Amazon Fine Food Reviews

504738504738B000N33NSUA1ZD3RIYJIBYLNSunny in the Northwest0051316563200Really good.When I moved away from Bellingham, where this business is based, these cookies are one of the things I missed. I'm so happy to find them on Amazon!

Note that these are not cookie-cookies: they aren't the baked version of candy. They are sorta dry, hearty, not too sweet, and extremely filling. They will get you through to lunch, and go very well with coffee, tea, milk, or whatever you drink in the morning. They also make a good on-the-run lunch food: an alternative to the overly sweet "sports" bars or "meal-replacement" bars.
504739504739B000N33NSUA19D3ASCN83YKSK. Turner0051313020800Love these cookies!My husband found these cookies at the expo for his first marathon and we've been hooked ever since. We would often stock up at the grocery store when they went on sale for $1. Since then, we've moved and can't find them in a grocery store, but the internet always sells the things you want!! I like the Double Chocolate Cherry Chunk the best, but the cookies with peanut butter and chocolate are great too!

As for getting them shipped - the quality of the cookie seems to vary from shipment to shipment. I've not gotten cookies that are "bad" but often squished or some times close to expiration. (that could happen with any grocery product purchased on line)

As I said, my husband found these through running, so they're clearly good for that (needing extra calories after 15 miles). I also enjoyed them while pregnant and now nursing, since I need extra calories. I've looked for an alternative (something slightly cheaper) but other brands do not use all natural ingredients and are generally not as good for you. I've also found other brands have smaller portion sizes, so be careful when comparing.

Bottom line - have and would recommend to friends. Try other flavors if you don't like this one.
504740504740B000N33NSUAPASCXWTM041Ed Raton0051308873600Good, quick nutritionAll of the Erin Baker cookies are a good alternative to protein and energy bars for a pre or post-workout snack when you need something portable and easy to eat.

As far as taste goes, I have no problem with them. These are not Nestle's toll house cookies, they have more fiber and less sugar and fat weight for weight, so they aren't meant to be desert treats.

They serve their purpose-a high density, nutritious snack that will supply you with energy when you need it. With subscribe and save, they are less than a dollar each, and provide more sustained energy than a candy bar, and better taste and texture than a protein bar, which tend to be low in fiber.
504741504741B000N33NSUA1HIJSCDZNYSF0J. Knipe "watcher"0021307664000Weak on flavorWe love thier Granola and thought thier cookies would be as good - not so much. Other than the chocolate chunks, there is not much flavor.
504742504742B000N33NSUA3VKBFC5K2INR4J. Kruger "veganmania"0051301875200yummy vegan cookiei find these cookies wonderful. i am a vegan and look on amazon frequently to find new things to eat that are not at my local stores or too expensive at organic markets.

amazon recommended this company to me. sadly they only have two vegan flavors that i saw. but i went out on a limb to get these and i am happy i did so.

they do not have a super strong peanut butter taste but you know it is there and there are good size chunks of chocolate. i havent had it heated yet but by others reviews i see i should and i bet it is tasty. the calories are a little high 320 but when you look at other things you can have for breakfast this is not a bad deal. i think it is good to know that these are made fresh. i stuck mine in the freezer so i dont feel like i have to have one everyday for 12 days so they do not go bad.

i have just purchased the other vegan flavor and got another one of these so i can have them ready when i want them in the freezer. i think i will keep these as a regular in my amazon purchases.

