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504661504661B007I7YZJKAF03NDXR2PIFXB. Wilson4521332288000It's not as natural as Lipton advertisesI think that this Liptons To Go Green Tea Mix tastes OK, but I prefer real tea. My wife likes this Lipton's Decaf Iced Green Tea Mix. She likes the mild strawberry flavor.

But it is not as natural as Lipton advertises. Lipton's product info states, "Lipton Tea & Honey ... is a low calorie iced tea mix you can feel good about simply because it's made with real ingredients ... blended with honey and strawberry and acai flavors ... Sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors ... flavor with other natural flavor ... and no aspartame."

So what's there to not like about that? Well it's not all real ingredients and sweetened with just honey. The fine print discloses that it includes Sucralose (sweetener). Shane Ellison calls himself "The People's Chemist" and is the author of Over the Counter Natural Cures: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10. Shane was a big pharma chemist who quit when he discovered that the drugs that he was creating for the big pharma companies were nothing more than toxins and the real cures were natural and didn't require a prescription. Shane says that artificial sweeteners like Sucralose (Splenda) have serious problems. Studies show that they lead to weight gain and even pre-diabetes. Artificial sweeteners "disrupt the body's natural calorie counter" and "put the users at much higher risk for being obese and insulin resistant." Shane says that Sucralose, 1,6-Dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-'-D-fructofuranosyl-4-chloro-4-deoxy-'-D-galactopyranoside, contains a historically deadly, nasty form of chlorine (RNFOC), which yields poisons such as insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides. "An RNFOC can invade every nook and cranny of the body ... and may result in weakened immune function, irregular heartbeat, agitation, shortness of breath, skin rashes, headaches, liver and kidney damage, birth defects, and cancer. Hiding its origin, sucralose pushers assert that it is 'made from sugar'. Sucralose is as close to sugar as glass cleaner is to purified water. France recently banned such false advertising statements. The deceit has been ignored within the United States."

Why does the FDA allow this? Shane says science was sold out for profit. "Just like chemists manipulate the properties of matter, Big Pharma manipulates studies using 'checkbook science.' This allows them to pay for the design and interpretation of clinical trials. Checkbook science isn't illegal by FDA standards. It's been going on for over 20 years. Known as the Bayh-Dole Act, US law was amended in 1980 to permit flagrant conflicts of interest, ones that allow the industry to design drug trials and hire experts to conjure up favorable results at will."

So if you want something natural, look for Shane Ellison's book and skip this Lipton's tea mix.
504662504662B007I7YZJKA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"1121350777600Lipton To Go Stix Iced Green Tea MixAfter just two sips of this mix and I had to toss it out. It was too sweet and left a bad taste in my mouth. As well, there was more sweet cloying taste to me then tea. I really cannot add much that other reviewers have not already stated. This stuff is nasty and I do not recommend it to anyone.
504663504663B007I7YZJKA2VHCA21QKNEKEM. Bruner ""Deltareviewer" Real Page ...1121348099200YuckSo we gave this the old college try but it failed with my entire family. It has too many flavors going on and a bit of a after taste. We use these type of mixes all the time but this one will stay until the next natural disaster. Not worth the money or ruining a bottle of water.
504664504664B007I7YZJKARKM8D6GEIW4YRebecca Phifer1111348099200Lipton To Go Stix need to go somewhere else!These are convenient to carry in your purse or pocket, but I expected them to taste more like green tea and less like fruit juice. I didn't care for them at all.
504665504665B007I7YZJKA3QNX5KWHDV0GDJames Cooper "Conspicuous Consumer"1111345852800Garbage! False Description!All you can taste is artificial sweetener. It is inconceivable how they can describe this product as "sweetened with honey." I can't taste any fruit either. This stuff is horrid!
504666504666B007I7YZJKA1NNNR32ML4H9JLisbeth Salander1111345593600MISLEADING- contains artificial sweetenersI bought this product because I dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners, so I thought this would taste better than other low-calorie powdered drink mixes such as Crystal Light. However, as soon as I tasted it I knew there was "fake sugar" in it- I could taste the artificial sweetener but could not taste the honey at all. I turned the package over and sure enough, one of the listed ingredients was sucralose, which is found in Splenda. I think the label is a bit misleading because it gives the impression that only honey is used to sweeten the product which is not the case. The box says it does not contain aspartame, which is true, but sucralose is not much better for you and still has an artificial taste. I didn't like this so I wouldn't buy it again, and truthfully, I would rather buy this product if it was sweetened with ONLY honey or real sugar, even if that meant it had more calories. A spoonful of sugar only has about 20 calories- if they put one spoonful per pack and each pack makes two glasses of beverage, it would still be a low-calorie drink, it would taste better and would be more natural.
Easy Mix
10 Cals per Pack

