even be better if mixed with soda water to give it some kind of soft drink appeal. I tried serving it to the rest of my family including kids and not a single glass was more than half consumed. Save your money and try another kind/flavor. I keep 'sticks' of lemonade flavored Crystal Light in my purse. This is so disappointing in comparison.

You wouldn't expect green tea to taste strong like black tea, but the tea in this drink is virtually flavorless.

Bottom line: wouldn't buy it again.
504577504577B007I7YZJKAO9UNKQG83BUPBook Fan2221336521600They forgot to mention the SucraloseThey keep saying "naturally sweetened with honey", but it is like sweetener overkill with sucralose. Way too sweet, overwhelms any berry flavor that is there, and no green tea flavor is discernable. Diluting it makes the oversweetened taste become obvious as the berry flavor recedes in the distance, with still too much sweetener. (Though if you like things extra sweet, you may enjoy this).

Too bad. Try the True Lemon family of unsweetened dehydrated citrus juice packets instead.
504578504578B007I7YZJKAO9UNKQG83BUPBook Fan2221336521600Too Sweet, wish they left out the SucraloseThe box proclaims "Sweetened with Honey", and honey granules are listed as the first ingredient, so I thought, finally, something that is just lightly sweetened. Uh, no, once I tasted it I double checked the fine print ingredients and saw that there is Sucralose in it. While honey granules might be the largest ingredient by volume, by taste, it is overwhelmed by the artificial sweetener. When a maker is so deceptive in the presentation of the product, it makes me wonder what else is misleading in it.

I tried diluting it, in order to reduce the sweetness. Well, the berry flavor receded into the background, but it was still too sweet. Too bad.....

It tastes like punch, and the convenience factor is great. I love the way there are so many of these little single serve water flavors available now, but the artificially sweetened ones are way too sweet, as is this one. For now I stick to True Lemon unsweetened, and the other unsweetened flavor products from that company.

If you like drinks to taste sweet, with a sweetness that lingers in your mouth for many minutes after taking just a sip, you'll probably like this product.
504579504579B007I7YZJKA3CG93783LP0FOYarii2221336348800The pineapple flavor is a bit too much for I drink mine diluted. These sticks are meant for 16 ounce water bottles, but I empty a stick into a one (1) liter empty bottle which I fill with water from my Mavea water pitcher. It still tastes heavy on the pineapple; in fact, I don't notice any mango or tea flavors at all. There is a "too sweet" aftertaste, also.
504580504580B007I7YZJKA1ZO9D554VQO9FJadecat2221334880000Why Lipton why, sure it tastes fine, but artificial sweetner?I don't like to drink sodas because they really aren't good for you. Water can get boring, so I thought this might be good. I saw what was printed on the box, "blackberry pomegranate flavor with other natural flavor, no aspartame". Hey, that sounds good, but further box reading shows it contains sucralose, here is one comment I found about sucralose: According to the book Sweet Deception, sucralose is made when sugar is treated with trityl chloride, acetic anhydride, hydrogen chlorine, thionyl chloride, and methanol in the presence of dimethylformamide, 4-methylmorpholine, toluene, methyl isobutyl ketone, acetic acid, benzyltriethlyammonium chloride, and sodium methoxide, making it unlike anything found in nature. If you read the fine print on the Splenda web site, it states that "although sucralose has a structure like sugar and a sugar-like taste, it is not natural." That kind of ruins this drink mix for me. If a company (Lipton) wants to put Natural all over its packaging, then be natural all the way, not just a few ingredients.
504581504581B007I7YZJKAPDPA11IZPYLNSheila Chilcote-Collins "Sheila Renee Chilcot...2221334793600Lipton's Sucralose Sweetened "To Go" Stix - Not A Fan...I LOVE tea! I love Lipton tea! I do not love Lipton To Go Stix tea... Lipton's new "To Go" Stix are a great idea for travel and the flavor of the tea and fruits together are great. However, the sweetener used in this product is not so great. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, especially sucralose.

Sucralose IS an artificial sweetener. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body and therefore it is non-caloric. Sucralose is approximately 600 times as sweet as sucrose (table sugar),twice as sweet as saccharin, and 3 times as sweet as aspartame and BOY does it show. I tried mixing this in different quantities of water and just did not enjoy it one bit.

