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504751504751B000N33NSUAHL4368A8Y91IRuskie "Polock"1251282435200Tasty Cookie!These are big tasty cookies!..microwave them for no more than twenty seconds and you will have a cookie experience worth having!!..Great value and very addicting!
504752504752B000N33NSUA2MW4X2ESDNNHAnaturalnurse "nps"2411301788800Want some Cardboard? YUCK!I bought these in hopes that my kids would like to eat them on their way out the door. So dissapointing! These are so gross! I can barely even tolerate them. We eat so healthy so it is not that we aren't used to healthy good food. WE always eat whole wheat and we are always eating fruits and Vegi's. You all can't say that it is because we aren't used to healthy eating. Now, back to the cookies...they just are gross. I don't know what else to say, they are dry and tasteless discs comparable to cardboard. So very bummed out that they aren't what we were hoping for. Back to granola bars I guess. :( O and just cause it says cookies does not mean it is good.
504753504753B000N33NSUA1JCTV22FDWXVFC. "new graduate"0211324425600Erin Baker's Breakfast CookieThis is one of the most tasteless things I have ever tasted. If I could have sent them back, I would have. CAS
504754504754B000N33NSUA1FAV10MJ3F3WNCharles Maffai0231286582400taste okCookie is 350 calories
Big Suprise to me, a bowl of Coco Pebbles is only 160
504755504755B007FRCDN8A2BXR82QA98XFVKidzlandia9951283212800I found my tea!I was looking for a strawberry tea that I tried long time ago and absolutely loved. That tea was brought from Germany so I thought I will not find it here. This tea is exactly the same - flavorful, little sweet and tart at the same time and smells like heaven. Has fresh dried strawberries and tea leaves. Would recommend to berry lovers. It is DELICIOUS!
504756504756B007FRCDN8A3MX017YVCICRXShoppergirl2211288310400I love teavana, but not this one...I am a Teavana tea freak, love the stuff, but this one tastes very odd. Has an odd chalk flavor similar to tums or pepto, very odd can't figure it out. Big dissapointment, especially at the price!
504757504757B007FRCDN8A37TWDTPQ892RTLexander0041345420800YUMMY!Great stuff and soooooo good! I purchased this for my wifes new diet but I am drinking it more than she is! It is delicious and smells great! A must buy folks.
504758504758B001681W66A1XKIR7F6E4OJ6claire bright "Krista Clemens"1151316390400Great IcingThis frosting is great, especially if you want to use black but don't want it to taste bitter. The only thing I don't understand is the price. This frosting is $1.50 a tube at Wal-Mart.
504759504759B001681W66AJS8ZOI60113AK. Le0021348790400Does not dry overnight thick gel hard to apply evenly
504760504760B001681W66AR5AV5X1AJ2BSJ. Smith "Just let me finish this chapter...."0051346544000Why make black icing at home?I hate making black icing at home, there's always an after taste from the food coloring and it ends up being a big mess. The Wilton tubes of black icing are great for frozen buttercream transfers when I decorate a birthday cake and much easier to handle.
504761504761B001681W66A3PN8R4PV2ONDFNurseB0051329955200Very Convenient!I started making fondant cakes a few months ago. This works great for the finishing touches to the cakes without having to mix up your own colored frosting, which saves a ton of time!
504762504762B000H241DSA2BVN745TD826Otinks860151288224000Great starterI was so excited to get this starter kit in the mail! It has everything you need to get started, all you need is the fillings/toppings... The book it came with was note great, so I ordered the Sushi for Dummies book. Overall this was way worth the money!
504763504763B000H241DSA1P8IUZTR7Q1NHmrs. vaughan0151279584000good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I bought this item for my husband for father's day and he really loved it. He has been wanting to learn to make sushi and this item is really great for beginners.
504764504764B000H241DSA1SQZTQCLKWTEDElla B.2511323993600Poor Quality ControlI gave this product poor reviews because they do not allow returns and yet my product arrived damaged. The shipping box itself was in great condition, but the item must have been damaged before shipping. One corner was badly smashed in. Who did the quality control here? I'm embarrassed to give this as a gift for the holidays as is.
504765504765B000H241DSA28JIWBYKVVWJ4JGinSC0221324425600Good Gift... If you like a box of loose rice.Let me start with the positive: This set has the potential to make a great gift. Sure you could go out and buy the idividual items for a cheaper price (and if you are purchasing for yourself I would recommend that). But it is a nice set to give as a gift. It comes packaged in a nice box, and if you receive it in good condition your gift will be a hit.

