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504871504871B00028PVAOA2RATP74UUXQ7OPrincess Bubbles0051344297600Delicious FlavorThis is the first time I have purchased Tazo tea. I have always been a fan of green tea, but this time I decided to purchase green tea with a lotus flavor. I was delighted when my tea finally arrived and I sampled it for the first time. The taste was delicious and I was also very pleased with the delivery of my order. It arrived very quickly. I would recommend this tea to anyone who is a lover of green tea or who loves tea with a very smooth, mellow taste. :)
504872504872B00028PVAOA1DMGE7V3EG0XEMalibuBlue0051326240000Very relaxingThis tea is delicious and relaxing. It is the first tea I choose when I need a soothing moment. It has the perfect blend of flavor for a calming moment. I have been buying it for 5 years.
504873504873B00028PVAOA3NBIFS0COR66CDara L. Ely "parrot lover"0051241308800Great teaThis decafeinated green tea is good by itself, but a touch of sugar really brings out the fruity taste of the lotus. Mmmm.
504874504874B00028PVAOA14ULL8JXZW2R7K. Roberts0051240531200I love this teaI have been drinking Tazo Lotus tea for a while now, and it is difficult to find in stores. Thank you for carrying it on
504875504875B00028PVAOA1ZIDLXNHIN5HKGlynis B0051236816000Green Tea Lotus, DecafThis is a great product. I was glad I could order it because I can't find it in any stores. I actually had the opportunity to try it when I purchased a variety pack of Tazo teas. For any avid tea drinker, especially someone who likes green tea, I would highly recommend this. I also like the fact it's decaf.
504876504876B00028PVAOA3RCZT4H637HYTD Pennini "Liber Goddess"0141229299200Nice tea, high shippingThe tea is great but the shipping was nearly twice the price of the tea.
504877504877B000ANJBAWA3XAQ8QCOOYDYSnowbell0051290211200My persian cats love this food!I bought this brand since I have 2 beauty's a Persian White show cat and a Persian Tortishell show cat. They are beautiful cats.
They love there food. The last bag I purchased was for fussy cats. They loved it. This time I had seen Royal Cnin Feline Health Indoor Beauty 35. I brought it home and those two cats love it. It keeps them full and happy. They do not eat that much at a time. I like all of the Royal Canin Cat food.
I'm impressed.
504878504878B000ANJBAWA387F509VGSZ0LAndrea Griffin "Avid Reader"0051270684800Picky Egyptian Mau LOVES This Food!!!We have a five year old Egyptian Mau cat who is quite picky when it comes to dry food...she will not eat any of those "grocery store" brands (9 Lives, Friskies, etc.), she hates Iams & Eukanuba, will not touch Science Diet, etc. Our veterinarian (we go to a "cat only" vet who specializes in purebred kitties) recommended Royal Canin food. Since our Mau LOVES to shed...I decided to try this particular type of Royal Canin (since they don't have a Mau specific food). Instantly she pounced on her automatic dry feeder...and absolutely loves it! Royal Canin costs more than most cat foods but it's worth it!
504879504879B001IZICD8A3C8GXZDZKX5RLeon Golub1141295308800terrific spicePanch Phoron is a Bengali melange of five spices, combining for a wonderful mix of tastes. It's sometimes hard to find in the U.S., and when you do find it, some brands substitute cheaper seeds instead of the correct five spices. This brand is a good one and I would be completely satisfied if it weren't so expensive.
504880504880B001IZICD8A2LA46WXQX2GZLMarilyn Clark "Freethinker"0051306108800Good stuff.A special mix of spices - can't find them here in my neck of the woods. Should last me awhile!
504881504881B0019O5Z0QA1Q7UAW0EMJB2PM. Jenkins "Shih Tzu Love"3351276646400Perfect treats for training!I got these in the mail today, my dogs LOVE them! They are small enough to be used as training treats. I put them in my Shih Tzu's IQ treat ball, they roll it all over the house trying to get them out =) I would recommend these to anyone whether they have small or large dogs =)
504882504882B0019O5Z0QA1T04UJM27EMLACarina3351257724800Great treat for trainingWe love all of the Charlee bear dog treats, but I think this is the new favorite flavor. My pups try every trick they know to get these!. They are small, so I don't feel bad applying them liberally to a training problem. Overall great product, and Thanksgiving festive to boot!
504883504883B0019O5Z0QA3MVCZQKLYNHUEAbhay Shah3351228780800Greatest thing everYou can teach a dog anything with Charlee Bears. We're well beyond the sit, high five, and shake -- we've graduated to 'beer me'.
504884504884B0019O5Z0QA29JUMRL1US6YPHTBK5651278720000Great Low Calorie Training TreatsCharlee Bears are small and low calorie, so you can use them en masse for training. We use them both for standard training (sit, stay, drop it, leave it) and behavioral training (no bark). They're not stinky or messy, so you can put them in your pocket, purse, or car without worry. We keep a small bag in the car for travel to reinforce when our puppy doesn't bark at people walking by, one by the door to reinforce when she goes to the bathroom outside, and a bunch of treats in a treat bag for travel.

The one downside to these is that because they're not as stinky, it can be harder to use them to get your dog's attention if he or she is distracted, like at the dog park or if you have a bunch of visitors. Our trick to get around this is that we put some stinky treats in the treat bag with these, and they'll take on some of the scent (We use Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, 21 Ounce).

