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505051505051B000O5YDF4AM9SS5UZDAD17Mary F Prada3351315699200The scent of Vanilla hit me before I opened the zip lock bag!These Madagascar Vanilla Beans, are of the highest quality. They are soft and pliable as well as fragrant. They bear no resemblance to the dried up vanilla beans you can buy in a jar at the supermarket. I add mine to my home made limoncello. I just cut them down the length of the bean, and spread the bean open and tie it in a knot and drop it in. They impart an incredible, natural flavor of vanilla. The seller is also very nice to work with.
505052505052B002TLTTKKA2YOFBWTMR5RSGC. Carter "Jay Cee"2251343952000Wow!I have a 4 month old puppy who is teething. She wants to chew on everything. I got these hoping that they would do what they claim, "keep your pet busy for hours". It delivered. The chews smell decent and do not stain the carpet. She loves them. She likes to chew the chicken and brown rice crispies layer first, then gnaw on the rawhide. This is my second order. She's a happy puppy.
505053505053B00375LB3KA2BPB05QNCE00BStacey B.0051347580800Great for craftingI'm using these sprinkles for resin so I cannot comment on the taste or how they would stand up in baking.

I use these inside my resin pieces to add cuteness and they work great. They are brightly colored and I love that they come in such a large package. These will last me a while.
505054505054B00375LB3KA3EX8ZFNVDHGPMS. Mitchell "samintx"0051341100800Just what I wanted for my 4th of July cupcakes!I could not find red or blue locally. I wanted more than little bottles anyway because I decorate mucho cupcakes and cakes. Great to have a nice big sack for Christmas and other baking projects.
505055505055B004W1HDB2A1BJE8PP5HVP0Pmyopinion1141333065600Tasty sweet snackThese Cashew nib clusters are very satisfying. The box literally lasts me for a few weeks because you only need to eat a few pieces to curb the craving for something sweet. I also like to bring these with me after a workout in case I want a snack. I particularly like that the Cashews are raw, that they use organic ingredients and sweeten with coconut nectar rather than Agave as most companies do. These aren't overly sweet either. They are just right. It's a nice balance between all the ingredients.
505056505056B004W1HDB2A3POAWC2JPQQQPme0031339027200nothing specialThe taste is as if you put cashews and cacao nibs together and eat - no taste out of the ordinary. In my opinion, a snack should be a treat. this product is "good" but not quite a satisfying treat. I'm surprised people gave it 4 and 5 stars. I've tasted better raw vegan desserts/treats than this......... EDIT: I've been snacking on it more today. and I must say, the more you eat, the more tasty/"addicting" it gets :)
505057505057B004W1HDB2A2PQ3WXMKCT4NXMariaSmiles0051331942400Delicious and Truly RawThere were no reviews, but, based on the ingredients and somewhat reasonable price, I took a leap of faith and tried these. Glad I did! They are delicious!

The first bite was strange because we didn't know what to expect. They are only slightly sweet (from the coconut nectar), with a tart/bitter hint (probably mostly from the cacao). Because the cashews are dehydrated after they are soaked in the coconut nectar, these are not at all chewy, like a mainstream "cluster" might be. Personally, I do not like chewy, so this is a good thing. Consecutive bites got more and more delicious as we knew what to expect. They are VERY TASTY, but not in that "addictive" way where you crave them and unconsciously eat the whole box and then feel awful afterward. I think it's because the taste is full and satisfying and they fulfill a nutritional need that the body and mind feel satisfied after a single serving. Just my guess. I still wouldn't leave the box open and eat from it, though (after all, they are really good!); so, pouring out an appropriate amount into a small bowl also helps keep snacking in check!

The box says the cashews are truly raw and even explains how some "raw" cashews are not really raw and that the term is often used simply to differentiate from roasted cashews, even when the product claimed to be raw has been cooked or boiled, mostly for shell removal. Really raw cashews (sometimes called "truly raw") are supposedly best for you because they retain their healthy nutritional profile and the enzymes are not killed off in the heat. In my experience, these are also more difficult to find and are somewhat more expensive than just mainstream raw cashews.

The cashews are mostly in small bits and large pieces, interspersed with a well-balanced amount of organic cacao nibs. Many clusters are nicely-sized, about an inch+ in diameter. Because they are not chewy, this size is a good size for snacking. There are also many itty bits of cashews and separated cacao nibs in the bottom. This can be used as a dessert topping or simply scooped up and eaten, in hand.

It is believed that the whole cashew is better than the cashew in pieces, because less oxidation can occur in the whole cashew (less surface area to oxidize). But, realistically, this is eaten as more of a healthful snack than the main part of a healthful meal, so, as long as you are getting good nutrients elsewhere, this will serve as a nice compliment to that.