deff worth a try.
504743504743B000N33NSUA3I4R03CNX1DVPWI Cheesehead in WA "WICheeseheadinWA"0041299801600Best warm!These are very good for being healthy and vegan. Again, if you're basing your decision of whether or not to buy based on the word 'cookie' you are likely going to be disappointed. If you're looking for nutrition on the go, these are going to be a hit. They taste good (especially warmed) and are filling.
504744504744B000N33NSUAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0031298592000These are ok, other flavors better IMHOSo I have had several flavors of these breakfast cookies and have to say this is one of my least favorite flavors. I think the flavors that are built on oatmeal are better because they taste like they should, like the oatmeal chocolate chunk with raisins are better than these because they taste like an awesome oatmeal cookie with add-ins and not like a oatmeal cookie trying to taste like a peanut butter cookie. The chocolate chocolate chunk ones are three stars too for the same reason. The oatmeal flavors are all 5 stars!
504745504745B000N33NSUA3TV9T8R5NU24Aseagurl0051296691200So good!I love these "breakfast cookies". I was looking for something to bring to school since I have a block of classes from 10:00 am - 4:15 pm and no time to grab something to eat in between. These do a great job to keep me from getting hungry during lecture and they're delicious and gigantic. Love the peanut butter chocolate chunk flavor, and I'll be trying other flavors once I run out!
504746504746B000N33NSUA1P51R2I1JDI5JSleepwalker0041296172800Pretty Good CookiesI've had bad experiences with eating vegan products before, but these were made very well. They taste like their non-vegan counterparts and are even better when toasted in the toaster. I may just buy these again.
504747504747B000N33NSUA1JFN3M58B8A0YT.L.S.0051294272000These are great breakfast cookies!I love Erin's breakfast cookies. There are bigger than I expected and I actually feel full and satisfied after eating one. I would much rather eat these for breakfast, then a granola bar. I haven't had any mold issues and I've ordered these several times now. They are the best toasted. I eat them for breakfast at work quite often and they can also be microwaved for a few seconds. Just enough to get the chocolate a little melted. Mmm!
504748504748B000N33NSUA1XGFW5016CGQICathio0051287360000BEST COOKIES ON EARTH!Of course this is just my opinion but read the label!I have written other reviews for these so Ill try to be a little different. The ingredients are impressive. We have so far purchased the CARAMEL APPLE:love the gooey texture and a definite hit with everyone, PEANUT BUTTER and CHOCOLATE CHUNKS;Not too much peanut butter taste and just the right amount of chocolate pieces, love the chocolate pieces melted and squishy FRUIT AND NUT; Love the texture of the nuts in this one. great flavor. BANANA AND WALNUT; reminds me of banana bread kind of in a cookie.Love texture of walnuts. All the cookies are moist. Freeze them immediately as they have no preservatives. Microwave them about 25 seconds or more to your liking. Yummy! They are soooo good. I have a bile duct disease and have to be careful what I eat. I can eat these for a week, with lots of fluids, for every meal and two snacks (5 a day) and I feel better and have more energy. Most importantly, I do not have the terrible stomach pains as I do with most everything else I eat. We are going to order the automatic monthly order of 10-12 bags a month. These are addictive. we are out right now and I just ordered more. Hate the waiting! These are easy for my mom, who has Alzheimers to fix too. She and my son love them. Please try these. You won't be sorry. They are affordable at about 1.00 a cookie which is a meal for us and healthy eating.
504749504749B000N33NSUA167EGPLFO77A9Susan L. Shelly "LeilaBlue"0051286150400Great for Breakfast!These are really tasty and this is one of my favorite flavors. Some mornings I have to eat breakfast on the run and these keep me full for a while. Love 'em!
504750504750B000N33NSUAWC3FNYC5LDBZJ. Kelly1221321833600The flavor doesn't taste like peanut butterI got these because I have tried the other vegan flavor that I like. These don't taste like peanut butter at all to me. I can taste a prune flavor. Looking at the ingredients prune puree is listed before the peanut butter. This explains the flavor issue I have with them. I won't purchase them again.
504721504721B007I7YZJKA3NI0HY6FKENYCBarbara J. Mcfarland "artiste"0051348099200Finally, I can drink Lipton tea again!I need a low-calorie drink, I have no problems with the Sucralose. I love, love, love the taste and yes it is strong, I generally make it with 24 to 32 ounces of water, after ice has been added. It tastes just like the original Lipton tea stix before they changed to "aspartame," a sweetener I have to avoid at all costs. If you'd had a migraine for 2 solid weeks with no relief, you would understand my joy.

