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505019505019B007P2PL46A14U2WTVE7B377bunny0131341273600Strong, but OKThe scent of coconut is so strong, you can smell it before you open the package! The taste is OK, not wonderful. Definitely more coconut than chocolate, and don't dare let it steep longer than 3 minutes! ICK!
Overall, it's not the worst I've drank, but not good enough to buy more, either.
505020505020B001U91OS2AGL3DI25BF43BRobin Sampaga5551293235200Trolli Gummy CandyFor Christmas my son told me he didn't want a bunch of different kinds of candy all he wanted was his favorite sour candy. So his stocking was filled with this huge 5 lb. bag.
He is over joyed and just loves this idea. The candy is just what he wanted.
504991504991B003DVMYUWA30CP8RWYZ3CTNSusan0051318809600The best artificial sweetener!Ideal is a must try sweetener for those who rely on artificial sweeteners. It contains the same sweetening ingredient as sugar-free gum (xylitol) and is absolutely the best I've tried as far as imitating sugar. There is no after taste! It comes in a granulated, powdered and brown sugar version. The best!

Warning: this product can be very hazardous to pets! The package is labelled as such (it states along with chocolate,grapes etc.) so be very careful not to leave it out where they can get at it. Their digestive system does not handle the enzymes the same way as humans.
504992504992B003DVMYUWA3K47H5ISAMMMFQalaLover0051318723200Best sugar substitute on the market today.`I'm prediabetic so I've reviewed plenty of sugar substitues and this one is the best, hands down. It's 99% all natural, measures just like sugar and doesn't have the artificial aftertaste like all the others on the market. What more could you ask for?
504993504993B003DVMYUWA77MXGCJ97LUEEmily0051315958400Favorite non-sugar dry sweetenerI have used xylitol for many years, and it is my favorite dry alternative to sugar. It is great for sweetening beverages, and can be used in some baking situations. Although, I will say this: sugar not only caramelizes (which makes cookies yummy) but it lends moisture to baked goods (which helps muffins and cakes be yummy). If you intend to use these things in baking, please keep these things in mind and adjust recipes accordingly. A cookie with all xylitol in it won't caramelize, and cakey things with all xylitol may end up dry and crumbly (depending on other ingredients). Hope this helps!
504994504994B003DVMYUWAATXK33K48V2Cedward riddick "katholmetal"0051314057600Best sugar alternative out thereSo it has sucrolose in it. So what? It tastes great and is a lot better for you then sugar. It fights tooth decay as opposed to sugar which causes it. Ideal has no vile after taste. Closest taste to sugar, and will make a diet easier to follow. If i used splenda i would go back to sugar, if i used stevia i would be broke, if i used sweet n low or equal i would vomit. Ideal is not better then sugar but it is a great substitute and will keep those insane amounts of sugar out of your diet if you drink your coffee like i do. I bought a bag today and i'm gonna clean out my sugar shaker and fill it with ideal.
504995504995B003DVMYUWA3BH5C8XHCHOJ4roufous0051312934400wonderfulHave tried ideal in several different reciepes and have mostly good results. There is no after taste and doesn't seem overly sweet. I have my husband using it in his coffee regularly instead of sugar. I also have shared with both of my adult children and they are both hooked on using it also.
504996504996B003DVMYUWA1DTXQH7J0ANCCarol0051311379200Ideal SweetenerGreat product' matches surgar cup for cup. Does not leave bitter after-taste. Tried all others and this is the best.
504997504997B003DVMYUWAK7AX0W79SARSJimmyVan0041310256000Jimmy Van JollyBeing a diabetic and a carbs addict I don't need the sugar or starches, so Idea is a good brand sweetner for me. I have tried splenda, Diabeti Sweet, Sugar Twin, Sweet and Low, Equal, and saccharin, and I few others over the last few years. Idea sweetner at the top of the list!!!
504998504998B003DVMYUWA1YY1LUFHZ25D1Grandmaof40051299888000Ideal sweetnerThe best sweetner I have ever tried. Good for baking and you can also get it in brown and confectioners as well.