Note: a cotyledon is defined as the first leaf of a seedling (I had to look it up). I haven't seen any, but am not really worried about it. Being veg, I eat leaves all the time. Good to know what it is, if I do spot one in the clusters though.

I plan to continue buying these, and am on the S&S plan, so if you have specific questions about the product, that have not been answered in the description or my review, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to respond informatively.

I rely on Amazon to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope this review helped you in the same manner :)
505058505058B004W1HDB2A19CD58LZVOG49Stephanie M. Mccoy1221335484800NutsNothing against the company but they were the worest cashhews I every had, I couldn't eat them I had to throw them away. IT COULD BE BECAUSE I NEVER HAD COLD PRESSED CASHHEWS
505059505059B000271L90A2CE64VNS52CJEOdiseph "Odi"3341184544000pretty good stuff and perfect snack sizeThe 10 ounce can makes a perfect size for a late snack. The grape leaves are tender and the product fairly tastie. The only things missing are the ground meat and the egg lemon sauce/soup which is the more traditional style in Greek families. If these dolmathes were more like Grandmother's, I would not eat anything else for weeks. These are still good and hope you enjoy them as well. Good Appetite, as they say in Greece.:)
505060505060B000271L90A3HZGAEQ0V62I1Jennifer R. Yllander "RedRN"5641125964800not quite homemade...but darn close!these were the best stuffed grape leaves i have had since i left fla. they are also the canned choice of our local greek festival in atl.
505061505061B000271L90A3DIXHIECTEKV2Brett0041331164800Dolmades on the goThese little guys are a good solution to Greek Cuisine on the go or for areas where you may not find a Greek restaurant nearby. The stuffed grape leaves are submerged in oil so keep that in mind before buying them. Leaves did an excellent job of holding up and tasted fairly decent for a canned food item. I was amazed by how many stuffed leaves actually fit in the can. I think i remember counting 8 or 9 after eating them all. Perfect item to be shared for a tasty appetizer.
505062505062B007FRE39KA3ODGAW5Z2EJ1MKevin Currie-Knight "Education Grad Student"2251261440000Delicious Earl Grey!I am not much for Earl Greys; to me, they tend to be average. This one is not. It has a great, but not at all overpowering, bergamot flavor. The bergamot flavor is smoothed out by the slight hint of vanilla and cream that is barely noticeable, but effective). I normally drink tea with milk but prefer this one on its own because it is so tasty, smooth, and absolutely well balanced. It avoids the bitterness often gotten from black tea and from lesser Earl Greys. Because of its flavor and its (relatively) decent price, I think this tea will become a mainstay in my house.
505063505063B0000D17XDA3W2KJ7Q8W3QKIJudy2221327795200First ingredients are salt and MSGUse sparingly, not only because it's very unhealthy, but because it has a very fishy taste. I used the recipe's instructed amount on the first batch of miso soup and it was way too much.
505064505064B001SAYKH0A4XB95O211M0XM R CAT0051299196800Best customer service and great quality!Originally, I ordered the Italian Wedding Cookies from Amazon and received a case that was not up to my standards. I don't know if UPS had left them in the hot truck too long or what (maybe I'm just too picky), but they were not exactly as expected. I called the company and within two days had a brand new case (with a nice bonus) on the doorstep in perfect condition. The representatives for this company are beyond all doubt, extraordinary. Usually, Amazon is the first place I look for products that I cannot find locally or cheaply enough, but in this case, I would suggest ordering directly from Geraldines.
505065505065B000LKTUGYA19YA6BM16GT8Dqona2211320451200They changed the recipe! No longer tastyBut it's just as well as they aren't good for you.
But I sure used to love them. They used to have a delicious taste and texture. They used to be really oily. When you bit them they had a unique crystally magic crunch texture. When you bit it it came apart in flaky layers.