Unfortunately, I decided to look past the several negative reviews regarding the busted bag of rice. I figured this issue must have been solved by now and/or couldn't possibly happen to me as well. I was dead wrong. I just received my package and just as others have explained, the bag of rice was busted and the entire box is full of loose rice. Very disappointing.

I was very excited about this gift. I even purchased several other sushi-related items to give along with it. Unfortunately, I would be embarrassed to give this gift in the condition I received it. Now I have 4 days until Christmas to come up with a whole new plan. Thanks for nothing Amazon.

If you are a risk taker, go ahead and give it a shot. Maybe you will be luckier than the rest of us and receive a perfectly good set.
504766504766B000H241DSA6J76451ZMHMIGaylen A. Anderson2641255219200Sushi Chef Making KitA 4 star reading only for the fact that it hasn't been used yet. Its for a gift. Product arrived quickly as promised.
504767504767B000H241DSADLRVLR2TULVZBrandon51211323907200Cheaper if you buy them individually...If you buy these items seperately, it should only cost you about 10 bucks. And you don't really need the book since you can look it up online. I got this whole set just buying the items seperately for about 10 bucks. Don't get ripped off...
504768504768B000H241DSA2BWIM5B68QK9UDarlene R. Marks0651173484800great product!The item arrived well within the shipping guidelines. Everything was delicious and I am incredibly happy with my purchase.
504769504769B000H241DSA35OEW6JKEDZ9ESarah Davidson01151249171200Watch ordered in julyGood quality watch, received less than 2 days after purchase and I did not pay for overnight shipping (picked the cheapest one.) Would definitely order from them again.
504770504770B000H241DSA3EBRU63PJSMQ8JareBare11611323561600Where is it?I place an order for this kit on december first and was told it should arrive on the 6th. I've not received my product, not heard from the manufacturers, not able to find a number or anything for me to contact them and want this product for my brother for christmas. So if anyone could help me, I would appreciate it. This is my first time every using amazon before as well. Not such a good first impression...
504771504771B000H241DSA1CO82667TIX92S. McDonald42711246233600Hard to useThis product is much harder to use than described. The receipes are easy to follow, but the rolling is very difficult, and the insructions were vague, I found myself having to turn to the internet to look up instructions and rolling techniques. The ingredients were all very high quality, but all were available in my local supermarket. Would not recommend.
504772504772B000H241DSA1J5AQJ940OAPHWLS "Amazon Addict"14215541247961600List of items included in kit...This is a nice kit with high quality items. This kit includes:

Sushi Chef Cookbook
Short-grain Rice
Nori for wrapping the sushi
Pickled Ginger
Spicy Wasabi Horseradish
Dark Soy Sauce
Rice Vinegar
Sushi Vinegar
Rice Paddle
Bamboo Mat for rolling-up your creations

I had a blast creating my own sushi!
504773504773B000H241DSA1H98XOZZDAAGLVeronica Y. Schmidt "bookwormette"545641239753600Great Starter Kit... Could improve the bookThis kit includes all the dry components to make sushi, and its a great starter kit. However, I was disappointed by the book that was included. I expected a book with colorful pictures and a variety of different types of sushis you can make, etc. The book was not easily organized and not colorful, and only included a few sushi recipees. I would recommend getting another book to supplement your sushi making desires.
504774504774B000H241DSA15NIZLKNOXNZGSushille717851090368000Great Little Sushi Making KitThis kit is a great gift idea and a really good way to start making yer very own bonafide sushi -- both nigiri (rice ball) and maki (roll). All you need is an expert fish buyer, a knife that is sharp as h**l, and some itty bitty little bowls for soy sauce. Everything else is IN THE BOX. Sushi Chef brand soy sacue is the best soy sauce you ever had, IMHO.