504999504999B003DVMYUWA35GSW925XLWTASmedsters0051299369600Absolutely the BEST Sugar Replacement!I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of Ideal brand white and brown sugar. I have used both the white and brown sugar in everything including drink mixes, syrups, cakes, pies and caramels and couldn't be happier. The taste is fantastic and is indistinguishable from the real thing in cooking and baking! No one has even questioned the taste of drinks and foods I have prepared with it. I only wish Ideal sold larger bags of their sugar products! Ideal sugars do not leave any strange after taste and are a welcome alternative to other "faux" sugar products available on the market. Best of all...they have NO CALORIES!!!
505000505000B003DVMYUWA5V05MP75C6XGS. Fraser0051298678400Goodbye Splenda!I started using Splenda several years ago and was happy to find a sugar substitute that didn't leave an aftertaste. Then I started doing research last year after hearing negative things about long term use of some of the chemicals in Splenda. I found Ideal in the process and gave it a try. I like the taste of it over Splenda and so far the scientist haven't found any bad things about it.....yet. If you want to know how Ideal tastes just chew a stick of sugar free gum, it's got the same sweetener in it as Ideal.
505001505001B003DVMYUWA2897AVXJCJPM2Jamie Robinson0051297123200Use it exclusively nowIdeal is the best sweetener we've used. My wife is diabetic and it seems to have no negative effect on her sugar levels. We also use the brown and powdered with grweat success. What a delight to have cream-cheese icing again!
505002505002B003DVMYUWA2R153BBHN6EATGabriella Crail0051295913600Best substitute for sugar yet!We've tried them all, artificial and natural. This is the by far the best! Just wish I could get it in a bigger bag! You don't even realize you're not eating/drinking sugar. Made great muffins, iced tea, coffee, and even brownies!
505003505003B003DVMYUWA19S0GNKBVSKZ7Cindi Lou Who0051293148800Fantastic ProductThis is a fantastic product, I wish that it were more readily available. I won't buy anything but this product, I believe it's the closest thing to real sugar that you could ever find. Earlier in 2010 I decided to eliminate sugar from my diet as much as possible and watch my carb's. Using only this product as a sugar substitute and limiting sugar & carb's from other products and without excercise I was able to lose 18 lbs. My husband added excercise and he was able to lose 35 lbs and quit taking insulin(he is a diabetic). It is the best, most natural sugar substitute I have ever found(with the best taste)...also...I believe by eliminating the other chemically based sugar substitutes, no more headaches and appetite is more manageable.
505004505004B003DVMYUWAY3J6IE5A2SNSlebellen0041291507200Damaged before shipping?This is a great sweetner, measures like sugar and tastes great. It has Xylitol, with all the health benefits. I'm looking forward to baking with it, to see if it retains its sweetness. My first attempt, muffins that bake at 400, was disappointing. The muffins were flavorless, but I'll try something at a lower baking temperature before I make a final decision.
One of the bags had a slight tear, and sweetner coated everything inside the box, although not a lot was wasted. Since there was no sign of damage to the box, it appears the package was torn before it was packed. Be more careful, please, guys.
505005505005B003DVMYUWALFKCUQ21F7UWK. Thompson0051285891200Better for bakingI like this product because it is more like actual sugar in texture and weight, so it does better in baking. Unlike another person's review, I would say it doesn't dissolve quickly in cold liquids. It dissolves maybe a tad faster, but if you are a Sweet n Low person like me, you will have to remember to stir more. I also don't think it is as sweet as regular sugar, but I'm a person who likes things very sweet, so maybe for others it is fine. Over all, I found it to be the best of the sugar substitutes, but like all substitutes, it costs too much. When I first started using Sweet n Low way back when it was only $.79 a box (bulk - not in little envelopes). Now it is around $4.00. Amazing. Also, Ideal isn't easy to find in my area (Los Angeles) so the internet was the only route for me.
505006505006B003DVMYUWASPNM6TVZ1MKCbannh0141288483200Better than Stevia but no one will mistake it for sugarCheck out the review histories for some of the very enthusiastic people.

Although this is a decent sugar substitute, it's not as satisfying as real sugar. The aftertaste isn't 'green' the way Stevia products are and it's not actually unpleasant. But no matter what I use it in, I can tell it's not the real thing.

I may purchase it again but I am just as likely to try a different brand of Xylitol.