Today when I bought one I was worried as the package was different. Also on the inside I knew it was different because the old bars used to be surrounded by a wax cardboard liner on 3 sides, now the new one had it only on the bottom. I could see that the new bar did not have chocolate swirls even though it was marble. The old ones you could clearly see chocolate swirls.
The new one: first bite, dry, no velvet crystal crunch texture, no tearing off and leaving flaky layers extending. It was not oily. AND WORST OF ALL: IT HAD NO FLAVOR! AND EVEN WORSE: IT HAS A SOUR RANCID TASTE AND THERE IS NO DATE ON PAKCAGE. SHAME ON YOU JOYVA FOR CHANGING THE RECIPE. MORONS
505066505066B000LKTUGYA16FK8G86IVUMHmark gallo1111319500800Stale product and no response from vendor to return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Product arrived stale and neither amazon nor the vendor after contacting did not call back nor will they or amazon do anything about it stay away.............
505067505067B000LKTUGYA1GGEES4JZMTCQNancy Doyle1131317513600Too greasyFor some reason, these bars were much greasier than the bigger package that I usually bought in the DC area grocery stores.
505068505068B000LKTUGYALX5YTXMB9QV5sohocook "jjhw"1151311033600Fantastic Deal!Bulk is slightly better, but this is way more convenient. The only problem now is how do I limit my Halvah intake. Thank you Amazon + Joyva. My mom grew up in a Jewish Italian neighborhood and I grew up on these wondrous treats. Addicted to Halvah, Creamed Herring, and loxs and bagels. Amazon customer for Life.
505069505069B000LKTUGYA3THJLGG03GA3STech & Bio Expert "Rich"1141304553600Convienient and Good HalvahThis version of Halvah is good.
Not quite as good as bulk Halvah.
This size package is ideal as airplane snacks on those flights that do not serve food.
505070505070B000LKTUGYA2IJ1KQV59V1BRA. Kuncken1151301875200HalvahI love Halvah, it's just the right amount of sweet and it's good for you. I grew up near Lakewood, NJ and had some friends that were of the Jewish faith and they introduced me to eating Halvah. I recommend it highly.
505071505071B000LKTUGYA6UREHRFJWKB9HELEN GLATT1151294617600SooGoodI was delighted to find the product on line. and the ease with which I was able to purchase it.
505072505072B000LKTUGYA3BREH7WJW0N2AGeorge1151289606400FreshItem arrived on time. Good item, fresh and just about the right portion size at 350 calories. My wife and I share one so is only 175 calories. We love halvah!
505073505073B000LKTUGYA1PL2CBQP9LZJVDana J Jones1141286928000Just as I rememberedI have always loved Joyva Halvah and am not dissapointed. A few of the little packs were open tho, and a bit oily, but that in no way diminished the taste. I did end up paying $7.50 a pound, but since the stores I frequent do not carry them anymore (and the price ranged from $4.99 - $6.00 a pound)I am happy with my purchase.
505074505074B000LKTUGYA2LFE54FUNP7FMNib Aloo1131268265600goodI guess I was expecting it to taste more like the deli halvah I had as a child. It is pretty good, but kind of pasty.
505075505075B000LKTUGYA1JE5ETH07SRHVmm "Reen"0041349395200Very GoodI almost did not purchase this Halvah because I read a detailed bad review. I then read some other reviews and decided to try it.

It is almost identical to the Halvah I had growing up in New York (many, many years ago). I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I believe I ordered from Joya and delivery was slower than I expected. There was supposed to be an ice pack keeping the bars cold but when I received the package, the ice pack was a bag of warm water. However, the Halvah is fine and a great flaky-like sesame treat. It's always been too many calories but really, what has just a few calories that's any good anyhow? So I eat 1/3rd of a bar a day to spoil myself!

Joyva Marble Halvah Bars 12 Bars is the link to the one I purchased.

505076505076B000LKTUGYA1AA0H6NJJPJYDYale R. Jaffe0041348444800Joy-VaI have not had halvah in soooo long. I stumbled upon it being available though Amazon but I could not resist. Ordering through the website was easy and fast. The marbled halvah I ordered was very good, but a little oily. I shared it with my coworkers and they are now fans too,
505077505077B000LKTUGYA19Y6QZY9KS6CYDenise "Cookin' Mom"1211296518400This Purchase Was a MistakeTried the first one and wish I didn't have the rest of the 36 bars to eat through. Grainy paste texture and a very bitter aftertaste. It was my first time to try halvah. Sorry, but I recommend that maybe Amazon think about food samplers for people to try new products without the large outlay of money.
505078505078B000LKTUGYAIBQZL1XCQI9GJames Sweeney1251273104000mm mm goodMy husband was sold on this candy and used it as a treat too himself, however he passed away just recently now I have a huge box, but I am sure they will noit be wasted, they are in the freezer and do just fine!Thanks for getting them for me.
505079505079B003TDKE7YA3T96LAK7HA3MWF. M. Azzaro4451303084800Makes an Awesome Iced Tea!This tea is clean in its taste and finish; it has a genuine apricot flavor, no funny fake flavoring in this tea. Nor does it contain hibiscus, rose hips, or lemongrass, which are part of a lot of the apricot-flavored teas out there. It is green tea and genuine apricot, and nothing else! We like it so much as an iced tea that I've put it on the Subscribe-and-Save purchase program, to make sure we never run out!
505080505080B003TDKE7YAQUXRW1ESMK41Small Town Blues "jf"0031324252800Disappointed in this one.I have been trying to find a decaf apricot loose leaf tea that compares with one served at a little cafe I frequented in the Dallas metroplex. I was so hoping this would be the one but it isn't. It has a 'bite' to it that I don't care for. I tried mixing in plain green tea, at first by half then 3/4ths and I just can't drink it. Very disappointed :-(.

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