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504961504961B003DVMYUWA1GFDSXUCYVVXDC. Plunkett2251282867200AWESOME ALTERNATIVE!!WOW - FINALLY! I have my own specialty baking business - offering wholesome whole grain cookies and breads - after many requests for lower sugar content, from "anti-splenda" folks, I found IDEAL...LOVE it and am so excited to try the BROWN sugar version too... the POWDERED sugar version is good too - slightly different taste in frosting than reg. powdered sugar - suggest half and half... but NOT bitter at all... THANKS Hearland Sweeteners!
504962504962B003DVMYUWA3OO4WIO4SKD55I'm hungry. feed me4521306800000contains unnecessary added ingredientsTaste wise, Ideal is awesome BUT......... It contains sucralose AKA Spelnda.

it's unnecessary to add it in. Xylitol is already a sweetener

Get Now Foods or Emerald forest instead. At least you're gettting 100% all Xylitol
504963504963B003DVMYUWAA8M0CMYX3Y8Qpaige brown1151325376000Good as sugarI use this to bake with and it tastes as good as sugar. No aftertaste or anything. I feel better that I am eating less sugar, and this is supposed to be better for you that other sugar substitutes.
504964504964B003DVMYUWAG3ENPDZ0HHFSunnyB1151325376000Tastes just like sugar!I am so glad to find Ideal sugar substitute. It is Xylitol, not a dangerous chemical. It tastes just like sugar. I understand that you can bake with it, but I haven't done that yet.
504965504965B003DVMYUWA1KOBYYISS3G2Hfrequent shopper1151323734400Great product but Hi-way robbery!!!This product is fantastic. Not quite as sweet as sugar so I add a tad of Truvia to it. And Ideal's powdered sugar is the best!!!

The last 'source' provided this for $5.99 to $6.49(which I bought regularly from Amazon). When it went up to $8.99 I went to the Ideal website and found that a number of local groceries are carrying it now. I found it at Frys, it's also available at Fred Meyers, any grocers that sell Kroger products & a few stores - for $4.99!
504966504966B003DVMYUWA2W6UUZYZ5E0V7Paul Cooper "coop"1151320278400just what i neededno after taste ... i use it in coffee tea oatmeal popcorn with a bit of salt or what i deem that needs to be sweeten my kids don't notice any difference between IDEAL and SUGAR .. oh yeah i tried stevia (it's ok and i had a after taste using it..i will be buying IDEAL again from amazon.
504967504967B003DVMYUWA2Q5Y6O1L75745vdoluvr1151305936000Best Thing I Have Found TooI ordered this Stuff just for funsies and thought I'd died and went to sugar heaven. I ate it almost exclusively on Oatmeal this whole winter I loved the crunch of it on my steaming hot morning meal. I actually wimpered when I used the last of it. I'd kill for a couple of bags now that it's berry season. I can't waste it on hot or cold tea, food that needs that crunchy sweet bite is what I'd save it for. I even asked Splenda when they were going to get with it and make a crunchy formula, and they acted like I was from Mars. Just one lil question, when are ya gonna be in stores?? Whine whine whine! Lol, just kiddn but I can't use my credit card too much but I'd gladly buy this stuff by the armload in my own grocery store. Please get in stores in the south when youse guys can!! I will buy it like crazy!
504968504968B003DVMYUWA2MBWSGI3YPGGPMelvin1151303084800great but priceythis is a wonderful product. it is sweet and no aftertaste. i don't mind an aftertaste to save calories but my mother is always bothered by it so doesn't like to eat the things i make if i make it with sucralose. i made a cake and some cookies and she thought they were made with sugar. so it passes her test :).

two things i don't like about it is the "zero calorie" thing. it has about two hundred calories per cup so is misleading. basically all things that claim no calories are like this so they aren't the only ones but i still think it's false advertising.

the other thing is that you only get four cups. sugar where i live costs less than half of this for a five pound bag. i have no problem spending money but buying this all the time would run anyone dry pretty quickly. i'll buy it again if it's on sale again but won't be a regular.

anyone wanting to try this i suggest you do. it almost acts just like sugar. it just doesn't give as much volume as sugar does in recipes.
504969504969B003DVMYUWAXJH70X3IFL0FCARS1151290470400Wonderful stuff!IDEAL No Calorie Sweetener is ..fantastic. Have been using it exclusively in pie baking. Even though it says use in same amount as you would sugar, we find about a quarter more is needed to achieve the same sweetness.