Today there is a photo of the brown 'sugar' version, that is wrong. This is a white 'sugar' substitute.
505007505007B003DVMYUWA2BPDYPB13QUTNJG Rain "JG Rain"2621326585600NOT calorie free, contains SPLENDAI've been searching for a natural sugar replacement and was thrilled when I discovered Ideal. I've used both the brown sugar and regular granulated. It bakes well and there is no aftertaste. But there are a few major downfalls : it's definitely not natural, it contains SPLENDA, not only xylitol. Also, it is not calorie free as advertised. Very disappointed.
505008505008B0014J9I2WA7HCFF6BXRDPSmbakzag0041310688000Expensive... but a real treat for us!Its as close to the real deal as you can get! It is a treat for my kiddos and myself who don't do refined sugars etc. Blows great bubbles! A bit expensive ... wish it was a little more affordable .
505009505009B000JZ7FUEA22NBJNDK5JYWJraybabe0021347321600"BITS OF GRITTY PITS"Peach is my favorite preserve along with blackberry but I don't like coming across pieces of peach pit when eating my jam. Seeds from raspberries or any other berry is just fine but not gravel in my jelly. Can you please tell me how may I spread this on toast and eat it or give it to anyone else with confidence. I don't know who wrote that other review. I think it was planted but did the job. I bought a jar of this stuff didn't I. Don't believe everything you read or hear. Experience is the best teacher. Also, it's not made in the U.S. It's made in Israel !!!!!!!! I guess we don't give them enough money already. Thank You
505010505010B000JZ7FUEAA4JW0ERS3906siriusdavid0051346112000A welcome discovery!I've been looking for a great preserve company. Here it is! I ordered from here, tried the preserves, and knew I wanted to review them. Profoundly delicious and so good I wanted to share my discovery. It's cost is low so why not give it a try?
505011505011B002TLTTKUA2YOFBWTMR5RSGC. Carter "Jay Cee"2251343952000Wow!I have a 4 month old puppy who is teething. She wants to chew on everything. I got these hoping that they would do what they claim, "keep your pet busy for hours". It delivered. The chews smell decent and do not stain the carpet. She loves them. She likes to chew the chicken and brown rice crispies layer first, then gnaw on the rawhide. This is my second order. She's a happy puppy.
505012505012B0028PDG7OA3L1BNBV4SS1H8MKinz "Mindi"3351316131200I love these bread crumbs...These bread crumbs are so handy to have around. We make our chicken cordon bleu, deep fried macaroni and cheese, meatballs/meatloaf, etc. I haven't tried other brands, but we have been happy with this one, so we haven't switched.
505013505013B0028PDG7OAURCOI9XTYGBXMagan S. Edinger2251277510400Perfect Breadcrumbs=Perfect Food Everytime!I love these breadcrumbs. They make everything taste great. They are light and fluffy and give food the perfect crunch. I use these for everything I make that requires breadcrumbs-even meatballs & meatloaf.
505014505014B000UXY2GAA2OZJX4V02TWFZSusan Conniry/Tom Beasley0011283472000lots of air and little tasteI love seaweed crackers and was disappointed with these. Lots of air and little taste.
505015505015B000UXY2GAA2NZG2ZV5LX0BPnrek "non-gluten goddess"0031258416000Other brand is tastierI prefer the KA-ME brand more. This one needs to have something with it or it just doesn't taste as good.
505016505016B007P2PL46A13O2P5QO87HOUKris0031348358400nice idea but weird tasteBought the tea thinking oh coconut and chocolate sounds good. Tried it and the flavor is just not right. It's more a chocolate mint with a bit of coconut. I probably won't buy it again.
505017505017B007P2PL46A2SVOPW7TQ1UQZJTB0031342656000Great Aroma, little taste.This tea smells AMAZING. I love whenever I pull open my drawer at work and catch a whiff of it. The taste is subtle..some may like that but I would enjoy a little more flavor from this tea.
505018505018B007P2PL46A1SHHVI4JVXL9ZKristina Lynn0051342569600Dessert in a cupThis is currently my favorite tea. The coconut and chocolate flavors and aroma are wonderful and the tea is just the right strength. I steep it five minutes for hot tea and ten minutes if I want iced tea. I use stevia to sweeten it a bit (I like my tea very sweet) and also a bit of milk (almond coconut 'milk').

I'm not a big fan of black teas in general but this is truly fabulous. I'm about to order six boxes as I'm down to my last couple bags of it and I don't want to be without it.

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