Bitter & Fake
Does not taste like pineapple at all!

I gave it a try on 3 different days and it just got worse and worse.. Yuck!
504668504668B007I7YZJKA2QNJNCMAL0GZXE. Bennett "II2None59"1121343520000Thumbs Down on Taste Thumbs Up For Convenience
504673504673B007I7YZJKA1IQV6AI7L9NOKFeelah the tigress1131336089600It's just Okay...I'm sure everyone is familiar with powdered water flavoring packets. You just add them to a nice bottle of water, and you're set! It's convenient and easy! Well, that's what we have here - yet another contender in the powdered drink mix market. In terms of being a powdered drink mix, it's okay. The packets open easily enough. The only think I've noticed is that it takes longer to dissolve than some other ones I've tried in the past, but not excessively so. It's also fairly low calorie, which is nice. I'm sure you're all wondering, though, "is it any good?"

Well, at the end of the day, it all comes down to taste. This is where it goes wrong. It's got a slightly unpleasant undertone of bitterness and sourness to it that I didn't like. I mean, it's not the most foul thing I've ever drank, but it's not the best either. It sort of tastes like fake strawberries and fake honey, which is strange because it claims to be made with "real ingredients". Oh, and even though it's supposedly sweetened with honey, it has added sucralose to it. Go figure.

Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if tea is something that was just meant to be brewed like normal instead of condensed down into a dissolvable powder. In fact, the best "to go" packet drinks I've had were blatantly fake, but at least they tasted good. So, do I recommend this drink powder? Well, if you want a convenient drink powder, then I'd try some other brand. Although you might like the taste better than I did, so I guess you'll just have to try it yourself! If you just want tea, then you might be better off just making a big batch of tea and pouring it into some bottles.
504669504669B007I7YZJKA1BW8YA46TKS5AFiona Shannahan1111342742400Full Body Shake GROSSWow! This stuff is full body shake GROSS!!!! It has a very unnatural gross sweetness and I can't even find words to describe the disgusting mango pineapple flavor. It sounded so good - two of my favorite flavors and I love tea, but I can't make myself drink another sip of this grossness. Wish I hadn't been roped in by the lightning deal. This is going in the trash. Save your money.
504670504670B007I7YZJKA2DDVD6SPKZOZKCalamity Jane1141342310400my teens loved it I thought it a bit weird
504674504674B007I7YZJKA3PECZX773ME74E. K. Moseley1131336089600OKLipton iced tea has always been my preferred glass during the hot summer months. This new iced tea by Lipton is just okay it is not really what I would call my preferred tea. I'm not sure if it is the honey or the strawberry but it has a funny aftertaste in my mouth. It definitely is a required taste that would take time to get used to, after one has acquired this case it might be very tasty, however I'm not much for a sweet tea. I have drank raspberry iced teas and have liked them but they to are an acquired taste. If you like flavored iced tea this is the tea for you!

Try this iced tea at your own risk.
504675504675B007I7YZJKA1LJR5IS0B6ADXThe Straw Man "J.E. Hoppock"1141336003200A nice, smooth drink. Very refreshingThis is the second green tea drink stick blend I have tried from Lipton, the first being the "Lipton To Go Stix Decaf Iced Green Tea Mix, Tea and Honey, Strawberry Acai, 10-Count (1 Box)". Mango Pineapple Green Tea is the flavor mixture in question. I must say that the taste is really good and all the key ingredients shine through. In other words, I can taste green tea, mango, pineapple and even a touch of honey, yet none of the flavors are too over bearing.