If the product was REALLY sweetened with honey, I would certainly enjoy it more. These packets are ACTAULLY 10 calories as opposed to the stated 5 as each stick is labelled for 8 oz instead of 16 oz. There is also a problem in the dissolving properties of the sucralose.

Purchase at your own risk...
504582504582B007I7YZJKA2UVYN2FO7X43VMargaret H. Bonham "skywarrior"2221334707200Tastes artificial and isThis decaf iced-tea mix reminds me of Kool-Aid. In order to make it taste like something, it tastes like a drink mix--too sweet and not very much like tea. It's one of those products that people buy because of clever marketing -- green tea, decaf, low calorie, honey and Acai-- what could be better? Actually none of it is good. Lots of artificial sweeteners, no real honey to speak of, and an overly sweet taste. Not healthy. Not that great.
504583504583B007I7YZJKA3SOO5HNRL04F0James1351335484800Good taste and only 5 caloriesTried this tea because it was in an isle (not on a shelf) in the grocery store.
After trying the tea was sold on the taste and being only 5 calories I was again sold.
Just as good as a cola and trying to lose a few pounds, can't be better.
Diet cola can't stand the after taste. No after taste with the tea and the taste is delicious.
504584504584B007I7YZJKA1NC9AGZOBI0M1R. Chaffey "beckahi"1351334448000Delicious and Not Overly SweetLipton's To Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix in Blackberry Pomegranate is a delicious addition to a bottle of water. Initially in cold water, the mixture clumps up if not shaken well, but it eventually disolves completely. The flavors complement each other well, the sweetness of blackberry tempered by the tartness of pomegranate. Lipton's product is much more flavorful than some of the Crystal Light varieties I have tried. I would definitely buy this product and try some of the other flavors.
504585504585B007I7YZJKA39WWMBA0299ZFC. Hamilton "Latsyrc728"1351332892800Delicious!I was worried that the sugar and carb content in these drink packets might be high because of the honey used to sweeten them. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. There is 2gm sugar, 10 calories and 2gm of carbs per packet (it is listed as 1/2 packet per serving, but that is unrealistic). One packet makes about 16oz prepared. Each box comes with 10 packets. The packets are made with real tea leaves and each packet (2 servings) contains 120mg tea flavonoids.

My first impression of this drink mix was something along the lines of "ohh my..." followed by a second quick drink. This stuff is WAY better than I thought it would be. I think I would actually prefer the taste of the Lipton Tea & Honey Blackberry Pomegranate to fresh brewed Blackberry pomegranate tea with honey. It is incredible! The honey sweetens it perfectly without giving it that over-sweet, bitter taste. The tea itself tastes more like a black tea than a green tea (which is a good thing in my book because black tea tastes better, but green tea seems to have more health benefits). It has a perfect harmonious balance between the blackberry, pomegranate and honey. They seem to compliment each other very well.

This was my first time trying any of the Lipton Tea&Honey packets and I am tempted to run out (in pajamas and all) and snatch the rest of them off of the grocery shelf because I have a new favorite. Thanks Vine for bringing these into my life. I definitely recommend you try this....NOW.

Note: all tastes buds are different and mine do tend to prefer super sweet drinks, so these may be too sweet for you if you like light sweetening. However, you can always add more water to your cup! I think you should try them and decide for yourself
504586504586B007I7YZJKAO1Z0TQWCRGL4Harold Wolf "Doc"1351332374400fruit juice taste, diet friendly, healthy on-the-go drinkI must watch my calories, sodium, sugar, and fat due to health issues. Thus tea is a preferred drink over sodas. I want to live, and live a good lifestyle. This product helps. Expecting good taste since it is produced by Lipton, a favorite of mine and my wife's, this was hardly a gamble in trying. The flavor was excellent, strong, fruity, and actually better than expected. I've tried lots of flavored teas and usually have gone back to regular plain old Lipton.