Pumpkin Pie, fruit pies, even the filling for cream puffs. You can't tell the difference and "sugar only" lovers do not have a word of complaint.

Have not tried the brown or confectioners sweeteners yet, but will soon and expect them to be just as satisfactory.

Delicious Cranberry Sauce: One bag whole cranberries, one cup diet cola, one and a quarter cups Ideal and some grated orange peel. Cook to boiling, simmer about half hour and set aside to cool. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy the next day.Thickens up nicely and is really really good.

Amazon is best place to find this, I bought 6 large bags last time as I never want to be without it in the house.
504970504970B003DVMYUWAFKSKJ36V54CTTeri Dalco "pampered cook"1151290211200now my sugar of choiceif you need or want a sugar substitute, this is by far the best tasting one, and that is what really matters. Splenda can be too sweet, especially in tea and sprinkling matters. Others have that funky after taste, like stevia does. I hae baked with it and though it doesn't rise as well as sugar does it is better than the splenda does. Xylitol has good dental reviews too. And Ideal is a 99.95 % natural product and is common in many foods and natural items. I love it and Ive tried most of the products out there. I buy it here on amazon becasue the one I can get at the local is more $$ and they don't have the brown or confectionary. Can't wait to work with those too.
504971504971B003DVMYUWA2RMG09345MPCFDenver Ryden1151287619200IdealI am diabetic and I have tried all of the sugar substitutes and there is nothing out there that compares to IDEAL. I use Ideal every single day. There is absolutely no other product that even comes close to IDEAL. I have recommended this to all of my friends, diabetic and non-diabetic. No after taste, great flavor, ease of use and highly recommended. I honestly love this product. Some have said that the price is a little high but I think that it is worth every single penny. Thank you makers of IDEAL. Time to retire the rest because IDEAL is the BEST!
504972504972B003DVMYUWA1G8WBIHVWWF2XTerrie1151285459200Best No Calorie SweetnerThis is the best no calorie sweetner I have ever used. I have tried most of the national brands and nothing can comare to Ideal No Calorie Sweetner. My entire family uses it the kids cannot tell the difference between Ideal and sugar. My daughter-in-law is a type 1 diabetic and she uses it all the time for her family. I cannot say enough great things about this product.
504973504973B003DVMYUWA1DMBZHY2EJGCEJennifer Charm-Jacobson1151283212800Ideal IS Ideal!Ideal sugar substitute is the best product out there. I love Truvia but $7.49 for that little jar is ridiculous and there's less carbs in Ideal.It tastes great in coffee too. As I do the "HCG Diet Protocol" regularly throughout the year, Ideal gets me through!
504974504974B003DVMYUWA1D0N7DS3RYLBQkitty3421309824000not just zylitolWhen I ordered these sweeteners I thought they were sweetened with zylitol only. That is what I was looking for. But when I got it I found out they also contained sucralose. which they did not mention. So I was not really happy with it
504975504975B003DVMYUWA28WIQ3JGLIYXSSeattle Beard3451284336000The Perfect Way To Quit Sugar!I've been trying to quit sugar. I tried every product out there. Ideal is the only sugar substitute that really tastes like sugar. I know other brands make this claim, but this product really does. It's healthy too. Made from birch, not corn. You measure it just like sugar. It's that simple.
I wish it was easier to find in stores. I'm buying five bags at a time to save on shipping.
504976504976B003DVMYUWAU9WXGDPYPVRGSFlyte0051350345600Favorite no-cal sweetenerI really like xylitol. It has a nice, clean taste that's very close to sugar and doesn't seem to upset my stomach. Recommended.
504977504977B003DVMYUWA3FSBI79OF6134#1shopper0051349740800Great productI have recently been doing some research about sugar substitutes and this is a product that was recommended by So I thought I would give it a try. This is a great product. Not as sweet as other sugar substitutes. Great product! Will definately continue to buy!
504978504978B003DVMYUWA3JC88BXT7UT1FSara P0041344816000Best sugar substitute, great for baking and canningIdeal sweetener is the best sugar substitute I've found. I even use it for canning, such as making sweet pickles, a light syrup for peaches, etc. I've tried Splenda, but didn't like it as well, and got poor results in baking. When I use Ideal for baking, the results are much improved. One little hint: Use Ideal in place of regular sugar, but also add a small amount of real sugar to the Ideal portion (say 1 Tbsp of sugar on top of 1 cup of Ideal) to get a better consistency in your baked goods. The only problem I have found with this product is availability. Our local grocery stores sell all kinds of Splenda, but have discontinued selling Ideal. I wonder why. Now I am forced to buy online. Amazon's price has more than doubled since I bought it two months ago, so what's up with that???
504979504979B003DVMYUWA3L1HX0V8TQT8Nmg0031341964800Great product - horrible shipping!I love this product and will reorder when needed. of the bags of sugar was ripped and sugar was everywhere! Whoever packed this was not paying attention!
504980504980B003DVMYUWA3A4JHYXB3F21DJohn P. W00513366080002nd order of this stuffThis is my second order for this stuff. It's great and cheaper than those single serve bags.