These drink sticks (10 in a box) are 5 calories a serving and taste like they are much higher in calories. It took me a little extra effort to mix the powder into the water, but nevertheless the powder dissolved. I must say there is a slight, slight aftertaste. It isn't bad per se but it is worth noting. I didn't find it to be a big deal or would prevent me from purchasing in the future, yet it should be noted.

I believe that Lipton has stepped their game up with these drink mixes and I love the idea that green tea is being utilized. Green tea is underrated so it is nice that it is being promoted more.
504676504676B007I7YZJKA342PAZ5NSQRM3azgrad1131335571200OK but other brands are betterThe flavor was okay though for my taste it was a bit too sweet, much more so than with similar products from Crystal Light and Propel. And the other brands have less of an aftertaste. But the primary reason for the average rating is that this powder doesn't dissolve easily in water. I had to stir quite a bit yet sometimes there were still small clumps of powder floating in the drink. I've never had that problem with competitive products and for that reason alone I'm unlikely to buy this product in the future.
504677504677B007I7YZJKANHL7BB84WJMFD. Tobin "Book lover"1141335484800Not too sweetI love the convenience of the single serve pouches and the honey/mango/pineapple flavor is good. It isn't too sweet or artificial tasting. However, one packet provides a fairly strong flavor so I prefer to use more water than is recommended, which just means that it is a better value than other drink mixes.
504678504678B007I7YZJKA3CMDR34KFLGFXReader2008 "I write honest reviews; if you do...1131335398400Too Sweet and artificial tasting!I used one packet of this in water and, though, it tasted like a sweet tea; the taste was artificial. I am not too keen on trying this product again.
504679504679B007I7YZJKA2FEM4XI55SY0WCharlyn Gee1131335398400definite strawberry taste, but no real tea or acai tasteIt doesn't really taste like tea at all. I like the slight bitterness in tea. But this mostly just tastes sweet. It did dissolve quite well though, even just stirred into a glass of cool water. No shaking necessary.
504680504680B007I7YZJKA1O97WKID9L3IAJeff Wignall "The Joy of Digital Photography"1131334620800Tastes like a melted popsicle :)There seem to be several new products on the market lately that are designed to enhance the flavor of water. Personally, I think water tastes just fine the way it is, but since I'm also a tea drinker (in mass quantity) I thought I'd try this. It's OK, it's fine, I have no complaints about the taste, though it's a bit on the too sweet side. The taste is kind of familiar and I'm not really sure what it reminds me of, but it tastes a bit like a melted popsicle or like Jello. In fact, it tastes a lot like licking jello powder off of your fingers, come to think of it--which is to say that it's not a bad taste by any means, and kids will probably like it. Also, if like me you drink too much sugar, you might want to give this a try mixed with club soda or seltzer--I imagine it would be good that way. One packet only has five calories. Would I go out of my way to buy it? Probably not, but you never know :) I'm going to try making ice cubes from it next :)
504681504681B007I7YZJKA2RW587355CMVAalmosthappy1131334620800Nice flavor, but doesn't really taste like teaThe Lipton To Go Stix Strawberry Acai drink has a very pleasant flavor. Unlike some flavor additives for water (cough...Mio...cough), these are not overly sweet. The flavor is very well-balanced and refreshing. Unfortunately, the flavor doesn't really taste like tea at all. For some people, this might be desirable, but I would imagine that most people buying this product would be expecting the green tea flavor to come through more strongly. In addition, the mix is slow to dissolve. It didn't seem that any amount of stirring/shaking would completely eliminate the powder. Over time, the powder dissolves more on its own, but this is definitely not ideal for an instant drink mix. Overall, I'd say this is worth a try, but not quite living up to the quality I'd hoped for.
504682504682B007I7YZJKAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W1131334534400Do not use as directed. This product needs diluted.First I want to say that one packet is way too much for 8oz of water. I used 2 packets with 2-quarts of water and this brings a nice, light flavor that does not taste artificial. Using one packet in a bottle of water would make me choke.

Second, don't put these packets into your purse or bag. The starter cut that allows for easy opening of the package is too deep. I had taken the box to work with me. When I realized I needed to mix the powder in greater quantity, I put three packets into my work bag. Between leaving the office and arriving home (with the majority of the trip the bag sat on the passenger seat of my car), all three were open and I had powder everywhere.