The little instruction booklet is great. Of course, this kit is no substitute for years of apprenticeship with a Tokyo master chef, but, if you have some appreciation for the aesthetic of sushi and a flare for D.I.Y. and access to sushi-grade fish, then this is the kit for you.
504775504775B000H241DSAW9IP9J33NFY3Clayton Gray293031289174400Good if you don't want to just get the stuff on your own for a lot less...It's an ok set if you don't want to go out and buy these very basic ingredients and two simple tools (bamboo mat and wooden spatula) on your own for a lot less. This REALLY SHOULD INCLUDE A SMALL JAR OF TOASTED SESEME SEEDS for the money you are paying but doesn't!

But it does get you started and will allow you to make some basic sushi. Like other people have said the cookbook included is just terrible!! It talks about toasting the nori even though the package of nori already says "toasted nori"! The cookbook is just terrible. In trying to follow it to the letter for making the rice I burned the hell out of it! But you learn what you realy need to do quickly.

Bottom line the cookbook included is about the worst cookbook ever written, the "kit" could be gotten for half as much or less, and it should have included sesame seeds.. Still a decent gift and will get you started.
504776504776B000H241DSAHAJOKPTCGT4Nkingofsting03131351255824000everything you need in one boxI have been a sushi fan for many years, but have always been shy about making it myself. After searching online at the dozens of different options, I decided to go with the Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit. And I wasn't disappointed. Too many sushi kits out there offer just the rolling mat, or dishes and the rolling mat, but no spoon, or all the dishes but no edible components.

With this kit, you have the mat, the spoon, and all the edibles necessary sans the actual fillings (fish, veggies, etc.) And not only does the kit have edible components, they are top notch. The wasabi is scorchingly spicy, the rice vinegar is tangy, and the rice cooks and clumps together with ease. The soy sauce and wasabi are so good, in fact, that I would go out of my way to buy them if I saw them at a store somewhere.

But, the best part of this kit is the manual. It's straightforward, written in simple English, and has very nice photos. As I read each page of instructions, I feel like I'm being walked through step-by-step by a close friend. I made darned good sushi my very first try.

Criticisms? Hmmm... not many. The price is right. Maybe it'd be nice if they had a special "sushi knife" or something enclosed, but whatever.

Bottom line: if you're looking to make sushi at home for the first time, you won't be sorry with this purchase.
504777504777B000H241DSA6X1OP3N7BAKIray4jc7721301788800Questionable ConditionI believe this product is good for the beginner and is helpful however when I received mine the two bottles of vinegar were not sealed properly and the wasabi seal was clearly broken. I do not fault amazon as they quickly provided me with a refund. Other than that i think the product was helpful especially the bamboo mat for rolling the sushi.
504778504778B000H241DSA2A96QZI9U71YTReeze91021293494400Rip offI bought this as a present for a very good friend. Because of the price I paid for it I was expecting something really nice. I was very disappointed to see that the kit was made up of very cheap items that if bought individually will come up to 1/3 of the price. The kit contains mainly ingredients not sushi making equipment. I would suggest that you look around for a better more reasonable set.
504779504779B000H241DSA2F4VTT5U6UKB6K. Weber6631270598400ok, but could have got ingredients for much less.The kit gave us the kick in the butt we needed to start making our own sushi, but if we had really sat down and thought about it, we could have saved about half just buying the stuff ourself. You can buy most of what you need at your local grocery store. Would I recommend this product? Only if you are lazy like us!
504780504780B000H241DSA2GROSN4360OERB. Beard111351173744000Best buy in yearsI really love this kit! I use it once a day for lunch and it's also a favorite of my daughter. All the products are high quality (in fact when I needed to replace them I bought some cheap stuff and then ended up going back for the more expensive....believe me, don't skimp). I love the fact that it breaks everything down in the instructions. If you are new to making sushi, I suggest this kit. I am 100x faster and better that when I started as a novice.

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