I will be buying this, this coming October and from then on, as I usually drink at least 2-3 glasses a day of this minimum. Thank you Lipton for listening to the needs of the many.
504722504722B007I7YZJKA341D838USLGKMDaniel Greene0031347148800Fun Beverage but Takes Time to DissolveThis was my first drink mix and since then I've tried others to get a better sense if what I observed and tasted was present in all mixes or unique to Lipton's To Go Stix Iced Green Tea Mix, Honey, and Pomegranate. Overall, I immensely enjoyed the honey and pomegranate flavoring. It can be a tad sweet but you can always add water or use less mix to compensate. The only concern is the time it takes for the mix to dissolve. Many other mixes are able to dissolve almost instantly; however, with Lipton's, you've got to shake the drink for at least a good five minutes before the mix clumps completely breakdown otherwise you'll be feeling granules of mix grating in your mouth. Other than this, I think it's refreshing and tasty drink mix.
504723504723B007I7YZJKAKLIOBVXF45VYjon0011344816000Lemon Flavored, Lipton Tea and Honey Iced Tea Mixas a tea, this stuff is terrible!

However, you can use it to sweeten tea made from a tea bag & it is useful.
I wish I had not bought so much. The Sucralose level is so high, that the artificial sweetning level is off the charts - in a bad way. The tea flavor is not very good, but OK. I tried diluting it more, but the tea becomes diluted & it just tast like weaker YUCK. The lemon flavor is not mild either. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of this product at all.
504724504724B007I7YZJKA2VJJ2POCLMED7Marshall Carter "Ornery Gamer, Fiend Club Member"0031343260800Ok as a drink mix, but not great as actual green tea...The Lipton To Go Stix Decaf iced tea mix is a convenient way to get your green tea mix in a hurry, but to be honest, you might want to go another route if you're really looking for green tea. There really wasn't all that much of a green tea flavor, although the strawberry acai is there and quite noticeable (I'm assuming these are artificial flavors). It tastes decent, but to be honest, this strikes me as being something closer to Kool Aid than "tea." It just doesn't taste all the natural to me, and if I'm drinking green tea, that's something I expect. It's not awful, and depending on the choices available, I'd probably drink it again.

For those complaining about this having artificial, chemical sweeteners and that Lipton is falsely advertising this as being sweetened with honey, use some common sense. Honey has 22 calories per teaspoon and you'd need a whole lot more than one of them to sweeten a 16 ounce beverage. More or less all of the "Stix" type drink mixes have to use artificial sweeteners...the packaging is too small for a sugar or honey-sweetened mix.
504725504725B000N33NSUA2C0ZF6J18T9WVTasha Cole5551298505600My whole family love these delicious breakfast cookies!I first purchased Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookie in the Caramel Apple flavor. While it was tasty and very fulfilling, I wasn't forsure if I was in love with them (and really, why waste your time eating something you don't love?) So, based on customer reviews I then tried the Morning Glory Breakfast cookie.. I loved the bits of nut and again, it was tasty and fulfilling, but was I in love with it? No, not really...

I again began browsing the cookie flavors and spent time reading customer reviews and decided to try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk and all I can say is third times the charm. These breakfast cookies are knock your socks off delicious ! I plan on stocking up so that I don't have to order over the hot summer months (as I have read on some of the cookie reviews that because these cookies are so fresh and have no preservatives to prevent spoilage that they are prone to mold if left out to long), so I figure, why take the chance? I'm just going to make several purchases before summer gets here!!!