Lastly, the powder does not completely dissolve, even mixing with more water. It could be that vigorous shaking of the product in a water bottle would help dissolve better than a spoon in a glass pitcher, but I would expect it to eventually dissolve either way, and this is not the case.

Overall, the taste is good but only if you dilute it tremendously. I was reading another review regarding the sweeteners and there are some excellent points to contemplate in that review. I'm not even going to discuss what is on the label. I'm just basing my opinion off my direct experience.

My rating is a 3-star. Had I used as directed, it would probably be a 1-star.
504683504683B007I7YZJKAK9FTWLCW09RRTechie Evan1131333756800Sweet drinkEach packet of this Lipton To Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix, Tea and Honey, Mango Pineapple is actually good for two servings, according to the printed instructions on the packet. This was just fine with me since I don't like my drink to be too sweet. So I tend to just pour a half-packet's worth of contents into a glass filled with very cold water each time I want to use this product, then give the mix a good stir.

The drink tastes sweet. I can discern the tea but not the mango or pineapple. There is a hint of honey, but the drink's sweetness is probably due to the sucralose, which is listed as the fourth ingredient. I didn't discern an aftertaste. Overall, I think it's a fine drink. Nothing really special to get excited about.
504684504684B007I7YZJKA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1141333756800Mango & pineapple are nice, but delicioso on ice Length:: 4:38 Mins

The secret to raising Lipton's Mango Pineapple from a 3-star, ho-hum iced tea mix to a delicioso alternative to plain water is serve this Iced Green Tea over finely crushed ice or increase the amount of water used in preparation from 16.9 fl oz to 20 fl oz. The dilution eliminates the cloying sweetness of honey granules and sucralose, allowing the green tea powder and citric acid to bring the right amount of tartness to the mix.

Lipton's new drink tastes better than MIO Liquid Peach Tea and should please Crystal Light fans. Personally, I don't enjoy Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango Drink Mix unless I find it as a fountain drink (again, the addition of crushed ice helps a bunch). Peach flavored instant tea is more common to find but I like Lipton's decision to pair mango and pineapple.

Patience is important because the honey granules take additional time to break down into the water. Adding crushed ice helps blend the powder mix faster than with water alone.

Lipton's box states that the drink is five calories per 8 oz serving with 60 mg tea flavonoids.

Rating: Four stars.

BTW: Please be gentle with the video review. It was a family production. My 9-year old son, Kai, handled the filming and my 7-year son, Kou, was a taste tester.
504685504685B007I7YZJKA1WP940JZL83T7A. Looby "SvleMommy"1131333411200Way too sweetI found this difficult to mix. The tea granules didn't dissolve easily at all and I had to "mash" them against the side of the cup several times to get them to mix. However, this was expected. The instructions on the box says to put the powder into a 16 oz. bottle and shake. We don't use plastic bottles so that wasn't an option. The mix did completely dissolve, eventually.

I found the flavor way too sweet for my taste. That's pretty impressive since it's supposed to be only 5 calories, makes me wonder about the amount of artificial sweeteners. The blackberry was all I tasted. I kinda missed the pomegranate and tea flavors though. I detected no honey flavor.

I'll drink it again, but I'll dilute it more.
504686504686B007I7YZJKA3CBCVHIK3G76XDebra Brinkman1131333411200mixed reviews from my familyI got this for my husband who loves green tea. I would love to not be constantly purchasing all the big jugs, and the idea of having something that generates less trash is incredibly appealing.

Unfortunately, he thought there were "too many different flavors" in this, and he suggested I let the kids have the rest of the box. He also complained about a funny aftertaste. I chalked it up to him just being picky.

The kids liked the flavor. Their complaint was that it is pretty much impossible to mix in a glass (in a water bottle it was easy though). And they also complained of a funny aftertaste.

With all of that, though, they did continue to ask for more until the box was empty.