Need to put these on my auto-order!
504981504981B003DVMYUWA18KWTHACTRGZOHaze0051336521600Love this StuffBest stuff on the planet. I never use anything else for my coffee anymore. Wish this would be more popular since I think it tastes better than sugar.
504982504982B003DVMYUWA3M17XG8HL7JRFWho Am I? "Me!"0051334534400Please, please make a syrup for waffles/pancakes!I can't add anything else that hasn't already been said here. This blows all the other sweetners out of the water. NO SWEETNER AFTERTASTE! It would be great if they came up with a syrup version so I can stop using my aspartame based syrup.
504983504983B003DVMYUWAUF72YTAUD2H9Algonquin0051330992000Best sugar substitute for tasteI am an older man , and many times my blood sugar levels have touched upon the outer edges of diabetes. Therefore, I have tried to avoid actual white sugar with sugar substitutes. Believe me I have tried them all! Then one day a concerned "Health Nut" friend of mine gave me a bag of Ideal and I " fell in love!" This is the absolute best-tasting, healthiest stuff and my sugar substitute for life!
504984504984B003DVMYUWA1WYLU6QMLT3YPMichelle0051330560000Tastes great!This works great! I use it to make Kool-Aid and only use 3/4 of a cup vs. 1 cup of sugar and there isn't any difference in taste. Definitely something for those with diabetes.
504985504985B003DVMYUWA3MF7BVY1MNZ2MCharles D. Moore0051329609600SweetenerThis is the very best no calorie sweetener that I have found. Ideal is perfect for cooking, baking, and all other uses that usually require sugar. As a diabetic, this is the best product that I have found, and at a great price!
504986504986B003DVMYUWA3CFND0IL3S8XTkatfroode0051328227200Ideal No Calorie Sweetener for BakingI have tried several different products for baking, but give Ideal No Calorie Sweetener the highest rating of them all. 1) Measures like sugar; 2) no after taste; 3) does not affect the moisture of the final baked product; 4) my husband and family can't tell the difference!
504987504987B003DVMYUWA19VKQ5I0IQLMLglasspanes0051328140800Only sugar substitute I useI've tried all the sugar substitutes on the market and this is the only one I will use. Unlike the others, it tastes like sugar and has little to no after taste.
504988504988B003DVMYUWAR6EV7R1XPBG1Christy "The Manic Crafter"0051327363200Too Costly HereLove love love Ideal and I was hoping that this being Amazon and all that the price would be comparable to getting it at the one local store here that carried it, but imagine my shock when it's double the cost here online for a baking bag :::sigh:::
504989504989B003DVMYUWA10RGKFSPAN3U5Linda G. Mack0051322179200Love it for baking!Tastes like sugar, bakes like sugar. Fast shipping, happy with the whole order process. Matches sugar cup for cup and has a great taste, no bitterness like other sweeteners. Great stuff!
504990504990B003DVMYUWA23MUW98IIV3XYbubsbc0051319328000best sugar substitute to dateLove this product and also Ideal Brown No-Calorie Sweetner. It bakes well and doesn't lose it's sweetness. Worked fabulous with date-nut pumpkin bread and pie-crust cinnamon rolls, no change in texture. Oatmeal, peanut-butter & sugar cookies are good, although still denser then regular cookies of same variety.

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