I totally recommend these breakfast cookies! Yes, they are a little high calorie, so you might not want to use them as a snack, but for a meal replacement they are fantastic ! I love the natural ingredients and I know these cookies are fresh (makes you wonder how "fresh" those meal replacement bars are that sit on the store shelf for months?)
504726504726B000N33NSUA325LGLM5ZMYRTspazzling217831278892800Recipe change?About two years ago, I used to buy these cookies all the time from Amazon. I loved them, but they disappeared from the website for a long time! Finally, I found them again and excitedly purchased a new batch. They're different than they used to be--they're more dry, hard, and have much fewer chocolate chunks in them. I think they might have 20 or 40 fewer calories in them, though. But I would much rather have back the soft, moist, chocolatey cookies I knew and loved.
504727504727B000N33NSUA2BLRWO8TNRPBQJ. A. Foster "only the finest"4451273708800these are greatthe breakfast cookie, Peanut butter chocolate chip is delicious, it seemed they grew on me, my husband warms them in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the chocolate!
504728504728B000N33NSUA1DKM11CAY9BSLTXGirle1151282176000GREAT Option for HEALTHY Breakfast On-the-Go!We gave these a try during an Amazon sale on Erin Baker products. I really didn't expect them to be as wonderful as they were. Immediately upon receipt we stuck them in the freezer (as instructed on the package to maintain freshness). When we need a quick on-the-go breakfast that packs a yummy yet healthy punch, it's easy to grab one of these and eat it on the run. The taste and texture are both really good with no odd flavors, just a subtle peanut butter flavor punctuated by chocolate.
Our family will definitely reorder these and try the other Erin Baker varieties! Thank you Amazon for carrying this healthy, yummy option for families on the go!
504729504729B000N33NSUA34M4J2J8LS57ASeeking Health "baker95"1141281225600Good and FillingI was not sure about these are the Chocolate Vegan cookies the reviews were all over the place. I ordered being concerned. These cookies are good. Agree they don't have a lot of peanut flavor. I froze mine when they arrived. I microwave them 35 seconds in the mornings. They are wam and good. I usually have oatmeal or a clif bar. These are more filling than the clif bar. Will buy them again.
504730504730B000N33NSUAP9KX3GYM8RU5dago-queen1141275955200Good - but not much peanut tasteThe only real drawback to this cookie is that there's no real "peanut butter cookie" taste. The texture is wonderful: chewy, moist, with lots of chocolate chunks. It tastes more like a regular oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, but not as "sugary" sweet. I have tried many of Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies, and this is probably my second favorite. The Double Chocolate Chunk is wonderful! I have also tried the Caramel Apple, which was good, and the Morning Glory, which is very good. I am just more of a chocolate and peanut butter type of gal. I will always keep these in my freezer. I take one out the night before, and bring it to work with me for breakfast. They are simply marvelous!!
504731504731B000N33NSUA186TK5S0LAZ7OLittle Red Imp "I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S"5741270598400Could be better....First I would like to say that I am not Vegan. I bought these because I had hoped there would be less fat and more peanut butter flavor. The Peanut butter flavor is there but it isn't very strong. I could taste banana and cinnamon more than I could taste anything else. The chocolate had an odd flavor but that could be because it wasn't made with milk. Even after all of this, the cookies are still very good. My kids love them and try to eat them as snacks. We have tried several other flavors and this is one of the best ones. I still love the chocolate chunk the best :)
504732504732B000N33NSUA3VBHIM7RKIU7QA. L. Smith "AmyLuLu"0051348790400I am not a vegan but I love these cookies!What a great idea. It's like a delicious cookie instead of a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Mornings are awful for people like me who suffer from arthritis. This is a no cook solution that truly satifies. And it is also full of fiber.
504733504733B000N33NSUA1OB018E3Z41YGClaudia0051348617600Great tasting SnackI love these breakfast cookies, heated in toaster oven really brings out the flavor. I was looking for a snack that was nutritious and filling. They travel well with the individual wrapping. I need to eat every few hours and these really fit my needs.
504734504734B000N33NSUA2HL2BY512HTVQStarsy0051347580800Tasty and fillingThis breakfast cookie tastes great and keeps you full all morning long. I like the flavor and the soft chewy texture.
504735504735B000N33NSUA2LEMBWW1PSLI3Elaine Robinson "elvengal"0051334361600Love Love Love these cookiesWe get these on subscription, keep these in the freezer as recommended, and toast them for a few minutes in a regular toaster... Remove them carefully, and they are a wonderful VEGAN breakfast treat!
504736504736B000N33NSUA28VUS7O5LRJN3Christine S.0041324598400Addicting Breakfast Treat Price a bit too high for those with a tight budget
504737504737B000N33NSUA1OAMRTVP8FC5VJon0051316908800My FavoriteThese are delicious and filling! I like that they're vegan! They're a filling breakfast for on the run days! The big thing about these breakfast cookies is that they need to be refrigerated. We didn't do that once and several cookies grew mold in just a couple days of room temperature. This is also a problem because ups sometimes leaves them on our front steps rather than our porch and they have gone unnoticed for a couple days a few times that we've ordered them. Erin Baker's customer service is really friendly and helpful, and the cookies actually taste better cold than room temperature!!

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