Our dog loves all flavors.
504885504885B0019O5Z0QA2390EZ0AGXN5CJ. Stiles2251312070400Great for small dogs.It's hard to find small inexpensive treats. These are perfect for my little dogs. They can have frequent treats without getting too much.
504886504886B0019O5Z0QASCZ1JQLQ49TVtattletail2251307577600GreatGreat for training because they're low calorie so you can give more. My Maltese loves them and they're good and crunchy.
504887504887B0019O5Z0QA3442QV948WDB2Lucy492251294012800Great Training Treats!Our Great Dane loves these treats. We use these in our training sessions and she never seems to get tired of them. They are small and don't make a greasy mess so we can always keep them in a pocket so they are handy.
504888504888B0019O5Z0QA21ECKSJBL1K5VChico's Mum2251292457600More Charlee BearsOur dogs love love love Charlee Bears and know them by name. All we have to do is say, "Do you want a Charlee Bear?" and they come running. They seem to love all of the flavors without preference for one over the other.
504889504889B0019O5Z0QAYGDZ5TN1ONCDIrishbel2251271203200Nice little treats.Nice little treats. Afterall, it's not the size of the reward, it's the reward. This way, she gets a few more and less calories.
504890504890B0019O5Z0QA26JZI3E4WPLBCLinda Queen "classical fan"1151265932800Charlee Bear Dog TreatsOur dogs love these treats and Petsmart is a long way from our house and we are glad they are online at Amazon. The product is great and we will keep buying and the service is perfect.
504891504891B0019O5Z0QA2IWGMYBA7S4DSA. Aldrich "ElectronicMoll"1151261872000My dog LOVES these.We did a taste comparison, laying out a whole array of different kinds of treats - these were the "go to" ones. They are conveniently sized and don't crumble in your pocket, so they are great for taking along...
504892504892B0019O5Z0QA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051350691200My dog loves these :)My schnauzer knows what it means when I say "Do you want Charlee?". I use them as treats, and also for the 'put a treat on their nose, and have them catch it in their mouth' trick. She is on medication for heart failure, and per info from the company, the sodium content in these is such that the vet said they'd be OK (otherwise, my dog is on a prescription diet, and has freeze dried peas meant for toddlers as treats). I'll be buying these as long as my dog is alive :)
504893504893B0019O5Z0QA179DJI5WSRW2YJoni0021347321600Made doggy sickHe loves it when we put them in the ball and he chases it and picks it up and gets a treat when he drops is. Unfortunately the liver made him very sick to the stomach. The others with cranberry are his favorites.
504894504894B0019O5Z0QA1KFHAUCOP7PQ8BG "bgv1"0051341446400Look plain, but my dogs love themI use these for training and my dogs absolutely love them. As others mentioned they look plain and have have basically no smell to them but my dogs enjoy them well enough to use as a reward for training.
504895504895B0019O5Z0QA31NM2Y079ILUULorie Makalty0051330905600UTI aid and deliciousMy female Aussie has problems with UTIs. I started using these treats in the hopes that the cranberry would help prevent the UTIs. She has not had one since. Also, she loves them and they are low in calorie. Great product.
504896504896B0019O5Z0QAJ0SN9A4YQZQ8FDee0051329696000Charlee Bear Dog TreatsMy dog loves these little treats - only 3 calories each and that adds up when you use them for training. I keep several in the pockets of my jackets so when we go for walks we can work on our commands, and I use them to calm her down by saying "watch me" when another dog comes by. She is generously rewarded with Charlee Dogs.

I've had a hard time finding this product in pet stores and I've bought other brands. They seem a little harder and larger, not great for training unless it's a mastiff or something. Don't get me wrong, these are wonderful little treats anytime for my dog.
504897504897B0019O5Z0QA11SJOMNQWW13GKishan Patel0051329091200Amazing Low Calories (3 calories each) TreatPetsmart sent me a free sample with an order I placed with them for something else. Long story short, I was interested in seeing if my dog would even like them cause there so low in calories. I have a maltipoo and although he prefers Dingo treats, he lows these Turkey Liver & Cranberries dog treats! For some reason I just assumed he wouldn't like them, but boy was I wrong. Will probably place an order soon via Amazon (Prime, of course).
504898504898B0019O5Z0QA1UAQ8W6YHF0QOPenconi0051329004800charlee bearThese treats are awesome! They are healthy and low in calories, so you can use it for training. However, they are bigger than just 'bite size.' They seem to be good for my dogs with sensitive stomachs also. And the price is good too!
504899504899B0019O5Z0QA39H1WPTI8EPUASWestlake0051328572800Both APBT love theseMy older dog is picky and she love these treats and I can give her quite a few with out felling like I am overindulging her. My younger dogs gets these in the Kong's and other treat dispensing toys and loves them as well.
504900504900B0019O5Z0QA3UF1KL49DHLKMSamuel M. Barton "SAMBAR"0051326412800charlee bear dog treats with turkey liver and cranberriesI have a 5# chihuahua and he loves these treats. He plays with them first and then eats them. I have had to limit his daily intake or he would have eaten the whole bag. Big plus for this product.

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