Fat & Sodium are 0. Sugar only 1g per 8 oz. and calories only 5. 10mg caffeine if that's an issue for you, not for me. After realizing the drink was a bit sweeter, like southern sweetened tea, and I'm used to less sweet, I tried mixing the drink with an equal amount of club soda. WOW. Even better. Now the Lipton Blackberry Pomegranate flavor was still there, less sweet, the drink had the fizz of soda, calories cut to 2 ½, and sugar only 1/2g. The drink came out as clear as sun tea.

Kids will love this sweetness. Kids need drinks with low calorie count. That's becoming major for child health.

Convenience is a plus, an easily opened individual tube of powder, travel friendly, a freshly mixed drink at work, or make it one bottle at a time at home. No more having several types of bagged tea on the shelf to mix one with another, and then a remaining half-pitcher of tea going funky in the refrigerator. This has a shelf life of well over a year. It is tons better than instant teas I've tried, easier storage than bottled brew, and has the refreshing taste that the world has come to expect from Lipton. My sample convinced me to begin converting from the mess of tea bags.

Dare I mention this can be carried in a shirt pocket or purse to a restaurant and instead of ordering those overpriced drinks, ask for the free iced water, then pour in your Lipton, stir, and "Bob's your Uncle".
504587504587B007I7YZJKA3GK1O5S6188AJAmy Willingham1351332288000So refreshing!Love the flavor of mango pineapple with a hint of green tea! Super refreshing to drink on a nice hot or warm day and I especially enjoyed it after a walk around the park. Quenched my thirst and didn't leave any disgusting after taste in my mouth that some other mix ins can leave. Super easy to mix into my drink: I just opened the packet, poured it into my cup, added cold water, and stirred. I had to stir for awhile to break everything up all the way otherwise I can see myself drinking little undissolved particles.

What was so interesting about the flavor for me was how refreshing it was to drink and so flavorful. Right away you can taste the mango and pineapple, which are a perfect combination together, but there is also a hint of green tea behind those flavors. Thrown throughout the whole blend is a slight taste of honey that just compliments everything together. If your a fan of these flavors and are looking for a really refreshing drink, I have to say give Lipton To Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix, Tea & Honey, Mango Pineapple a try for I am sure you will find it just as delightful and refreshing as I did.

Please note that this is 5 calories per a serving, but keep in mind that 1 packet contains 2 servings so in fact it is 10 calories per a serving that I have been using. But I have also been using it in a really tall glass that holds more then 8oz of water (More like 13ishoz) hence both servings work just perfect for my taste level. Enjoy!
504588504588B007I7YZJKA2EXGRAA6QW96ZJ. A. Bell "she reads xyz"1351332201600MangoLiciousI think this product is absolutely great. I just gulped down 16 ounces of water flavored with one of these Lipton Tea&Honey packets and I really loved it!

But, then again, mango is one of my favorite flavors. Pineapple is in there, too, but I think the mango stands out. Either way, it tastes delicious.

You just empty one of the long, narrow packets into 16.9-ounces of water -- either a bottle (and shake well) or a glass (and stir well). I used a glass of water, but will try it in a bottle of water on my next long, hot walk.

Packets are scored, so they're easy to open -- a real plus -- and easy to pour into either a bottle or a glass.

Sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. Ingredients: honey granules (sugar, honey), citric acid, green tea powder, sucralose, maltodextrin, hibiscus extract, natural flavor, beta carotene (for color). (NO aspartame.)

Calories 5. Zero Fat. Zero Sodium. Sugars 1g. Vitamin A 10%. 10mg caffeine per 8 fl oz serving (2 servings/packet).

Lipton, you've got a winner here! Great product!

UPDATE: The day after writing this review, I filled up a 33.8 ounce bottle with water, poured in ONE packet of "To Go Stix" and took it on a 6-hour road trip. Flavor and sweetness held up well in twice the amount of recommended liquid and the drive didn't seem nearly as long as usual.
504589504589B007I7YZJKA2VO8KOWIBPMPMDon't have one4811334016000Bring back the mandarin and mangoThis new honey pineapple mango is awful. The worst tasting powdered tea mix I have ever had. I guess I will have to go back to plain iced tea because I threw this stuff out. I loved the Green Tea TO GO mandarin and mango but it has been discontinued by Lipton and replaced with this terrible tasting stuff. I won't even waste my money trying the other new flavors.

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