So, mixed reviews from my family.
504687504687B007I7YZJKA2WE93LJX8PMT1A. Hansen "AH Booklover"1141333324800Simliar product to what's already on the market.Overall not a bad product, just wasn't what I expected when I read the box before trying. I assumed I would be getting a "Tea and Honey" drink with a slight flavor of Strawberry. Instead, I feel as though I received a strawberry flavored water drink less any sort of tea and honey flavor. For those of you who might have tried other products similar to this (Crystal Light) it is very close to the same in my opinion. Now, if you hate plain water this might be perfect for you! Just don't expect a dramatic taste difference because the words "Tea & Honey" are printed on the box.

The product does not always "completely" dissolve unless you keep stirring or really shake your water bottle but I didn't notice those particles mattered while drinking it. You could just see small pieces that didn't completely dissolve at the bottom of your cup/bottle of water.

The small packets are easy to use, just tear the corner and add to water. No problems with ease of use!
504688504688B007I7YZJKA1VTBADV3JS1ECRandi Morse1131333324800Like Kool-AidMy husband and children, for some reason or other, HATE the taste of regular water so I'm always looking for a way to make the water taste different. We were excited to try this as they all love ice tea, but surprisingly it was not the biggest hit in my house. My husband, who loves honey and has been on a honey kick lately, said that it "tastes like Kool-Aid". He did drink it but said that he wouldn't be likely to purchase it. My children liked it a bit better than my husband did but they prefer products more like MIO Fruit Punch, 1.6-Ounce (Pack of 4). The bottom line? We likely won't be purchasing this again.
504689504689B007I7YZJKA3HETHW2XD3DWHfrisky2000 "frisky2000"1131333065600Refreshing but OH THAT AFTERTASTE!I like the single serve packets, making it a quick grab with a bottle of water for work or school. The positive is this Lipton Green Tea in Honey, Mango Pineapple flavor is true to taste, offering a real sweet combination of the three flavors. The negative is that I just couldn't get past the disinct aftertaste from the sucralose additive. I've tried other lo cal drink mixes, and all basically offer the same flavors with artificial sweeteners to save on the calories. So unless you enjoy that metallic after-flavor with your drink, pass these up and go with plain and refreshing water or sparkling seltzer.
504690504690B007I7YZJKAZA55FJD7CCZNBetween the Lines "J. Morrill"1131333065600Misleading and far too sweetI love tea. Iced tea, hot tea, green tea, black tea, all kinds. I was excited to try this product because I am always short on time and thought a powdered, just add water mix would be great. One major problem, this "tea" has zero tea flavor. It also claims to be "sweetened with honey" but it is actually sweetened with sucralose in addition to "honey granules". Because of this, it has a very strong "diet" aftertaste, something I am not fond of at all. Overall the drink was far too sweet for my liking even though I made it with 20oz of water instead of the 16 recommended. I was really disappointed by this product. I also feel the packaging is hugely misleading. It says, and I quote; "Sweetened with honey" with no mention of the sucralose. It does mention "no aspartame" but fails to mention it's other source of sweetness. The ingredients are as follows: Honey granules (sugar, honey), Citric acid, green tea powder, sucralose, malodextrin, hibiscus extract, natural flavor, and Beta carotene for color. As far as powdered diet drinks go, this one would be low on my list. Even drinks like Crystal light do not have this strong of a diet aftertaste.
504671504671B007I7YZJKA22KL4WOK6GTW2Mitchell H.1131340236800Strong flavor!!!First of let me say that I love a good Iced green tea. This one is super rich. I diluted per instructions and still needed to add more water to get the right flavor.
Needless to say you can really taste the acai and strawberry with the honey sweetness...the tea part...not so much...therefore the 3 stars. If you are looking for an intense flavored drink mix. This one packs a punch and you definitely get your money's worth.
If you are looking for a Tea...this might not be up your alley.
Definitely the Kool-Aid on the go for adults!!!
504672504672B007I7YZJKA1AEPMPA12GUJ7Glenda Boozer "Live, live, live! Life is a ba...1141336608000Very fruity and a distinct honey flavorWhen I first tasted Lipton To Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix, I had to go back and check the calorie count; it tastes like honey and fruit, rich and real. The tea and pineapple take a back seat here, but if mango and honey are in the front seat, I have no problem with that. Mango is one of my favorite flavors, and this mix really tastes like mangoes. Yum!

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